Graham Cracker Crust Pies – 28 Amazing Recipes!

When it comes to desserts, there are many different factors that people will want to consider – how flavorsome the actual filling is, how smooth is the cream, and how crunchy is the biscuit.

Well, if any of these things are important to you, then you’ll definitely want to consider the Graham Cracker crust pies.

That’s right, you can make a really good pie with Graham crackers. These are not only sumptuous and delicious, but you can buy them from any store for next to nothing.

With a creamy and buttery biscuit base, you’ll have everything you need for a decent dessert.

Graham Cracker Crust Pies - 28 Amazing Recipes!

So what recipes are out there for this kind of pie? What exactly do you need to do with the Graham crackers to make them blend with your pie?

What flavors of pie can you get? Well, if you are looking for answers to this question and a lot more, we would suggest that you have a look at our 28 great Graham cracker recipes.

Graham Cracker Crust Pie Recipes:

1. Key Lime Pie

When it comes to tasty and tangy pie, then you can’t go wrong with some delicious key lime.

This flavor is extremely tangy and will give you everything that you need for a solid base, which you can either make from scratch or buy from the store, ready-made.

This is made from sweetened and condensed milk as well as yoghurt, which is great if you wnat that creamy smoothness in your mouth.

It is also a very easy recipe to make, which will certainly appeal to novice chefs.

2. Ribbon Pudding Pie

This next recipe comes with a wonderful blend of vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch flavors.

If you like your pie with that light and airy texture, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It comes with a crumbly base that is just delicious.

This dessert (see also ‘50 Fun And Fulfilling 4th Of July Desserts‘) will certainly appeal to anyone who is looking for a dessert that they can knock up in just a few minutes.

This is great for fledgling bakers who want something easy to tackle before they move onto something more complicated.

3. Red, White And Blueberry Pie

Next up, we have a pie for the patriots, coming in a red, white and blue design that is both well-decorated and also tasty.

This comes with strawberry and blueberry flavorings, which are very complementary.

This has a buttery crust and a thick cream base that is very rich and will certainly keep you full. This is the perfect dessert (see also ‘27 Of The Best Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes‘) that you can have after you have dived into the thanksgiving turkey.

4. Dream Whip Pie

Next up, we have a mixture of vanilla, milk, whipped cream and pie crust. This comes with a wide range of ingredients that you will definitely be able to find at your local store.

This is a very simple dish that will also be very tasty.

This is great if you like the simple flavor of vanilla. However, if you are looking for that extra bit of sweetness, you can always add your own chocolate.

This also comes with berries, making it a deliciously tart dish.

5. Dark Chocolate Tart Recipe

If you are a fan of the bitterness of chocolate, then this is the dessert for you. It comes with sumptuous layers that are very enjoyable with the layer of biscuit on the bottom.

The buttery aspect of this crust will really blend in well with the chocolate body.

You can have this with coffee, tea or even just milk.

This is also a great cake to have with fruit, so if you want to convince yourself you are having something healthy, then why not add some strawberries or raspberries.

6. Apple Pie A La Mode

Next up, we have something that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

This comes with pecan and caramel flavorings, which complement each other well. The nutty aspect will ground the sweetness of the caramel.

This also comes with delicious apple, which gives the pie its extra bounce. You can also add some ice cream to this one, which will create a wonderful hot and cold contrast.

7. Millionaire Pie 

If you like your fruit, then this next pie is the ideal one for you. It comes brimming with fruits, including pineapple, cherry and lemon juice.

This combination of flavors will certainly elevate this dish to the next level.

Add to that teh creamy heart of the pie and the custy base and you really have a recipe for success.

You can even add pecans to this recipe to give it that super crunch. Some people even like to add salt to this pie!

8. Mocha Java Pie

This mocha java pie comes with a bit of whipped cream that you can be sure will give you everything you need for the delicious coffee infusion.

This comes with ice cream, which will give you a wonderful hot/cold texture dynamic.

This pie comes with a thick layer of cream on the top along with some chocolate shavings.

You can be sure of having a lot of complementary flavors in this one, including vanilla, chocolate and, everybody’s favor, rich coffee.

9. Chocolate Cream Pie With A Graham Cracker Crust

Now we have a chocolate cream pie that is both delicious and very rich. You won’t even notice that you’ve had a slice of this, that’s how light and airy that it is.

This is a great afternoon tea treat or something to serve after Sunday dinner.

This comes with a wondefrully crumbly Graham cracker base that you can make all by yourself.

The chocolate taste is great and can be paired with a whole range of fruit, especially strawberries and banana.

10. Root Beer Float Pie

Next up, we have a cold whipped topping pie that is to die for. You can add some root beer into a large bowl and mix it up until you get the exact flavor that you are looking for.

This comes with a lot of low calorie ingredients, which is greta if you’re cutting back.

This comes with instant pudding vanilla mix, making it one of the easiest and least expensive puddings that you can make.

This comes with a very unique flavor and is another great one to serve at your sports party.

11. No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie

Next up, we have a pie that is delicious and contains only naturally sweet ingredients.

You won’t have to add too much sugar to this pie and you also won’t have to bake it, which is great if you are in a hurry.

The peanut butter will be the main draw for most people, with a desne and sticky sweetness that will give a little bit of body to the pie itself.

You can use broken Reese’s butter cups and whipped cream, which you can get from pretty much any store.

12. Watermelon Pie

Next up, we have a watermelon recipe that you can be sure will give you everything you need for a mouth-watering pie.

This comes with a very clear flavor that will definitely quench your thirst on a warm summer afternoon.

