53 Simple And Delicious Appetizers

If you have a lot of people over, then having some appetizers on the table is the simplest way to make sure everyone is fed.

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This gives people a wide range of nibbles, and means you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen.

We all love to graze, and many of us would much prefer a plate full of tasty appetizers to one big meal.

You can make your appetizer table versatile too, and offer a range of dips, chips, and veggies, and your offerings can be hot, cold, sweet, or savory.

The options are limitless, as our mega list of 49 simple and delicious appetizers proves!

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Cranberry Brie Bites

Fresh cranberry sauce and rich, creamy Brie is always a winning combination. Not only does it taste delicious but it looks beautiful too! But you can customize this appetizer with any jams you want if cranberry doesn’t take your fancy.

For the butteriest flakes, we recommend using puff pastry!

2. Spinach Artichoke Zucchini Bites

Packed with cream cheese, shredded cheese, and sour cream, this spinach and artichoke dip is delicious, if not totally healthy!

It makes a wonderful alternative to dip and chip, and if you want to reduce your carb intake this is the perfect appetizer.

3. Roasted Sweet Potato Bites

Roasted sweet potatoes are an excellent addition to many main dishes, especially if you want to substitute meat for sweet potatoes. But these sweet potato bites are ideal finger food.

They’re not mushy and you can enjoy them like you would popcorn chicken. Just make sure there’s plenty to go around, as people won’t be able to get enough!

4. Homemade Mozzarella Sticks

String cheese packs are a favorite snack for many, and their popularity is only sure to increase when we tell you that you can use them to make mozzarella sticks.

To make sure they’re super crunchy, dredge them twice to give them a double coating of breadcrumbs and the best texture possible. We recommend serving them with marinara.

5. Classic Cheese Ball

This appetizer definitely has a 70s vibe to it, and is ideal if you’re throwing a retro-themed party (see also ‘36 Of The Best Foods To Serve At Your Next Pool Party‘).

What’s not to love about a ball of cheddar cheese (see also ‘23 Simple Cheese Ball Recipes‘), cream cheese, onions, and spices? Forming the ball and adding the pecans is messy, but so worth it.

To really make this cheese ball shine, serve it with buttery Ritz crackers.

6. Jalapeño Cheese Crisps

These Jalapeño Cheese Crisps are seriously addictive and only require two ingredients, that is, cheese and chilies.

You just need to make small piles of them on a baking tray. As the cheese melts it will act as an adhesive, holding the jalapeño and chip together.

Make sure you make enough for your guests because the temptation to eat some while you cook is strong!

7. Bacon Brie Apple Crostini

A savory crostini is a simple appetizer that is always delicious, and this one has a sweet touch that you’re sure to love.

While the bacon on top really makes it look beautiful, we recommend adding it to the cheese so you know you’re not going to lose it.

8. Antipasti Bites

Using salami as small cups to hold artichoke hearts, basil, mozzarella balls, and roasted peppers is a revelation!

It’s an inventive hack that we’re sure you’ll be using for years to come. You just need to bake the salami inside muffin tins allowing them to crisp up and take the shape of a small bowl.

Then you just need to fill them with extras for a simple appetizer you can enjoy with one bite!

9. Apple Bruschetta

You may have enjoyed mango chutney with a curry, but believe us, apple chutney is in a whole other league!

What makes chutney different from jam is that it’s chunky and has a flavor profile that is a mix of sweet and savory.

The chutney used in this bruschetta has apples, brown sugar, red onion, and vinegar to really excite your taste buds, especially when combined with tangy goat cheese.

10. Cheese And Garlic Crack Bread

This cheese and garlic crack bread is a guaranteed hit at any party! While we recommend sourdough for this recipe, any sturdy loaf with a good crust will do.

11. Cheesy Pita Crisps

Garlic knots are one of the most popular sides to have with your pizza, and it’s easy to see why.

They’re buttery and salty, and these cheesy pita crisps are no exception. Like garlic bread bites, you just need to spread the garlic butter mixture over the ready-made pita and bake.

If you don’t want them to be super crispy, just bake for as half as long as usual so they’re soft, warm, and bursting with flavor.

12. Ham And Cheese Pinwheels

Here’s a tip, you can save time with this recipe by using ready-made pizza dough, especially if it’s already been rolled out. The cheese, ham, and incredible sauce is going to make these an instant hit.

To make these pinwheels you’ll need to combine and melt brown sugar, butter, Dijon mustard, and poppy seeds.

