33 Pie Recipes We Absolutely Adore

Pie can be whatever you want it to be and that is why every American has a soft spot for the stuff. Whether you prefer the classics or a more adventurous flavor, pie hits differently.

A creamy chicken pie will set every chilly evening straight, just as apple pie will appease the masses come game day.

33 Pie Recipes We Absolutely Adore

Another cool thing about pie is that it is adored by countries and cultures all across the world. This article is here to champion the pie in all its forms.

From peachy sweet to as hearty as they come and every flavor in between, once these recipes are finished with you, there is no question, tonight is officially pie night.

1. Frito Pie

Frito pie is a timeless chili pie that deserves your attention. It is a typical pie served at game day here in the U.S but you don’t have to wait that long to tuck into this savory delight.

This is a super simple recipe to knock up at home whenever the family is especially hungry.

The core ingredients include ground beef, onion, garlic, chili powder, and chili beans.

The chili beans are essential as they bring their own flavor, texture, and seasoning to really solidify this dish as an easy, gourmet dish of the week.

2. Apple Pie

There are a million and one apple pie recipes online but dare we say that this is the best.

You can add whatever you very well please to the top of an apple pie – custard, ice cream, whipped cream, cinnamon, but if the filling isn’t up to scratch, it won’t be winning any apple pie awards any time soon.

Luckily for you and us, the filling of this apple pie is nothing short of perfect. Be sure to cut your pie’s apple slices thin and don’t skimp on the quality of your apples, it’s not worth it.

Another “hot” tip is to whack the baking tray inside the oven and then preheat it. This will ensure your crust is golden and crunchy with no chance of going soggy.

3. Fast Chicken Pot Pie

It’s true, sometimes, when you have an afternoon free it’s nice to make chicken pot pie from scratch for the family.

This recipe isn’t for one of those occasions and it isn’t called fast chicken pot pie for anything.

Let your supermarket do (most) of the work for you by picking up ready-made puff, ready-made gravy, and a store-bought rotisserie chicken to boot.

Flavor the pie with Worcestershire sauce for that extra kick without the hassle.

4. Dream Whip Pie

If you have never heard of Dream Whip, you are in for a sweet and chocolatey treat.

It is essentially a Cool Whip instant pudding that can be picked up almost anywhere and stored in the kitchen pantry for safe keeping (and a rainy day).

This pie champions the buttery Ritz cracker and uses it as a crust to make your life that much easier.

The chocolate layer is made up of the delectable duo of chocolate pudding and heavy cream. Garnish this dream with chocolate ganache and you won’t ever want to wake up.

5. Pecan Pie

Is it just us, or is pecan pie really just the best dang pie in the world?

This chart-topping pie has been a favorite of the nation for more years than you would care to count, and it will always have a place in our home.

The saltiness coupled with its sweet side is a big reason for its popularity.

Not to mention its vanilla-infused filling, buttery feels, and crunchy pecan topping. Simply divine – it has to be pecan pie time?

6. Spanakopita Pie

If you have never heard of it, spanakopita is a savory pie with origins that date back to ancient Greece.

This tried, tested, and tried again Greek delicacy is sold, en masse, on just about every street in Greece, and you would be very silly not to bring it home.

The pairing of spinach and leek slid underneath multiple layers of golden-in-the-sun crispy phyllo is, simply put, a beautiful thing.

7. Pumpkin Pie

This pumpkin pie recipe is nothing new and that is the point. Sticking to traditions, the pie is simple, honest, and deserves a place on the Thanksgiving table.

Top with a heavy dollop of whipped cream and there will be a collective silence around the table.

Not to say thanks (that was pre-meal), just because this is such a delicious dessert and it needs to be eaten now, right now.

8. Mushroom-Thyme Pot Pies

This mushroom and thyme pot pie is a heavenly representation of how veggie food can be hearty as well as delicious.

Although this recipe isn’t vegan, if you do adhere to a vegan diet, you can swap out the egg wash for oil and away you go.

Whether you use egg wash or oil, one of the key steps in this recipe’s method is to brush the dough underside before baking.

This will help to create an airtight seal. In turn, the steam will create a dramatic dome of pastry, ensuring Sunday lunch will look at good as it tastes.

