15 Traditional Greek Breads

This is a page of traditional Greek breads. Greek breads are a type of flatbread and in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, they are made with a variety of ingredients. 

Greek bread is made with either a leavened or unleavened dough, baked in an oven.

15 Traditional Greek Breads

Here are some Greek bread recipes, with a focus on those with a thick, chewy texture and some with a lighter focus. There is a wide variety of options to choose from which will be presented here. 

A selection of traditional Greek breads, from sweet pastries to cheese breads and strudels will also be included. Find out more here. 

1. Paximadi Kritiko (Greek Barley Rusks)

This is a traditional Greek dish which consists of a plate of rusks or small bread slices smeared with a variety of toppings. Paximadi Kritiko is a Greek flatbread that is made with barley.

It’s a soft bread that is normally eaten with cheese and tomato sauce.

This recipe does take quite a bit of time to make and can last up to 4 hours to make this dish. However, the outcome is definitely worth the time spent cooking. 

2. Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Bread

This recipe for Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Bread is a delicious vegan recipe that is good for breakfast or dessert. If you’re looking for a delicious fall recipe that uses pumpkin, Greek yogurt, and more, then this bread is for you.

A healthy, gluten-free, grain-free, and allergy-friendly recipe for pumpkin bread. It will not take you too long to make and has the benefits of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

All you need to do is mix and bake and you will have a delightful classic Greek bread. 

3. Loukoumades (Greek Donuts)

Loukoumades (Greek donuts) are a delicious fried doughnut-like pastry popular in Greek cuisine. They are similar to a donut, but they are made from a much thinner batter and are more similar to the Greek donut ‘loukoumades’.

Loukoumades (Greek donuts) are a special treat. Very easy to make, they are a wonderful treat that are perfect for a special treat or as a dessert with coffee.

They will only take you just over an hour to make and will be a nice treat for you. 

4. Koulouri Thessalonikis (Greek Sesame Bread Rings)

Koulouri Thessalonikis, or Greek Sesame Bread Rings, are a traditional Greek snack that is delicious, healthy, and can be eaten as a dessert, breakfast, or even as a side to a meal.

These fresh Greek sesame bread rings are a popular Christmas Eve dessert, and are traditionally served with a dollop of honey or some sweet honey syrup. 

This recipe is a terrific way to make this snack even more divine. Koulouri Thessalonikis (Greek Sesame Bread Rings) is a delicious Greek snack that is perfect as a part of a party or as a dish for a dinner.

5. Tiganopsomo (Greek Filled Fried Bread)

Learn how to make Greek-style stuffed bread with white cheese and vegetables if you wish. An old Greek recipe for a tasty and authentic dish.

The name of the dish is derived from the word “tigan” meaning cheese and “opsomo” meaning filled.

Tiganopsomo (Greek Filled Fried Bread), a type of Greek pastry. The recipe is simple, easy, and extremely tasty. It is nice and light with a lovely golden color to finish. 

6. Vasilopita (Greek New Year’s Bread)

This is a traditional Greek pastry with a sweet and sour taste. Vasilopita is popular with children and can be found in the pastry shops in Greece during Yia Yia’s festive time.

Vasilopita or Yaylamboura (Greek: ομάδα γεμιστής χασίμβριου) is a traditional Greek bread eaten during the Greek New Year celebrations in January.

The addition of the orange zest provides a great combination with the bread and gives a little something extra. 

7. Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread)

Authentic Greek Easter Bread, also known as Tsoureki, is a special bread that is made for Easter. This is a traditional Tsoureki recipe that is easy to make and quite tasty.

With Easter around the corner, you’ll want to master the art of making this Greek Easter Bread. It is a traditional Greek Easter bread that is made with eggs, butter, and honey, if you love something sweeter.

You also have the aniseed and citrus which gives the bread a more unique flavor. The decorative factor is also very appealing. 

8. Tiropsomo (Greek Feta Bread)

Tiropsomo is a quick, easy and delicious Greek feta bread recipe. It is not just a diet bread, but a common bread in Greece and in many regions of the world.

Tiropsomo is an amazing Greek bread that is made with homemade feta cheese and who doesn’t love cheese? 

This will not take you too long to prep and will only take you 50 minutes in total which will mainly be the baking process. 

9. Greek Pita Bread

Make your own Greek Pita Bread for your next barbecue or party! This quick and easy recipe will make pita bread so good.Try this recipe for Greek Pita Bread.

