28 Rice Bowl Recipes To Liven Up Your Diet

For most people, eating healthily sounds like a chore that involves a lot of bland, unsatisfying plates of vegetables. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of healthy recipes out there that are packed full of flavor.

28 Rice Bowl Recipes To Liven Up Your Diet

One of these ingenious recipes is the rice bowl. It’s a really simple idea: a bowl of seasoned rice with meat and vegetables soaked into it, but it opens up your diet to a whole new world of flavor and ingredient combinations.

You can make a rice bowl with just about any ingredients you have laying around in your kitchen but if you want to have the best tasting bowl possible, you should definitely try out one of these recipes…

1. Sizzling Steak Burrito Bowl

We’re starting this list off very strongly with some fierce Mexican flavors. Burritos are one of everybody’s guilty pleasure foods but they can be pretty unhealthy.

This burrito-style rice bowl recipe manages to keep things healthy, without compromising on flavor.

The best part is, that you can easily substitute the beef tenderloin for a meat with less fat like turkey. Just make sure you don’t skip out on or substitute too many ingredients, this recipe is perfect just as it is!

2. Vegetarian Taco Bowl

This is yet another ingenious recipe that manages to reconstruct a classic Mexican dish into a healthy rice bowl. With this dish, you don’t even need to add any meat to keep things delicious.

Instead, enjoy the combination of seasonings and flavors you can add to tofu. Finish it off with some fresh lime juice, queso, and avocado to make this dish taste even lighter.

Trust us when we say this will become a lunchtime favorite in your household.

3. Chicken And Egg Rice Bowl

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, with this recipe, you can have them both at once!

Despite seeming pretty basic on paper, this dish actually contains a really complex blend of flavors by using simple ingredients.

We’ve probably all had a chicken and egg combination with rice or noodles before but the gorgeous blend of Chinese seasonings is what makes this bowl sparkle.

4. Cauliflower Rice Fish Taco Bowl

If you’ve ever tried dieting before, there’s a good chance you will have tried a cauliflower rice recipe. It is a fantastic substitute for rice, which can often contain a lot of unnecessary carbs.

The only tricky part is making the cauliflower taste just as good. Thankfully, this recipe manages to achieve just that!

Make sure you carefully follow the instructions on how to season the fish and sauce in this dish and you’ll end up with a bowl that knocks your socks off with its flavor!

5. Orange Chicken Rice Bowl

Another Asian-inspired rice bowl, this one makes use of an internationally loved flavor combination: orange and chicken.

The sweetness that comes from the orange juice in this dish goes perfectly with chicken and the rice acts as a backdrop to blend all of these flavors together.

You can make this particular bowl with pretty much any vegetables you happen to have in your kitchen already but definitely don’t substitute the chicken or orange juice!

6. Thai Quinoa Salad

Ok, so this one might not necessarily be a rice bowl but it is another nice, healthy alternative. Quinoa contains a lot fewer carbs than rice so this Thai salad is a bit less fattening than some of the rice bowl recipes out there.

The best part is that this recipe can be thrown together in a matter of minutes once you have all the ingredients together. You’ll absolutely love the way these fresh ingredients come together with the dressing!

7. California Chicken, Veggie, Avocado, And Rice Bowl

Next up, we’re taking a look at another chicken-based rice bowl. However, this one also features some surprising but incredible combinations of ingredients.

With this recipe, you’ll find a great blend of spices and herbs to give your chicken its immaculate flavor. It also uses mashed avocado to provide a creamy texture that holds the dish together really well.

Even the simple grilled veggies that are included in this recipe provide a fresh twist on a dish that would otherwise be pretty plain.

8. Spicy Italian Sausage Rice Bowl

Surprisingly, this is the first purely Italian-themed rice bowl recipe on our list. We say it’s surprising because everybody knows how incredible Italian food can be.

That’s certainly true of this recipe which packs a punch thanks to the spicy Italian sausage. It might be a little tricky to find the right kind of sausage (see also ‘15 Vienna Sausage Recipes To Die For‘) at stores near you but it will definitely be worth the effort!

