30 Sweet And Decadent Crema De Frutas Recipes

Crema De Fruta- translated from Spanish as “fruit cream”- is a traditional Filipino fruit cake made up of layers of sponge cake along with whipped cream or sweet custard, gulaman or gelatin and a range of either fresh or preserved fruits, with some of the most common fruits being cherries, mangoes, strawberries and pineapples.

30 Sweet And Decadent Crema De Frutas Recipes

A popular dessert during the Christmas season, the Crema De Fruta is a must-try if you haven’t tasted this Filipino sweet treat before.

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at thirty Crema De Fruta recipes. Let’s get started.

1. Classic Ube Crema De Fruta- Alaska Nanay Club

The ube- also known as purple yams- is a root vegetable that is particularly starchy and this variation of the classic Crema De Fruta utilizes this veggie within the custard of the recipe to create a taste that is not only sweet, nutty and earthy, but also gives it a unique, purple color palette thanks to the purple coloring of the ube!

2. No Bake Crema De Fruta- Pinoy Cooking Recipes

No bake cakes can be a great way to whip up some delicious desserts when you don’t have the time to actually bake them.

Most cakes have a no bake version, and the Crema De Fruta is no exception!

This particular recipe uses graham crackers for the base, adding a sweet taste as well as a satisfying crunch to the dessert.

3. Crema De Fruta- Kawaling Pinoy

This Crema De Fruta recipe from Kawaling Pinoy uses a more traditional take on the recipe, with a sponge base.

Some tips on how to get this recipe right include allowing both the custard and the sponge cake base to cool sufficiently before putting them together, and letting the gelatin get firm for about thirty minutes before the cake is refrigerated for at least six hours so that it will set properly.

4. Crema De Fruta- Panlasang Pinoy

This next recipe uses some of the most popular fruits to create their Crema De Fruta, those being pineapples and cherries. They also use a lesser used fruit: peaches.

Peaches work incredibly well with both cherries and pineapple, though, so you can be sure that this recipe will make for a deliciously sweet take on the Filipino dessert.

5. Easy Crema De Fruta- Create With Nestle

Since this is a recipe from the Create with Nestle website, it is no surprise that some of the ingredients are Nestle brand products!

These products are the Nestle Carnation Condensada and the Nestle All Purpose Cream.

This no bake recipe also features a can of fruit cocktail and 12 broas, otherwise known as lady finger biscuits.

6. Crema De Fruta- The Unlikely Baker

The take on the dessert from The Unlikely Baker is also relatively traditional, using a sponge cake base and a standard Crema De Fruta custard filling.

This recipe also involves creating the gelatin yourself, offering a bit of a challenge if you haven’t done so before.

7. Graham Crema De Fruta- Yummy Kitchen

The Yummy Kitchen recipe is another that uses a graham cracker base, featuring a layer of clear gelatin on top of the three layers of deliciously creamy graham crackers.

Make sure that you soak each of the crackers in evaporated milk so that they get that soft, cake like texture.

8. Ensalada De Fruta Con Crema- VV Supremo

Whilst not a standard take on the dessert, this recipe combines most of what makes the Crema De Fruta unique and puts it into an easy to eat fruit salad bowl.

9. Crema De Fruta- Cook n’ Share

This recipe changes up the traditional fruit that is used in the Crema De Fruta, replacing them with kiwis and oranges alongside the more standard strawberry.

10. No Bake Choco Crema De Fruta- Tweensel Mom

Want to add a bit of chocolate to your Crema De Fruta? Then this no bake take on the dessert is the choice for you, as it replaces regular graham crackers for the base with chocolate graham crackers.

11. Crema De Fruta- Life Gets Better

To make sure that you get the tastiest pastry cream with this recipe, use a thick bottomed pot and scrape the sides and the bottom of the pot to make sure the cream mixture doesn’t accidentally scorch.

12. Crema De Fruta- Yummly

Another more traditional take, this Crema De Fruta uses fruit cocktail rather than fresh fruits, but it does include baking your own sponge cake base.

13. Three Ingredient Crema De Fruta- Cooking Pinoy

As the name suggests, you only need three ingredients for this recipe : a pack of all-purpose cream, a medium-sized can of fruit cocktail and whole graham crackers.

14. No Bake Crema De Fruta- Foxy Folksy

This recipe is another that uses that no bake design, incorporating ladyfinger biscuits rather than chiffon cake.

