23 Amazing Breakfast Sandwich Recipes

Choosing to start your day with a breakfast sandwich is a clear decision that you have taken control of the day, and it’s going to be a good one.

There aren’t many moments in life more perfect than sitting down to a homemade breakfast sandwich made exactly how you like it.

23 Amazing Breakfast Sandwich Recipes

If you require a little inspiration to get your morning going the right way, the breakfast sandwich way, then it is time to let one of these recipes take you there.

Whether you have your heart, sight, and appetite set on a McDonald’s sausage and egg replica or a maple bourbon chicken and waffle sandwich, you can now forget all about being hungry (at least until lunch).

1. The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

When we came across this recipe that brands itself as “the ultimate breakfast sandwich” we were a little skeptical and a lot intrigued.

From a delectable experience, we can say, with confidence, that this is in fact the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

Loaded with crispy bacon, avocado, tomato, spinach, a poached egg, and cheddar bay biscuits – you just know what we’re talking about.

2. Croque Madame

Though French cuisine isn’t known for savory breakfast bites (see also ‘17 Classic French Breakfast Foods‘), the croque madame tells a different story. If you have or have never heard of a croque madame matters very little.

What does matter is that you put this puppy in your diary for the next time you need a special something in the morning.

Ham, bechamel, cheese, and egg come together in, on, and around two slices of white to create this French perfection.

3. Peanut Butter And Jelly Waffle Sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly are an all-American classic that every kid and a big kid at heart love to munch down.

So it is a little surprise that this PBJ waffle sandwich is such a big weekend breakfast winner (see also our favorite quick breakfast recipes).

For those Saturday mornings when the kids are craving (and maybe deserve) a treat, this recipe will be there for you.

It is super simple and it is super quick and it has already made our weekly weekend breakfast rotation at home. Guessing yours is next?

4. Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

French-inspired again? That’s right, go and fetch the best croissants that you can find and bring them home to make this breakfast sandwich.

Slice your croissants in half and load them up with thick ham slices, thicker cheddar slices, and a heaping mess of scrambled egg.

Bake them in a preheated oven for ten minutes and prepare yourself because a special moment is about to ensue.

We would suggest you sit down before taking your first bite as it will likely make you weak at the knees.

5. McDonald’s Sausage And Egg McMuffin

The McDonald’s Sausage and Egg McMuffin holds a near and dear place in the heart of America.

The beauty of this recipe? You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to take a bite of your favorite McMuffin.

Sure, true sausage and egg McMuffin devotees will probably taste the difference, but none will argue.

6. Maple Bourbon Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

If you woke with a slight hangover and need something extra special to see you out the door and into the day, this maple bourbon chicken & waffle sandwich is just the trick.

One disclaimer is that it isn’t a recipe that can be put together in 10 minutes, though, something this special was always going to take time.

The recipe talks you through how to make the waffle, the fried chicken, and the maple bourbon syrup in 30 or so minutes. That first bite will be more than worth the initial hustle.

7. Breakfast Grilled Cheese

The jury is out, it is official, grilled cheese is America’s favorite sandwich. This very breakfast version features sausage and egg alongside too-much cheese and it is a deliciously gooey thing.

Whether you lean to BBQ, ketchup, or something spicier, make sure you douse this puppy in your favorite sauce so that is dripping and delicious.

8. Breakfast BLT

Why is it that when you put bacon, lettuce, and tomato together they become something entirely of their own?

There is a reason why BLTs can be ordered on just about every cafe and diner menu from California to new york and that reason lies between two slices of white.

This recipe slips a fried egg in the mix to really bulk out your morning, but, as we all know, it’s far from necessary.

9. Grilled Nutella Banana Sandwich

Nutella and banana have been culinary companions for more years than you would care to count. So it is a little surprise why it makes so much sense to marry them between a grilled sandwich.

One tip is to not be shy with the nutella. This is meant to be a treat so go big on your nutella portion and bask in its gooey-oozy glory for at least three bites more.

