15 Wendy’s Food Items Ranked

When the very first Wendy’s restaurant opened its doors, nobody could have predicted that the chain would go on to achieve the kind of success that it has.

After all, Dave Thomas, the company’s founder, first established the business so that his kids could work over the summer.

But nowadays, Wendy’s is considered to be among the best fast food chains in the USA.

15 Wendy's Food Items Ranked

Wendy’s is well-known for many things in addition to their food, including the fact that they have approximately 6,000 locations all across the United States and a Twitter account that is certain to make you laugh.

But it is the quality of their meals that has made them famous, and it is their food that keeps customers coming back for more.

Wendy’s is also known for their distinctive square burgers.

These have become the most famous item and best-selling products for Wendy’s, but the restaurant chain has a lot more to offer than just those. 

Because there is such a wide variety of food available to pick from, it may be difficult for you to make a decision when you visit for lunch or a quick bite to eat during the day. 

Because of this, we have made a list of the top 15 Wendy’s menu items you should try the next time you visit one of these locations (see also ‘The Best Wendy’s Sauces To Try With Your Meal‘).

We have ranked this list from worst to best, so you can see the wide range of what wendy’s have to offer.

With a wide variety of dishes to try, there will be something for everyone on this list. 

Keep reading to find your net favorite Wendy’s meal here (see also ‘17 Wendy’s Breakfast Menu Items You Should Try‘)!

1. Double Stack

A traditional beef burger will always be one of the best thongs to order from a fast-food location, but especially from Wendy’s.

Though not the most popular menu item you can get from Wendy’s the Double Stack burger is such a good meal that we don’t want you to miss out!

This meal, which stacks two junior burgers on top of one another, and adds cheese and salad as well, is better than thor crispy chicken sandwich simply because of how tasty it is. 

Saying that there is a downside to this meal, and that is that it is quite small.

Although the name makes it sound like it ought to be a substantial burger, the serving size is rather little, and there is one explanation for this.

Wendy’s has chosen to make this burger using a double stack of two junior-size hamburgers rather than using standard-size patties for it. 

Therefore, the double stack by itself will not be sufficient to satisfy your hunger, and you may find that you need two or even three of these to fill you up.

For a quick snack on the road though, this is an excellent option. 

2. Dave’s Single

Wendy’s burgers are known for their distinctive square shape, and you will be able to try one of Wendy’s iconic square burgers if you place an order for a “Dave’s Single.” 

While this is still not the best burger that Wendy’s can offer you, it is, without a doubt, an enormous improvement over the double stack that we talked about above.

For a start, it is the size of a real burger, which is a huge improvement. 

Because it is constructed with superior ingredients, Dave’s Single burger has an advantage over a lot of other hamburgers that you will see on this list. 

This burger not only makes use of high-quality ingredients, but it is also of adult size, which means that it is far more satisfying than the double stack option.

However, the one burger patty that is included in this meal is overshadowed by the other components, so you may not even get that much “burger” flavor in your burger meal. 

The Dave’s Single isn’t necessarily a terrible burger, but it could use a bit more meat.

For this reason, the “Daves Dible” burger, which you can find further down this list, maybe the best option for you. 

In general, though, the Dave’s Single isn’t a bad burger and will be ok to have as a quick and easy lunch. 

3. Crispy Chicken Sandwich

You may have been tempted to place an order for this burger due to the low pricing, which is excellent if you are looking for a meal on a budget. 

However, the low price may also be explained by something else, and that something may be the product’s poor quality.

Don’t get us wrong, this burger does taste good, it just isn’t the best thing that you can get on the menu. 

In terms of performance, the crispy chicken sandwich also struggles since it is up against such strong competition from a variety of other good fast food restaurants.

There are several burgers, such as the McChicken from McDonald’s and the Chicken Sandwich from Chick-fil-A, that are simply better than this crispy chicken sandwich created by Wendy’s.

Every fast food chain needs to have the worst meal, with the Crispy Chicken Sandwich taking this place on Wendy’s menu. 

4. French Fries

Everyone has their option on which fast-food chain makes the best french fries.

Sadly, Wendy’s fries do not often place high on these lists, despite making several other outstanding dishes and meals. 

It might seem strange to some people that Wendy’s could make such a mistake with its French fries.

After all, the French fries served at Wendy’s are prepared simply.

They are simply chopped into long, thin sticks and then fried, which is the standard practice for restaurants like this. 

However, Wendy’s has succeeded, time and time again, in under-seasoning and under-cooking these fries, to the point where consumers have grown to anticipate being let down.

Don’t get us wrong—has Wendy’s a great deal of delicious food on its menu, but unfortunately, their french fries are not one of these items.

5. Crispy Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are often a good option to choose if you are looking for a quick and easy meal or snack to have, and most good fast-food chains sell them. 

