35 Easy Egg Recipes

We all know the struggle, when you get into a routine it is easy to keep eating the same few meals on rotation and get stuck in just making the same things.

This is why it is important to know what meals, dishes, and even snacks, you can make using staple ingredients, so you can always have something new to try instead of just making the same things.

One ingredient which lasts longer than people expect, and is pretty cheap to always have on hand is eggs.

35 Easy Egg Recipes

It is almost a cliché to remind you that eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients to use.

There is a massive variety of ways to serve eggs and to make them new and interesting, but as well as dishes which have eggs as the main ingredient, there are also plenty of recipes which have eggs as more of a side component but still important to the overall recipe. 

It is also worth remembering that eggs are a great source of protein as well as other nutritious aspects.

This means that eating eggs regularly is a great way to maintain a balanced diet!

Because of how versatile eggs are, even those who eat eggs regularly will not know and remember all the different ways to serve and eat eggs, so this guide is a collection of 35 various ways of serving and using eggs to make delicious and filling meals from this staple ingredient.

Because there are so many different cultures which have access to eggs, there are some recipes here that you may have never even heard of since there are places all over the world which have their own ways of serving eggs.

If you love eggs, but you feel like you are running out of new and exciting ways to serve them, keep reading to see 35 different ways of serving eggs to get inspiration.

While this guide links to specific recipes, do not be scared to adapt any of them to your tastes and exclude and include ingredients to make the dish better suit your tastes.

1.Baked Egg Boats

These baked egg boats are one of the most delicious ways to enjoy eggs, and they are very easy to make.

One of the best things about this recipe is also how easy it is to customize, once you know how to make it, you can add any toppings or extras you want to make this fit any occasion or tastes.

This recipe also suits every meal depending on what you serve it with so learning to make this is definitely an asset worth having.

2.Jammy Egg Toast

These delicious eggs on toast do not need much time to make and getting the perfect jammy egg is intensely satisfying.

3.Poached Eggs With Avocado Toast

A modern classic, and super easy to make once you have mastered poaching eggs.

This is a filling and incredibly nutritious breakfast or lunch and the combination of the seasoned eggs with the smashed avocado and whatever bread you like tastes delicious!

4.Classic Omelet

If you have never tried a simple omelet before, without any bells or whistles, they are a great way to use up extra eggs, and when made perfectly, are delicious!

5.Breakfast Frittata

This Italian dish is super easy to make and is a perfect way to use up any leftovers you may have.

If you have eggs lying around and want a yummy way to get rid of leftovers, this is a perfect way to do so!

You can serve it with whatever extras you want as depending on the fillings it matches many different sides!

6.Bacon Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are actually a lot easier to make than they appear, and by combining them with bacon, this perfect party food or brunch dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

7.Scrambled Eggs With Smoked Salmon

One of the most delicious sides to serve with simple scrambled eggs is smoked salmon and if you have access to it, it pairs amazingly well with the mellow flavors of some well seasoned scrambled eggs.

If you have never tried this pairing, you are missing out!

8.Breakfast Grilled Cheese With Scrambled Eggs

While you may think that grilled cheese is a perfect classic which can not be improved, but this recipe puts a new twist on this classic making it an appropriate choice for breakfast (see also ‘28 Delicious And Quick Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes‘).

While some people have never tried it, the combination of cheese and scrambled eggs in the sandwich should not be ignored and is a more nutritious version of the traditional grilled cheese.

9.Breakfast Egg Muffins

If you love the convenience of food prepping and want a way of including eggs in this, breakfast egg muffins should definitely be tried out.

These are super easy to make just needing to go in the oven and cooked once they are prepared.

You can also easily customize them to include or exclude any ingredients you want.

10.Chard And Gruyère Eggs In The Hole

This is perhaps one of the classiest ways to serve egg on toast with quite a refined flavor combination. If you are looking for something to shake it up, this is the way to go!

11.Baked Avocado Egg

If you want a different way of serving eggs with avocado, this is a great alternate method of doing so where you cook the egg inside of the avocado, and you bake it.

This is a super nutritious way to start your day with all of the nutrients you need inside the avocado and eggs.

You can also season this to taste however you want!

