23 Simple Cheese Ball Recipes

Cheese balls are popular snack foods. They make fantastic appetizers, party foods, or picnic snacks. Loaded with cheesy flavors, many people find cheese balls difficult to resist. 

They can be made in a diverse range of flavors, which will enhance the average cheese ball recipe.

23 Simple Cheese Ball Recipes

If you are eager to make some cheese balls, we have 23 fabulous recipes for you to try. These cheese balls are all quite simple to make, so even inexperienced cooks can give them a shot.

1. Classic Cheese Ball

If you want a straightforward cheese ball recipe, this incredible classic version is sure to be a fan favorite. This amazing appetizer is perfect when spread on crackers or biscuits.

This recipe is super simple to make. The tasty cheese ball will be ready in just 15 minutes, meaning you won’t be confined to the kitchen for ages.

What we also love about this classic cheese ball recipe is its powerful flavors. The cheese ball has been given additional flavor due to the inclusion of garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, and hot pepper sauce.

2. Vegan Cheese Ball

Just because you have a vegan lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on having scrumptious cheese balls. These cheese balls taste just like the real deal!

These balls have a slightly tangy flavor due to the inclusion of lemon juice and paprika.

The outside of the ball is rolled in crushed almonds and chives, creating a crunchy texture that divinely contrasts with the softness of the ball’s exterior. This also enhances the taste considerably, adding a nutty and earthy flavor to the dish.

3. Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

If you crave something a little sweeter, this delectable chocolate chip cheese ball recipe will go down a treat. Mini chocolate chips (see also ‘33 Simply Delicious Chocolate Chip Desserts‘) have been added to the inside of the cheese ball, giving it a rich and sweet taste.

Due to its sweetness, this chocolatey cheese ball makes a perfect dessert. All you have to do is serve with some fresh fruit, such as strawberries, and a handful of crackers for an easy dessert.

4. Chipped Beef Cheese Ball

Up next, this chipped beef cheese ball is ideal for sharing with friends or family. It is made with dried beef, green onions, cheddar, and cream cheese. These flavors pair elegantly with one another.

This dish has a salty taste without being overwhelming. The beef is seasoned with Worchestire sauce and garlic powder. This makes it ideal for dipping, so you should make sure that you serve it with crackers.

5. Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball

If you’ve become bored of having the same food every Thanksgiving, why not consider using this cheese ball recipe as a starter or appetizer? It is decorated to look just like a turkey. As a conscience, it will make a suitable centerpiece.

Aside from the astonishing aesthetics of this dish, we also enjoy the flavors. Additionally, we respect the variations that have been included with the recipe. This allows you to experiment with the recipe to fit your needs.

6. Apple Cheddar Cheese Ball

Apple and cheese is a rather controversial combination. In our option, they accompany each other elegantly. The sharpness of the cheese pairs extraordinarily well with the apple’s sweetness.

These flavors are boosted by maple syrup, which adds a woody hint and subtle tones of caramel to the cheese ball. The toasted pecan coating also provides a delightful nutty flavor.

Containing just 99 calories, this cheese ball isn’t too naughty.

7. Banana Cheese Ball

You might not like the idea of mixing bananas with this cheese. Luckily, this banana cheese ball merges the two ingredients fabulously.

The taste of banana is not too overpowering. Instead, it is merely a sweet whisper. It adds a fresh fruity taste without being too noticeable. Instead, the tanginess of the cheese is the dominant flavor.

The banana also adds to the texture, which is gooey on the inside and crisp on the outside. This is a brilliant excuse to use your leftover bananas.

8. Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball

Many find it hard to resist bacon due to its crispy texture, smoky taste, and pungent smell. For people who love bacon, this bacon ranch and cheese ball will be a revelation.

The ball itself is made with cheese and bacon, ensuring that the meat’s smoky flavor penetrates the entire dish. The bacon works well with the tanginess of the cheese. This flavor is only enhanced by garlic powder.

To ensure that you get plenty of bacon and cheese notes, this ball is topped with pecans, green onions, cheese, and bacon.

