28 Chilled Summer Desserts To Keep You Cool

Light, fruity and extremely vibrant in taste, you can’t beat a nice chilly and creamy dessert when the temperature starts to spike outside.

28 Chilled Summer Desserts To Keep You Cool

Chances are we’ll be having someone over for a barbecue or just to meet up with a few friends, however this is exactly why it’s always worthwhile getting a few summery desserts to memorize that can keep you cool while still being packed full of some incredible flavors.

From creamy and crispy cakes to fruity pies, these are some of the tastiest summer desserts you can make that are guaranteed to keep you chilled and satisfied.

1. Strawberry And Cream Cheesecake 

We had to start with the classic, the strawberry topped cake made with a chewy soft cheese and biscuit mixture in the middle is a deliciously chilled recipe that can feed multiple people with just under an hour preparation time. 

Of course you can’t forget the cream sauce layered over the top that keeps these delicious cakes light and breezy to eat.

Perfect for relaxing outside and sharing with a few friends, or if you feel a bit peckish, whip this delicious cake up as a solo treat.

2. Strawberry Eton Mess

This creamy dessert really is a mix of everything, but we certainly don’t mean this in a bad way.

The soft white chocolate bark is combined with a crisp meringue and elderflower to make this a creamy delicacy that mixes in that incredibly sweet strawberry flavor that we all know and love so much.

You can most probably skip adding any more cream on this dessert as it might make it a little too thick and a bit hollow to bite into, however you can never go wrong adding just a few extra strawberries to sit around the outside, let’s face it when you’re at the table with family or friends, no one is going to turn down a few more savory strawberries.

3. Vanilla Ice Cream With Warm Chocolate 

Sure, this may be a classic ice cream you have tried at least once, however when you make it at home there are so many more options with what you can add to the already delicious vanilla core. 

Mix in a little more delicious vanilla, make the custard a bit thicker or even sprinkle a few chocolate chips or hazelnuts on top, the options are endless, however the warm chocolate is definitely one of the most popular options, and it’s not hard to see why.

4. Raspberry Moscow Mule Kick 

One of the softest cakes that can be made at home and with a delicious lime glazing and packed full of raspberries, this summery dessert is incredibly light and is great when you want a dessert that can feed a crowd but isn’t too thick or sickly after a few bites. 

You don’t just need to use raspberries for this recipe either, strawberry pieces are also a great option to add that element of sweetness or even oranges if you really want to pack this cake full of flavor.

5. Bing Cherry-Amaretti Fool

If you have never tried these miniature fruity desserts that melt in the mouth with every bite then you are missing out, especially if you are a big fan of cherries with these desserts resting a bing cherry on top of an almond, vanilla and crushed cookie base. 

Easy to make and ready to serve in as little as 10 minutes, these are a great appetizer when everyone wants their own little treat to cool them down in the summer heat. 

6. Rhubarb Cherry Pie

A rhubarb cherry pie is just the best family dessert there is with its soft and lightly crispy outer texture and of course the core which is packed with thick and creamy cherries. 

The beauty of this thick and sweet dessert is that you can prepare it in just under an hour and still serve up to 8 people with each person getting a big and tasty chunk so no one is left out of having a taste. 

7. Frozen Banana Popsicles 

Healthy, colorful and being prepared with just 4 ingredients, these popsicles are a favorite among kids and are not only delicious with a light chocolate layering and some topped off sprinkles or hazelnuts but are also evened out nicely with the banana underneath being rich in Vitamins A and B6.

8. Peach-Plum Galette 

When the sun is beaming down, there’s not many fruits that are more refreshing than peaches, and it’s hard to find anything that compliments the sweet and creamy flavor of plums quite like a galette pastry base filled with sweet and savory fillings.

To make sure the galette coating does not get too soggy or soft if you plan on leaving this delicious appetizer out for a while, dust the glazed dough with some semolina flour or breadcrumbs before you add in the filling.

9. Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches 

If you need a quick and light summer dessert to make for when the family are coming around for a meal or you need to prepare a dish of tasty treats after the barbeque, these chocolatey ice cream cookie sandwiches are as delicious as they sound and are perfect for all ages. 

You can make them a bit saltier to give these cookies a bit more of a crunch and to enhance their flavor as much as possible, or even try and mix up the kind of chocolate you use to create a different sensation on the taste buds.

10. Fruit Tarts 

You can’t go far wrong with fruit tarts, they are small and light, easy to make and can be filled with as many fruits as you can fit on top of the cool and floury base.

We recommend always adding blueberries, strawberries and raspberries as they give off the juiciest blend when mixed together, however diced up mango and kiwi can add a bit of a sweeter kick that goes down so well on the hotter days.