9. Irish Potato Pie

This recipe for Irish potato pie can be prepared, ready to slide into the oven in 15 minutes flat.

Although this doesn’t give you much time to work up an appetite it does mean that dinner tonight has just become a breeze.

Leaning on the time-honored three-ingredient combo of potato, bacon, and onion, Irish potato pie is a perfect winter warmer.

Cooking potato in bacon grease sounds a little naughty because it is, in fact, naughty.

Throw your preconceptions and calorie counter out the window and get on the potato pie train, the Irish way.

10. Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon meringue is another classic American pie that can be ordered in just about every cafe and diner in the country over.

Luckily, you won’t need to leave the house with this recipe by your side.

This recipe has an evident refreshing side with a tangy lemon custard filling that can only be described as perfect.

Topped with a light and fluffy meringue, this pie will send all dessert lovers into a serious spin.

11. Blueberry Pie

This blueberry pie recipe is simply irresistible. Why? Because it calls for the freshest, most plump blueberries that you can find, asks you to pack them in, and not to be shy about it.

It also walks you through how to make the ultimate homemade sweet crust.

Fresh blueberries, homemade pastry, the only thing that could elevate that combo would be some vanilla ice cream (just saying).

12. Lemony Sweet Potato Pie

Bucking trends and fusing flavors is what this lemony sweet potato pie is all about, and it does a mighty fine job of it. It is light, it is luscious, and you can bet your bottom dollar is it oh-so-delicious.

Whether you are looking to impress some guests, appease your family, or treat yourself, lemon potato pie can do no wrong.

13. Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Pie

Any pie recipe with the words “old-fashioned” in its title is a pie alright by us. This peanut butter pie will take you and your tastebuds straight back to being a kid.

When the summers were long and your biggest mission was to figure out where your next sweet treat was coming from.

If one of those days included peanut butter pie, it was going to be remembered.

Let this old-fashioned recipe take you back to your childhood and help you realize what pie is all about, all over again.

14. French-Canadian Salmon Pie

Though salmon pie may not be as popular as beef and chicken, it is, without a doubt, just as tasty.

This French-Canadian fish pie will be a serious contender for your family’s favorite wintertime dinner pie.

That’s not to take anything away from your go-to shepherd’s pie recipe, but this gourmet creation is certain to wow your audience.

It features salmon, shrimp, lemon, and dill, and goes big on the cream, and that is about all you need to know.

15. Beef And Guinness Pie

Another icon of the Emerald Isle, it is hard to find a pub in all of Ireland that doesn’t have beef and Guinness pie on its menu.

Hearty beef chuck chunks and vegetables soaked in a rich and heavenly gravy, it is not a stretch to say that beef and Guinness pie helps the Irish endue their long and grueling winters.

16. Irresistible Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut cream pie is another classic of the diner trade, with its origins firm on American soil. This recipe keeps it easy, with a pat-in crust that has a rich and grainy flavor.

Filled with time-honored coconut cream and topped with fluffy meringue, there will be no need to clean the dishes after this dessert, your guests will do that for you.

17. Shoo Fly Pie

With what could very well be the best name in the history of pie, shoo-fly pie is another traditional dessert of America.

However, this ain’t no ordinary diner dessert, shoo-fly is a dessert invented by the Amish people of Pennsylvania.

So what exactly is shoo-fly you ask? Its essential ingredient is molasses, and it is usually topped with a crumbly, buttery, biscuit topping.

There are many variations to this Amish-inspired pie, having been tweaked to suit the palettes of Amish right across America.

This recipe, however, does a mighty fine job of keeping it traditional to Pennsylvania and for that, we salute it.

18. Savory Pumpkin Hand Pies

Hand pies are great because they let you munch on the run.

For this recipe, the savory pumpkin filling is encased, in its entirety, by store-bought vegan pastry, making it a strictly vegan dish from start to finish.

One tip is to roast the vegetables prior to the bake time. This will gain them a delightfully deep flavor. Also, don’t be shy with the herbs and spices either.

Pumpkin loves spices and these crusty pies deserve to be flavorsome, just as much as you deserve to eat them.

19. Rhubarb Pie

Keeping with the British theme for just one more pie, we’re bringing you a classic winter dessert from across the pond.

