17 Healthy Things To Order At A Taco Bell

In this article, we have the top 17 healthy things you can order at a Taco Bell, so if tacos are going to be your fast-food meal for this week, we can help you choose the best options on the menu!

Keeping to a healthy diet at home is challenging enough, but when it’s time to eat out or order something when the fridge is empty, things can get way more difficult.

It is simple to track your daily caloric intake when you are at home but tracking the calories you consume once you leave the house is much more difficult.

17 Healthy Things To Order At A Taco Bell

This is frequently because the components and nutrition facts are not properly listed in the store.

As such, if you’re going to eat at a fast-food chain, you should do some research ahead of time to know what healthy options there are for you to order.

That way you can still enjoy a cheat meal without adding up unnecessary trans fats and calories.

So, keep on reading below and make notes of what to order this week from Taco Bell!

1. Breakfast Crunchwrap

The breakfast burrito we started our list with might sound quite simple to some, so if you want something a little more intricate, the breakfast Crunchwrap is ideal.

This Crunchwrap has nearly twice the calories, but it will undoubtedly satisfy your hunger and keep you full for much longer.

It is an extremely delicious breakfast meal option that is made with eggs, bacon, hash browns, cheese, and a spicy jalapeno sauce that has a powerful flavor.

Thanks to the eggs, bacon, and cheese, you are packing a good amount of protein, while their fat content, albeit a bit high, is nevertheless great for those days when you need your brain and body to work a lot!

2. Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito

With only 570 calories, the hash brown toasted breakfast burrito is a further low-calorie and healthy item on the Taco Bell menu (see also ‘11 Taco Bell Gluten Free Menu Items‘).

This is a scrumptious and classic meal made with bacon, hash browns, eggs, and cheese. With its ingredients being identical to the ones used for the Breakfast Crunchwrap, the only difference is the lack of the jalapeno sauce.

So, if having spicy food in the morning sounds like a counter-productive idea or if you simply do not get well on with spicy meals, this burrito is perfect for that energy boost in the morning!

3. Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito

Even though it is one of the simplest options you can get from the chain, it tastes fantastic. With only 340 kcal per portion, the cheesy toasted breakfast burrito is a complete meal that will keep you full for the rest of the day.

This Taco Bell menu item tastes so good and its ingredients are the reason why. Sausage, bacon, and potatoes create a mix that is served in a warm burrito that feels like a hug on a cold breakfast morning.

So, if you’re out and about from early in the day, grab a burrito to enjoy it on the go and start your day with some nice, takeaway fuel!

4. Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme

An average adult needs approximately 2000 kcals per day, but most of us end up expending way more energy than this amount of calories can provide us with.

However, if you are on a diet and looking to eat less and move more, you might want to think about eating 3-4 times a day and having a nutritious meal each time to keep you full.

The Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme can become one of those meals, as its 510 calories are mostly coming from nutrient-rich ingredients.

This meal is a nice mix of all the major food groups, which is what makes it so nutritious. It’s got black beans, a reduced-fat sour cream, Taco Bell’s nacho cheese sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Another vegetarian menu on this list, is too good to miss!

5. Black Bean Quesalupa

If you enjoy trying new foods, Taco Bell Quesalupa is a must-try. It is a unique menu item that debuted on the Taco Bell menu many years ago.

Quesalupa combines the best of both worlds: that of a chalupa and a quesadilla. A soft taco shell hugs some jack pepper cheese and other ingredients of your choice.

If you are going for a vegetarian, low-calorie alternative, the Black Bean Quesalupa is the way to go, but other options include meat as well as chicken, with the latter being a low-calorie option too.

6. Cheesy Roll Up

If you’re looking for a quick snack, this 180-calorie roll-up is the way to go. If you’re looking for a quick snack, this 180-calorie roll-up is the way to go.

This food is not anything fancy and will certainly not keep you full for long, but it is tasty and nutritious.

Starring Taco Bell’s popular cheese blends rolled up in a fresh tortilla wrap, this snack is Ideal for people on a vegetarian diet or those who prefer having small snacks during their day instead of enjoying a full meal that might make them feel heavy.

7. Black Beans And Rice

If you’re serious about your calorie count, black beans and rice are probably the most suitable option for you. With only 170 calories and minimal fat content, this meal is simple, nutritious, and filling.

The black beans are rich in protein and the rice is a great source of carbohydrates that can give you energy for the day.

Moreover, beans are generally high in fiber, so if you are also watching your fiber intake, you’ll want to add this meal to your list.

And if you are a vegetarian on a diet, we are talking about a win-win meal here!

8. Doritos Locos Tacos

These ‘crazy’ Doritos Tacos are yet another tasty snack. A traditional taco is stuffed with an even more traditional taco filling. Where are the Doritos, you ask? This taco shell is made from nacho cheese Doritos!

With only 170 calories per taco, it is great for when you are feeling snacky. The best part is that you can even order two and save some for later.

So, if those cheesy tortilla roll-ups sound too boring, get your hands on some of these… Tacoritos!

9. Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Since we’ve just mentioned the popular cheese blend Taco Bell includes in many of their meals, we cannot but include the cheesy Gordita Crunch in this list.

While many people fear cheese and consider it a high-calorie ingredient, when combined with the right ingredients, it can actually result in a balanced, wholesome, and filling meal.

This cheesy crunch acts as proof of this statement. It is a Crunchy Taco with pepper jack sauce stuffed inside a delicate Gordita shell and held together by that Taco Bell cheesy mix that is melted to perfection.