However, while Wendy’s is famous for a lot of good things, there are some bad spots on the brand as well.

Wendy’s ‘Crispy Chicken Nuggets’ and their fries are notoriously unreliable because both menu items suffer from the same quality control problems, though no one is sure why this is. 

When you go to Wendy’s, you will often get chicken nuggets that are cooked to perfection and have a flavor that is just mouthwatering.

On the other hand, there are instances when you will receive nuggets that are gritty or mushy and that are overcooked or undercooked.

Wendy’s has tweaked the formula for its chicken nuggets on several occasions during the years, but it would appear that they are still having trouble perfecting it.

Wendy’s chicken nuggets were never going to be the greatest on the market since they have to compete with McDonald’s, which is an industry leader.

However, given the present flavor of their chicken nuggets, they will remain one of the least popular menu items. 

6. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Both the grilled chicken sandwich and the crispy chicken sandwich at Wendy’s have flaws, as we have shown in the entries above. 

Having said that, many people prefer the Grilled Chicken Sandwich over its Crispy Chicken Sandwich option.

This is because the flavors of this meal are a lot more prominent and tasty. 

The chicken that is used to make the grilled chicken sandwich has a very rubbery texture though.

This odd texture of this sandwich can be put down to the low price of the meal, as cheaper ingredients have been used. 

.When you taste the honey mustard that is also included in this burger though, you will likely find that the chewiness is something that you can get over thanks to the delicious taste that these condiments have. 

Although the grilled chicken sandwich at Wendy’s is not the greatest burger that the restaurant has to offer, it is still a pretty good choice to try out if you are on a budget or want a quick bite to eat. 

7. Homestyle Chicken Sandwich

If you want a wonderful chicken burger, you should check out their ‘Home Style Chicken Sandwich.’

So far, every chicken burger that we have had from Wendy’s has been disappointing, but if you want a chicken burger that lives up to its name, look no further.

It is almost as if Wendy’s took a look at all of the flaws in their crispy and grilled chicken sandwiches, and fixed them to produce the ‘Home Style Chicken Sandwich.

The chicken in this burger is juicy and flavorful, the bacon is crisp and delicious, and the addition of lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise works wonderfully to enhance the natural tastes.

We have been quite harsh in our criticism of the food choices available at Wendy’s up to this point, but we haven’t a single negative thing to say about their home-style chicken sandwich. Give this meal a try when you can. 

8. Chili

Incredible flavor comes from Wendy’s famous chili.

There have been attempts at making chili at a few different fast food restaurants, but none of them have been able to do it nearly as successfully as Wendy’s does.

After reading that, you might be wondering how such a delectable meal managed to place so low on your list.

Sadly, there are a few negatives of this meal which will explain why. 

The ingredients that are used to make Wendy’s chili are the main reason why this meal has been placed so low.

This may shock you to hear, but Wendy’s uses out of date burger meat rather than minced meat in their chili.

Simply hearing that is enough to turn off a good number of potential customers.

In addition to this, the chili sold at Wendy’s has more than half of the amount of salt that is suggested for an average person to consume in a day, in addition to 15 grams of fat and 9 grams of sugar.

It is safe to say that Wendy’s is home to the most flavorful and satisfying bowl of chili that can be found at a fast food establishment.

However, when you find out what goes into its production of it, you can understand why it ranked so low on this list. 

9. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The homestyle chicken sandwich at Wendy’s is, as was just mentioned, one of the better selections that can be picked from their menu.

If, on the other hand, you want something with a bit more heat, the “Spicy Chicken Sandwich” is just what you’re looking for.

This burger takes all of the delicious elements of a traditional chicken sandwich and blends them with a variety of seasonings to produce a chicken burger that is both delicious and spicy.

The spicy chicken sandwich features a variety of spices that are added to the chicken as well as its batter.

Additionally, the sandwich includes lettuce, mayonnaise, and tomato, and it is all served on premium bread.

To make sure that you get what you want when you order this meal, you have to be careful not to say “crispy” at any point when you order.

If you do so, you run the risk of receiving the spicy version of the crispy chicken sandwich, which is a different meal entirely and not at all pleasant.

If you want to enjoy this delicious burger, all you have to do is ensure that you place an order for the “spicy chicken sandwich.”

10. Vanilla Frosty 

Like most other fast-food chains, Wendy’s sells several desserts, one of which is the Vanilla Frosty.

This dessert causes arguments with friends and family, as you will either love it or hate it. 

This problem is not so much with the vanilla frosty as it is with vanilla ice cream in general and with many people’s opinion that this flavor is boring. 

If you enjoy the flavor of vanilla ice cream, you are going to adore the “Vanilla Frosty.”

This particular dish has been a mainstay on Wendy’s menu ever since it was introduced in 2006.

