23 Easy And Delicious Ladyfinger Dessert Recipes

Ladyfingers have a fascinating history, they were created by the Duchy of Savoy way back in the 15th century and were actually made the official ‘court biscuit’ which would be passed around and enjoyed while political court matters were discussed.

23 Easy And Delicious Ladyfinger Dessert Recipes

It’s good to see some things haven’t changed with time, even now centuries later many of us are still addicted to these soft and spongy-like mild flavored biscuits which somehow balance having a soft interior core while also having a nice and crunchy exterior.

You can snack on some ladyfingers on their own or along with a cup of coffee, however why not try out some of these recipes to turn just a few ladyfingers into a delicious dessert which everyone is guaranteed to enjoy. 

1. Make-Ahead Tiramisu

With just 2 packs of lady fingers, you can mix in together cream cheese and a little sugar along with just a few other ingredients to make this popular dish a little softer and with a slight crunch when you bite into the core. 

Not to mention, this recipe can be whipped up an entire day in advance if you wish to and still remains fresh when refrigerated, so it’s always great for a big occasion.

2. White Chocolate Strawberry Tiramisu

If you don’t mind taking a little more time for the preparation but want a tiramisu dripping with sweet and savory flavors, this pleasant dessert filled with a whole range of delightful ingredients is perfectly complemented by the ladyfingers which add just a bit of solid crunch to make sure this delicious dessert is not too soft or hollow when you bite into it.

3. Ladyfinger Fruit Cake

If the unique look of this fruit cake does not entice you to try it out, it also contains an exquisite blend of healthy strawberries and bananas that goes great with the inclusion of dark chocolate at the center. 

Not to mention, the ladyfingers both add a softer texture to the middle of this nutritious cake, but can also decorate the exterior of the cake for if you want a bit more crunch to this lovely dessert which is just so refreshing on a warm summer’s day.

4. Raspberry Charlotte

If you have never tried the tasty and classy raspberry charlotte and you have a few ladyfingers left over and want to use them to make one of the most vibrant desserts possible, this is definitely the best recipe you can go with.

The encased ladyfingers are brushed with a strained raspberry syrup to give them such a soft texture that they essentially melt in the mouth with every bite, making this a must try ladyfinger dessert. 

5. No Bake Black Forest Parfait

The traditional black forest gateau is a classic dessert that a few of us may feel just can’t be replaced or made any better, however this recipe aims to prove that assumption wrong by using some ladyfingers to soak up the water, sugar and cocoa powder to create an extremely soft and elegant crunch each time you take a bit, providing a nice and unique spin to this fan favorite dish. 

6. Mini Tiramisu Trifles

You can’t get much creamier than these miniature trifles that cover the ladyfingers with a creamy mascarpone filling which is finished off with some delicious swirls of kahlua whipped cream to make the fingers as soft and delicate as possible while adding in so many new flavors (see also ‘35 Delicious Mascarpone Desserts‘). 

With cocoa powder added into the mix, you can be sure these trifles provide a delightful sugary rush for everyone who tries them as a special treat. 

7. Ladyfinger Cupcakes with Whipped Cream

The idea of mixing ladyfingers with a thick layer of Nutella is enough to make even the most experienced baking enthusiasts rejoice, and with some whipped cream to make this recipe even creamier, this is an incredibly delicious spin on the classic cupcake recipe that can be made in bulk for a crowd with just a handful of ingredients.

8. Ladyfinger Cheesecake

This twist on the classic and loveable cheesecake can serve up to 12 people with just an hour of preparation and layers the ladyfingers with some cream cheese to infuse their delicate flavor into this already chewy and delightful popular dessert.

If you have enough ladyfingers left over, you can make this cheesecake even classier and with a nice crunchy exterior by placing them around the outside of the cake and adding some fruit filing to rest on the top. 

9. Semifreddo with Ladyfingers

Creamy, chocolatey and extremely easy to make with no cooking required, this recipe uses chopped up ladyfingers which are then spread over with a mouth watering melted chocolate spread to create a delicious dessert which is sure to satisfy all those fans of chocolate who want a little more crunch to their desserts.

10. American Eclairs

The mixture of raspberry jam and crunchy ladyfingers have never tasted so good as it does in these vibrant and colorful eclairs which put a slight twist on the original recipe. 

With the ladyfingers forming the exterior, the whipped topping and raspberry jam is sandwiched in between to make a delightful appetizer which goes just as well as an after meal dessert while also being a great dessert to have on its own when you and your guests want a light appetsier that isn’t too filling or sickly, but is still sure to fill you up. 

11. Berry Tiramisu

This spin on the classic Italian dessert is not only slightly healthier with its added fruit bits and fruit juice, it is also kid friendly and is perfect for feeding the family when you want something a little sweeter. 

The fresh berries and cream cheese in this scrumptious dessert is layered with ladyfingers which are soaked in orange juice so that they soak up and give off an incredibly delicious sweetened taste that turns this tiramisu from a recommended option into a must try dessert.

12. Strawberry Mousse Ladyfingers

These miniature cute strawberry mousses use chopped ladyfingers to surround the inner core which is made of sour cream, pound cake, whipped topping and a few other ingredients with a single strawberry resting on top to make one of the classiest looking desserts that gives you a burst of flavor with just one or two bites.

13. Chocolate Mousse Icebox

If you have a good amount of ladyfingers and don’t mind taking a few hours to make this recipe with the handful of ingredients it requires, it is well worth it covering the ladyfingers with a smooth layer of chocolate filling with some chocolate chips, crema and vanilla added in that makes this a delicious spin on the traditional mousse recipe.

After being refrigerated for a few hours, the chocolate will start to slowly and gradually melt into the ladyfingers making for a nice and compact dessert to tuck into when it’s on the table ready to be enjoyed.

