10 Best Hot Sauce Subscription Boxes

Along with other common sauces like ketchup and mayonnaise, hot sauce has got a spot on kitchen tables. Depending on the type of chili pepper used, there are many variations that vary in intensity from mild to eye-wateringly hot. 

Because of its diversity, hot sauce may be used in a wide range of meals, from a small late-night snack (see also ‘23 Best Monthly Snack Subscription Boxes‘) to a lavish family feast or a regular breakfast. Hot sauce could be cooked with, in addition to being consumed raw, and usually takes on a somewhat different flavor. 

This list includes some of our favorite hot sauce subscription services that are offered around the country, ensuring that you have plenty of this popular condiment on hand.

It’s easy to understand why almost every culture around the world has a unique hot sauce or similarly spicy sauce, paste, or condiment, regardless of where on the planet they are from. 

Hot Sauce Subscriptions

Hot sauces provide practically any savory dish a distinctive kick, enhancing and supplementing flavors rather than overpowering them. 

And while there were only a few well-known brands that dominated the hot sauce market in the past, there are now a huge variety of specialty sauces and recipes available.

However, because of the overwhelming variety of these sauces, it is challenging to even start to sample the majority of the uncountable variations of hot sauces, let alone even understand what hot sauce options are available. 

Fortunately, a few knowledgeable, enthusiastic hot sauce connoisseurs and businesspeople have developed hot sauce subscription clubs to address this issue. 

These clubs bring delicious hot sauces of any and all varieties to your door once a month. These are the top ten hot sauce subscription services on the internet, ranging from sweet to smoky and tepid to searing.


Doc Hotties’ Hot Sauce Lover subscription starts at just $7 for a single bottle option and is available in single small bottles or a trio of bottles. 

Their monthly services are either “Hot Sauce Lover” (i.e. regular) or “Masochist” (i.e. crazy hot) – the second of which requires a modestly increased expense. 

Despite having a wide range of hot sauces to choose from, this service’s hot sauces all share the fact that they are produced by respected artisan businesses. As a result, you can enjoy a variety of regional specialties in the privacy of your own residence.


With the subscription service offered by Heat Hot Sauce, you may pick the flavors and serving sizes that best suit your preferences and requirements. The business offers monthly or quarterly box deliveries with its one bottle and three bottle memberships. 

Heat’s subscription is available in the following variations, regardless of the frequency chosen: “Mellow sauces focused on flavor;” 

For ardent chili lovers, “Mild to intense & packed with flavor.” Each sauce is packaged with a card that provides details about that specific sauce, including its Scoville rating.

The boxes from Heat Hot Sauce Shop also come with a variety of unusual sauces, including, to mention a few, Ghost Scream hot sauce, Purple Hippo hot sauce, and sauces with flavors like strawberry, prickly pear, habanero, agave nectar, as well as verde.

Every month, award-winning artisanal hot sauces and some potent spices are brought to you by the Heat Hot Sauce Club. Additionally, you’ll get useful matching advice and taste notes in addition to exclusive benefits like free delivery in their market of more than 600 hot sauces.


Another subscription service that lets you choose the frequency, amount, and level of heat is Cratejoy. The club’s boxes are available in single- or three-bottle allotments with prices ranging from $14 to $29. 

They are frequently supplied with a selection of additional sample packets. Your pick of a package containing sauces from the Mild/Medium, Classic, or Extra Hot categories is shipped by Cratejoy on the first of every month. 

The Extra Hot category is one of this company’s specialties. This also offers more products that fans of hot sauces are likely to enjoy, such as special sauces, pastes, habaneros, and hot sauces made in the Mexican verde style.


Numerous, highly regarded tiny independent hot sauce companies exist, yet despite producing excellent goods, the general public is not familiar with them. And it is precisely these companies that Fuego Box seeks to highlight. 

The company, which bills itself as a “hot sauce club for foodies,” focuses on supplying sauces from small, obscure artisan manufacturers that are deserving of satisfying your palate.

The Fuego Box, in contrast to some of the other items on our list, stays away from extreme heat, strange extract-based sauces, novelty or tacky branding, and finally concentrates only on flavor. 

The business offers a one bottle subscription that is shipped every 30 days at $18, a triple bottle option that is delivered every 30 and 90 days at $30, or even a two-pack of really hot sauces that is also delivered quarterly or monthly for $28.

Although you can choose from several heat levels, you cannot select which hot sauces will be included in your Fuego package. Their Pain Seeker package is extremely fiery, while their Sauce Lover package has a medium to hot spice level. Some of those subscription boxes from the hot sauce club in the US include free shipping.

You can order the trial box, which comes with just one bottle, if you wish to try the product. A little tasting notepad is included in your initial subscription box so you can keep track of your opinions on each item.


The UK-based Flaming Licks service, which is owned by Farehouse Trading Co., specializes in sending customers monthly boxes of spicy sauces from all across the country. 

Although the service offers shipment to the USA as well as the rest of Europe, this means that the subscriptions include peculiar flavors and ingredients that are exclusive to the UK. 

Three hot sauces, marinades, pastes, pickles, or chili chutneys, as well as a spicy snack, are all included in this monthly delivery to your door. If you want, you may also select to receive the package every other month.


Spicy cuisine enthusiasts are the target market for Armadillo Pepper. In addition to hot sauces, it also sells jerky, BBQ sauces, and other spicy items. 

