28 Wonderful And Unique Bavarois Recipes For Every Occasion

In the market for a new dessert to wow your friends with at the weekend potluck?

Eggs, gelatin, milk, and a variety of additional ingredients are used to make the traditional Bavarian dessert known as bavarois. It falls somewhere in the middle of a custard, a cream treat, and a jelly.

Wonderful and Unique Bavarois Recipes For Every Occasion

Sounds delicious right?

We have over 25 recipes so that you can try creating your own Bavarois at home. From coffee to berries, there is a whole range of flavors to be discovered.

1. Classic Bavarois

Traditional Bavarois is vanilla flavored. Making it the perfect place to start when learning to make this fun dessert.

You can easily make a large batch of this Bavarois recipe, perfect for serving large dinner parties. Or to keep on hand for a delicious sweet treat.

2. Raspberry And Vanilla Bavarois

This bavarois recipe is simple with a little something extra to add. Create your Classic Bavarois recipe but before you pour it into its resting dish, scatter a punnet of raspberries.

Before your dessert sets completely, scatter 2 more punnets of raspberries on top. Allowing them to sink to the bottom.

3. Layered Chocolate & Strawberry Bavarois

This parfait style bavarois dish is the perfect addition to your Christmas dinner menu.

In less than 30 minutes you can have layers of fresh strawberries, bavarois, and melted chocolate. Although, it will have to set for a few hours in the refrigerator.

4. Orange Bavarois

Keep things fresh with this Orange Bavarois recipe. This dessert blends the zestiness of the fresh orange in with the creaminess of the cream.

Wonderful and refreshing. Add a layer of fresh orange segments along the bottom of the dish for extra freshness. Garnish with fresh orange peel.

5. Strawberry Bavarois

Spice up the traditional strawberry cheesecake with this Strawberry Bavarois recipe. Who doesn’t love strawberry desserts?

Puree a small portion of strawberries and pour over the top for a sweet bite every time (find more strawberry puree recipes here). This may even become your favorite dessert.

6. Lemon Vanilla Bavarois

When looking for something a little more sophisticated to serve a lemon dessert in a smaller pot or glass is always the right choice.

This Lemon Vanilla Bavarois recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and citrus while remaining delicious.

7. Dark Chocolate Bavarois

Any dessert containing dark chocolate is sure to be a straight win. It is sweet, decadent, and subtle.

This Dark Chocolate Bavarois is perfect for serving a small crowd and with a warm white chocolate sauce, it is sure to be a winner.

8. Peach And Strawberry Bavarois

While peach cobbler is a classic dessert and is loved by everyone, it is time to try something new.

This Peach and Strawberry Bavarois recipe is fresh, light, and perfect for summer time. Serve with a fresh slice of peach and a strawberry for a perfect bite.

9. Champagne And Peach Bavarois

Extended the celebrations with this Champagne and Peach Bavarois recipe. Perfect as an engagement party dessert or as a special treat at the end of the month.

This dessert is fresh, sweet, and utterly delicious. You might want to have an extra batch in the refrigerator.

10. Lychee And Lemongrass Bavarois

Incorporating fresh Lychees, lemongrass, and raspberries, this is the ultimate summer dessert.

Not only will it look great on Instagram, it will taste even better. Don’t forget the mango puree for the glaze!

11. Mini Cherry Bavarois

When serving a large crowd, sometimes smaller is better. If only to make your life less stressful.

These Mini Cherry Bavarois are the ideal finisher to any menu. Allowing everyone to mingle and enjoy their dessert away from the dinner table.

12. Coconut Bavarois

Coconut has a way of making any dessert creamy and delicious. So, use it to make your bavarois even better!

Using both shredded coconut and coconut cream enhances the flavor without sacrificing that smooth, fluffy texture.

13. Cinnamon Bavarois

Adding cinnamon to any recipe instantly makes it fit for the holidays. This Cinnamon Bavarois recipe has everything you need for a holiday treat.

Using ground cinnamon keeps this recipe simple and on the more affordable side. Dust with cinnamon and some powdered sugar for a Christmas ready dessert.

14. Honey And Lime Bavarois

Honey and lime is a combination that creates a magical burst of flavor on your tongue. Making it perfect for a flavored bavarois recipe.

The honey adds a natural sweetness while the lime keeps the dessert light and vibrant.

15. Matcha Bavarois

Is your favorite order a matcha latte? Then you may want to give this Matcha Bavarois recipe a try.

Sporting the iconic bright green color, this dessert will catch your eye and your interest. Whether you want it to or not.