9. White Chocolate and Hazelnut Cheese Ball

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, you’ll appreciate this white chocolate and hazelnut cheese ball recipe. The ball has a sweet taste and a luxurious creamy texture.

This is one of the simplest cheese ball recipes we’ve ever come across. It takes very little effort to make, resulting in this recipe is ideal for parties.

The short preparation time allows you to enjoy yourself instead of spending loads of time in the kitchen.

The white chocolate and hazelnut flavors combine to create a succulent dessert.

10. Pineapple Cheese Ball

This pineapple cheese ball contains tons of deep and complex flavors. This is due to ingredients such as pineapple, green peppers, green onions, and pecans. They form a distinctive flavor when combined with cream cheese.

This creates a more sophisticated adaptation of the cheese ball. Hence, it is extraordinary for dinner parties.

If you are not a fan of pineapple pizza, maybe you will be more appreciative of this pineapple cheese ball.

11. Christmas Cheese Ball

This Christmas-themed cheese ball recipe is perfect for the holiday season. It’s bright green, gold, and red color scheme is within the theme for Christmas.

To achieve this festive style, the cheese ball is coated with red pepper, chives, and walnuts (see also ‘31 Incredible Walnut Recipes‘). These flavors complement one another amazingly, giving the cheese ball a tangy taste.

If you are hosting a Christmas party, we can think of no dish that is better suited to this event.

12. Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Fantastic for Halloween parties, this cheese ball looks just like a pumpkin! If anyone sees this treat, they may assume that it’s the real deal.

This ingenious recipe uses unique techniques to give the cheese ball the appearance of a pumpkin. It is rolled in crushed cheese tortilla chips, giving the ball an orange hue. A green pepper stem is then used to imitate the pumpkin stem.

Though this dish is not flavored with pumpkin, it instead has a gorgeous cheese and onion taste.

13. Texas Chili Cheese Ball

Do you like spicy food? This recipe is marvelous for people who love spices. It has a subtle spiciness that is not too potent. This enables even people who are not fans of spicy food to eat this flavorsome cheese ball. 

This spice comes from the inclusion of a tablespoon’s worth of chili powder. Luckily, you can swap this chili powder with paprika if you crave a milder taste.

When mixed with cheese, pecans, onion, and Worchester sauce, this makes a classic Texan dessert.

14. Cranberry Cheese Ball

This cranberry-flavored cheese ball recipe is a perfect match for the holiday season. You can either make it for Thanksgiving or Christmas, creating a succulent dish. It’s guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit. 

The cranberries give this cheese ball a vivid red color scheme. This suits the season spectacularly. 

What we also love about this recipe is the choice of cheeses, which is sharp white cheddar, mozzarella, and cream cheese. This combination results in a divine and deep taste.

15. Spinach Cheese Balls

Our next pick is a stunning spinach cheese ball recipe. 

The spinach gives these balls a super refreshing taste. This is heightened through the garlic salt and Italian seasoning. Not to mention, it makes them feel a little healthier than other recipes.

After all, spinach is high in tons of nutrients, including iron, vitamin C, and folate.

Simply serve with some alfredo sauce for an indulgent treat. These are excellent for dipping into the tasty pasta sauce.

16. Easter Egg Cheese Ball

We love this excellent Easter egg cheese ball recipe! It is ideal for the Easter holidays. The ball looks just like an Easter egg. The bright colored patterns add to the aesthetic appeal of this treat, which is certain to be a hit with kids.

This pattern is created by pressing walnuts, cranberries, and parsley against the cheese ball. This is an incredibly unique idea that not only looks great but tastes incredible.

These additions not only add color and also complement the cheddar and cream cheese ball.

17. Broccoli Cheese Ball

We adore the texture of these broccoli cheese balls. They have a gooey cheese and broccoli center that oozes when you bite into the ball. Meanwhile, the outside has a crisper feel that creates a delightful textural contrast.

Though many people accuse broccoli of being bland, this could not be further from the truth. These balls are seasoned with red pepper flakes, giving them a spicy undertone.