This recipe makes the best pita bread that is soft and chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

This simple Greek Pita Bread recipe is a wonderful addition to any meal. This bread is best served warm, with a little olive oil drizzled over the surface.

This one will take you up to 3 hours to fully complete. However, you will be finishing with a light and fluffy bread to impress. 

10. Horiatiko Psomi (Greek Village Bread)

This Greek Village Bread recipe is a very traditional flat bread, which is used in the Greek village of Horiatiko Psomi during the Christmas Season.

This Greek bread is a wonderful bread that is easy to make and enjoy. It is very easy to make and is delicious too.

It includes some of the most simple ingredients such as: break, milk and flour, honey and yeast. It has a texture and flavor like no other, which is why it is such a popular recipe in Greece. 

11. Lagana (Pure Monday Greek Bread)

Eating this particular bread in Greece would be a dream because it is something really special to the people who try it and make it.

However, you are able to make this in your own home and try to get as close to the texture and taste as you can. 

The bread base is actually very simple, but you will need to add some different toppings like dried tomatoes to add extra flavors and make it more decorative.

You need to be following the instructions carefully to achieve the fluffy and light oval bread base. 

You do not want anything too dense by adding too much of one ingredient. You need to be careful with your measurements. 

12. Eliopsomo (Greek Olive Bread)

Eliopsomo is a Greek recipe that is a wonderful bread to make when you have fresh olives from your garden. It can be enjoyed by itself with cheese and fresh goat’s milk or with fresh butter and cheese.

Eliopsomo is a Greek Olive Bread that is traditionally made in the village of Kato Zakros. It is a light, airy bread with a rich, sweet taste. It is said to be a remedy for the common cold.

Try and make it yourself because it is some of the best comforting food. 

13. Greek Bread With Oregano and Olive Oil

People tend to look at this bread and think there is something wrong with it or they have burnt it, but that is not the case. It is meant to have black parts to the bread because it is peppered. 

The texture is also something that needs to be focused on because you should be aiming for something super soft on the inside with a nice crunch for the exterior.

This is not the most simple recipe because you need a good balance in flavor of the sweet and the savory. 

14. Psomi Spitiko

This is an extremely simple recipe which is basically just homemade bread. It is the type of simple bread you would pair with soups or meals which is very comforting and warm to eat.

The main part of the baking process is all done in the oven, so you won’t have to be standing around waiting for it to rise. 

You will only need 5 different ingredients for this recipe which is what makes it a perfect make from home bread. This recipe will create two loaves. 

15. Greek Ceremonial Bread 

This is a traditional Greek bread because it is what is brought to church for the ceremonial bread. However, this type of sweet bread does not only have to be used for this purpose.

It can also be used as a light snack or for your breakfast. 

Not only does this bread have a lovely sweetness to it, it also includes spices. It is very popular with a thin layer of chocolate spread to add more sweetness into the mix.

This all depends on what your personal preference is taste wise. 

Are any of the Mexican vegetarian recipes gluten-free?

Yes, many tasty vegetarian recipes from mexico can be made gluten-free with a few substitutions. Traditional dishes like chiles rellenos, enchiladas, and guacamole can easily be adapted to accommodate gluten allergies or dietary restrictions. With a wide range of flavorful and gluten-free alternatives available, Mexican cuisine offers delicious options for all.


Overall, there are so many different bread recipes which originally come from Greece for you to attempt to make. They are not all the easiest, and some of them take quite a bit of time to complete, but they are definitely worth it. 

Greek people are experts in bread making and it is such an important part of every meal for them.

The flavor and the texture is also very important for most, getting the light, airy texture with a blanched set of flavors can be extremely difficult. 

Hopefully this guide has provided you with some really amazing Greek recipes which you will enjoy making and hopefully be successful in. always remember to follow the recipes closely. 

Frequently Asked Question

How Many Types Of Bread Are In Greece?

There are around 70 different types of bread available in Greece and are originally Greek recipes. They are very common recipes because people just love different kinds of bread and create different flavors.

In Greece, the people love eating bread with basically every meal which is why it is important to have lots of different types for variety. 

The most commonly served bread in Greece is Daktyla which is also known as finger bread. This is the most popular because it is a great accompaniment for most of their traditional meals.

This bread comes in all different types though which can be very confusing. 

What Was Bread Called In Ancient Greece?

It is called ‘Artos’ which also translates into cake or loaf of bread. However, it is more commonly used now for communal breads that are used in churches more so than in people’s everyday lives. 

15 Traditional Greek Breads

15 Traditional Greek Breads

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