10. Blueberry Brie Grilled Cheese

Blueberry and brie are another powerhouse couple of cuisine that air to the side of luxury.

This gourmet pairing offers a sweet and tangy hit that gets perfectly blended with the savory feels of grilled cheese.

This recipe is also very riff-able so let your imagination and appetite run wild and see where it takes you. Prosciutto ham is a pretty good place to start.

11. Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

Turn your regular cream cheese bagel routine into something truly magnificent with a few familiar ingredients.

This breakfast sandwich features a tantalized lineup of avocado, bacon, egg, and herb cream cheese to set your morning straight.

You could probably order one of these in a Manhattan deli for close to $10.

Or, you could make a stack of them for the whole family at home for no more money and much more happiness. The choice is yours.

12. Ham, Egg, And Cheese Breakfast Quesadilla

There is a reason why ham, egg, and cheese have and always will be three partners in hunger-slaying crime.

This recipe takes the triumphant trio of ingredients and marries them together between a tortilla to create the best breakfast quesadilla this side of Tijuana.

The eggs and scrambled, the Gruyére is nutty, and a good helping of dijon brings the heat – utter perfection.

13. The Ultimate Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich

We featured this recipe to prove the point that a veggie breakfast sandwich can be just as ultimate as a meaty version.

Not that we need to prove anything as this sandwich does all its own talking.

Fresh goat’s cheese, egg, spinach, and romesco sauce are piled inside a toasted English muffin, offering a delicious way to start your day.

A trick to help this sandwich reach its full potential is to fry your egg sunny-side up.

This will ensure that when you take your first bite of this gourmet delight, a great and messy eggy experience will ensue.

14. Potato, Chorizo, And Cheesy Egg Burritos

Treating yourself to a big-bad breakfast burrito isn’t reserved for weekends anymore. Prepare an army of these cheesy egg burritos ahead of time, label them, and whack them in the freezer.

Maybe you were an energetic member of a mid-week drinking session with your mates. Maybe you have a big week of work planned and not a lot of time to fill your boots and belly.

Whatever your reasons, spend a little time on the weekend to cook and prepare these potato, chorizo, and egg burritos and reap their rewards all week long.

15. Scrambled Chickpea And Spinach Pitas

The breakfast sandwich conversation rarely caters to a vegan diet, so when a vegan recipe this good comes along, we pay attention.

If you have never had the pleasure of tucking into a steaming pile of scrambled chickpea before, you really should get on the program.

Sure, dedicated egg lovers may call it preposterous and scoff at the idea, but chickpeas really do bring a filling deliciousness that even eggs can have a hard time matching.

With a bunch of spices, veggies, and surprises in cahoots, this breakfast pita recipe (see also ‘28 Whole30 Breakfast Recipes You Will Love!‘) is one of the special ones.

16. Huevos Rancheros Sandwich

Save this recipe for those mornings when you require an additional kick to find first gear.

Authentic huevos rancheros is one of our favorite breakfast options of all time, so when we came across this sandwich idea, we couldn’t help but feel silly for not envisaging it first.

Refried beans, crispy bacon, sliced avocado, a fried egg, hot sauce, and fresh cilantro come together between a toasted sandwich roll to make eyes water and stomachs rumble.

However, this recipe isn’t done with you yet. Homemade Mexican-style syrup will finish you off but leave you wanting more, and more.

17. Breakfast Burgers

Making buns redundant everywhere, this breakfast burger skips the bread for something that screams “it’s morning and I’m hungry”.

Crispy hashbrowns have gone and done a swifty on this brekky burger, ensuring nobody gets it confused for lunch.

Homemade beef patties get sizzled and placed under big-mood ingredients, fit for a morning weekend feast.

Bacon, avocado, cheddar, ketchup, and egg are what we’re talking about and the doctor ordered.

18. Chicken ‘N Biscuit Sliders

Chicken for breakfast may sound like a strange idea on first inspection. But, simmer with it for a bit, and it will make you hungry.