16. Cardamom Bavarois

The cardamom in this dish gives the traditional bavarois a distinctive flavor, especially when combined with the delectable raspberry sauce that is highly advised!

Spicy, sweet, and all things tasty. You have to give it a try this holiday season.

17. Blueberry Bavarois

Blueberries are often more subdued in terms of flavor. But that makes them great for a bavarois dish.

Not to mention the natural dye of the blueberries will give your dish a fun purple look. Perfect for kids parties or adults. It is absolutely delicious!

18. Almond Bavarois With Rhubarb And Praline

Anything almond flavored is instantly delicious in our book. Served with poached rhubarb and crunchy praline pieces and you have a truly outstanding dessert.

It’s amazing how effectively the rhubarb’s tartness contrasts with the crisp praline, sweet almond, and light almond flavors.

19. Vanilla & Coffee Bavarois With Mocha Sauce

Experience all things coffee and desserts with this Vanilla and Coffee Bavarois recipe. Smooth, creamy, and full of coffee flavors.

Similar to Italian Affogato you experience the cool smooth vanilla base with notes of coffee.

20. Pumpkin Bavarois

As fall creeps in, the scent and flavors of pumpkin take over. From pumpkin pie to pumpkin spice lattes, we can’t get enough.

This Pumpkin Bavarois recipe is just another way to use up your pumpkin pulp after carving.

21. Rose Bavarois

This elegant dessert includes fresh rose petals and rose essence. It is light, airy, and delicious.

The pink food coloring provides the full flower effect without being too over the top.

22. Chestnut Bavarois

Sweetened chestnut cream is a must for this bavarois recipe. Or make it slightly more difficult by making chestnut puree from scratch.

This recipe is sweet and a little cheeky with a small splash of rum.

23. Vegan Chocolate Bavarois

Traditional bavarois recipes all use animal byproducts. From milk to cream so making them vegan can be a little tricky.

This recipe uses tofu instead of cow’s milk or cream making it vegan yet still delicious.

24. Kiwi Syrup Bavarois

This traditional bavarois recipe takes things to a new level by adding a level of kiwi syrup and fresh kiwis on top.

Ideal for a quick dessert on a budget. Make sure to let it set before serving!

25. Honey Lime Bavarois

Sweet and zesty, this Honey Lime Bavarois recipe is the perfect end to any meal. Keeping things light and airy with an irresistible sweetness.

26. Chocolate Brownie Bavarois

With a brownie base, a white chocolate bavarois, raspberry coulis, and whipped cream swirl on top.

What more could you ask for? Serve as a full cake or in single serve dishes.

27. Orange Jelly And Lavender Shortbread Bavarois

In need of a romantic dessert for 2? Check out this Bavarois recipe topped with Orange Jelly and Lavender Shortbread.

Top with fresh lavender petals for a dainty, romantic feel.

28. Beer Bavarois

When used correctly, beer can be a great addition to a dessert. Adding a sense of fun and airiness.

This Beer Bavarois recipe uses Mildura Brewery Choc Hops Beer but you can use whatever you like!

Perfect for parties or celebrations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mousse And Bavarois different?

No. The difference is the lightener and stabilizer used. Whipping cream is always used to lighten bavarois when it comes to flavoring.

On the other hand, mousse can be lightened in a variety of ways, including with meringue or an immersion blender.

Gelatin is always needed to stabilize bavarois, whereas mousse can utilize any form of stabilizer.

What Type Of Dessert Is Bavarois?

A sort of set cream called a bavarois is produced using custard, whipped cream, and gelatin.

Where Does Bavarois Come From?

Bavarois is a dessert which originated from the German state of Bavaria. Since, it has become popular within both Germany and France.

Final Thoughts

Kids parties, weddings, or even just the family cookout, Bavarois is a wonderful dessert. It is light, airy, and utterly delicious for everyone to enjoy.

Filled with cream you can easily create different versions of this traditional dessert.

Whether you prefer the bitterness of coffee or the freshness of lime and kiwi, there is a variation to tingle everyone’s taste buds.

Select from one of the recipes above and begin enjoying this extremely versatile dessert. Serve as a large cake or in single servings. Just make sure you save a piece for yourself!

28 Wonderful And Unique Bavarois Recipes For Every Occasion

28 Wonderful And Unique Bavarois Recipes For Every Occasion

Recipe by Jenna

Bavarois is a decadent and fun dish to create. We have 28 wonderful and unique bavarois recipes for any occasion. Try them out today and be amazed.

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