23 Delicious And Easy To Make Bacon Appetizers

Finding someone on this planet who genuinely does not love the smoky and sizzled taste of bacon is an extremely hard task.

It’s a delicious option to get us up in the morning which also works great as an afternoon snack or in evening as a late night dish when we’re craving something crispy.

23 Delicious And Easy To Make Bacon Appetizers

You don’t only need to make huge filling meals with bacon however, you can also just as easily make it into smaller appetizers that still retains its full flavor while being incredibly easy to prepare.

With that being said, so that you can start whipping up some soft or crunchy bacon snacks that are sure to get the party started or to just be enjoyed as an afternoon meal, here are 23 easy to make bacon appetizers that can be prepared in no time. 

1. Honey Bourbon Pigs In Blankets

Small and meaty pigs in blankets are already packed full of a familiar smokey flavor all on their own, but when dipped in with a splash of honey and bourbon, their deliciously meaty taste stands out even more. 

Light, quick and easy to make, this is a perfect meaty appetizer that makes full use of some delicious crispy bacon.

2. Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks

When you combine bacon with food that is just as crunchy, it makes for a delicious appetizer that is so tasty to crunch down on, and what better to try this out with than some breadsticks. 

With some parmesan cheese and cayenne pepper added to the mix, this light dish is bursting full of scrumptious flavors. 

3. Loaded Tater Tot Nachos

While nachos are a fan favorite all on their own, try adding in some bacon, cheese, beef, taters and sour cream to make this nacho bowl full of a whole variety of flavors which helps to bring out the deep flavor of some smoky bacon that compliments some crunchy and sticky nachos so well, you can even add in some guacamole if you are craving a hint of spice. 

4. Avocado And Smoked Maple Bacon Sandwich

Bacon sandwiches are the easiest bacon appetizer you can make, however while it takes almost no effort to mix in a little bit of maple syrup along with garlic cloves and cooked apples, they make this classic recipe even more crunchy and delicious for when you want a little bit of a mix up from the norm.

5. Barley With Bacon, Peas And Dill

Ready in just 30 minutes and serving up to 6 people at a time, this nutritious dish mixes some crispy bacon strips with whole hulled barley surrounded by recently thawed out peas to make this a nutrient-dense appetizer that not only tastes good, but is also incredibly rich in vitamins and nutrients.

6. Cheese And Bacon Potato Rounds

In this recipe the melted cheddar cheese and optional sour cream rests on top of the succulent potato base with the bacon lying on top.

This recipe is perfect if you only have a few strips of bacon on standby but want to make as much use of them as you can.

7. Paleo Bacon Wrapped Cauliflower

Mixed with some sweet Greek yogurt and a hint of lemon juice, bacon covered cauliflowers have never been so crunchy while also being incredibly nutritious. 

With a paprika mixture on the side, these meaty cauliflowers even contain a slightly spicy kick, making for an incredibly unique flavor.

8. Sweet And Spicy Jalapeno Poppers

For those who want a more spicy bacon appetizer before or along with the main meal, these jalapenos are softened with a bit of cream cheese and then wrapped around with sizzling bacon to make for a spicy treat that has a nice meaty flavor that can be made in minutes.

9. Chicken And Bacon Roll Ups

If you want a miniature appetizer that is filled with as much meaty goodness as possible, this recipe uses vegetable cream cheese to soften the flour tortillas even more which are packed full of chucky white chicken and crispy bacon to make a delicious appetizer that is a must try for those meat lovers.

10. Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

As if the soft and chewy texture of mushrooms weren’t tasty enough, try fusing in parmesan, some light cream and bacon bits to create a whole new flavor to this already delicious food.

Mix in a little bit of cheese to really allow the flavors of this miniature appetizer to stand out as much as possible.

11. Bacon Wrapped Scallops

In contrast, if you are a bigger fan of seafood and still want to mix in that tasty smokey bacon flavor that makes for an excellent party dish, these succulent scallops are coated with bacon and lightly layered with some sprinkled on herbs to create a soft and delicate taste that is sure to please those bigger fans of seafood who still crave a little bacon now and again.

12. Bacon Wrapped Dates With Goat Cheese

The earthy, mild and buttery texture of goat cheese compliments the smokey flavor of bacon so well, especially when covered in a sweet glaze made from brown sugar and apricot jam, this appetizer is a must try when you want something that is a bit more on the milder side, but still delicious.

13. Bacon Wrapped Grilled Peaches

Grilled peaches are a lot juicier than regular peaches and have a slight crunch to their texture which blends perfectly with bacon and when drizzled with a silky balsamic glaze, this is a perfect choice when you want something a little more fruity. 

14. Parmesan Bacon Crackers

For the maximum amount of crunch, try sprinkling just a little bit of parmesan cheese onto these crackers to make them nice and soft to bite into before layering smaller crispy bacon strips on top to make a delicious appetizer that has a delightful crunch with every bite. 

A good tip when making this recipe is once the bacon is cooked and ready to go, dab it with a few paper towels to remove any excess fat and make it as crispy as possible without it sliding around on the cracker.

15. Bacon Cheddar Cheeseball

Perfect as a light appetizer in the winter months and made in the shape of a cute reindeer so you know it will be a favorite with the kids, the mixture of cheddar cheese and bacon makes this a creamy dish which can be made in big bulks with just one preparation session making for an incredibly fun appetizer both to make and to taste. 