The cool thing about these chicken sliders, except for the fact that they are biscuits, is that they can be made quickly and in big quantities.

Panko and spice-crumbed chicken breast is doused in honey and served between halved biscuits with a slice of gherkin.

Tangy, savory, buttered, and sweet – these chicken biscuit sliders are your reason to wake up.

19. Steak And Egg Breakfast Sandwich

We don’t know what spurs it on, but there are those rare occasions when steak for breakfast is the only way forward. Move over beef patties, chicken, and bacon.

Why? Because the alpha of all meats has entered the equation. This steak and egg breakfast sandwich recipe leads you through how to make the perfect steak while telling you what to do with it.

Parsley, cilantro, garlic, red wine vinegar, and olive oil get blended together to create the perfect sidekick to steak – chimichurri. Enough said.

20. Eggs Benedict With Shortcut Hollandaise

Breaking down breakfast norms is the game and this eggs benny muffin is the way. If you are as much a hollandaise fan as we are, you will want to bookmark this puppy.

With a cheat sheet on how to make a quick-fire hollandaise, this recipe will be your new bible when it comes to going big at breakfast.

21. Cheese Omelet Breakfast Sandwich

You may need to go out on a limb to call this open-top omelet sandwich a sandwich, but once you get past the naming process, it is all just very delicious.

Bake a big slab of omelet in the oven for about 15 minutes and let it cool for a few minutes.

Once it’s not too hot to touch, slice the slab into six and pile a fresh and healthy selection of ingredients on top of each slice.

Ham, cheese, rocket, tomato, it doesn’t matter who you serve this to, they won’t leave a crumb.

22. Breakfast Sliders For A Crowd

If you have a ravenous bunch of people to feed, this is the recipe for you. Making 24 ham and egg sliders in less than 15 minutes is no mean feat and this recipe makes it possible.

Once prepared, your 24-strong army of sliders will spend 13 minutes in the oven to become the best version of themselves.

Dijon mustard, maple syrup, shredded cheddar, and chives have been called up to the plate to hit a home run on flavor. And do you think they succeed? Of course, they do.

23. Pecan-Miso Butter And Jelly Sandwich

What this recipe isn’t trying to do is get in the way of you and your peanut-butter jelly obsession because that would be wrong.

All it is trying to do is give us all something new to get excited about. Taking inspiration from the classic PBJ sandwich and giving it a gourmet edge is this pecan-miso butter and jelly sandwich.

Everything in the recipe is certifiably homemade even down to the jelly itself. If that sounds like too much work for you, pick up your jelly from the store, and away you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A New York Breakfast Sandwich?

One of the most essential foods to try in New York is its breakfast sandwich. Crispy bacon, fried egg, and yellow America cheese get piled generously into a poppy seed roll and it is a very good thing. In

New York, it’s all about trying the classics and nothing means more to a New Yorker in the morning than their breakfast sandwich. Except for maybe a cup of coffee or three.

What Is America’s Favorite Fast Food Breakfast?

Like this even needs saying – McDonald’s has and always will be America’s favorite place to get something quick and easy for breakfast.

there is much deliberation as to which of its breakfast sandwiches is the nation’s favorite, the Sausage and Egg McMuffin is their most iconic.

A pork sausage patty, a fried free-range egg, and a slice of cheese come together between a toasted English muffin – simply perfect.


There is truth to breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Giving us a boost of energy when you need it the most (in the morning), breakfast helps people to live their best lives.

When you have a serious morning hunger forming, there is nowhere else to turn to than a breakfast sandwich.

Whichever recipe tickled your fancy and appetite above, we know, for sure, it will cure any and every morning hunger (and hangover).

23 Amazing Breakfast Sandwich Recipes

23 Amazing Breakfast Sandwich Recipes

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Did you just wake up hungry? Let one of these delectable breakfast sandwiches sort your morning out.

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