13 New Year’s Eve Cookies For Your Party

Looking to celebrate the New Year in style? Then these New Year’s Eve cookies are the perfect way to do so! 

When planning the perfect New Year’s party, you focus it typically dedicated to music, atmosphere, and drinks. 

13 New Year’s Eve Cookies For Your Party

Generally, you don’t want to include many overindulgent, heavy meals that will weigh people down. 

Instead, you want people up on their feet having fun and dancing. Although, you can’t leave your guests without any food to snack on. This is where cookies come in handy! 

Not only do they taste delicious, but you can also personalize them to match your celebrations perfectly. Plus, they help to soak up the alcohol in your guest’s stomachs.

With all this in mind, if you’re left with the New Years’ celebrations organization, then why not consider adding cookies to the soiree with these 13 delicious cookies fit for the occasion? 

Let’s get straight into it!

1. Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

These delicious peanut butter kiss cookies (otherwise known as peanut butter blossoms) are chewy, soft peanut butter cookies with added Hershey’s Kisses for a special treat. 

These little tasty cookies have many different names – Hershey Kiss cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies, peanut butter blossoms, etc. – whatever you call them, just know they are a classic recipe, and everyone loves them! 

Here, a small amount of sugar is used to roll the peanut butter blossom cookies, providing a crystallized outside with a chewy and soft inside. 

Once they come out of the oven, simply top the cookies off with a milk chocolate Hershey’s Kiss – making them irresistible. 

With a handful of ingredients and 15 minutes of your time, you’ll have these whipped up in no time. 

2. New Year’s Eve Cookies

When looking for the best New Year’s Eve cookies, these New Year’s Eve cookies can’t be overlooked – they have the title in their name! 

This recipe combines everything you know and loves about cookies. They are gorgeous, tasty, and incredibly simple to make. 

With only three ingredients, you’ll get these star-shaped cookies whipped up in no time. Plus, their festive shape and edible glitter make them spectacular. 

The cookies themselves are extremely buttery and soft. However, once you’ve dipped them in a chocolate glaze and sprinkled the glitter, they are sure to become irresistible. 

3. Melomakarona

Melmoakarona is traditionally served during the Christmas and New Years holidays. While they may not look festive, they are perfect for your New Year’s celebrations. 

The ingredients list might look intimidating at first, but don’t let this put you off! Trust us, these honey-flavored, syrupy-sweet cookies are worth the extra effort. 

Plus, they couldn’t be easier to make! In less than 60 minutes, you can have a whole batch whipped up. 

Your guests are sure to love these nutty and spiced-flavored cookies with an irresistibly crunchy texture. They will definitely come back for seconds, maybe even thirds… or fourths!

4. Italian Champagne Cookies

Don’t worry, these cookies don’t contain any champagne – perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Name aside, these champagne cookies are fantastic!

They’re buttery and crispy and contain delicious shortbread flavors. Plus, the best part? They are incredibly festive! Perfect for your New Year’s celebrations!

Depending on your desired appearance, you can choose whichever colors you like to achieve this. Whether you’re having a themed party or a color code, these cookies that perfectly match it. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a yellowish-gold and white to represent your New Year wish of peace and joy. 

However, no matter what you decorate them like, just know that they will taste delicious! 

5. Crescent Cookies

Sometimes you need a cookie that fits a particular flavor, other times you’ll need one that compliments a particular appearance. Luckily, these crescent cookies meet both! 

If you’re looking for a cookie that is both crunchy, nutty, and lightly sweet, then these crescent cookies are sure to tick all the boxes. 

Plus, if you’re hosting a fancy, black-and-white-themed black tie event for your New Year’s celebrations, then you’ll want your cookies to make the part, too. 

Therefore, you simply can’t go wrong with these cookies – there aren’t many occasions where these cookies won’t work!

6. Funfetti Cookies

When it comes to parties, one of the first things that come to mind is Funfetti cakes. This recipe takes everything you know and love from the cake and transforms it into a cookie that is just as delicious as the original! 

Funfetti is the perfect way to turn anything from boring and plain into a festive and fun treat – just look at all those colors! 

These cookies are a classic, they are chewy and sweet, and are sure to hit the spot every time. 

Although, on their own, they don’t exactly scream ‘New Year’s Eve!’. Instead, consider topping your cookies with extra Funfetti and sugar to spread the festive fun. 

The result is a perfectly festive party cookie that is sure to be the centerpiece on the dinner table. 