Thankfully, you can adjust this ingredient if you are not the biggest consumer of spicy food.

18. Peppered Herb Goat Cheese Ball

This recipe is a little different from many of the others on this list because it utilizes goat cheese. This infuses the dish with a tart taste which not everyone will enjoy.

However, if you like goat cheese, you should make this mouth-watering recipe.

The outside of this cheese ball is covered with a beautiful herbal coating. This consists of parsley, basil, and chives. This gives the dish a wide assortment of herbal flavors.

Overall, this sophisticated version of the cheese ball is superb for elegant parties.

19. Macaroni and Cheese Balls

Do you love macaroni and cheese? If so, you’re going to be obsessed with this magnificent recipe. Essentially, these balls are a portion of mac and cheese covered in a crispy panko coating.

This creates a pleasantly soft interior and a crisp exterior.

This recipe is particularly great for children, who are bound to love these cheesy treats. Yet, adults are also going to adore them. Just serve with some sauces, such as tomato ketchup, for a bite-size snack that the whole family can enjoy.

20. Jalapeno Popper Cheese Balls

This is another incredible recipe for lovers of spice. This can be attributed to the use of jalapeno peppers.

These jalapeno popper cheese balls are sure to be widely loved because they contain lots of popular ingredients. This includes bacon, jalapenos, green onions, and cheddar cheese. What’s not to love?

Another excellent element of this treat is the unique aesthetic, which has a plethora of eye-catching colors. This is caused by the unique assortment of yummy ingredients used.

21. Pomegranate Cheese Ball

Renowned for its sweet and tart taste, pomegranate works fantastically in a wide variety of dishes (see also ‘40 Perfectly Delicious Pomegranate Recipes‘). This is evidenced by this delightful pomegranate cheese ball. The pomegranate brings out the tangy tones of the cream and goat cheese filling.

The use of herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, guarantees that the cheese mixture is bursting with flavors.

The look of this cheese ball is phenomenal. Covered in ruby red pomegranates, it looks like an elegant jewel. As a result, this cheese ball is sure to catch people’s attention!

22. Ham and Cheese Ball

Ham and cheese is a classic combination. This is for good reason. The two ingredients just complement one another so harmoniously. This ham and cheese ball is further proof of this.

Yet, this recipe has much deeper favors than the average ham and cheese ball. This is thanks to ingredients such as Dijon mustard, swiss cheese, and brown sugar.

They enrich the taste of this ham and cheese ball so that it becomes a delightful taste sensation.

23. Smoked Salmon Cheese Ball

Our final pick is a sensational smoked salmon cheese ball. This recipe feels a little more luxurious than the average recipe. Consequently, it is optimal for dinner parties and other elegant events.

The use of salmon gives the ball a delicate taste. This flavor is enhanced by the complimentary seasonings, such as red onion and lemon juice.

If you wish to make a stunning starter, we strongly suggest this salmon cheese ball recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cheese Balls Healthy?

No, most cheese balls are not that healthy. They tend to contain high levels of sodium, fat, and calories. Therefore, though you can have cheese balls as occasional treats, you should not have them all the time. 

Luckily, there are some healthier versions out there that you can eat more regularly. For instance, versions that contain fruit are often more nutritional.

Why Are Cheese Balls So Irresistible?

It’s easy to get hooked on these cheese balls. After all, they’re loaded with flavor! This might also be due to their soft and creamy insides, which tend to melt in the mouth. Often, these balls are covered in hard exteriors.

Final Thoughts

For your next party or gathering, you should seriously consider making some cheese balls. These tasty treats are sure to go down well.

If you’ve grown bored of the same cheese balls, the above recipes should reignite your passion for this fun snack. There are loads of different variations for you to bake. So what’s stopping you?!

23 Simple Cheese Ball Recipes

23 Simple Cheese Ball Recipes

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Do you want a starter or appetizer that’s sure to be a hit with guests? If so, here are 23 cheese ball recipes that have tons of flavor but are simple to make.

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