12.Cheddar And Egg Oatmeal

Most people serve their oatmeal with sweet toppings and inclusions, but this savory spin on oatmeal prepared with cheese and served with a fried egg makes this nutritious breakfast or lunch much more interesting than the standard and if you like the new flavor combination for your oatmeal, it can easily become a favorite.

13.Mushroom And Spinach Bread Pudding

A savory bread pudding is not everyones first thought when it comes to cooking with eggs, but this combination of bread, mushrooms, and spinach, works super well and is easy to prepare!

14.Ham And Egg Casserole

Most people do not expect casserole to be a breakfast choice, but the combination of ham and egg with the option of adding cheese makes this simple casserole a perfect choice for preparing breakfast and works even better if you have a large family who you need to feed!

This also works great as part of a larger meal or a brunch going great with a bunch of classic sides.

15.At Home Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger

This is an at home copy of the Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger which means you can get the fast food experience at home.

While it may not be exactly the same, this is probably as close as you can get while cooking at home!

16.Breakfast Enchiladas

While most people assume that enchiladas are mainly eaten at dinner for the usual flavors they have, these breakfast enchiladas are perfect for starting your day with and can even be prepared the night before to make breakfast a breeze!

17.Pain Perdu

Pain Perdu was created to put stale bread to use, and it is made with a delicious custard batter which of course uses eggs.

If you have never tried this recipe before and have some bread that you are going to throw out, try making this instead!

18.Bisquick Breakfast Casserole

This easy to make Bisquick breakfast casserole is a great way to incorporate any ingredients you want into your breakfast and is also super easy to make on a lazy morning where you just want something simple!

19.Huevos Rancheros

This is a classic Mexican breakfast dish (see also ‘23 Mexican Breakfast Recipes (Easy Ideas)‘) and is one of the most famous methods of preparing eggs with a great combination of flavors included.

The ingredients are not too hard to source and if you have never tried this Mexican breakfast staple, this is something you just have to try!


While many assume that Quiché is quite difficult to make, if you use a pre-made pie crust, this dish is actually surprisingly easy to make and does not need too much effort!

If you like quiche but have never made it before, this is a great choice!

21.Egg Salad Blini Bites

Perfect for serving to guests, these blini bites are simple to make and go great with drinks.

22.Italian Sausage Breakfast Casserole

The flavor combination of eggs and sausage is delicious, and these flavors combined with cheese, tomatoes and green onions is even better and what makes this any-occasion dish even better is that it is great hot or cold making it a great picnic choice!

23.Breakfast Burrito

You may have eaten breakfast burritos before, but have you ever made one?

These delicious filling breakfast treats are super easy to make and part of the beauty of them is just how easy they are to customize!

These are also great to cook in a batch if you are cooking for a crowd.

24.Breakfast Quesadillas

Some people would never think to combine quesadillas with breakfast, but with how easy quesadillas are to make, it is surprising how few people use this combination!

The combination of ham and eggs is famously good, and just like lots of the other entries on this list, it is also super easy to customize!

25.Breakfast Tacos

Similar to the breakfast quesadillas, breakfast tacos are super easy to make, a great way to get eggs into your diet, and are perfect for making for large groups because of how easy they are to customize to your own specific tastes!

26.Baked Denver Omelet

Not everyone has heard of Denver omelets, but for those who have, they know how full of flavor and easy to make they are.

While most people traditionally pan fry omelets, by baking them you take out a lot of the hassle and this recipe is also low-carb making it a slightly healthier option.

27.Scotch Eggs

If you have never tried scotch eggs before, this perfect picnic food is a classic for a reason, and you have to try it out!

28.Easy French Toast

French toast is a breakfast classic (see also ‘17 Classic French Breakfast Foods‘) and if you have never tried to make it before, this recipe makes the process simple!

29.Egg Salad Sandwiches

Making an egg salad mix is super easy and makes the eggs taste fresh and herby, and having them in a sandwich is arguably one of the best ways to have them!

30.Gruyère, Bacon, And Spinach Scrambled Eggs

If you have never had Gruyère before, it goes amazingly well with scrambled eggs and the smoky taste of the bacon with the fresh taste of the spinach makes this a luxurious spin on scrambled eggs.

31.Egg And Sausage Sheet Pan Bake

For a simple way to cook a whole meal, this sheet pan with eggs sausages and tomatoes is super simple and super delicious.

