26 Simple And Tasty Couscous Recipes 

Contrary to what most people think, couscous is a small form of pasta rather than a grain. We have found 26 exciting and simple couscous recipes for you to shake up those midweek meals. 

1. 10-Minute Couscous Salad

This couscous salad recipe is ideal for any occasion. With fresh bell pepper, crunchy green onions, and refreshing cucumber it’s a perfect light lunch.

Pesto and pine nuts are added to the couscous to give it flavor and it’s all topped off with some feta cheese to add a delicious tang to the meal. It’s such an easy dish to make, perfect for those on the go. 

2. Moroccan-Inspired Chicken Couscous

Chicken thighs are baked in warm Moroccan spices along with garlic and tomato paste in this recipe.

A standard North African spice called Ras el Hanout is used to bring the authentic flavors of Morocco, you should be able to find this at a well-stocked grocery store.

Couscous is perfect to top off this dish as it’s light and fluffy and can soak up any residual spices. 

3. Spiced Baked Chicken With Couscous Recipe

A meaty, spicy sauce is created here using paprika, curry powder, and fresh herbs. Leaving the chicken to marinate in the fridge will allow it to really soak in the flavors.

Hot and spicy stock is used for cooking the couscous adding even more heat to the dish. Full of vitamins, peas, and spinach are added for extra nutrients. 

4. Lemon Couscous Recipe

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and versatile couscous recipe then this is it. Lemon flavors the couscous adding a light zest and aroma whilst the couscous steams in chicken or vegetable broth.

Fresh garlic with its pungent smell mellows and sweetens the dish. 

5. Vegan Couscous Salad

Mediterranean-inspired, the couscous is toasted in a pan first in this recipe to bring out the naturally nutty flavors.

Many people cook couscous in plain boiling water, here vegetable stock is used to steam the grain to make it even more appetizing. 

For an authentic taste of the Mediterranean, black olives, tomatoes, cucumber, and chickpeas are all added to give a light and crisp taste.

Fresh herbs of your choosing and a splash of pungent balsamic vinegar help to bring this dish together.

6. Moroccan Lamb Stew With Couscous 

Lamb is a Morrocan staple and is used in many of their dishes. A nice, hearty stew is perfect on a cold winter’s day or when you require a comforting meal (see also ‘35 Delicious Winter Stews And Soups To Warm Your Insides On A Cold Day‘).

This easy one-pot dish uses sweet and aromatic spices to coat tender pieces of lamb. Browning and simmering the lamb allows for it to become extra moist and tender. 

Stewing the vegetables in with warming flavors such as cinnamon, ginger, and cumin and sweetness from orange juice, tomatoes, and dried apricots creates a traditional balance of sweet and savory that is commonly found in Moroccan cooking.

Couscous is added straight to the stew to cook in the liquids and absorb as much flavor as possible before serving. 

7. Quorn Swedish Style Balls With Spicy Couscous

Using Quorn Swedish Style Balls in this recipe creates a delicious take on a meaty meatball version of this classic dish.

Harissa paste is used here to add authentic Moroccan flavors to the couscous as it’s cooked in the paste along with the vegetable stock. Lemon zest and herbs add bite to the grain. 

Natural yogurt, garlic, mint, and lemon juice are mixed to create a tzatziki-style dressing that is garnished with cilantro and drizzled over the finished meal to complement the heat of couscous.

Adjust the spice levels to your liking, or simply make some more dressing if you require some creamy, cooling respite. 

8. Moroccan Beef With Couscous And Green Beans

For a low-calorie and nutrient-packed meal, lean cuts of beef are cooked in Moroccan seasonings with zesty lemon-infused couscous. Raw red onion and blanched green beans add roughage and crunch to the meal.

Packed full of fiber, roughly chopped almonds are folded into the mixture for a nutty layer of flavor. 

9. Warm Couscous Salad With Apricot Vinaigrette

Scallions and almonds add a wonderful crunch to the soft and fluffy couscous. Although the recipe cooks the couscous in a chicken broth, swapping for a vegetable version won’t affect the flavor.

