The Best Secret Menu Items At Taco Bell You Need To Try!

Taco Bell is an extremely popular and well-loved fast food place, so well loved in fact, that we don’t feel the need to introduce it!

Serving some quick and easy Mexican-inspired food is why Taco Bell has become one of the most popular places for people to eat in America.

The Best Secret Menu Items At Taco Bell You Need To Try!

With burritos, tacos, and delicious churros all on the menu, there’s not much you can hate when it comes to Taco Bell.

So, with a well established menu and quick service, you may be thinking about what more there could be to love about Taco Bell, but did you know that Taco Bell actually has a completely secret menu (see also ‘9 Items To Try On Wawa’s Secret Menu‘) that isn’t shown to the public? 

That’s right, there’s a whole host of delicious items that can only be ordered if you know what you’re asking for, so if you want to know what we think some of the best secret menu items are at Taco Bell (see also ‘11 Best Items On The Bob Evans Menu‘), then read on! 

The Best Secret Menu Items

1. Cheesarito

The cheersarito is a secret menu item that we admit, quite a few people know about. However, it still qualifies as one of the best secret menu items that you can try at Taco Bell, so it makes the list. 

This item is delicious and super cheap too, and consists of a soft tortilla with scallions, melted cheese, and taco sauce. So if you want something super quick but also off the menu, then this item is most certainly worth a try! 

2. Enchirito

Okay again, this item is here on a technicality, it used to be a part of Taco Bell’s regular lineup until it got removed in 2013. However, this doesn’t mean it was lost forever, as it is still available as an option if you ask the staff correctly.

When asking for this secret menu item, most staff will understand what you mean just from the name, but if there’s any confusion, ask for an enchilada with added beef, beans and cheese! 

3. Meximelt

This secret menu item is most certainly an item you should be getting excited about! This is a delicious crossover between a quesadilla and a Fresco Soft Taco, and gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to ingredients and flavor. 

Inside you have the tasty seasoned ground beef, as well as the fresh salsa that you would get from a Fresco Soft Taco, but then you also get the gorgeous melted cheese from the quesadilla too! 

4. The Hulk

Whilst this secret menu item won’t be raising your anger levels, it most certainly is a great way to inject a little bit of green into your food!

This super simple secret menu upgrade sees you adding extra guacamole to your usual cheese and bean burrito. So whilst this secret menu item might not be as fancy as some of the others, it will still have you feeling like a hero by the end of it! 

5. The Incredible Hulk

If the Hulk wasn’t enough for you, then it’s time you tried the Incredible Hulk, which makes the normal upgrade look puny in comparison, you really would be angry if you had ordered that instead of this! 

Instead of ordering the bean and cheese burrito, this secret menu item starts off as a five-layer burrito but requires you to swap out your nacho cheese for guacamole, which might seem like a bold choice, but we all know that guacamole is a super tasty addition to any burrito. 

6. The Superman

This secret menu item is super by name and by nature and is widely considered to be the ultimate burrito you can order for yourself from Taco Bell.

To avoid any confusion at the counter, ask the staff for a double beef burrito with sour cream, potatoes, tortilla strips, as well as guacamole of course, which should give you a delicious monstrosity! 

7. Chilli Cheese Burrito/Chilito

Known to many as a chilli cheese burrito, but to its fans as the chilito, this spicy secret menu item is a surefire way to pack your next Taco Bell dinner with plenty of heat and flavor!

Whether you ask for the classic chili cheese to be added to one of their signature super soft tortilla wraps, or you decide to add some chilli cheese to an already existing burrito, prepare your napkins ahead of the most delicious mess you will ever eat!

While the chilito is a delicious indulgence, Taco Bell also offers healthier options for those looking to make more mindful choices.

Explore their menu to find items like fresco-style burritos and bowls, which offer reduced fat and fewer calories while still delivering on taste and flavor.


8. Doritos Shell Anything

When they were first introduced, people went crazy for the super delicious crossover that the Taco Bell Locos Tacos provided.

Before you knew it, people had realized that you didn’t just have to stick to the Locos Tacos however, and now you can add them to any dish you’d like to bring a whole new taste and crunch to any of your favorite items! 

9. Fresco Style

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of becoming vegetarian or vegan is saying goodbye to a lot of your old favorite restaurants, as many of them won’t carry suitable options, or at least not ones that can’t replace some of your old favorite dishes. 

However with Taco Bell (see also ‘13 Tasty Taco Bell Items You Need To Add To Your Order‘) there is no such worry, simply ask for your to be “Fresco Style” and the staff will ensure that they all animal based products from your order! Mayonnaise and cheese gets removed, and pico de gallo will replace it instead! 

10. Lava Sauce

Another item that was previously a part of Taco Bell’s actual menu, this super fiery sauce takes a couple of steps to get, and it’s something that you’ll actually have to make yourself, but it’s all worth it if you like your Mexican food to have something of a kick to it! 

To achieve this spicy side, simply mix a pot of nacho cheese with some packets of fire sauce (We recommend 2-3, go for more if you’re brave!) and then you can add this to whatever item in your order that you wish to set alight. 

11. Quesarito

An item that was originally found on Chipotle’s secret menu, this delicious combination of quesadilla and burrito found its way to Taco Bell’s menu for a short time before it got discontinued.

However, you can still get one for yourself, you just need to know how to ask for it! 

The staff should know what you mean when you ask for it, so don’t worry about causing any confusion.

This crossover has delicious beef, sour cream, chipotle sauce and Latin rice all combined and rolled into a super cheesy and crunchy quesadilla! And if you want to really take it a step further, make sure you ask for some nacho cheese to be included too!

12. Waffle Taco

I know, we were as speechless as you when we found out this super weird concoction existed, but also seriously excited.

Whilst it’s not available at every location, you’re soon going to find yourself asking for one at every Taco Bell until you find one that will serve it, this is a waffle taco shell filled with delightful sausage patty and scrambled eggs. 

Who says you couldn’t have Taco Bell for breakfast eh?

13. Double Grilled Quesadilla

Part secret menu item, part life hack, this item is a great way to solve the problem you’re faced with when you get served a soggy quesadilla. Next time, ask for your quesadilla to be double grilled, which provides it with a whole nother level of delicious crunch! 

This trick is seriously life changing, and you’ll never go back to having your quesadilla single grilled again! 

14. Verde Sauce

This sauce truly is a little secret when it comes to ordering at Taco Bell, and you’re going to want to make sure you know the correct term when it comes to asking the cashier to add it to your order! 

The next time you’re at Taco Bell and want an extra level of flavor, ask for the “spicy green”, and you’ll be blessed with packets of this delicious sauce.

If you have dietary preferences or restrictions, Taco Bell also offers gluten-free options, so be sure to inquire about their gluten-free menu items to enjoy a tasty meal that suits your needs.

Alternatively, you can ask them to add it on top of your food before you receive your order, which is a serious game changer! 

15. Tie-Dye Freeze

Now, who said Taco Bell’s secret menu was limited to food and sauces? It most certainly wasn’t us! This is why the secret menu contains this super delicious combination drink that you and your friends will be dying to try the next time you visit! 

In order to achieve this super bright drink, you’re going to want to ask for a combination of a number of Bell’s fruity whipped drinks, including Strawberry and Pineapple, as well as Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Just ask them to layer the flavors in that order!


As you can see, there are a lot of great hidden items to order from Taco Bell’s illusive menu (see also ‘11 Taco Bell Gluten Free Menu Items‘), and hopefully we’ve listed some that you’ll try next time!

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