9. Shrimp Puttanesca Rice Bowl

This is another recipe that manages to convert the wonderful flavor of a classic Italian recipe into a simple rice bowl that can be made in half an hour.

Puttanesca is a simple but very tasty Italian pasta sauce but there’s no reason why it wouldn’t taste just as good in a rice bowl.

The shrimp also makes for a very unique flavor combination that you’ll absolutely love!

10. Korean Ground Beef Bowl

Just like Italian dishes, Korean ones are appreciated all over the world. That’s why it should come as no surprise that this recipe will light up your taste buds with something a little different from your usual meals.

Toasted sesame seeds, brown sugar, and soy sauce create a wonderful sauce full of flavors that you don’t get in typical American or European cooking.

Treat yourself to something a bit different with this ground beef rice recipe!

11. Chicken And Cucumber Rice Bowls

Definitely more of a lunch dish than a dinner one, this recipe combines a great variety of fresh ingredients for a light, healthy meal.

The reviews on the recipe’s site highlight just how delicious these ingredients are when combined together.

However, the whole affair can end up being a little dry so you may want to add your own sauce or dressing.

12. Pineapple-Sriracha Chicken Bowls With Wild Rice

The idea of ‘wild’ rice might seem peculiar to some of you but all it is is a healthy alternative to the white rice that we’ve typically seen with other recipes on our list.

As you can probably imagine, pineapple, sriracha, and chicken also blend really well for a unique concoction of tastes and textures so this is definitely something you’ll want to try out!

13. Black Rice Salad Bowl With Chipotle Orange Chicken, Cashews, And Feta

This is another recipe that uses some unusual rice to make the dish healthier. However, alongside the healthy rice and other ingredients, you’ll find some deliciously sweet flavors in the chipotle orange chicken.

This is probably the kind of recipe that you won’t have tried much of before but you won’t regret trying it out, even if it’s just for one lunch.

14. Grilled Shrimp Rice Noodle Bowl

This Vietnamese-style bowl isn’t the same as the other classic rice bowls we’ve looked at so far. Instead, it uses rice noodles to provide a slightly different texture.

Don’t worry, though, the health benefits and wonderful blend of flavors are still there. The grilled shrimp provides a powerful kick of fishy flavor while the veggies create a nice crunchy texture that makes this bowl very satisfying to eat.

15. Sweet Thai-Style Chicken Bowl

Whenever you see a ‘sweet’ chicken recipe you often assume it will be unhealthy. However, this one manages to keep the calorie count down without lacking that deliciously sweet flavor.

This is largely thanks to the use of jasmine rice, skinless chicken breasts, and plenty of healthy vegetables.

Thai food is some of the best in the world for tasting good and still being healthy so why not give it a try?

16. Bibimbap

No, that’s not a typo! Bibimbap is a Korean rice bowl dish that makes use of the popular ingredient, gochujang. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Korean meal before, there’s a good chance you’ll love this spicy sauce with your rice bowl.

Along with the gochujang, rice, and a sunny-side-up egg, you can add just about whatever meat and veggies you like!

17. Chicken, Bacon, And Rice Bowl

While the title of this recipe might seem simple enough at first, that doesn’t mean it lacks any flavor compared to the others on our list.

Chicken and bacon is a classic ingredient combination in cuisines from all over the world so it has to be good in a rice bowl, right?

The best thing about this recipe is its simplicity so don’t overcomplicate it and just enjoy the comforting feeling you get while eating it.

18. Pumpkin-Pistachio Kale Fried Rice Bowl + Maple Tofu

If you couldn’t tell from the title alone, this is one of the more complex rice bowl recipes on our list. That means it’s absolutely packed full of exquisite flavors and textures for you and your family to enjoy.

Despite containing plenty of super healthy ingredients, many have said that this recipe tastes just like fast food.

