21 Of The Easiest Vanilla Ice Cream Recipes Made Using A Vitamix!

The vitamix is a small blender that was mainly famous for its ability to make smoothies easily and well without taking up too much space, a trend that began as the gym-goers of the world began to increase and health trends took over our dashboards.

21 Of The Easiest Vanilla Ice Cream Recipes Made Using A Vitamix!

One of the newest trends that the keen-eyed home chef has discovered, is that you can make ice cream with your vitamix. Below we have listed some of our favorite vanilla ice cream recipes to see if the vitamix can get the original right.

1. Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

This recipe uses a classic vanilla ice cream recipe, getting vanilla in the form of vanilla extract, that works well in the Vitamix. Use only ½ a cup of half and half and the calories remain pretty low. The recipe makes around 4 servings.

2. Effortless Vanilla Ice Cream

This recipe instead uses around 4 cups of milk and easily makes about 16 servings of ice cream. The recipe remains much the same as the last but does present the opportunity to use this as a base recipe and add flavors on top of the vanilla base here.

3. Vegan Vanilla Vitamix Ice Cream

For all our dairy free troopers out there, you;ll be glad to hear that this recipe still works with coconut milk for a healthy flavor boost. THis is an ideal light summer dessert when time isn’t to spare.

4. Vitamix’s Vanilla Freeze

This recipe comes from Vitamix themselves, so right from the horse’s mouth. I would treat this as your  method to trust.

Yet, their recipe is interesting too and the recommended powdered sugar instead of your classic granulated or caster sugar. This provides the ice cream with a super classic twist. This is a recipe that creates around 6 servings.

5. Vitamix 30-Second Vanilla Ice Cream

This recipe interestingly uses frozen milk cubes as well as normal milk, the act of having one frozen and the other cold can actually temper the ice cream itself and is pretty useful for smooth texture.

6. Vitamix’s Cloudberry Ice Cream

This recipe creates 6 servings of another favorite from Vitamix themselves and uses the Swedish ingredient of Cloudberries, which could easily be swapped out for something more accessible in the US.

7. Coconut And Cashew Vitamix Ice Cream

This recipe is also vegan and uses some healthy ingredients for a guilt-free ice cream.

Ingredients such as cashew and coconut milk add some health benefits while the sugary elements of maple syrup and vanilla pods are all organic and natural rather than the refined sugars we are used to.

8. Vitamix’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Here’s another recipe directly from Vitamix themselves that uses  frozen strawberries and cream cheese to make what is essentially a healthy cheesecake ice cream.

This recipe is super creamy and flavorful, really shocking how quickly something so good comes together.

9. Vanilla Ice Cream With Honey

This recipe provides the inspiration to use honey in your ice cream, this works so well with vanilla and creates something that is simple, sweet and effective. With egg yolks, cream, and whole milk this could be one to look into for the protein lovers.

10. Vitamix Vanilla Soft Serve

This recipe is your classic but presents an interesting swap which is to use tasteless protein powder and water rather than milk, this can provide that boost you  may need for the gym, as well as protein to sustain those muscles, all in the familiar hug of a vanilla ice cream.

11. Vitamix Vanilla Ice Cream With Coffee

This recipe uses your humble coffee bean to amp up your vanilla ice cream recipe into something adult and nuanced. The use of coffee beans provides a fun textural quality as well as taste, and is only one extra ingredient into your generic vanilla ice cream recipe.

12. Vitamix Vanilla Ice Cream With Chocolate

Using another quick swap out to keep it simple, this great recipe simply uses some quick powdered hot chocolate like Nestle or Ovaltine in addition to your basic vanilla ice cream recipe. This makes a really fun ice cream that the kids think is a Wendy’s frosty.

13. Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream In A Vitamix

For all our Paleo friends, here is a recipe for a vegan, paleo, gluten free, and refined sugar free treat that is so similar to regular ice cream and only takes a mere 30 seconds.

This recipe combines coconut milk, almond butter and honey for what ends up as a really luxurious but healthy dessert.