16. Caramelized Bacon Skewers

The tiny caramel bacon bits used in this recipe are sweet and chewy but still retain that familiar smoky flavor despite being so small.

A huge crowd pleaser that is easy to make and a must try for those big special occasions where you want to satisfy multiple people with one creamy batch, the inclusion of sea salt and vanilla extract makes sure the flavors in these tasty bites are not too overpowering and evens the flavors out perfectly. 

17. Brussel Sprouts With Bacon

Now we know what you are thinking, surely this simple mix of sweet and slightly bitter brussel sprouts with streaky strips of bacon can’t be that delicious right?

Well if that is what you are thinking, you are missing out on this incredibly crunchy and incredibly flavorful dish that is elegantly topped off with some salt and pepper to make this a hidden gem in terms of sweet and savory bacon appetizers that is sure to impress all your guests as soon as they take that first bite.

18. Apple Cinnamon Bites

Sometimes the simplest ingredients bring out the tastiest flavors, and that is certainly the case with these apple cinnamon delights that are perfect when christmas is just around the corner.

The wrapped around bacon adds a rich texture to the apples that also helps even out the incredibly sweet cinnamon to give off a unique flavor that is hard to replicate with most other fruits.

19. Simple Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

When we say this recipe is simple to prepare, we really do mean it requiring just 4 ingredients including medium to large shrimps, thin strips of bacon, garlic powder and kosher salt and being warm and ready to eat in as little as 10 minutes.

If you are a seafood lover who is also fond of the crunchy smokey flavor of bacon, you definitely should not skip this delicious appetizer.

If you want to enhance the flavor even more, consider sprinkling in a few herbs or even spices to really make this dish stand out.

20. Oysters Casino With Bacon

If you are looking for a bacon appetizer full of class that is guaranteed to impress your guests, this recipe is a little bit of a cheat code as while the oyster and bacon mixture is incredibly deep and rich, it can all be put together in as little as 20 minutes and is also very low in calories.

Your family and friends will swear that they are eating a dish right out of a 5 star restaurant with this delightful smoky appetizer.

21. Cheddar Bacon Puffs

If you want a bacon snack that’s a little more softer to bite into while still being packed full of that crispy flavor we all know and love, this recipe uses a puffy pastry that is made even more succulent and soft with the added cheddar cheese that coats the crispy bacon, creating a delicious balance between being a light puffy appetizer with a bit of crunch at its core.

Make sure to smoothen out any peaks you notice on the pastry when preparing as if they are left unchecked, it can cause the pastry to be a little burnt, you ideally want it to be as near to golden brown as possible. 

22. Easy Cream And Cheese Bacon Bites

With just 4 ingredients and a few minutes of your time, you can make an entire batch of creamy and cheesy bites that are perfectly complemented by some miniature bacon bits thrown into the mix. 

Part of the beauty of this recipe is that you can prepare a double or triple batch in barely any time which makes them so ideal for a big occasion when you need to prepare some delicious meaty appetizers quickly. 

23. Bacon Peanut Butter Popcorn

Yes, you read that correctly. If you never thought you could combine some sweet buttery popcorn with the deep and rich taste of bacon then you’re missing out on a hidden gem when it comes to bacon appetizers that can be made in just a few minutes and is extremely low in calories.

Because you can make this delicious treat in big bulks each time, you can even prepare some of these snacks before or during a meal and then store some for when you and a couple of friends want to watch a movie with a delicious snack at hand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will Bacon Last In The Refrigerator?

If you want to pick up some bacon in advance and have got it in bulk to easily make some tasty appetizers when the big occasion arises, you won’t want to wait too long as bacon on average will stay good in the refrigerator for 1 week. 

If you do want to keep it stored for a while in advance however, you can also freeze bacon where it will remain fresh for up to 4 months, giving you much more time to plan out what recipes you want to use it for.  

How Can You Tell How Crunchy A Slice Of Bacon Is?

Many people like their bacon to have a nice crunch to it rather than being soft where it can taste a little light and hollow, removing a lot of the smoky flavor this delicious ingredient is known for.

It’s therefore important to monitor how crunchy the bacon is getting while cooking as you need to strike a delicate balance so that it does not get too burnt and tasteless.

The color is the main indicator, when you notice the bacon has changed from the original pink to a deep brown or light orange, this means it has gained just about the right texture of crispiness.

If the bacon starts turning black however and if you find it’s becoming very hard and stiff to move around in the pan, this indicates that it’s getting burnt and needs to be removed right away to save you having to pick up more bacon and using up far more time than is needed. 

Is There A Way To Remove Excess Fat From Bacon?

The 2 easiest ways to limit the fat intake in bacon is firstly to make sure to cook it on a medium to low heat to heat it up slowly, and then to let it rest on a paper towel after cooking to allow it to soak up any dripping fat, making the bacon much healthier to consume. 


Bacon can make some of our favorite appetizers that much tastier, test out a few of these popular bacon infused recipes and see which one you and your guests like the taste of the most so that you always have a delicious smoky snack in mind for any time of the year.

23 Delicious And Easy To Make Bacon Appetizers

23 Delicious And Easy To Make Bacon Appetizers

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Bacon is great as a breakfast option or afternoon snack, but did you know its delicious flavor can be mixed into a whole range of appetizers?

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