So, if you’re missing the classic comforting fast food you had before dieting, this could be the rice bowl dish for you!

19. Citrus Shrimp Rice Bowl

One of the most classic and universally loved flavor combinations in the world is seafood and citrus. The use of shrimp, lime juice, and orange juice in this dish is a great testament to that fact.

In fact, with the inclusion of honey and sriracha, this is anything but a classic seafood dish. You’ll just have to try it to find out how good it really is!

20. Oyakodon

This Japanese chicken and egg rice bowl is really filling, delicious, and isn’t full of fats or sugars.

The ingredients required for this dish are also really simple to find at most large grocery stores. You might struggle with certain ingredients but they can easily be substituted.

This is one of the classic Japanese comfort dishes so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

21. Steak Fajita Rice Bowls

A really popular trend with recipes these days is to reconstruct classic Mexican dishes and this fajita rice bowl manages to do that perfectly!

Here, you’ll find all of the wonderful, deep flavors and seasonings that you get with a classic Mexican fajita. It also utilizes plenty of vegetables to keep the meal well-balanced and healthy.

22. Tofu And Chickpea Curry With Green Peas

Curry is one of the best dishes in the world for vegetarians and people who are trying to lose weight. It’s very easy to make a healthy curry taste really good and this one is no exception.

It might seem like a lot of ingredients and measurements to make but trust us when we say the end result is well worth it!

Simply serve with a bowl of white rice and enjoy!

23. North African Beef And Brown Rice

North African cuisine (see also ‘31 Soul Food Recipes That Will Make You Feel Right At Home‘) is seriously underrated by the rest of the world and you’ll definitely realize that once you’ve tried this rice bowl!

The immensely deep flavor that comes from the diced steak and beef stock permeates throughout every other ingredient.

In fact, even the vegetables create a hearty flavor for this bowl that will keep you coming back for more every time you make it!

24. Salmon Rice Bowl With Avocado And Peach

This recipe is certainly one of the most decadent and interesting on our list as it combines some pretty unique ingredients.

Salmon and avocado both provide smooth textures and flavors while the peach cuts through them both to provide a little zing to your palate.

25. Pork Meatball Rice Bowl

While this might seem like the kind of recipe you will have made before, the inclusion of fish sauce keeps things interesting and creative.

This dish is packed full of rich, umami flavors that make it delicious, while the veggie-based ingredients list keeps it healthy.

26. Turkey And Spinach Rice Bowl

If you didn’t know already, turkey is one of the healthiest meats you can eat for a low-fat diet. Similarly, spinach is a great ingredient in healthy meals thanks to its abundance of vitamins and minerals.

In general, this is one of the best recipes you can get for a super healthy rice bowl!

27. Sichuan Rice Bowl With Wild Greens

This is one of the most fragrant and powerful dishes on our list, with plenty of herbs and seasonings to keep the flavors popping.

As long as you can handle your spice, you’ll love this recipe!

28. Salmon And Soft-Boiled Egg Rice Bowl

The final rice bowl recipe on our list is another classic fish-based dish.

While it would be absolutely delicious at all times of day, this could also make a fun and healthy breakfast meal if you can spare the time to make it in the morning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rice Bowls Healthy?

Yes, rice bowls are great meals to have if you’re trying to eat healthily. You can include all kinds of veggies, healthy meat, and even substitute white rice for wholewheat to keep things even lighter.

What Is The Best Rice For Rice Bowls?

For healthy rice bowls, brown rice is often a good way to go because it contains fewer carbs than white rice. However, white rice does offer a little extra flavor over brown.


There you have it, our list of the 28 best healthy rice bowl recipes on the internet! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed learning about how dynamic and versatile rice bowls can be for those who are trying to eat on a diet.

We can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with any of the recipes you try from this list!

28 Rice Bowl Recipes To Liven Up Your Diet

28 Rice Bowl Recipes To Liven Up Your Diet

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland. Try some of these 28 delicious rice bowl recipes that are guaranteed to liven up your diet!

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