28 Incredibly Simple Blackberry Desserts

Not only are blackberries incredibly delicious but they are also extremely healthy! Between their sweet, fresh flavor and deep, inky hue, they make for one of the best dessert ingredients. 

Typically, blackberries come in season from May to October but can taste scrumptious throughout the year. 

Similar to raspberries, sweet, a hint of tartiness, and slightly sour are some of the main features of a blackberry. 

28 Incredibly Simple Blackberry Desserts

These small, juicy berries are packed with Vitamin C and a lot less sugar than the typical berry, making them perfect for your fruit treat desserts. 

With this in mind, below you will find 28 delicious blackberry dessert recipes, whether you’re craving something sweet or prefer something more savory, we have it here! 

From the traditional blackberry pie to blackberry bread pudding to blackberry panna cotta, we have compiled a diverse list of blackberry desserts for you. Let’s get straight into it! 

1. Juicy Old-Fashioned Blackberry Cobbler

While this may look like another blackberry pie, it is in fact a delicate blackberry cobbler. This is distinguished by its triple pastry layer. 

Blackberry cobblers are reminiscent of warm and cozy memories of days gone by – and this recipe provides just that. 

Not only is this recipe relatively easy, but tastes just as delicious. All you need to do is line the bottom of a baking dish with pie dough and top with half the blackberries. 

Then, you will want to add another layer of pre-cooked pastry, which acts as the middle layer, then pile the rest of the fruit on top.

The last thing to do is add the pie lid and then let your oven do its magic. 

Once finished, add a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream for the perfect combination of sweet and savory. 

2. Lemon Blackberry Breakfast Cookies

Cookies for breakfast? Yes, please!

Oats are mixed with honey instead of refined sugar, applesauce instead of oil, banana instead of egg (without the overpowering banana taste), lemon juice, fresh blackberries, and lemon zest to create the perfect hard-on the outside; soft on the inside cookies! 

These cookies are the epitome of clean eating, free from egg, dairy, or gluten. 

Contrary to popular belief, gluten-free doesn’t have to mean taste-free. Instead, you’ll experience some zesty, fruity, chewy, and sweet cookies that are hard to resist!

3. Vegan Blackberry Cheesecake

If you are looking for your next show-stopping recipe to wow all your friends and family, then you’re going to love this vegan blackberry cheesecake. 

Not only is it extremely Insta-worthy (just look at all those colors!) but it also tastes delicious and is easy to make.

The hardest part you’ll encounter is waiting for it the rest before eating!

However, the wait will definitely be worth it in the end. You’ll be rewarded with a crunchy, buttery base with a creamy, rich filling. The best part? You don’t even need an oven! 

4. Blackberry White Chocolate S’mores

Sick and tired of regular s’more? Why not try these enhanced blackberry and white chocolate s’more recipes?

Perfect for those summer months where traditional chocolate s’mores seem to be the go-to at every family/ friend get-together!

Add some variety to the mix this summer, or any other time of the year for that matter. 

While you’ll still get the super sweet flavors of a traditional s’more, the added blackberries and white chocolate provided an added flair. 

5. Homemade Blackberry Pie

There is nothing more homely than a homemade blackberry pie.

A buttery crust is packed with juicy blackberries, nestled in a sea of luscious, sweet blackberry syrupy goodness! It’s so good, you’ll want to make it again and again.

As the blackberries cook, their juices get released, leaving you with a stunning, mouthwatering deep purple pie. 

What’s great about this recipe is that the blackberries don’t turn to complete mush, unlike some other buries, providing you with a burst of flavor with each spoonful. 

6. Blackberry Brownies

You can’t go wrong with brownies, and with added blackberries, you’re left with a dessert that will not disappoint. 

You may have already tried brownies with raspberries, cherries, or strawberries, so why not give blackberries a go?

The combination of super-rich chocolate and the tangy, sweetness of blackberries makes for the perfect fusion.

Instead of overpowering one another, they work together to make a perfect balance. 

With a few simple ingredients and 10 minutes of your time, you’ll have these sweet treats whipped up in no time. 

7. Blackberry Popsicle

Looking for ways to cool down this summer? Why not try these homemade blackberry popsicles? 

They add a fun twist to the traditional popsicles while making them a slightly healthier alternative. 

These blackberry popsicles only require four ingredients, perfect for a healthy, sweet treat. On top of this, the recipe is dairy-free with no refined sugars – the ultimate guilt-free dessert! 