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is sure to be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe you have ever tried! Requiring no chilling time or funny ingredients, just a straightforward and simple, yet ridiculously delicious, recipe. You’ll be rewarded with perfect chocolate chip cookies every time! 

There’s no doubt that everyone needs a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe in their repertoire – and this one is sure to change your life. 

They contain everything a chocolate chip cookie should consist of: chewy and crispy. A doughy base that has been fully cooked. Sweet and perfectly buttery. 

With a handful of ingredients and only 30 minutes of your time, you’ll have a batch of these decadent cookies whipped up in no time. 

8. M&M Firework Cookies

These firework cookies are among the easiest patriotic desserts to whip up. Perfectly chewy and soft on the inside, with a slightly crispy edge on the outside – they’re sure to be a crowd favorite. 

Plus, they are super quick and simple to make – perfect for last-minute celebration organization. In less than an hour, you’ll have a dozen of these bad boys. 

They’re buttery and contain a warm, rich brown sugar flavor that perfectly complements the chocolate yumminess of the M&Ms. 

While the sprinkles don’t add much taste, they look incredible. Plus, you can use any other color variation you like. 

9. Oreo Cookie Balls

While these may not be strictly cookies, they have all the flavors of an oreo cookie! 

You’ll be rewarded with rich, decadent cookies that will perfectly complement champagne or wine. 

However, in addition to its delicious flavors, you’ll also be rewarded with an insanely simple recipe – with no baking or cooking required! 

This is great news if you’re planning to host a busy party with lots of guests that require many preparations. 

All you have to do is combine the crushed Oreos with cream cheese, roll them into balls, and chocolate in some chocolatey goodness. 

10. Champagne Super Cookies

The biggest difference between these cookies and Italian champagne cookies is that these ones do, in fact, contain champagne. 

Plus, for this recipe, you only need a cake mix, which produces a lighter, fluffier, and moisture cookie as opposed to traditional ones. 

The special ingredient is sound in the additional pomegranate juice that is added with the champagne – this provides a sweetly tart flavor that is sure to make your guests come back for more. 

11. Mexican Wedding Cookies

Nutty, crumbly, and butter, these Mexican wedding cookies are perfectly irresistibly, great for every occasion… not only weddings! 

These cookies have a melt-in-your-mouth texture that goes perfectly with walnuts, pecans, almonds, or whatever kinds of nuts you desire. 

You won’t find any eggs in this recipe which makes the cookies crumbly instead of chewy, plus they have a more shortbread consistency which makes them incredibly tasty. 

The nuts also provide these cookies with addictive flavors – these are sure to be a hit at your New Year’s Eve party. 

12. Red Velvet Cookies

If you love everything about red velvet cake, then you’re going to go crazy for them in cookie form! White chocolate and cream cheese come together to lend some sweetness and tanginess to each bite. 

The best part? This recipe is practically foolproof. With a handful of simple ingredients and under 30 minutes of your time – you’ll have these on the table in no time. 

13. Snickerdoodle Cookies

This recipe contains everything you love about snickerdoodle cookies: classic crisp around the outside yet soft and chewy in the middle. 

They are slightly sweet but contain plenty of warm spice with cinnamon. In addition to this, they also have subtle tangy flavors which are truly irresistible. 

Besides the taste, these snickerdoodle cookies are incredibly simple to make, too. With as little as 30 minutes, you’ll have a warm batch waiting to be served in no time. 

Can Traditional Chinese New Year Desserts be served at a New Year’s Eve Party?

Traditional chinese new year treats can absolutely be served at a New Year’s Eve party. These delectable desserts, such as nian gao, tangyuan, and yuanxiao, are not only delicious but also bring good luck and prosperity. Including these festive treats at your celebration will add a unique touch and introduce your guests to the rich flavors of the Chinese culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Store Cookies?

Before attempting to store your cookies, it’s important to allow them to cool down first. 

Then, using a zip-lock bag or container, store them in an airtight container – keeping them fresh for three days in the refrigerator. 

Final Thoughts

Cookies are one of the most underappreciated party snacks. Why wouldn’t everyone include them? They taste amazing, are easy to make, and can be held in your hands – what’s not to love?!

Well, make the most of your New Year’s celebrations with one of these New Year’s Eve cookies. They are sure to liven up any occasion! 

13 New Year’s Eve Cookies For Your Party

13 New Year’s Eve Cookies For Your Party

Recipe by Jenna

These 13 New Year’s Eve Cookies are the perfect choice for your New Year’s Eve party. From simple to fancy, there’s something for everyone.

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