hi i'm jenna

Food just makes everything better, doesn’t it? Make-ups, break-ups - family feuds to friendly gatherings, food is at the heart of it all. 

Hi, my name is Jenna and I have been a professional chef for almost the entirety of my adult life. What started off as a hobby in college quickly turned into a passion that I surrounded my life with. 

I remember my mother’s impressive cookbook collection, which my siblings and I would sit and read for hours around the kitchen table. But we were never allowed to actually help with the cooking - that was my mother’s happy place. 

So, when I was able to start my own adventure into the world of cooking, my mother took me under her wing. We would spend hours together in the kitchen, cooking up a storm! 

Once she had trained me up to her satisfaction, I was awarded the most precious prize of all - her own personal cookbook that she had been jotting down her recipes in for decades. 

Now, I won’t share them with the world - they’re a family secret. However, I want to use this website to inspire you all to pick up a recipe and make it for yourself. Most people I talk to think that they can’t cook. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Cooking is great for your mental, physical, and emotional health. What’s the worst that could happen? Find a recipe that you like the sound of and cook it along with me. You might even unlock a new passion!

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