8. Blackberry Chocolate Fig Bars

While this may sound like an unusual combination of ingredients, they work wonders together!

Sweet blackberries, mission figs, and rich chocolate come together in harmony to create these mouthwatering bars. 

While we all know blackberries and chocolate are like two peas in a pod, when you add figs into the mix, it creates a chewy and almond caramel flavor to the mix. 

9. Blackberry And Blueberry Galette

If you’re unfamiliar with a galette, it’s essentially a rustic pie; although, instead of using a pie dish, you pile the fruit high onto the dough and fold over the edges. 

It requires less molding, precision, shaping, and attention to detail than the traditional pies. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t taste just as good as the real thing!

You simply need one layer of pastry and approximately 15 minutes to prepare your dessert.

Galettes are the perfect summer dessert; they are quick, easy, and don’t require hours spent in the hot kitchen over an oven! 

10. Blackberry Lime Cake

If you’ve never tried the combination of blackberry and lime, then you need to try this recipe! 

Not only is it incredible to look at, with its vibrant pastel purple and topped blackberries, but it is also mouthwateringly moist and delicious!

Whether you serve it with a dollop of cream or on its own, you’re sure to impress the members of your family. 

The fruit truly does all the work here, bringing the cake itself to life. 

11. Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream, and when made at home; you’re guaranteeing it’s free from any nasty preservatives and artificial sugars. 

This recipe calls for two main ingredients: Greek yogurt, and, of course, blackberries. 

This frozen yogurt will help you beat the heat this summer with a bowl of refreshing goodness that is truly irresistible. 

12. Blackberry Scones

Why not enhance the traditional, plain scones by throwing some blackberries into the mix?

Since blackberries are much larger than raisins, you may want to make sure that your scones have enough strength to accommodate them. 

This ensures that they don’t overwhelm the dough and make it soggy. 

13. Cardamom-Blackberry Linzer Cookies

Deeply spiced cardamom makes for the perfect combination with the tangy, sweetness of blackberries. 

Cardamom has a very particular flavor, similar to lavender, that can become overpowering if too much is added to the recipe. 

However, this recipe has the perfect amount, providing you with a unique combination of delectable flavors. 

14. Blackberry Jam Recipe

Typically, store-bought jams are loaded with sugars and preservatives which, if consumed in large amounts, can be bad for your health. 

During blackberry season, why not make your own blackberry jam – this way, you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your jam and it will taste infinitely more delicious. 

With only four ingredients, you can’t go wrong! This recipe helps preserve the flavors of summer to enjoy all year long. 

To go one step further, why not go for a hike and pick your own blackberries for the freshest and most organic blackberry jam? 

15. Blackberry Panna Cotta

Raspberry panna cotta makes for the ultimate summer dessert.

With only five ingredients and 10 minutes of your time to prepare, it makes for the perfect prepare-ahead sweet treat for garden parties or potlucks. 

Not only does it look amazing, with its vibrant purple colors, but it also tastes delicious with its creamy, smooth texture – it’s sure to be a crowd favorite!

16. Blackberry Fool

While its name may say otherwise, this is quite a clever recipe. 

It leads you into a false pretense that you’re about to make a complicated recipe when in reality, all you need to do is mash some blackberries with whipped cream!

With only a few ingredients and 10 minutes of your time, you’ll have these blackberry fools whipped up in no time whatsoever!

Whether you top it with extra blackberries, dark chocolate shavings, some lime zest, or on its own, it’s the perfect dessert to make if you have any leftover blackberries that need using. 

17. Blackberry-Topped Sponge Cakes

Looking for a dessert fit for your dinner parties, well then look no further!

Not only do these blackberry-topped sponge cakes look mouthwateringly good, but they also taste delicious. 

With only a couple of ingredients, you’ll have this sweet treat whipped up in no time. 

18. Blackberry Bread

While you may be hooked on banana bread (which is understandable!), you should definitely try this blackberry bread as an alternative. We promise it won’t disappoint. 

This moist, flavorful bread is bursting with blackberry goodness that you won’t get enough of.

Whether you serve it for breakfast or an afternoon treat with a hot cup of coffee or tea, it is sure to leave you feeling warm. 

One thing to remember with this recipe is to not overmix the batter! Stir gently until everything is incorporated. 

19. Blackberry Pie Bars

Crumbly, tender pie crust combined with sweet, juicy blackberries come together to create these easy, yet delicious pie bars. 