13. Bacon Wrapped Dates

These bacon wrapped dates don’t just look beautiful, they’re also full of flavor. There’s a lot going on with these little appetizers!

To remove the pits you’ll need to split the dates, and we recommend filling the dates with tangy cheese using a small piping bag. You’ll also need thin bacon and toothpicks to hold it all together.

14. French Onion Dip

What makes a great bowl of French onion soup? Caramelized onions, of course! With a deep, intense flavor and dark color.

These are also exactly what you need for French onion dip! Take your time with these onions as they are the star of the show.

For the right flavor and consistency, the onions need to be cooked slowly with a lot of attention.

15. Party Quesadillas

For these party quesadillas you’ll need to go small, we recommend about 4 inches. This allows you to fill them and fold them over, transforming them into delightful cheese pockets.

Some homemade quesadilla recipes can be lacking, but that’s not the case with this recipe.

You’ll need a good cheese for this recipe, ideally a mature cheese with plenty of flavor. You’ll also need chilies, coarse salt, and onions.

16. Pepperoni Pizza Sliders

These pepperoni pizza sliders are not only simple to make, but filling too! After all, sliders are mini-sandwiches that are hearty and delicious.

What makes these pepperoni pizza sliders so easy is that you can have a whole tray ready in a matter of seconds!

Remember to not pull anything apart, and cut the whole batch like a big loaf. Then you just need to fill it, bake it, and enjoy!

17. Bacon Ranch Crock Pot Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are always a treat, and they’re incredibly beautiful.

We particularly love garlicky stuffed mushrooms with breadcrumbs, but this bacon-ranch combination is a worthy contender! Cream cheese will soften the recipe, and ensure the mix is super smooth.

Plus, cooking these mushrooms in the slow cooker gives you time to focus on other things, although you get the best results by roasting them in an oven.

18. Caramel Apple Dip

While savory flavors are what we usually think of when we hear ‘chips and dips,’ sometimes you just want something sweet, especially if that sweet something is caramel.

This dip in particular is reminiscent of a caramel cheesecake, as it has a layer of sweet cream cheese and is topped by a thick caramel layer.

We recommend using Dulce De Leche and serving with plenty of apple slices.

19. Garlic Cheese Flatbread

Has this happened to you – you pour out a bag of chips and half of them are crushed. While there is nothing wrong with these crushed chips and they taste as great as usual, they’re no longer ideal for dipping.

But when you make your own flatbread chips, you can rest assured they’re large enough to hold up to the dips you’ve made. Why not get creative and make the flatbread ships into fun shapes?

20. Tuscan Truffles

Truffles (see also ‘What Do Truffles Taste Like?‘) are sometimes associated with chocolate, but these are not those kinds of truffles, although they sure do look like it!

As soon as you bite in and get a hit of the garlic and white balsamic vinegar you’ll know they’re savory.

The creamy mascarpone, dried figs, and lemon zest lends some sweetness to the proceedings, while the goat cheese and prosciutto keeps it savory.

21. Marinated Cheese

Marinated cheese isn’t something you see every day, and you may be wondering how you even marinate cheese.

It’s definitely an evolution from your standard cheese slices and crackers, and it’s mind-blowing how much flavor you can get from marinated cheese.

22. Homemade Almond Crackers

These homemade almond crackers could be the solution to a lot of problems, such as the lack of vegan friendly crackers available, and how homemade crackers sometimes buckle under the strain of some toppings.

To make these crackers you need almond flour, ground flaxseed, and sea salt, and keep adding enough water until the dough is ready.

23. Antipasto Appetizer Cheese Board

There is nothing more tantalizing than a charcuterie platter with cheeses, crackers, fruits, meats, and nuts.

The beauty of a charcuterie is that you can add whatever you like in whatever quantity you like, and it’s impossible to mess up a charcuterie board!

To really make it look beautiful, present the food on a lovely wooden board, and remember the more, the better! After all, you don’t want any gaps in your board.

24. Italian Pizza Bites

Italian Pizza Bites are just like pizza muffins. Like any good muffin they should be moist and soft.

These pizza bites have pepperoni and salami to give you that true pizza taste. They’re best enjoyed warm with marinara sauce or an extra helping of garlic dipping sauce.

We also recommend adding extra cheese and allowing it to bubble and turn golden.