A delicious fruity apricot vinaigrette pulls the dish together which is made from apricot preserves. Modify the amounts of apricot to increase the fruitiness of the dressing if desired. 

10. Speedy Lamb Couscous Recipe

If you’re strapped for time, this easy lamb couscous recipe (see also ‘23 Leftover Lamb Recipes You Need To Try!‘) is great for a filling lunch or a last-minute family dinner.

Lamb steaks are browned in Moroccan spices and a quick sauce made from tinned tomatoes adds a richness that encompasses the whole dish.

The couscous is added straight to the pan to soak up all the delicious flavors.Honey and dried apricots give this dish the signature Moroccan taste. 

11. Halloumi Couscous Salad

Halloumi is a salty Greek cheese that pairs perfectly with couscous. The Mediterranean flavors work seamlessly together for a taste of summer.

Packed with protein and fresh nutrients this is a filling meal, but also can be a side dish with a large spread. 

Pesto-flavored couscous is spread on a bed of crisp, peppery arugula (rocket) with some juicy cherry tomatoes.

Frying the halloumi until it’s light to golden brown in color is essential to ensure it’s the right consistency and doesn’t turn to rubber.

Pine Nuts and pomegranate seeds are sprinkled over the top for a pop of freshness. Serve with creamy hummus. 

12. Moroccan Meatballs With Couscous 

Traditional Moroccan meatballs aren’t made with eggs or any dairy products, they are a simple mixture of Moroccan spices and beef mince.

Warming ginger, cumin, and cinnamon are used here alongside turmeric to produce a sweet and spicy flavor.

Making your meatballs is easy to do and doesn’t take up a lot of time, they need to be formed into a spherical shape and baked. 

The meatballs are served in a tomato sauce along with the couscous. A combination of creamy natural yogurt, spring onions, pistachios, and fresh cilantro leaves create a light and refreshing dip which can be used to cool the dish. 

13. Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Couscous is a Mediterranean staple that is perfect in the hot summer months, no one wants to spend too much time over a hot stove when it’s hot out.

This dish is full of fresh vegetables and has a tangy dressing for a refreshing meal. Lemon juice and red wine vinegar give the dressing some acidity, this is balanced out with some honey. 

Raw red onion, cucumber, bell peppers, and tomatoes are all classic vegetables you’d associate with a Mediterranean salad. You can swap any of these out or add some olives if you prefer.

Top with feta cheese for an authentic taste of Greece.   

14. Mustard Honey Salmon With Veggie Couscous

Salmon is low in saturated fat and a great source of protein, with low-calorie couscous full of tasty vegetables you can’t go wrong with this dish.

The honey and mustard create a sweet and warm layer of flavor to the salmon; roasted with lemon halves the juices infuse with the salmon to add tartness. 

Green beans and radishes are roasted and then topped with flaked almonds for texture and a little nuttiness. Mixing the couscous and roasted vegetables together blends the dish nicely.

Serve with all the extra lemon wedges you desire for some added zest.

15. Moroccan Spiced Vegetable Couscous

Spiced vegetable couscous pairs well with fried chicken or even a juicy steak. Regardless of what you serve it with, this one-pot dish is the perfect foundation. Fragrant spices will tease your senses and awaken your taste buds. 

Onions, bell peppers, and carrots are browned to add an extra layer of flavor to the dish and bring out their natural sweetness. Full of protein, this dish also contains chickpeas and peas which mix nicely with the couscous.

For a dish with more heat, add Peppadew Piquante peppers. 

16. Tunisian-Style Couscous With Fish 

The fish used in this dish is grouper, otherwise known as monkfish but you can use any white fish of your choice for a tasty meal. North African flavors seep into the dish with a blend of spices and harissa paste.

Currants, raisins, or sultanas are added to the couscous mixture to sweeten the dish, giving it an authentic taste. 

17. Israeli Couscous Salad

A smoked paprika and lemon dressing coats warm couscous with a blend of heat and citrus flavors. The oily dressing glazes over the cooked couscous which is then mixed with fresh vegetables, perfect on a warm day.