32.Sweet Potato And Kale Frittata

Frittatas are super easy to make, and the inclusion of sweet potatoes makes this super healthy and even more filling!

33.Bacon And Leek Quiché

If you want to make a more complex Quiché, this classic flavor combo of bacon and leek is delicious and well worth trying if you want something new!

34.Flower Power Pepper Eggs

This is a super fun a healthy way to fry eggs and get your veggies in.

35.Spanish Potato Omelet

Spanish omelets (see also ‘26 Tasty Omelets To Make For Breakfast‘) are super delicious and if you have never tried one, this is where you should start!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Tell If Eggs Are In Date?

There are a few simple ways to tell if eggs are fresh, the most simple method is to check the date on the box, but this is not always available, and sometimes they will only provide a suggested period of time.

You can also smell the eggs, you will usually not be able to tell if they are off by sniffing them while they are in their shell, but once you have cracked them into a separate container, smell them, and you should be able to quite easily tell if they are no longer edible.

A test which not everyone knows however is the float test where you should put your egg in a glass of water.

If the egg sinks to the bottom it is fresh, but if it floats or tilts up, this means that it is old.

This is because the air pocket inside an egg will grow the older the egg is which will make it float.

This is not a perfect test however as it tells you just if the egg is old or new, and not if it is safe to eat or not.

What Are The Differences Between Eggshell Colors?

The breed of the chicken will change the color of the eggshell with the most common indicator of the color of the shell being the color of the chicken with white hens much more likely to lay white eggs, and brown eggs being much more likely to be from brown hens.

Other egg colors like blue eggs will be pigmented as the egg is developing, and the color will be on both the outside and the inside of the shell.

The eggshell color does not usually change the actual contents of the egg, and they are all safe to eat.

Healthiest Way To Eat Eggs?

The most healthy way to eat eggs is to add as little extra ingredients to them as possible if you do not want to add calories, this mainly includes boiling or poaching your eggs.

This is because the only thing which is used to cook these eggs is hot water, instead of oil which is used in frying eggs for example.

While these are the healthiest ways to eat egg, they are definitely not the most exciting and even if you prefer to eat eggs this way, you will usually get a much more balanced meal if you add more elements to make the meal more flavorful.

How To Separate Egg White And Yolk?

Lots of recipes will require you to separate egg whites from eggs yolks (see also ‘33 Egg Yolk Recipes For When You Have Leftover Egg Yolks‘), and some recipes will even completely not work if you are not able to do this properly due to the difference in nature between the yolks and whites.

A simple way to separate egg whites and yolks it to use a slotted spoon and to crack the eggs onto it letting gravity separate them.

Another popular method which will require a little more confidence handling eggs is cracking the egg in half over a container and moving the yolk from one half to the other letting the whites fall into the container.

This is the simplest method, but it can be tricky to learn since the yolk can easily split and taint the whites.

Try practicing this method while working with eggs on recipes which do not need them separated.

If you do not like the idea of having to manually split the yolks from the whites, you can purchase egg whites and yolks separately, but this can end up being more expensive and if you are looking for yolks only these can be quite rare.

Best Tasting Eggs?

There are pretty much no differences between different colors of hens eggs, and the best eggs will be based on other factors like how old they are and factors in how the chicken was raised. 

When it comes to wanting to try other species of animals eggs, while these are not common, there are other types of eggs (see also ‘Different Types Of Eggs You Need To Try‘) which are available which can end up tasting quite different from eggs which you are used to.

Most of these other types of animals eggs will be quite difficult to source and for animals like geese, they are only produced at certain times of year.

Are Eggs Safe To Eat Raw?

It is recommended to not eat raw eggs since they have a chance of having salmonella which can be very dangerous if ingested and not cooked out instead.

Some people would only recommend eating pasteurized eggs since they have a much less likely chance of carrying salmonella, however since the symptoms of salmonella can be so severe, it is not worth risking.

How Nutritious Are Eggs?

Eggs are one of the most easily accessible super nutritious foods with 1 egg containing around 6 grams of protein as well as good fats and vitamins which are very important for proper development and staying healthy.

Make sure to beware of certain diet companies trying to convince you that certain foods like eggs are unhealthy in your diet, unless of course you have an allergy.

35 Easy Egg Recipes

35 Easy Egg Recipes

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