20 Simple Pinwheel Recipes

You can make almost anything into a pinwheel, and it will taste amazing whether it be bacon, mushrooms, turkey, or nutella. Pinwheels can be made with either soft tortilla wraps or puff pastry.

20 Simple Pinwheel Recipes

They are both very easy to make so it really comes down to what your own preferences are. 

Here are some pinwheel recipes that you will find very straightforward and delicious. 

1. Bacon And Cheese Puff Pinwheels

These Cheese and Bacon Pinwheels are delicious. They can be made quickly and easily using store-bought puff pastry (see also ‘Top 30 Puff Pastry Desserts To Make At Home‘) and are a great party meal, snack, or appetizer.

Savory bacon pinwheels will satisfy all of your immediate meal demands if you’re hungry.

It is advised to use bacon dice from the grocery shop. It requires less effort to sprinkle on top of the cheese and sauce layers and saves time slicing.

2. BBQ Chicken Tortilla Pinwheels

The filling for these BBQ chicken tortilla pinwheels is a blend of cream cheese, mozzarella, bacon, chicken, red onion, barbecue sauce, and cilantro.

The soft flour tortillas are then tightly folded and cut into savory, addicting canapés.

3. Mexican Tortilla Pinwheels

Mexican Pinwheels (see also ‘21 Mexican Dessert Recipes‘) are easy-to-eat appetizers that are bite-sized rolls of delicately spicy, creamy chicken.

At your next event, guests will go crazy for the bright, fantastic, flavorful filling encased in soft, pillowy tortillas.

Remember that they need refrigeration to help them stick together and set up.

Making them in advance allows you to put them in the refrigerator and concentrate on other tasks.

4. Ham And Cheese Puff Pinwheels

Puff pastry-encased ham and cheese pinwheels make a spectacular appetizer for any family get-together, celebration, or picnic.

These bites are simple to create and have a delicate flavor. They won’t stay on the dish for very long. Grab one quickly before they are all gone.

5. Mushroom Puff Pastry Pinwheels

For a holiday gathering, these cheesy mushroom puff pastry pinwheels make the ideal appetizer.

Eating them heated or at room temperature is an option. Pinwheels are a terrific appetizer since they are simple to prepare hours in advance.

This pinwheel dish will be a favorite of everyone who likes the flavor combination of cheese, mushrooms, and garlic.

6. Turkey Club Tortilla Pinwheels

For a quick lunch or appetizer, pretty spirals loaded with thinly sliced deli turkey, fresh greens, peppers, and creamy dressing wrap up quickly.

Whenever and whenever you serve these turkey club pinwheels, they will undoubtedly become a hit.

7. Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

Delicious pinwheels of smoked salmon, stuffed with a ton of fresh spinach and a fragrant chive and dill cream cheese.

This quick, healthful appetizer is the ideal party dish or snack and just takes 10 minutes to prepare.

You will also appreciate the ability to prepare this straightforward smoked salmon appetizer up to a day ahead of time when inviting guests or family.

8. Vegetable Cream Cheese Tortilla Pinwheels

These vegetarian tortilla pinwheels are entertaining, quick, simple, and delicious to create.

These little vegetarian pinwheels, which may be served warm or cold, are stuffed with cream cheese and spinach and packed with fresh veggies (baked or air-fried). Perfect as a starter, lunch at school, or snack.

9. Monte Cristo Pinwheels

Make pinwheel-shaped Monte Cristo sandwiches using crescent roll dough that has been chilled, deli ham and turkey, and Swiss cheese.

The mouthwatering breakfast sandwich (see also ‘23 Amazing Breakfast Sandwich Recipes‘) at your preferred brunch spot is replicated with a thin covering of jam and a dusting of powdered sugar.

10. Cheese And Marmite Pinwheels

These cheese and marmite pinwheels are a lunchbox favorite because they are crunchy, salty, and cheesy.

These are the king of cheese pinwheels because the yeasty Marmite brings out the cheese’s flavor.

You may use any type of cheese you choose, however more mature cheddar is advised. It has a delectable saltiness that pairs wonderfully with the Marmite and will make it difficult for you to put them down.

11. Pizza Puff Pinwheels

These pizza pinwheels are the ideal casual snack or addition to your lunchbox since they are so tasty!

Thanks to pre-made puff pastry, they are quick and simple to make, and you can top them whatever you please.

If you enjoy meat on your pizzas, you could prefer ham, pepperoni, shredded cooked chicken (in small bits), or anything else you can think of.

Smoked sausage that has been finely sliced might equally well work.

12. Pesto Pinwheels

The ideal dish for gatherings or whenever you want an appetizer or snack is pesto pinwheels!

They are easy to make with just three ingredients and come out flaky and flavorful thanks to the pesto and cheese.

Because the puff pastry rolls need time to cool before being cut and baked, it’s also a perfect dish to prepare ahead of time.

Therefore, you may prepare them a day in advance and bake them off right before serving.

13. Creamy Crab Meat Tortilla Pinwheels

If you’re looking for a tasty appetizer to include in your holiday party menu, this recipe is ideal.