25. Caprese Skewers With Balsamic Drizzle

These caprese skewers are not just vibrant and fresh, but healthy and wonderfully balanced and make for an easy appetizer that people are sure to love!

To speed up the prep time you can use mozzarella balls, but to really make them pop, make sure to cut the tomatoes so they have a flat base.

26. Butternut Hummus With Feta & Pomegranates

This hummus is simple to make, particular if you’re already roasting butternut squash for another recipe.

You just need to roast another cup of cubed squash and mix this creamy, tangy, and thick hummus together. It also has a nice combination of spices including cayenne, coriander, and cumin.

But what really makes this hummus stand out is the feta and pomegranates. The feta gives the hummus a nice hint of salt, while the pomegranates give a fresh, sweet crunch – not to mention a pop of flavor!

Plus, the ruby shade the pomegranates lend to the hummus makes it a perfect dip to serve over the holidays.

27. Vegan Seven Layer Dip

This vegan seven layer dip is similar to more traditional dips, except there is no orange cheese. Still, all the classic flavors still come true, in particular the guacamole and refried beans.

This dip also swaps out sour scream for cashew cream, and the chili spiced quinoa makes this dip even heartier.

28. Red Lentil Hummus

This red lentil hummus is creamy and tangy and has a lovely blend of curry spices and turmeric. This hummus doesn’t have chickpeas but is still a snack you’ll be dipping your pita bread in over and over!

While the list of ingredients might seem daunting, we’re sure you’ll have most of the spices already in your pantry.

The cardamom, cayenne, coriander, cumin and turmeric are a huge burst of flavor, and this mixture can also be used to make curry and soup (see also ‘27 Easy Crockpot Soup Recipes You Need To Try‘).

For this recipe you will also need red lentils for the creamy base packed with protein, coconut oil and tahini to make the hummus richer and the texture yummy, and ginger and garlic for a pleasant kick and add depth of flavor.

29. Baked Cheesy Cauliflower Party Dip

This delicious, creamy, and tangy dip has a hidden secret and that is a whole head of cauliflower!

This dip consists of Greek yogurt, puréed cauliflower, and a hint of Dijon mustard, blended together to make a creamy dip.

It’s then topped with cauliflower florets, scallions, and a layer of Roth Grand Cru, a nutty cheese created in Wisconsin that gives the dip a mouth-watering bubbly, golden crust.

30. Tzatziki

If you would like an appetizer that is fresh and light, why not serve tzatziki? It’s a refreshing combination of cucumber, dill, Greek yogurt, and lemon that is great for dipping with fresh vegetables and pita.

Tzatziki is also ideal for showing off summer produce, as it’s bright, creamy, rich, and full of fresh herbs.

You just have to mix it up, serve with plenty of pita and your favorite summer vegetables. You can even bulk this appetizer up and turn it into dinner!

31. Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush often gets overlooked in favor of hummus, so it’s time we celebrated this silky dip full of smoky flavors! Baba Ganoush originates in the Mediterranean and is a dip made from eggplant.

This eggplant can be grilled or roasted, and Baba Ganoush is made with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and tahini.

It can be served with fresh vegetables and pitta and its silky smooth texture and mouth-watering smoky flavor really make it stand out. Baba Ganoush is a must-serve appetizer at a summer party.

32. Kale Guacamole

This kale guacamole has all the creaminess and zestiness of traditional guac, but the steamed kale leaves make it even healthier, and this particular recipe is based on kale guacamole you can find at Whole Foods.

The kale doesn’t just make it healthy but also bulks the guacamole up without subtracting from the flavor. Guacamole just got greener!

33. Grilled Ratatouille Tartines

These ratatouille tartines are not just elegant but simple too and sure to wow your dinner guests.

You just need herbes de Provence, a light layer of goat cheese, and ratatouille veggies to make these tartines totally mouthwatering.

To make these easier to eat as appetizers, we recommend serving them on toasts. They go well with wine, but if you make them in bulk you can also enjoy them as a light dinner.

These grilled tartines only take about 15 minutes to make, and the char of the grill really adds depths of flavor to the veggies.

34. Sweet Potato Pomegranate Crostini

Doused in a lemon-flavored sunflower spread, these sweet potato pomegranate crostinis are fresh and bright, and also comforting.

They’re ideal to serve at holiday parties, especially when garnished with cilantro leaves. They’re also a healthy and vegan appetizer.

35. Carrot Smorrebrod Crisps

This appetizer is inspired by Smørrebrød sandwiches, which are open-faced sandwiches originating from Denmark.