Mint leaves are used to add a touch of the Middle East. 

18. Scallops With Spicy Curry Sauce And Couscous

Make sure to use fresh, juicy scallops for this dish. A basic curry sauce is made from coconut milk, hot sauce, and spices.

Couscous is cooked in water and sesame oil to bring a nutty, Asian taste to the dish. This is all tied together perfectly as the creamy, spicy sauce is drizzled over a bed of couscous and pan-seared scallops. 

19. Greek Seasoned Pork With Lemon Couscous

If you’ve not heard of Greek seasoning, it is a blend of oregano, basil, thyme, marjoram, onion, and garlic. Coating pork chops in this aromatic blend will create a nice herb crust on the outside of the meat.

Light and flavorful vegetables such as eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh spinach will leave you feeling like you’re on a Greek island eating dinner. 

20. Hake With Lemon Couscous 

Hake is a sustainable and slightly sweet fish that flakes easily, but becomes firm and meaty when cooked. The couscous is flavored with lemon and garlic for a light and complimentary taste to the fish.

Pepper, courgette, and onion are combined with the couscous which is ideal on a spring day. 

21. Chicken And Broccoli Couscous

This simple recipe can get the whole family to eat more vegetables with this healthy, low-calorie meal. Chicken breasts are cooked and seasoned with some lemon juice and oil.

Chili is used to give the broccoli a nice kick, this can be adjusted to your own tastes. Lemon zest, more juice, and parsley for a delicate and balanced citrus flavor. 

22. Salmon Couscous Salad With Feta Dressing

Salad bowls are a simple and healthy lunch or dinner as they are light yet filling. Flaky fillets of salmon are an excellent source of protein and work well in salad bowls such as this.

Za’atar is a Middle Eastern spice that brings a woodsy and nutty flavor (see also ’30 Zazzy Foods That Start With The Letter ‘Z’’). A feta dressing is made using tangy feta and lemon along with sweet honey and peppery mustard. 

23. Smoky Pork With Apricot & Courgette Couscous

Pork is one of the most versatile meats, here pork mince is warmed with cumin seeds and paprika.

Ribbons of crunchy, refreshing courgette and sweet dried apricots are blended with the couscous for a delicious and enticing and enjoyable meal. 

24. Couscous Pilaf With Sauteed Mushrooms

Couscous pilaf is a delicious, comforting vegan meal.

Full of protein and complex carbohydrates you’ll feel warm and satisfied when finished. Blends of spices are added to white wine and vegetable stock to cook this couscous to perfection. 

Hearty vegetables are cooked in this liquid allowing them to absorb the flavor along with the thickly sliced mushrooms. 

25. Autumn Couscous With Roast Squash And Feta 

Traybakes are perfect for a comforting autumn meal, not to mention they are fuss-free and quick to do.

Butternut squash, plum tomatoes, and shredded kale are baked alongside couscous; ras el hanout is used to season the dish for a little spice. Crumbled tangy feta is added on top and cooked slightly until it starts to show a little color. 

26. Butternut Squash Tagine With Couscous

The sweetness of the butternut squash comes through when cooked. Preserved lemons and honey contribute to the sweet and sour flavors of the tenderly cooked squash.

Herb infused couscous uses parsley, but this can be anything you like. Flaked almonds are added to the couscous with olive oil which creates an earthy, nutty element to the dish. 

Closing Thoughts

Couscous makes for a light and delicious dinner as it can be paired with almost anything. Hopefully you’ve got some fresh new inspiration on how to cook your couscous or have found your new favorite dish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Couscous Do I Need For 4 Adults?

Couscous expands in size when cooked, 1 cup of dry couscous will give you about 2 cups of cooked couscous. This should be more than enough to feed four people. 

26 Simple And Tasty Couscous Recipes 

26 Simple And Tasty Couscous Recipes 

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Couscous is a small round type of pasta that versatile and filling. Here we have found 26 simple and delicious recipes to inspire your midweek meals.

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