Something you could prepare for a large group of people to eat as a snack that would be so filling that everyone would forget about unhealthy alternatives, or even a quick overnight meal that you could have for both morning and lunch.

14. Apple Cinnamon Pinwheels

Making these delectable Cinnamon Apple Pinwheels is the ideal sweet treat. Enjoy them with a cup of tea or coffee, a dessert of ice cream, or pack some in a lunchbox.

Apples and cinnamon are stuffed within flaky puff pastry, which is then cooked till crisp and golden.

15. Turkey And Cranberry Pinwheels

Easy to create and wonderful to eat, turkey cranberry pinwheels make a great appetizer.

Each taste of cranberry sauce with creamy cream cheese is tangy and delicious. The ideal holiday favorite is created when you wrap the entire dish in tortillas.

Even better, you can finally put all of the Thanksgiving or Christmas leftover turkey to good use with this recipe (see also our favorite ground turkey recipes) .

16. Nutella Pinwheels

Puff pastry and Nutella are the only ingredients you need for these Nutella pinwheels, however you may substitute another plain chocolate spread or hazelnut chocolate spread if you must avoid nuts.

After that, you may add milk and some chopped nuts as decoration.

Even though this recipe is mostly for nutty chocolate pinwheels, for a little variety, you could also include banana to make banana chocolate pinwheels. Nothing compares to cooked Nutella pastry swirls.

17. Cinnamon Sugar Puff Pastry Pinwheels

Puff pastry sheets are used to produce these gorgeous cinnamon rolls, and they can be made quickly, especially if you defrost the puff pastry in the refrigerator and combine the sugar and cinnamon the night before.

The pinwheels of cinnamon puff pastry are really good. You can’t eat one by itself. Serve with mulled wine to add a festive flavor.

18. Tuna Pinwheels

This delectable recipe for tuna pinwheels is one you won’t want to pass up if you’re trying to stick to a budget but still want to include some wonderful dinners to your weekly menu.

Tuna cream cheese pinwheels’ versatility is another amazing quality. You may cook them as a shared appetizer, a quick workday snack, or even a meal that can be made ahead of time.

Not only are pinwheel dishes delicious, but they also make the ideal snack.

19. Philly Cheese Steak Pinwheels

Steak, cream cheese, and bell peppers are all combined in bite-sized crescents.

It’s always a good idea to serve Philly Cheesesteak Crescent Pinwheels as an appetizer. Despite its little size, each of these pinwheels is packed with flavor.

If you want to take these delectable nibbles to the next level, cook up a side dish of Alfredo sauce to use as a dipping sauce.

For every game day, Philly Cheesesteak Pinwheels make a delicious snack! You’ll be lucky if you can convince your guests to leave after trying these delectable treats, so invite your pals over.

20. Taco Pinwheels

When you begin with taco meat that has been left over, these pinwheels come together quickly.

They make a tasty party starter when served with salsa or a lively lunch choice when served with a side salad.

They are really flavorful and easy to prepare in advance. Although they may be stored in their plastic wrap for up to 24 hours, they need at least four hours in the refrigerator. Before serving, remove them and slice them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about pinwheels and how to get the best out of these tasty treats. 

Are Pinwheels Healthy?

It depends on what the pinwheels are filled with which will determine if they are particularly healthy or not.

For example, a pizza puff pastry will not be as healthy as a vegetable pinwheel. As well as this, tortillas tend to have less calories compared to puff pastry

The great thing about trying these recipes though is that you can make them at home and have full knowledge and control of what is being added to your food.

So, if you are on a diet or are watching your macros, you can easily make some adjustments. 

How Long Can You Store Pinwheels For?

In an airtight container, pinwheels can be kept in the fridge for up to four days. Prior to serving, warm them in the oven so the crust may re-crisp.

Make a barrier between the wet fillings and the tortilla if you’re working with wet ingredients and you’re concerned about the pinwheel becoming soggy, well-dried layers of lettuce or spinach typically work nicely.

If you have already made the pinwheels and want to keep them fresh for the following day, securely wrap each one in its own separate plastic wrap.

The wraps can be kept in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Lay the wraps side by side in a single layer without adding another layer on top to prevent flattening them. You may use a plate or a plastic container.

Can You Freeze Pinwheels?

Pinwheels may be frozen, but you must do it carefully to ensure that they retain their flavor when reheated.

The pinwheels must be baked as recommended and then allowed to cool.

Place them on the baking sheet in a single, flat layer, and freeze for a whole period of time. Pinwheels may be kept for up to a month by storing them in an airtight freezer-safe container.

On a baking sheet coated with parchment, reheat the food straight from the freezer at 375 °F until thoroughly heated.


It will be hard to find someone who doesn’t like pinwheels. They are little morsels of pure heaven and can be filled with numerous different things – the options are almost endless!

They are also very easy to make and can be served as appetizers, starters, snacks, or as part of a lunchbox.

20 Simple Pinwheel Recipes

20 Simple Pinwheel Recipes

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Pinwheels can be made from puff pastry or tortilla wraps but essentially follow the same rule of being small, delicious treats which can be used in almost any circumstance. Read to learn more.

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