An incredibly rich source of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, fruit tarts are some of the healthiest desserts that are incredibly refreshing when the sun is beaming down. 

11. Coconut Cream Pie

Many of us will use some sweet shredded coconuts as part of a recipe in the fall and the winter months, however ins the summer its a must with how deliciously rich their flavor is and how much energy and sweetness they add to a dish, and what better recipe to mix them into than a delicious pie. 

Garnish with some toasted coconut chips to make this creamy and chewy pie even more sweet, so you can be sure everyone is satisfied with the final product. 

12. Raspberry Tiramisu 

You can’t talk about summery desserts and miss out the deliciously smooth raspberry tiramisu with its elegant fruity base topped off with some soft and succulent ladyfinger bases and finished with a hint of thick cream and chocolate flakes (see also ‘23 Easy And Delicious Ladyfinger Dessert Recipes‘).

The icing sugar is the perfect final addition to make this dessert as fluffy and delicate as possible when biting in which has just a hint of crunch thanks to the ladyfingers, making this a fan favorite, and for very good tasty reasons.

13. Spumoni Ice Cream Cake 

This sweet and delicious mix on the traditional Italian gelato contains a mouth watering blend of chocolate, pistachio and strawberry that makes each layer packed full of different flavors, making this a great option when you want to feed a few people all with different tastes. 

If when the cake is fully prepared and ready to serve you find that it is just a little too solid to crunch down on, run your knife under some hot water before slicing and make sure to wipe it dry between cuts.

This should soften the cream cake just a little bit each time that you cut into it.

14. Lemon Blueberry Mini Cheesecakes 

With a graham cracker crust and a lemon cheesecake filling packed into these miniature cakes, these lemon blueberry cheesecakes are great when you want that strong and distinct flavor and texture of a cheesecake but don’t want to prepare a huge cake and instead want a few smaller ones.

15. Peach Crumble

You will struggle to find anyone, no matter what their taste preferences are , who doesn’t love the soft and succulent taste of beautiful peach crumble.

While apple crumble is the go to for many people, peach crumble contains a much sweeter and more distinct flavor from the large peach slices being used in the mix along with lemon and salt to really bring out the maximum amount of flavor. 

16. Grilled Summer Fruit Kabobs

Grilled fruit kabobs are not only one of the easiest summer recipes you can make, they are also incredibly customisable allowing you to add on any more grilled fruits you think would go perfectly alongside the others. 

If you usually try this recipe with fresh fruit, it’s never too late to try grilling them before you put them on a stick as this can intensify the flavors by allowing the natural sugars to caramelize, making the juicy fruits even juicier. 

17. Pina Colada Cheesecake Bars

If you are a big fan of that sweet and almost tropical taste of a glass of delicious pina colada on a hot summer’s day, what if we told you it could taste even better when mixed into these small delightful cheesecake bars?

With some maraschino cherries, pineapple juice and heavy cream all used as ingredients in this mix, you can be sure these cute miniature cheesecake bites are delicious with every bite, not to mention that subtle kick of the pina colada which really is the finishing touch to these already scrumptious appetizers 

18. Grilled Peaches 

Easy to prepare, extremely juicy to bite into and complemented perfectly by a thick wallop of heavy cream, these grilled peaches are the perfect choice when you need something cold and sweet with a slight crunch to it thanks to the grill.

If you’re in a scramble and need to whip up something quick, a few grilled peaches are one of the best and juiciest options you can choose.

19. Baked Peaches

On the flip side if you don’t want to go through the effort of grilling some peaches or maybe you want the peaches to be just a little softer so they mix in with the cream as well as possible, baked peaches are definitely the way to go being a bit more tender to bite into but still retaining that familiar sweet flavor that makes peaches so addicting to snack on when it’s hot outside.  

20. Blueberry Whoopie Pies 

These light and delicious burberry appetizers might be labeled as pies, however from their appearance they actually resemble cookies much more creating the perfect blend between being soft to bite into and having just a little bit of chewiness from the flavorful blueberries.

Serving up to 16 people with just one batch, for the perfect mix between a delicious pie and some succulent cookies to enjoy on a warm summer’s day, these blueberry whoopie pies are a must try.

21. Rainbow Waffle Sandwiches 

The light and crunchy homemade waffles in this recipe encase a few scoops of ice cream to make for an incredibly soft dessert to bite into that will leave you wanting more each time you take a bite.

Of course you can’t forget to finish these sandwiches off with some multicolored sprinkles which add just a hint of vibrant flavor to this creamy dessert while also making it look bright and delicious just from its appearance. 