Rhubarb’s (see also ‘33 Amazing Rhubarb Desserts You Must Try Today!‘) tangy tardiness could be considered an acquired taste, so don’t be disheartened if the kids don’t like this one. All that means is there will be more for you!

Hopefully, though, the addition of strawberries may just be enough to sweeten the deal and give this rather delightful dessert a weekly run.

If you want to make your life easier and your time in the kitchen swift, swap out the lattice crust for a more traditional flaky crust. You can thank us later!

20. Oreo Cream Pie

If you are into Oreos, and let’s face it, who isn’t? This oreo cream pie will be the answer to your no-bake dessert prayers.

That’s right folks, this people-pleasing pie has done away with the need for an oven, saving you time (and energy) in the process.

Oreo cookie crust, oreo cream filling, freshly whipped cream, garnished with extra oreo cookies, the writing is on the wall for this oreo-heavy pie and it reads “oreo for president”.

Give in to your innocent side and let this humble dessert take you to a place of immense taste and pleasure.

21. Banana Cream Pie

Another creamy concoction that will doesn’t ask for much but offers a lot is this banana cream pie.

Calling for a lineup of ingredients that most home kitchens will already stock, this recipe can be put together in less than 30 minutes, ready to serve shortly after.

If 30 minutes sounds like too much time to fit into your busy schedule, do not fear. The recipe’s homemade crust takes up the majority of that time.

If you use store-bought you can reduce the prep time by at least half. This will give you time for the more important things in life like putting your feet up!

22. Bisquick Cheeseburger Pie

Cheeseburger pie has been a feature on the back of a classic Bisquick box since the 70s, and you just know it’s going nowhere. This recipe follows the classic Bisquick offering and can be prepared in just 15 minutes.

That’s the beauty of Bisquick, it cuts your kitchen time down to a pleasant amount, that, no matter the day, you can find the time for.

Pour the Bisquick crust right on top of the meaty filling and watch as it sinks its doughy teeth into the final bake. This process will create the most tender, biscuit-like pie you ever did try.

23. Caramel Pie

Let’s keep this sweet tooth-satisfying roll going for just one more pie. This no-bake caramel pie looks so much more gourmet than its 20-minute prep time would let on.

Make no mistake, with ingredients like vanilla extract, brown sugar, whipped cream, and toffee, this is a very sweet pie.

If you like sweet pie, you’ve found your match. If you don’t like sweet things quite so much then the next pie down the line may just be what you’re looking for.

The addition of toasted pecans adds an unshakeable crunch to this perfect pie that will have every sweet tooth coming back for seconds, a third time.

24. Venison Pie

Venison is a rich and earthy meat that’s hearty texture was practically made for stewing. To us, serving Venison pie is all about the wintertime.

A festive dish through and through, when you serve venison pie in the lead-up to Christmas, the world seems to make a whole lot of sense.

One tip on sourcing your venison is to look for a whole cut of the stuff. Try and avoid pre-diced venison as this will strip you of your powers to control the size and consistency of your venison chunks.

Also, pre-prepared venison is often a mix of cuts which doesn’t bode well with cooking times.

Find a big huck of venison haunch or shoulder – these cuts are perfect for slow-cooked fillings like the one in this festive and spirited pie.

25. Chicken And Chorizo Pie

Chicken and chorizo are very old acquaintances of cuisine. Why? Because their flavors were made for each other. Tender chicken and spicy chorizo work in harmony and unison to turn this pie into every hungry person’s hero.

Cooked in a rich creme fraiche sauce and wrapped in a crusty all-butter puff, it is clear which seasons this pie has eyes for, and it’s not summer.

The addition of paprika helps to give the pie an extra kick of color and taste, solidifying it as a dish to be reckoned with.

26. French-Canadian Meat Pie

Another hearty pie from our northern neighbors, that every meat lover can get on board with. In Canada, this pie is known as Tourtiére and it is a very popular Sunday lunch dish.

Herby mince meat, fluffy mashed potato, and homemade pastry, this won’t be the quickest recipe on this list.

But, what they say about good things coming to those who wait is true! And tourtiére is certainly worth waiting for.

