9 Best Dessert Subscription Boxes

Is there anything better in life than a delicious dessert waiting for you after a long day? We certainly don’t think so! But when you have to make the desserts yourself, it can take some of the novelty out of it. 

If you have a sweet tooth but aren’t too keen on baking (see also ‘6 Best Baking Subscription Boxes‘), then a subscription box full of desserts might be the ideal thing for you. They deliver every month, so you can always count on a delicious sweet treat being delivered to your door every month. 

Dessert Subscription Boxes

Today we’re looking into the best dessert subscription boxes that you can take advantage of in 2022. 

We’ve found the best nine dessert subscription boxes on the market today, each with its unique selling point that makes them the best of the best. Let’s get into it to find your new favorite package! 

1. Harry & David

Best Dessert Subscription Box Overall

Harry & David is a heritage business that has been running since 1934. They deliver all sorts of food throughout the country. You might even know them for their Royal Riviera pears that were first introduced in the Fruit Of The Month club.

Since the popularity of this first club skyrocketed, Harry & David was able to expand the business into other signature products such as Tower of Treats, which featured products such as Moose Munch popcorn, chocolate, fruit, caramels, nuts, and more. 

The company had gained a substantial following from these offerings alone, so imagine the uproar when they started shipping desserts! 

Each Dessert of the Month box offers a seasonal dessert. For example, November’s box might feature a pumpkin pie, March’s could include a carrot cake, and April’s might be a lemon strawberry cheesecake. 

Each month’s subscription box is shown to potential customers before purchase, so you know exactly what you’re getting beforehand. 

The subscription model requires you to pay for at least three months at a time, which is $129.99. You can decide when you want your subscription to start so that you are only getting the desserts that you will love. 

Why It’s The Best 

Harry & David certainly did offer us the full package, with desserts of all genres such as pies, cakes, cheesecakes, and more. Their brand has been around for years and therefore they have developed a strong customer base that will recommend Harry & David every chance they get. 


  • A reliable brand that has built a strong reputation and customer base. 
  • Offers several desserts – no two boxes are the same.
  • Customer service is amazing. 


  • You cannot choose a lower subscription than three months. 
  • The packaging has a corporate feel to it. 

2. Treats Box

Best Candy Subscription Box

Treats Box is a great subscription box for anyone with a sweet tooth. Each month you will receive a box full of candy of all shapes and sizes. You could receive Jolly Ranchers, Altoid Mints, 11 Grand candy bars, or even Australian red licorice. 

You’ll be getting a range of candy from your childhood to new releases, and candy from other countries as well. Each box will transport you to Halloween – every single month of the year! 

There are three sizes to choose from – the Regular contains 10 treats, the Epic box contains around 20 treats, and the Colossal box comes with up to 34 treats! 

The boxes start from $25 a month and will ship on the 5th of every month. Treats Box is native to Canada, so shipping will cost more if being delivered to the United States. You also might see a slight delay in ship[ping times due to customs. 

Why It’s The Best 

You can choose from three sizes of candy subscription boxes from Treats Box, each coming with a wide array of candies to satisfy even the largest of sweet tooths. 


  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Endless possibilities of candy to receive each month. 
  • Choose between three sizing options. 


  • Shipping to the US costs more and takes longer. 
  • You have to pay for shipping.

3. Goldbelly

Best Cake Subscription Box

Goldbelly is a subscription service that partners with small businesses all over the United States to bring you a taste of their bakeries or restaurants. They offer more than just cake, such as bagels from the one and only New York, or even brisket from Texas. 

However, they do also offer a cake subscription that focuses only on cakes from different states. Who doesn’t love trying new cakes out every single month? You’ll be able to try signature dishes from bakeries far and wide – we heard there was a 7-Layer Caramel cake up for grabs from Caroline’s Cakes! 

The subscription plan is flexible to work around your needs, with options of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months open to you. Each box is $85 a month no matter the duration of your subscription, and you’ll get free shipping with each order.

Why It’s The Best 

Goldbelly is not just the feat of one bakery – it utilizes bakeries all over the US to bring you new and exciting flavors each month. You can taste the amazing desserts from different bakeries, giving you the chance to find your new favorite local business. 


  • Choose the length of your subscription from 3 to 12 months. 
  • Goldbelly offers free shipping.
  • Plenty of choices from the top bakeries around the US. 


  • Does not currently ship to Hawaii or Alaska.
  • There will be inconsistencies within each cake since they’re from different bakeries.

4. Not Pie 

Best Cupcake Subscription Box

Cupcakes are amazing miniature cakes that suit a single serving for one person. Not Pie does us all a favor by offering a subscription service delivering unique, gourmet flavor cupcakes each month. You’ll get a box of six cupcakes delivered to your door each month, and they’ll even be inspired by the seasons. 

A previous box delivered in January was flavored with Jam and Honey. November offered a Fresh Apple and Fall birthday cupcake. May utilizes ingredients such as coconut and berries. 

Not Pie offers subscriptions that are also vegan and gluten-free (see also ‘18 Best Monthly Gluten Free Subscription Boxes‘), so everyone can enjoy the excitement of receiving a cupcake subscription box. 

You can choose how you want your subscription to work, with monthly payments starting at $33. There are also 3, 6, and 12-month options if you’d prefer to pay all at once. You can even choose a quarterly subscription where you only get a box every three months. Shipping is free on all orders. 

Why It’s The Best 

Not Pie gives you the option of flexible subscriptions and gourmet flavors of cupcakes every single month. What’s not to love about innovative cupcakes being delivered to your door each month? 



  • The cupcakes are all one flavor each month.
  • Not everyone will enjoy every single gourmet flavor on offer. 