There are a lot of individuals who hate the vanilla frosty, but if it were that bad, Wendy’s wouldn’t sell it. 

Even while it may not be as well-liked as its chocolate counterpart, we still think that it is one of the best dessert options. 

If you don’t enjoy chocolate ice cream very much, you’ll probably find that the Vanilla Frosty is more to your liking.

11. Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

Fast-food chains and salads seem like a combo that will never work, but if you are looking to fill your fast-food craving while sticking to your diet, we may have just the option for you. 

You are most likely going to be astonished to find a salad sitting at such a high position on this list.

Nevertheless, Wendy’s salads are truly on another level.

The “Apple Pecan Chicken Salad” is so popular that it is many people’s go-to meal when visiting this restaurant. 

To prepare the apple pecan chicken salad, roasted honey-glazed nuts, green and red apple pieces, chicken breast, blue cheese, cranberries, and pomegranate vinaigrette are all combined and mixed. 

We can understand that this combo of ingredients may make people nervous, after all, who adds apple to salad?

But this is a meal that we first believe everyone should try at least once, and you might be very surprised with how much you like it when you do. 

Because this salad is so delicious, whether you get the full serving or the half serving, you are certain to appreciate it. 

If you are seeking an option that is easier on your body, then this is the ideal thing for you to order the next time you go to Wendy’s.

12. Dave’s Double

Earlier, we discussed Dave’s Single burger, and this is, in essence, an improved version of that sandwich.

Above, we said that the worst part about Dave’s Single burger is that it doesn’t have enough meat, and the burger itself is overshadowed by the flavor of the other toppings.

This problem is remedied by Dave’s Double, which consists of two patties sandwiched between two buns instead of one.

There is not a whole lot more that can be said about this burger being as how nearly all the same ingredients are used in the Double and the Single. 

However, what we can say is that this version of the burger is way better than the Dave’s Single, and will do a lot better at filling you up and keeping you satisfied for longer.

13. Classic Chocolate Frosty

The “Classic Chocolate Frosty” is a dessert item that is so good it has ranked very highly on our list. 

We mentioned the vanilla version of this dessert not too far above, but while that one is nice, the chocolate frosty is undeniably people’s favorite dessert to order from Wendy’s, and it is not hard to understand why that is the case.

Even though we are huge fans of the vanilla frosty, we understand why many people call it uninteresting.

The chocolate frosty is completely different though. 

Since 1969, customers have been able to order a chocolate frosty, and given how well-loved it is, it probably will not be taken off of the menu any time soon. 

You may traditionally eat your frosty by using a spoon, or you can use it to dip your other food in, which sounds gross but is a technique that has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years.

But there is no doubt that the chocolate flavor of Wendy’s frosty is just superior to other desserts on the menu, and this will probably always be the case. 

14. Bacon Cheeseburger

One of the most delicious hamburgers that Wendy’s has to offer, is the “Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger’.

The burger is quite delicious, but there is one significant problem with it, and that is the quantity of it.

This is a very small burger. Because of this, the best way to consume this burger is in the form of a snack.

The Jr. bacon cheeseburger may be on the smaller side, but it comes at a fairly reasonable price.

This means that it will not be difficult for you to order a couple of them if you want to satisfy your hunger.

This burger is topped with meat, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and bacon.

The Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger is truly delicious, and it is just a shame that they do not offer a larger version of this delight.

15. Baconator 

Last but not least, we have “The Baconator,” which has earned the top spot on this list of most tasty Wendy’s food. 

The Baconator is Wendy’s top-selling item, as is the food that this most associated with Wendy’s brand in general. 

It’s not hard to understand why this burger is such a big hit.

The bread, the quarter-pounder patty, the American cheese, and the three pieces of bacon that top this burger are the key ingredients that make up this burger. 

Along with all of this, another burger is placed on top of the first one, followed by another layer of cheese, a mountain of ketchup, and three additional slices of bacon.

Finally, the bun is placed on top. 

When it comes to hamburgers, the Baconator is the undisputed king of the jungle.

If you are starving, then selecting this item from the menu is the most effective approach to satisfy your hunger, as it is so big that you will be full for hours after the meal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Wendy’s Famous For?

The restaurant company is famous for its square hamburgers and the Frosty, an ice cream made from carbohydrates.

The majority of Wendy’s menu consists of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, and drinks like the Frosty.

What’s The Most Popular Burger At Wendy’s?

The Baconator. Since its introduction to Wendy’s menu in 2007, the Baconator has been a fan favorite.

This masterpiece has not one, but two beef patties with cheese slices topped with bacon, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

What Is The Most Popular Chicken Sandwich At Wendy’s?

If you don’t like spicy food, the Homestyle Chicken Sandwich is the best sandwich for you.

It is still ranked as one of Wendy’s greatest sandwiches because it’s simple yet delicious. 

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