With 20 grams of protein and 29 grams of fat, it is not the healthiest of items on this list, but it is still one of the best ones you can find in Taco Bell (for the best secret menu items you can get at Taco Bell, read here).

For those following a keto diet, it’s essential to note that the Cheesy Gordita Crunch is relatively high in carbohydrates due to the Gordita shell and the Crunchy Taco, making it less suitable for keto dieters.

Keto Taco Bell menu items can be a healthier option if you’re watching your carb intake..

10. Veggie Power Menu Bowl

Of all the things on the menu item, a Veggie Power Menu Bowl is what you will get if you swear by salads even when you are eating out.

While it is more than okay to eat out every once in a while, even when dieting, if you’ve done it a couple of times already this week but don’t have time to cook at all, then getting a Taco Bell salad like this one is one of the wisest choices you can make.

This dish is basically made of seasoned rice topped with black beans, tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce, sour cream, and cheese.

With 10 grams of fiber and 430 calories, it is a very filling bowl that is low in fat and has the best ingredients to give you the energy you need for your next meeting.

11. Chicken Chipotle Melt

If you’re looking for an item on the Taco Bell menu that has the lowest calories but is still taco-based, then you should definitely go for the chicken chipotle melt.

With 170 per taco, what you get is a fresh tortilla holding together some simple yet nutritious ingredients like chicken, cheese, and a chipotle sauce for an extra kick.

With 12 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbs, and only 9 grams of fat, it is a perfectly balanced snack that can also be turned into a meal if you double it up or have it with some black beans and rice on the side.

12. Quesarito

This delicious combination of a burrito and a quesadilla is comparatively packed with calories (6, so it’s best ordered when you know that you are going to need some good fuel for a very active day.

With seasoned beef, cheese, and several other ingredients, this meal option is suitable for everyone (except for vegetarians, of course) who want a nutritionally balanced yet somewhat heavy meal.

Still, considering the rest of the options in Taco Bell, a Quesarito is among the healthiest options, as well as a substantial and filling one.

And if you want to cut some calories from the filling, you can easily swap the beef for some chicken or beans.

13. Crunchy Taco

If simplicity is what you are looking for, then a crunchy taco is as simple as it can get.  Ground beef, lettuce, and grated cheese are all enclosed in a crunchy corn tortilla. This combo can never disappoint!

The taco contains only about 170 calories, 9 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbohydrates, and 8 grams of protein. If you need a spicy boost, ask for some Fire sauce to feel the heat!

14. Quesadilla

A quesadilla has approximately 500 calories and has close to 30 grams of protein. Even though its fat content is not very low (26 grams), it is nonetheless one of the healthy Taco Bell options that you have.

Chicken, 3-cheese blend, and Taco Bell’s creamy jalapeno sauce can make an excellent filling for a meal that will get you through the evening.

However, if the calorific content is too high for you, you can ask the staff member taking your order to go easy on the sauce. That way, you can cut an extra 100 calories!

15. Chicken Soft Taco Fresco Style

If a healthy, taste-of-home meal is what you are looking for, the chicken soft taco fresco style is going to satisfy your desires.

With only 150 calories per taco, the Chicken Soft Taco is obviously more of a snack rather than a meal, unless you double or triple the servings.

The Fresco items on the menu are meant to have half the amount of fat they would originally have, thanks to the reduced fat ‘Fresco’ cheese or sauce they include.

So, wrapped in a soft tortilla, the filling of this taco provides you with a decent amount of protein (11 grams per taco!) and it’s a low-fat snack, with only 3 grams of fat per serving.

16. Grilled Steak Soft Taco Fresco Style

Similar to the Chicken Soft Taco above, the Grilled Steak Soft Taco, when ordered the Fresco Style, cuts down on the extra calories and fat content you would get from a regular grilled steak taco.

With steak, tomatoes, lettuce, and a type of cheese that contains 50% less fat than the regular one, this taco is another low-calorie and healthy option on the Taco Bell Menu.

With 160 calories per taco and 4.5 grams of fat, add it to your list and mix and match it with a Chicken Soft Taco Fresco Style to make a full meal!

17. Chicken Chalupa Supreme Fresco Style

There have not been many products lately to generate as much hype as Taco Bell’s newest releases. The Chalupas were a big hit and they are still many people’s go-to order.

In the Chicken Chalupa Supreme Fresco Style, chicken, lettuce, and tomatoes are tucked inside one crunchy, crispy taco shell.

This menu item is ideal if you want to reduce your calorie intake, as it only has 280 calories per Chalupa. As for the fat content, it comes at only 12 grams, whereas the protein is a good 14 grams!

The Bottom Line

While eating from a fast-food chain like Taco Bell daily seems like you are sabotaging your own efforts, enjoying a meal or two every month or having a ‘cheat’ meal per week is not that bad.

However, even if you do that, try to go for the healthier options Taco Bell has to offer.

In this article, we have 17 healthy things you can get from their menu, so there’s no excuse for you not to try them first before going for that 1000-calorie tacos order!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Healthy To Eat At Taco Bell?

Taco Bell has placed itself among the greatest fast-food eateries for nutritious food in recent years, making great progress toward offering meals that can easily be customized by its health-conscious customer base.

With low-calorie options and many alternatives to the ingredients you can add to their menu items, anyone can create a healthier version of their favorite Taco Bell meal without missing out on the taste.

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