Ladyfingers are great to use as they will soak up the liquids from the custard so that the dessert becomes soft like cake, without actually needing to bake a cake!

15. Crema De Fruta- Salu Salo

Some tips when it comes to this Crema De Fruta recipe include using eggs that are room temperature and slowly adding the hot milk to the flour and egg mixture to avoid scrambling the egg.

16. Crema De Fruta With Lemon Square Inipit- Pinoy Recipe

The inclusion of Lemon Square Inipit in the layers of this Crema De Fruta offers a unique take on the standard recipe, with a burst of lemon zest in the flavor.

17. Crema De Frutas Con Yogur- Lidl

This choice is another that isn’t exactly standard Crema De Fruta due to lacking a cake base, but it does combine the fruit together in a creamy concoction.

18. Receta De Postre De Frutas Tropicales Con Crema- ElGourmet

Much like the previous take on the dessert, this is another recipe that skips the cake, biscuit or graham cracker base in favor of focusing solely on the fruit and the cream/custard topping.

19. Crema De Frutas- Pilipinas Recipes

This recipe accounts for fruit cocktail or fresh fruit depending on your preference or what is possible for you to make, making it a useful recipe if you want to try using both to make the dessert.

20. Crema De Frutas- Vidactual

The Vidactual Crema De Frutas uses some similar but some different ingredients- such as vanilla pudding, vanilla yogurt and blueberry jam- to create a unique twist on the dessert.

21. Pastel De Frutas Con Crema De Leche- Consumer

Another interesting take, this recipe uses whipped cream and sponge cake to create a Crema De Fruta sandwich of sorts.

22. Festive Crema De Fruta- Maputing Cooking

To make the Crema De Fruta all the more festive, include some dessert wine and flavored jam, as you will find in this recipe.

23. Crema De Fruta- Emborg

Some extras you will find in this recipe include blueberries, and banana flavoring.

24. Crema De Fruta- Wendy Inkk

Although this recipe includes individual glass servings, you also get the sponge cake element, which sits in the bottom of the glasses underneath the custard and fruit.

25. Crema De Fruta- eRecipe

This is another traditional take on the Crema De Fruta, making it perfect if you want to make the classical version of the Filipino dessert.

26. Crema De Fruta- TfRecipes

This recipe includes making your own custard, which is sure to be an interesting challenge for those who haven’t made their own before.

27. No Bake Crema De Fruta- My Recipe Magic

The no bake take on the Crema De Fruta is an incredibly popular one, as demonstrated by this recipe, which is yet another version of the dessert that doesn’t need to be baked.

28. Crema De Fruta- Just A Pinch

rema De Fruta can be a little complicated when it comes to making your own custard and sponge base, and this recipe goes into great detail in order to help you out with it.

29. Crema De Fruta- Pagkaing Pinoy

A tip to make Crema De Fruta with this recipe is to equally place the fruits on top of the custard so that the gelatin will be evenly distributed.

30. No Bake Crema De Fruta- TastyDone

Last but not least, we have one final no bake take on the Crema De Fruta, with this one also using just the three ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does The Crema De Fruta Originate?

As mentioned above, the Crema De Fruta is a traditional dessert from the Philippines, where the dish originated.

The dessert is now popular across the world, but it still remains a dessert that is well established and consumed frequently in the Philippines.

What Time Of The Year Is Crema De Fruta Popular?

As well as Christmas, Crema De Fruta is also popular during Noche Buena.

Translating to “Good Night” in Spanish, Noche Buena refers to the Christmas Eve celebrations amongst the Hispanic, Filipino and Latinx families across the world (for more Filipino recipes, check out our favorite Biscocho recipes).

Noche Buena is an event that is often even more significant than Christmas itself, and some of the other desserts that are popular during this time includes Mango Floats, Bibingka and Buko Pandan.

What Are Some Popular Variations On The Traditional Crema De Fruta?

Some of the most well known takes on the standard Crema De Fruta includes the Crema De Mangga- which uses Carabao mangoes, whipped cream and graham crackers- and the icebox Crema De Fruta.

30 Sweet And Decadent Crema De Frutas Recipes

30 Sweet And Decadent Crema De Frutas Recipes

Recipe by Jenna

If you are looking for some exotic Crema De Fruta recipes to liven up your desserts, have a read of our list of thirty of the tastiest Crema De Fruta recipes!

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