However, instead of being topped with salmon these crisps are entirely vegetarian and topped with marinated carrots that have been smoked and roasted.

The salt-roasted carrots take the place of salmon in this instance, and you can combine them with the usual smoked salmon pairings of capers, crisp vegetables, and cream cheese.

You may be wondering how you achieve the smoky flavor with carrots?

Well, you encrust them with salt and then peel the skins, so you’re not consuming too much salt and you’re left with a beautiful smoky flavor.

36. Falafel Flatbread

While this flatbread is gluten-free, it’s delicious enough that even bread fans will love it! The chickpea base is full of falafel spices, and it’s topped with veggies that are crisp yet juicy, fresh herbs, and rich sauces.

The name of this flatbread is a bit misleading, as it doesn’t contain falafel. Rather, the crust is made out of chickpea flour and is spiced with the usual falafel seasonings of chili powder, cilantro, coriander, cumin, garlic, and parsley.

The flatbread can be topped with fresh yogurt or even tzatziki, fresh vegetables, and a dollop of red pepper muhammara.

37. Easy Coconut Shrimp

Coconut shrimp is truly irresistible, and we can’t get enough of every crunchy, juicy, coconuty bite! Sharing a plate of coconut shrimp is no easy task.

This appetizer is a favorite of seafood restaurants and it has a distinct 90s vibe. This is a lighter reimagining of coconut shrimp that is baked rather than fried and served with a sweet chili sauce.

You can serve it as an appetizer or with rice and sautéed veg for a full meal.

38. Baked Goat Cheese

The sweet, garlic-infused roasted tomato sauce and the creamy, tangy cheese of this baked appetizer is totally mesmerizing.

Enjoy it with slices of crusty bread and it tastes like your favorite pizza. It’s certain to be a hit at every party!

39. Easy Stuffed Mushrooms

If you want to serve some healthy appetizers at your next dinner party look no further than stuffed mushrooms. They’re herby, meaty, and savory with a soft outside but an undeniable crunch.

Plus, this recipe is super simple to make and there is no need to sauté the fillings. You just have to chop them up, stuff them in the mushrooms, and bake.

40. Dill Pickle Dip

If you love dill pickles and you love dip, then you have to try this dill pickle dip! Dill pickles are such a versatile ingredient, but this dip is sure to be your go-to dill pickle recipe.

This creamy, tangy dip has the flavor of a dill pickle spear, and is wonderful when combined with cucumber slices or potato chips.

41. Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Appetizer

This smoked salmon and cucumber appetizer is beautiful and so simple to make. Cucumber, cream cheese, dill and smoked salmon is a classic combination.

All you need to do is mix the fresh dill, Dijon mustard, and green onion into a rich and zingy mixture. This is sure to be a hit at every party. We guarantee guests will be falling over themselves for more!

42. Tuna Tartare

If you’ve got some ahi tuna to hand why not make some tuna tartare (see our favorite ahi tuna recipes right here)?

Combine lime, toasted sesame oil and soy sauce to make this beautiful tartare that’s perfect for spreading on toast or crackers.

This recipe originated in the 80s as an alternative to the French beef tartare and tartare now has many different versions.

43. Loaded Potato Skins

Everyone loves loaded potato skins. Is there anything more comforting than cheesy, creamy, crispy, and savory loaded potato skins?

Serving them as appetizers at a dinner party is sure to win everyone over. They do include some effort, as you’ll have to put the potatoes in the oven a few times, but this recipe has some easy hacks to cut down on cooking time.

44. Easy Baked Flautas (Taquitos)

Do you love taquitos?

Well, this flautas recipe puts a simple spin on them! This isn’t the most authentic of recipes, but it makes for a simple, delicious appetizer. It has a veggie filling which is a mixture of cheese, refried beans, salsa, and spices.

It’s an appetizer that’s seriously yummy and will be loved by all ages. It’s best served with your favorite guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.

45. Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

If you love preparing plant based meals then have we got a treat for you! Vegan wings! Buffalo cauliflower wings, to be exact.

These tasty treats have a crispy exterior and a soft inside, and are drenched in a buffalo sauce that is tangy and spicy.

These are quickly popping up as appetizers in most restaurants, but nothing tastes better than home-made. This isn’t the easiest of recipes and is quite time-consuming, but it’s so worth it.