14. Vera’s Cherry Ladyfinger Dessert

If you only have a few ladyfingers at your disposal and are running short on time, there is no need to fear, you can still whip up a smooth and delicate dessert that tastes just as good as the bigger recipes.

With just some cream cheese, whipping cream and cherry pie filling, you can create a small but deliciously sweet dessert where the ingredients lie on top of the ladyfingers which are slightly wrapped around in a way to mimic a slice of a cake, making for an easy recipe that does not exchange any of it’s delicious flavor for convenience. 

15. Strawberry Mint Shortcake with Lady Fingers

This minty shortcake is the perfect delicacy when you need to feed a few people at once, but rather than sharing from one massive cake, with this recipe everyone gets their own miniature dessert that is full of that rich and sweet strawberry flavor topped off with mint leave and of course, combined with a few ladyfingers to make these shortcakes packed with a whole variety of flavors all in one cute package. 

16. Summer Berry Trifle

On those summer days where the sun is shining down and it can be hard to find a snack that keeps us cool, you need look no further than this light and refreshing summer berry trifle which is as good for a party or a family gathering as it is as just a personal dessert to enjoy while soaking up the sun outside. 

The ladyfingers in this recipe are sandwiched between the raspberry jam and cream cheese to make this one of the most refreshing summer desserts that is given that extra bit of familiar crunch thanks to the ladyfingers. 

17. Ladyfinger French Toast

If you have never tried French toast then you are definitely missing out on a hidden gem when it comes to breakfast options.

This recipe switches the toast itself out for ladyfingers which gives it a bit more of a solid base that you can really taste when you chew down. 

Finished off with some thick whipped cream and with mixed in custard and raspberries lying on top, if you feel like adding a little bit of variation to your breakfast in the morning and have a few ladyfingers you want to use up, this ladyfinger French toast is a unique option that you must try especially with how easily it can be made.

18. Fancy Chocolate Charlotte Cake

This creamy chocolate mousse surrounded by ladyfingers is one of the best ways to use up some ladyfingers when celebrating a birthday, or when you have a few guests or family members coming over that you know are big chocolate fans.

Just be aware that this recipe does use raw eggs so if young children, pregnant women or someone with a weak immune system wants to enjoy this dessert, it can be worthwhile to instead use pasteurized eggs from the store just to be safe.

19. Orange Cake with Ladyfingers

With this zesty orange cake you can make a large and filling appetizer with just a few key ingredients.

The zest and orange liqueur makes this cake really stand out in terms of taste when compared to other fruit cakes, not to mention with the orange slices resting on top it provides some required nutrients which only makes this cake surrounded and filled with ladyfingers all the more delicious.

20. Hazelnut Ladyfingers with Chocolate

Hazelnut and dark chocolate spread has never tasted so good then when melted over some crunchy ladyfingers.

To add a real touch of class to this chocolatey delight, instead of layering the spread over the biscuits you can instead make the chocolate into a dip and cover just half of each ladyfinger in chocolate, and then serve in a bowl to make your family and friends wonder if they have accidentally just stepped into a fancy 5 star restaurant.

21. Ladyfinger with Chestnut Cream

One of the easiest desserts you can make but so worth it, all you need is a packet of ladyfingers, chestnut paste, powdered sugar, milk and dark couverture grams to prepare one of the simplest but still incredibly tasteful and delicious ladyfinger desserts possible (see also ‘23 Incredible Chestnut Recipes‘). 

The chestnut cream sprinkled over the ladyfingers adds even more crunch making this a must try dessert for chocolate enthusiasts.

22. English Sherry Trifle

If you like the sound of adding just a splash of sherry, or really any wine of your preference to an evening dessert to make the taste and flavor as rich as possible, this English trifle layers a bit of sherry over the ladyfingers and jam which make up the core of the trifle.

It can be finished off with some whipped cream and any extra milk to make this one of the most succulent trifles you can try that is made all the more delicious for those who love incorporating a bit of wine into their favorite desserts. 

23. Cranberry Cloud Dessert

Cranberry cloud desserts are known both for their vibrant and bright pink appearance, and for being very soft in texture and flavor with the juicy cranberry flavor really making this a fan favorite fruity dessert.

This recipe puts a bit of a spin on this formula by placing ladyfingers near the bottom so that once you get through the creamy core of this delicious treat, you are met with a nice, soft but still slightly crunchy base which perfectly finishes this cloud dessert off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Freeze Ladyfingers?

You certainly can, and it is well worth doing as it can keep a pack of ladyfingers fresh for up to 1 month.

To make sure they are stored properly, place the ladyfingers between the layers of wax paper inside a freezer-safe plastic bag and you will be able to keep them stored for when you want to turn them into a big tasty dessert.

Are Ladyfingers Considered Soft Or Crunchy?

While the answer to this question really depends on who you ask and how they like to eat their ladyfingers, the general consensus for the texture of these biscuits is that when they are freshly baked, they are incredibly soft and sponge-like in the center but are a little more crunchy and crispy on the outside which is what makes them such a unique biscuit to snack on as they manage to balance the two so well, making them incredibly easy and light to eat.


When you next pick up some ladyfingers or decide to whip some up at home, as tempting as it might be to tuck in right away, instead try and see if you have some other ingredients lying around that can turn the ladyfingers into a much bigger and much more tasty recipe, who knows, you could just find your new favorite way to eat these delightful biscuits 

23 Easy And Delicious Ladyfinger Dessert Recipes

23 Easy And Delicious Ladyfinger Dessert Recipes

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Don’t be one of those people who only eats ladyfingers with a cup of coffee, try out some of these recipes to turn them into a delicious and appetizing dessert!

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