You can use any minced meat that you desire, but we think the flavorsome combo of pork and beef really does wonders for this classic French-Canadian pie.

27. Cheese And Onion Pie

If you have ever visited the UK, you will have noticed cheese and onion pies being kept warm in pie ovens in all four corners of the country.

Sure, cheese and onion may not have the same “wow factor” as something like a tourtiére, but don’t discount it just yet.

So long as you shop around for some proper strong and mature cheddar, this cheesy delight will be exactly what a chilly winter’s night ordered.

Let the onions soften on low heat for as long as you can prior to mixing them through the cheese.

This will give the pie a soft and gooey texture that will have you booking a one-way ticket to cheese and onion land.

28. Easy Fresh Strawberry Pie

Easy, fresh, sweet – these are the kinds of words you want to read when deciding which pie is right for tonight.

Using just a handful of ingredients, you will be able to put this pie together and have it baking away in 20 short minutes.

Shop-bought pie crust, sugar, cornstarch, water, strawberry gelatin, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream are all you need to create your sweet and heavenly strawberry pie dreams.

Perfect to serve on a warm summer evening alongside something fruity, easy fresh strawberry pie was created for July.

29. Left-Over Roast Turkey Pie

No matter how hungry you are on Thanksgiving, there will be, without question, turkey leftovers in the fridge.

You can go down the turkey and cranberry sandwich route in the days that follow. But, if you really wanted to make something special with your leftover turkey, you would make this pie instead.

30. Butterfinger Pie

Featuring a creamy peanut butter filling, this Butterfinger pie recipe tastes just like the popular candy bar that every kid and big kid at heart loves.

The crushed butterfingers that get mixed through the pie do wonders for its texture, giving it a big ol’ mouthful of crunch.

This recipe is made to be quick and easy while giving you the option of using shop-bought pastry pie crust or a no-bake cookie crust.

Whichever crust you naturally sway to matters for little. What does matter is that you treat yourself to a nice big slice of this creamy peanut butter pie sometime soon, very soon?

31. Chess Pie

Chess pie is a popular choice of dessert in southern states like Texas (for more Texan Desserts, read here).

Though it has origins in England, ask anyone down in the south what chess pie is and they will tell you its a southern classic. A statement with a sentiment that nobody with sense will argue about.

You can eat chess pie on any day, at any time, but in the south, it has a particular affinity with celebrations and holiday gatherings.

Its luscious texture and multi-layered decadence is enough to send even the more hardened individuals into a gooey state of sweetened bliss.

32. Mushroom And Leek Pie

Mushroom and leek is a classic veggie pie full of heart and flavor. The leeks provide a distinctly pungent flavor, while the mushrooms offer all of the texture.

It really doesn’t matter which mushrooms you use in this pie.

Whether you pick up a pack of buttons from the store or go down the more gourmet route with shiitake and oyster, either way, you will enjoy eating this pie.

One tip is to remember to wash and dry your mushrooms before cooking them. This will ensure no earthy bits find their way into your perfect veggie pie.

33. New Zealand Bacon & Egg Pie

Any time that can be convincingly eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is a formidable pie in our eyes. New Zealand has claimed the iconic bacon & egg pie as its own.

When you know that every bakery from the north island to the south island has an army of them every morning, often getting cleaned out before lunch, you realize it is a fair claim.

Let this classic Kiwi fare take you there for breakfast, for lunch, and, served alongside a salad, even for dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Top 5 Pies In America?

The top five pies in America are apple pie, blueberry pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and cherry pie.

Though, apple pie takes the cake, or should we say pie?

What Country Invented Pie?

Pie has been filling our bellies for thousands of years. Dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt (see also ‘16 Easy And Delicious Greek Desserts‘), people ate a savory-style pie out of an open pastry shell that featured meat.

The Romans were the first documented people to put a top and bottom crust around their filling, which is more similar to the pie of today.


So there you have it. 33 of the most delectable pie recipes found online.

Whether you were looking for a quick and easy recipe to whip up tonight or something more involved for the festive period, we hope you found a pie to delight in.

33 Pie Recipes We Absolutely Adore

33 Pie Recipes We Absolutely Adore

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Discover this delectable selection of pie recipes that take inspiration from across the world and back home again.

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