Although each of its carefully chosen spicy sauces can be ordered separately, the monthly subscription packages are special and intriguing. 

Because they do not automatically renew, which is uncommon in the realm of subscription businesses, they are excellent as gifts. Please be aware that you cannot select what goes in each box.

Each shipment with one or more bottles is delivered in a personalized box that has cushioning inside to safeguard the goods. Armadillo Pepper offers a complete money-back guarantee and permits subscription cancellations in the middle of them.

Free delivery is available from Armadillo Pepper on orders above $90, which also covers the cost of its spicy sauce subscription boxes. The three-month, two-bottle membership is the least expensive one; it costs $90, or $15 per bottle. 

The minimum duration for single bottle orders is six months, and the price is $120, and $20 per bottle. Additionally, you have the choice of including a gift message for the receiver.


Use this membership service to properly execute your wing night. Three bottles of some of the greatest hot sauces with wings, including sauces with recipes specifically for wings and sauces which just happen to mix really well with poultry, are sent out in this expertly curated package every month. 

While the service’s name implies, this subscription focuses mostly on sauces with chicken wings, it also offers its customers a wide variety of more conventional tabletop hot sauces for use on everything from omelets to tacos.


With this Heatonist subscription box, you may sample the notable sauces that have appeared on The Hot Ones television show’s previous six seasons. 

This auto-renewing subscription service, which may be suspended or canceled at any time, delivers a trio of hot sauces every month that range in heat intensity from mild to extremely scalding. 

The Hot Ones kit is a necessity for any ardent fan of the program and gives you first access to the special sauces that are used on the program.

The subscription service’s selection also covers the gamut, from unusually flavored hot sauces to ridiculously scorching types, exactly like on the show.


This mail-order sauce subscription kit, which is available as three-month or six-month memberships for $85 and $150, respectively, hand-picks 2 different award-winning fiery sauces each month and then delivers them to your door. 

Along with the more conventional hot sauces that the club sends out, this group’s boxes also contain a myriad of unconventional but nevertheless spicy foods like mustard and spicy mayonnaise. 

The owners of this business also completely stand by their offering, and the subscription is covered by a money-back warranty in case you’re not happy with the club’s selection of spicy sauces for any reason.


John Davidson with his wife Michelle are the proprietors of Coopers Small Batch in Denver, Colorado. He made the decision to create his own brand of hot sauces for his eatery, The Crushery, after searching for hot sauces which weren’t overly vinegary. 

The sauces are now available for direct delivery to your door after becoming an immediate hit in the restaurant. Each sauce is handcrafted from scratch with an emphasis on flavor and ingredients rather than salt.

While you may get single bottles of just about any sauce, the diversity sampler is an excellent choice if you want to experience a wide range of spicy levels or if you would like to give something as a gift. 

The sauces are prepared using premium ingredients in small amounts. Six different sauces are included in the sampler pack, which costs $90 and ranges in heat from a light Jalapeno Tomatillo (see also ‘Tomatillo – 24 Top Recipes For This Tomato Dish‘) to the hot Leche Diablesa White condiment. 

A three-bottle sampler is also available for $50. The website makes ordering straightforward, and the bottles are sent in plain cardboard packaging.

Which Peppers Are Used to Make Hot Sauce? 

When producing hot sauce, a number of chili peppers can be used, but a few of the most popular ones include jalapenos, serrano peppers, and habaneros. Other types, such Thai, Scotch Bonnet, and the incredibly hot Ghost peppers, may be included in some sauces.

What Does The Scoville Rating Mean?

Through the scientific measurement of the chemical ingredient capsaicin, which gives peppers their fiery flavor, a Scoville score is a measure of a pepper’s heat, expressed as the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU).

How Much Do Hot Sauce Subscriptions Usually Cost?

According to our analysis, hot sauce memberships are among the most affordable online subscription services. A typical subscription will cost you between $15 and $30 a month and include one to three bottles in each delivery. While some businesses demand that you pay for several months in advance, others offer pay-as-you-go alternatives.

Are Hot Sauce Subscriptions Actually Worth It?

There is little doubt that the bottles you purchase through the subscription plan are more expensive than those you would find at the supermarket. Having said that, you are receiving small-batch spicy sauces that are unavailable in your neighborhood shops.

How Much Hot Sauce Is In A Subscription Box?

Each box from every subscription service includes between one and three bottles of spicy sauce and is sent every month or every three months. Additionally, some businesses include free samples, recipe cards, tiny snacks, and other items.

Final Thoughts

Hot sauce memberships are becoming increasingly popular since hot sauces are just a fantastic way to add flavor to your homemade dishes. The best solutions provide a wide selection of spicy sauces, dependable delivery, and some degree of customization.

There are numerous businesses that can meet your demands, depending on what you’re searching in terms of a hot sauce subscription. 

Do you plan to give the subscription as a gift? Does diversity of flavors pique your interest? Do you want smaller, sample-sized bottles? Is it crucial to understand the origin of your hot sauce?

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas to begin your hot sauce subscription adventure. No matter which of these subscription services you decide to try out, you won’t be disappointed with the vast array of flavors and the impressive heat!

10 Best Hot Sauce Subscription Boxes

10 Best Hot Sauce Subscription Boxes

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If you’re looking for the best hot sauce subscriptions offering the tastiest and most unique hot sauces around – check out our list of the best hot sauce subscriptions of 2022.

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