22. Blackberry Coconut Tart 

Somehow this fruit filled dessert manages to incorporate a huge amount of blackberries without overstepping the mark of being too sweet.

This is mainly because the luscious coconut taste helps to even out all the ingredients, making one of the most nutrient-dense and filling desserts perfect for the summer time.

With some soft cold heavy cream layered across the top of this already delicious blackberry tart, it just makes this chilled dessert that little bit chillier.

23. Rocky Road Pie 

With a filling made up of cocoa powder, cream cheese, sugar and melted chocolate, the signature rocky road pie is incredibly soft to bite into, but this is only enhanced even more by the marshmallows and heavy cream poured over the top.

With a graham cracker crust to hold everything together and mixing in a little bit of a crunch when you bite in, the rocky road pie is an incredibly light chocolate summer dessert that you would not want to miss out on. 

24. Gourmet S’mores 

Some may say that s’mores can only be properly enjoyed when sat around a campfire while the chilly winds blow, however when mixed in with a little bit of melted chocolate and whipped cream topped off with some crunchy graham crackers, they can just as easily be prepared up and enjoyed on a warm summer’s day.

You can also adjust how soft or crunchy you have the crackers depending on if you want a much softer dessert which is easy to bite into and digest or something with a bit of a tougher texture that is delicious to crunch down on.

25. Strawberry Rhubarb Shortbread 

Rhubarb and strawberries have never tasted so good when paired up together.

With some strawberries mixed in and a hint of lemon zest, this delicious dessert is not only soft and tasty to eat while also being packed full of nutrients, the shortbread making up the core gives it a delightful tender taste which will leave you wanting more. 

Luckily they can be prepared in as little as half an hour, so you can prepare a new batch for you and your friends in no time.

26. Fluffy Key Lime Pie 

If the vibrant and colorful appearance of this delicious recipe isn’t enough to draw you in, this incredibly sweet lime pie can also be whipped together with just a handful of ingredients and is very low in calories when compared to most other pies. 

With how fluffy and easy to eat this pie is when it’s a little warmer than usual, this is certainly a pie recipe you won’t want to miss.

27. Jello Squares 

One of the most colorful summer treats that are packed full of jello flavor, you can be sure once the kids get a hold of one of these snack that they’ll be wanting even more in no time.

Luckily these delicious soft jello squares can be prepared in just a few minutes and can even be mixed in with other tasty fruity ingredients if you want to add even more flavor to these soft and miniature bites.

28. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars 

This summer treat really is as good as it sounds, a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough underneath a rich cacao-date walnut layer to create these soft and chewy chocolate cookie bars which aren’t too thick to where they could become a little too sickly when eaten in the warmth. 

You can even change the appearance and texture of these cookie bars by mixing up the bottom layer and rolling them into balls to make them even more appetizing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Best Time Of The Day To Serve Summer Desserts?

There is always an unspoken etiquette when it comes to serving desserts, you don’t want to treat your guests to a filling treat too early otherwise they could feel weighed down and bloated which is not what you want in the hotter months.

The general consensus is to serve a summery dessert up to at most an hour after lunch or the main meal.

Nutritionist and health coach Kristy Rao recommends eating a summery dessert an hour after the main meal so that we don’t consume too much food too quickly.

It is also always a good idea to serve the dessert in the afternoon both because this is often when the sun will be shining the brightest and because it gives us the rest of the day to burn off the calories, however if it looks like the sun will be beaming down long into the evening don’t be afraid to save these delicious appetizers for a bit later in the day.

What Is The Major Difference Between Summer And Winter Desserts?

This is primarily down to how light the dessert tastes, in a lot of desserts for the winter and fall they will incorporate thick sticky sauces and a bit more sugar to make them more filling and warm to heat us up when it’s colder outside.

Summer desserts in contrast tend to be a lot more fruity and softer in texture so that they taste much lighter while also being chilled with a lot more cold cream and very light sauces. 


We all need something to cool us down when the temperature spikes, however rather than just sipping on some water or a cocktail , try out some of these delicious summer desserts that are sure to keep you and your guests refreshed while also being packed full of flavors from juicy fruits to creamy and light chocolate spreads. 

Experiment around and see which recipe you like the look of the most that you can prepare not just for this summer, but also for down the line when the temperature decides to spike again. 

28 Chilled Summer Desserts To Keep You Cool

28 Chilled Summer Desserts To Keep You Cool

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It’s always worthwhile memorizing a few easy to put together chilled summer desserts to keep you and your friends refreshed when the temperature spikes.

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