Enjoy everything you love about the classic blackberry pie without having to roll the dough!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can easily adapt this recipe to include whatever fruits you desire – the possibilities are endless. 

The crust is made from a simple shortbread-like blend of butter, sugar, and flour that is pressed into the bottom of the baking dish. 

The important thing to remember with this recipe is to not cover the entire top with crumble, this will allow the blackberries to bubble up and ooze their delicious juices. 

20. Blackberry Bread Pudding

The options for stale-bread recipes are somewhat limited, and by the end of the week, you may find yourself throwing away perfectly good bread.

Well, what better way to make the most of your stale bread than by making this blackberry bread pudding!

21. Blackberry Turnovers

Looking for ways to use up your store-bought puff pastry, well then look no further! With a few simple ingredients, you’ll have the blackberry turnovers on a plate in no time. 

Sometimes referred to as “hand pies”, these turnovers are fruits, flaky, sweet, and perfect for the summer months. 

Pre-made puff pastry is a lifesaver during the summer months.

Instead of spending hours hunched over the oven, simply place a dollop of filling in the center of the pastry, hold, press, then bake!

22. Blackberry, Almond, And Rosemary Tart

Everyone should know how to make frangipane! 

This almond tart is quick to make, extremely versatile, and is sure to be the showstopper on any occasion!

Blackberries are sunk into an almond frangipane filling that contains just a hint of rosemary, all encompassed in a rich, buttery pastry case. 

To serve, dust with powdered sugar or a drizzle of vanilla glaze for the perfect dessert. 

23. Blackberry Granita

Similar to shaved ice; however, the flavor in granitas are mixed in before being frozen. 

If you’re looking for an easy, yet incredibly delicious and refreshing summer dessert, then you’ve come to the right place. 

All you need to do is blend the blackberries with salt, water, and lime juice, then strain and place them in the freezer. 

While this recipe calls for crème de cassis, you can easily leave it out if you don’t have access to the ingredient. 

To achieve the perfect texture, it’s important to allow the granita to slightly freeze before using a fork to scrape the top. 

Once this has been done, place it back in the freezer, then bring it back out and scrap again, repeating this process until icy and fluffy. 

24. Chocolate Blackberry Crumble

This dessert is so good that you won’t even realize that it’s healthy! 

Sweet summer blackberries combined with dark chocolate and a buttery crumble to form a crazy delicious sweet treat. 

Whether you serve it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, you’ll be wanting it again and again. 

25. Blackberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Cups

Instead of the popular chocolate and blackberry combination, why not try white chocolate as an alternative?

These blackberry white chocolate cheesecake cups contain a perfect balance of crunchy baking chips, and blackberry puree, with a salty and sweet pretzel crust that creates a sensational dessert. 

26. Peach Blackberry Tart

While this peach and blackberry tart may look impressive and complicated to make, this recipe couldn’t be easier!

Not only does it taste amazing, but it will also take centerstage at any event. The peaches add a pop of color to the dish, making the blackberries stand out.

27. Blackberry Pistachio Crumble Bars

These crumble bars contain the perfect combination of nutty and mildly flavored pistachios which come together to create an impressive green color that will stand out at any event. 

While you could easily add in any different kind of nut, these pistachios truly add something special to the recipe, and when combined with the blackberries, they are sensational. 

28. Blackberry Lime Cream Puffs

These blackberry lime cream puffs are sure to be a crowd favorite. 

Profiterole shells are stuffed with a blackberry filling that provides a burst of flavor with every mouthful. 

Serve with a dusting of powdered sugar and lime zest for the perfect contrast of colors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Are Blackberries In Season?

While blackberries grow and ripen from late spring to early fall, the peak season for blackberries falls between July and August.

However, you should find them all year round in your local supermarket. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Blackberries?

In addition to being packed with Vitamin C, blackberries are also high in fiber, and manganese boosts brain health, supports oral health, and is a great source of Vitamin K. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever time of the year you enjoy blackberries, they make for the perfect sweet treat! This is because they are the perfect combination of sweetness and tanginess, an addition to sweet desserts.

From popsicles to bread, hopefully, this guide has provided you with some inspiration for your next blackberry desserts.

28 Incredibly Simple Blackberry Desserts

28 Incredibly Simple Blackberry Desserts

Recipe by Jenna

Blackberries are so delicious and you can use them in a variety of ways. Here are 28 simple recipes for blackberry desserts that are sure to please.

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