This comes with a 9-inch Graham cracker cust, which will really help to support the rest of the pie.

You can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need for a solid dessert that will keep you filled up for the rest of the day.

13. Banana Split Pie

Next up, we have a classic pie that you can be sure will give that rich combination of flavors, most of which are very natural and tasty.

This also comes with nuts and chocolate, giving you a whole gamut of interesting flavors.

However, the taste sensation doesn’t stop there. You can add caramel and strawberry sauce, both of which are great accompaniments to your delicious banana base.

We would recommend this for your garden party or a winter evening dinner event.

14. Banana And Pineapple Cream Pie

Now we have another banana recipe, except this time it is mixed in with the spiky taste of pineapple.

This also contains lashings of cornstarch and sugar, so you won’t be short of something for your sweet tooth.

This will only require around 6 ingredients too, which is great if you are looking for something that you can prepare quickly and easily.

If you are new to baking and you don’t want to go near the oven just yet, this is the perfect starter pie for you.

15. Blueberry Pie With Graham Cracker Crust

If you are looking for somewhere to put your delicious blueberries that you’ve picked fresh off the vine, then you can’t go wrong with these.

This comes with a delicious Graham cracker crust that will really help provide a tasty base for your blueberries.

This is a classic pie that pretty much all of the family can enjoy.

The ingredients are very simple and you could get them from your local grocery store (although we would recommend picking them yourself or getting them from your local farmer’s market).

16. S’mores Pie

Next up, we have a pie that simply looks delicious, coming with that classic smores flavor and look.

This comes with a crusty marshmallow top (see also ‘31 Best Marshmallow Recipes‘) that you can burn with a torch to give it that wonderful golden brown texture.

This comes with a marshmallow texture on the top that really counters well with the Graham cracker base.

This will also keep well in the fridge, so you can make it the day before and get it out straight away when you have dinner the next day.

17. Chocolate S’mores Tart

Now we have another s’more pie recipe (see also ‘33 Pie Recipes We Absolutely Adore‘), except this one is laced with the delicious and exciting flavor of chocolate.

You can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need for a delicious dessert with this one.

This is another very simple one to make and you can keep it in the fridge for upwards of a week without it degrading or losing its amazing taste.

This is a very fancy cake and will certainly get heads turning at your next dinner event.

18. Frozen Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Next up, we have a pumpkin mousse pie that is simply delicious, giving you everything you need for that warm and frosty Autumn time dessert.

Just looking at this one you can see the rich combination of flavors.

This comes with a buttery Graham crust that will offset the main body of the pie nicely.

Because this is a mousse, then this might be a messy one to eat, but you shouldn’t worry, as the base will be more than capable enough of supporting it.

19. Lemon Meyer Pie With Condensed Milk

Next up, we have some shredded coconut with lemon, which makes a very zesty and delicious combination. This comes with condensed milk which is a more than adequate substitute for regular milk.

This dish is very say to prepare and make, coming with a very tropical taste that will both delight your taste buds and go really easy on the stomach.

If you want something that is much more light and airy, then we would suggest this pie.

20. Chocolate Honey Almond Tart

This next honey tart comes with almonds, which will provide you with that sweet taste that you can be sure will glide down your mouth, liquid smooth.

The honey and the chocolate elements of this tart will really give you plenty to shout about.

These ground almonds are great if you are looking for a decent earthy flavor to counterpoint the deep richness of the honey and chocolate.

This would be the prefect dessert for a romantic meal (see also ‘28 Romantic Dinner Ideas You Need to Try‘) or simply something to sweeten the palette after turkey and stuffing.

21. No-Bake Blueberry Pie

Next up, we have a very different blueberry bake pie that won’t require you to have in-depth knowledge of baking.

This is a cool pie that you can be sure will quench your thirst during the warm summer days.

This comes with lots of fresh blueberries, which is very important if you are looking for something that will give you that sweet sugar boost.

This is made from natural ingredients, so you won’t have to rely on adding any sugar and ruining your diet.

22. Pineapple Pie With Graham Cracker Crust

This pie is something that comes brimming with citrusy flavors, giving you everything that you need to pep you up if you are feeling tired after a large dinner.

23. Arctic Orange Pie

Next up, we have a belnd of fresh fruits that combine to make a really great-tasting and refreshing pie.

24. Frozen Banana Split Pie

Now we have something a little different to the standard banana split pie. This is made from regular banana split ingredients, except you can put it in the freezer for another time!

25. Chocolate Cheesecake Pie

Next up, we have a delicious chocolatey cheesecake pie that you can easily make with a Graham cracker base.

26. Frozen Mocha Pie

This next pie is definitely one for those who love the chocolate and coffee combo. You can easily put this in the fridge if you want to reduce prep time on your three-course meal.

27. Simple Cream Pie

Next up, we have a very simple cream pie that everyone from your grandma to your daughter will enjoy eating.

28. Creamy Pineapple Pie

This final pie is one that is light, fluffy, but certainly packs a punch when it comes to flavor. The Graham cracker (see also ‘23 Amazing Graham Cracker Desserts You Need To Try‘) base really elevates this one above all others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use A Graham Cracker Base?

This is used because of how simple it is to make as well as how readily available it is from stores.

This is certainly the right kind of base for your pie, providing a heavy foundation for you to pile on layers of cream and fruit.


We hope that our Graham crust pie recipes have helped you to decide which ones you’ll be using for your next dinner party.

Graham Cracker Crust Pies - 28 Amazing Recipes!

Graham Cracker Crust Pies – 28 Amazing Recipes!

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In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best pie recipes that use a Graham cracker crust. We cover all flavors, textures and types of pie.

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