46. Whipped Feta Dip

We’re willing to bet this whipped feta dip will be your new favorite appetizer. Not only is it easy and quick – taking just under 5 minutes to make – but it’s also drizzled with honey.

How delicious does that sound?

47. Crispy Baked Salt And Pepper Chicken Wings

These crispy baked salt and pepper chicken wings are sure to become a favorite in your kitchen. They’re crispy, spicy, and are very simple to make in big batches if you’re having a lot of people over.

48. Sundried Tomato Garlic Butter Bruschetta

This appetizer is a dream come true for those who love the zing of sun-dried tomatoes, rich cheese and garlic, and fresh herbs.

Bruschetta is a much beloved appetizer for a reason and this recipe gives it an upgrade with a combo of flavors that are sure to tingle your taste buds.

49. Puffy Pastry Wrapped Asparagus Rolls

These asparagus rolls wrapped in puff pastry and filled with cream cheese are an easy and mouthwatering dish that is an excellent appetizer or side dish. Plus, as if it couldn’t get any better, they’re sprinkled with Parmesan!

This appetizer has such depth of flavor that it’s hard to believe it only contains five ingredients.

50. Jalapeño Poppers

Jalapeño poppers are a classic appetizer. They’re cheesy, warm, and most importantly, delicious! You can serve these on their own or with a dip. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this dish!

You fry these poppers until they’re golden brown on the outside and creamy and gooey on the inside.

51. Deviled Eggs

Another classic appetizer, this deviled eggs recipe (see also ‘35 Easy Egg Recipes‘) is easy and quick to make.

It’s ideal for any dinner party or holiday get-together that can be served alongside finger sandwiches, or our next appetizer – bacon wrapped smokies!

52. Bacon Wrapped Smokies

These bacon wrapped smokies are an excellent appetizer for any get together, and are sure to be one of the first appetizers to be gobbled up by your guests.

You sprinkle these smokies with brown sugar and bake them to perfection.

53. Chocolate Hummus

We’ve saved the most intriguing appetizer for last, and we’re confident you have probably never heard of dark chocolate hummus (see also ‘The Ideal Foods To Eat With Hummus‘).

It seems like it shouldn’t work, but believe us, it does! It’s certain to intrigue guests and wow their taste buds.

You need to look at this hummus like a fruit dip rather than a veggie hummus and serve it with green apple slices, pineapple, and – of course – the classic strawberry. Or, you can give it a savory twist and serve it with salty pretzels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are 6 Things To Consider When Selecting Appetizers?

We know this article has given you plenty of choices when it comes to appetizers, and you might be wondering how to choose between them! Well, here are 6 things to keep in mind.

  • Keep things simple: It’s best to focus on appetizers that are quick and easy to make, to avoid stress and so you’re not in the kitchen all day. Try to base appetizers around recipes you’re familiar with and that you know work.
  • Keep things balanced: It’s recommended to have a balance of rich appetizers bursting with flavor and appetizers that are refreshing and simple.
  • Keep things colorful: As you start to conjure up what your table of appetizers will look like in your mind’s eye, make sure everything looks visibly appealing. For example, have brightly colored veggie appetizers alongside creamy cheesy appetizers, dips, or bread.
  • Keep temperature and texture in mind: It’s recommended to have hot and cold appetizers on offer, as well as a mix of crunchy and creamy appetizers.
  • Avoid last-minute prep: If there are recipes that involve last-minute preparation, make sure to include as few of these as possible on your menu.
  • Don’t repeat yourself: While we highly encourage using leftover ingredients and making the most you can out of your produce, try to avoid using the same ingredient across all recipes as this can be overkill.

How Many Types Of Appetizers Are There?

Appetizers can generally be split up into three groups and these are canapés, cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres.

  • Canapés: These are bite-sized portions of savory food that are usually attractively decorated and served on an edible base such as biscuits or crackers.
  • Cocktails: These normally consist of fruit, vegetables, or seafood mixtures.
  • Hors d’oeuvres: These are punchy, tasty mixtures of various foods that you can easily eat with your fingers or using cocktail sticks.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! 53 simple and delicious appetizers to serve at your next party.

These appetizers are not only easy to make, but a few of them can be bulked up to make a hearty meal and a couple of them are ideal to serve at holiday events.

53 Simple And Delicious Appetizers

53 Simple And Delicious Appetizers

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Looking to serve some delicious, beautiful, and simple appetizers at your next party? Well, we’ve got 49 of the most delicious appetizers for you!

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