14. Vitamix’s Strawberry Ice Cream

Another one from the guys at Vitamix, who use their base vanilla recipe to create this zany strawberry flavor.

Utilizing some high quality ingredients such as soy and coconut milk, as well as date syrup  and vanilla paste this recipe can really be something special, with little effort.

15. Vitamix’s French Vanilla Shake

If you have some left over ice cream from your adventures in blender ice cream, or just want a quick milkshake, this recipe from Vitamix is another winner.

This is a super vanilla milkshake that vanilla lovers will really enjoy, and is easy to make vegan with a  few swaps.

16. Vitamix’s Blueberry Avocado Nice Cream

Wait… Avocado in an ice cream? Yep, and we can guarantee that you will like it too. This is a great summer ice cream that is vegan as well as tasty.

Combining banana, coconut cream, cardamom, vanilla, dates, and avocados, you can bet this is healthy and nutritious as well as super sweet and creamy.

17. Keto Blueberry Ice Cream

If you want a more simple blueberry ice cream recipe that uses vanilla this is the one to go to. With only 6.5g of net carbs per serving, only frozen blueberries, heavy cream, and sugar is required to make this keto treat.

18. Peanut Vitamix Ice Cream

For those who like something a little more nutty, then consider this peanut butter ice cream. Made in your Vitamix, this ice cream is the ideal treat for the peanut crazy among us. Peanut butter can also boost the protein content in the ice cream too.

19. Mint Choc Chip Vitamix Ice Cream

Everyone loves a mint choc chip ice cream, and now you can make one at home in your vitamix.

This recipe even uses spinach to add a green and healthy element you won’t even notice, apart from in the gym!

The recipe stays true to the original in terms of taste but uses way healthier ingredients.

20. Vitamix’s Mint Pistachio Ice Cream

For those who like the mint flavor, this is another recipe from Vitamix themselves that combines two popular flavors, pistachio and mint!

Pistachio is another clean and classic ice cream ingredient from Italy, it continues to be fairly healthy with the use of mint leaves and banana rather than sugary choices.

21. Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Bars With Vitamix

This is a really cool recipe that uses the vitamix method but takes it one step further by making the ice cream into ice cream bars. A really clever move for any vegan looking for a healthy but luxurious snack.

Can I Use a Vitamix to Make Pudding?

Yes, you can definitely use a Vitamix to make homemade pudding recipes. With its powerful blending capabilities, the Vitamix can easily mix and whip together all the ingredients needed for a smooth and creamy pudding. Whether it’s chocolate, vanilla, or any other flavor, your Vitamix will deliver deliciously satisfying results every time.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to us that the Vitamix is such a useful tool, and now you can use this appliance at home to make some healthy but sweet treats.

They are ideal for anyone who is taking a healthy turn and wants to enjoy ice cream without the guilt.

It’s actually not too hard to achieve, and once you have nailed the method you can indulge basically any ice cream flavor while making it pretty healthy and somewhat nutritious. 

If you are looking to get more protein into your diet, or just trick your kids into eating something quite healthy, consider getting a Vitamix today and enjoying some ice cream with your family.

Many recipes suggest throwing in spinach, carrot, and even cabbage to get nutrition in without having to scrimp on flavor or luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Vitamix Make Ice Cream?

While it’s one of the trickier things to make in a Vitamix, it’s very much possible to find success.

Often the ingredients are frozen, or rely on ice, but the friction of the blades can create the heat and churning required to make the ice cream while also blending the frozen ingredients at the same time.

If you were to use an ice cream maker, the ingredients are often already blended up, so the Vitamix can do both with success.

Why Make Ice Cream In A Vitamix?

You can actually make ice cream in a Vitamix with much less sugar than normal, which is a big win for the health buffs who already have a Vitamix.

If you can successfully reproduce these recipes, you could make ice cream in less than a minute, which is healthier than usual as well as home made to your liking.

21 Of The Easiest Vanilla Ice Cream Recipes Made Using A Vitamix!

21 Of The Easiest Vanilla Ice Cream Recipes Made Using A Vitamix!

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