5. Tubby’s Taste Cookies

Best Vegan Dessert Subscription Box

When you start following a vegan lifestyle, no one informs you about just how many sweet treats you’ll have to give up! It’s almost all of them! So, when a delicious dessert business like Tubby’s Taste Cookies comes along with vegan-friendly cookies, we have to celebrate. 

Tubby’s Taste Cookies offers desserts inspired by the founder’s heritage, which has roots in both Jamaica and the Caribbean. Each cookie has a story to tell you as well about how it came to be, which is a lovely addition to the delicious flavor. 

The Home Sweet Home cookie includes flavors of mango, lime, and coconut. Taste of Paradise is a coconut, oatmeal, and cinnamon concoction, and the Speakeasy cookie is rum, raisin, and oatmeal. 

The stories behind these cookies make the flavors all the more personal and enjoyable, and they’re sure to make you fall in love with the brand even more. 

Not only are these cookies all made from vegan-friendly ingredients, but they are also free of preservatives. The subscription service starts at $22 every month, and you’ll get 12 cookies. There is also the chance to become a taste tester, in which you’ll receive a new cookie flavor to try and give your honest feedback to the creator. 

Why It’s The Best 

Tubby’s Taste Cookies are made with only plant-based ingredients, making them suitable for everyone to enjoy. The freshly baked cookies are also inspired by the founder’s Caribbean and Jamaican roots. 


  • Vegan-friendly cookies that are delicious for everyone to enjoy.
  • Only whole ingredients are used without any preservatives.
  • Every cookie flavor has a story behind it.


  • The Caribbean and Jamaican-inspired flavors might not appeal to everyone. 
  • Every cookie is made with coconut oil which is not everyone’s favorite flavor. 

6. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Subscription Box

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is well-known all over the country for its delectable ice cream flavors and premium formulas that leave you with the richest and creamiest ice creams that you’ve ever tasted. 

Their flavors are unique and unlike any other brand that we have ever seen before, using only locally sourced ingredients. They also offer limited edition ice cream flavors that are only available for certain seasons. Once the ingredients stop growing, the flavor is gone! 

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Pint Club is a subscription box that offers you four pints of ice cream each month. These will usually be of flavors that aren’t available on the website yet, so you’ll be getting the exclusive scoop. 

Examples of flavors you could get are Mango Cheesecake Swirl, Rocket Pop, and Blueberry and Pineapple. They also include classic flavors such as Salted Caramel or Brambleberry Crisp. You don’t know which flavors you’re getting until you receive your subscription box in the post. 

Pint Club pricing starts at $199 for three months, totaling 12 pints overall. You will get a welcome gift with your first package of an ice cream scoop or spades.  

Why It’s The Best 

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream only uses the best ingredients when it comes to their ice cream, using locally sourced ingredients to make premium ice creams of all flavors. 


  • You can choose your subscription length of three, six, or twelve months. 
  • There are seasonal ice cream flavors to choose from.
  • Your first shipment will come with a welcome gift of ice cream scoops or spades.


  • You cannot substitute flavors. 
  • Ice cream is rather sweet which might not be to everyone’s taste. 

7. The Cravory

Best Cookies Subscription Box

The Cravory is a business in San Diego that has been passionate about creating unique flavors of cookies since 2014. In just eight short years, they have created more than 5,000 cookie flavors. 

While they are best known for their whimsical flavors, The Cravory does still offer traditional flavors such as chocolate chip, red velvet, and vanilla sugar. 

The more unique flavors include things like birthday cake, cookie monster (yes, this is a blue cookie!), and pancakes and bacon. They also offer a subscription service called Cookie of the Month, which delivers six new flavors to you each month. 

This subscription service comes in three different sizes – six, 12, and 24 cookies. Each month you’re guaranteed to get new flavors just released. The 24 cookie subscription comes with 12 of the new unique flavors and 12 of the traditional flavors.

The Cravory also offers a discount for longer subscriptions, too. If you choose to prepay for your subscription, you’ll get a decent saving of 25%. However, you can also simply pay for one month at a time for the full price.

Shipping is slightly high at $6.95, although if you want to purchase the 24 cookie subscription, then you will get shipping free. Prices start at $12.95 for the six cookie subscription box.

Why It’s The Best 

The Cravory offers amazing and entertaining flavors each month. You can also be flexible with your subscription, making this one of the best dessert subscription boxes for picky eaters. 


  • Each cookie is baked freshly for your delivery. 
  • The cookies offered are fun and innovative. 
  • The subscription model is flexible for your convenience. 


  • Unique cookie flavors might not be to everyone’s taste. 
  • You only qualify for free shipping on orders of two dozen cookie subscriptions.

8. Grand Traverse Pie Company

Best Pie Subscription Box

Grand Traverse Pie Company comes from Traverse City, Michigan – the cherry capital of the world. So, this business is of course known for its Montmorency cherry pies. They have taken this and expanded on it, making pies of all the amazing seasonal fruits of the state.

Their subscription service is called Pie of the Month and it offers samples of their pies – which can either be picked by you or them for a surprise. It’s not common that you’ll see a subscription offering the choice of flavors to you, so this is a great feature if you’re looking to try a delicious mix of fruit pies!

Some of their most standout flavors are Blueberry Crumb, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Cherry. Don’t forget to try their ABC pie, too, which is Apples, Blueberries, and Cherries all in one. 

Membership to this subscription is offered in 3, 6, or 12-month increments. The three-month option’s pricing starts at $98.97. On top of this, you’ll need to pay the shipping rate as well, which starts at $59.97. This fee is necessary to get your fragile pies to you within two days, ensuring their freshness. 

Why It’s The Best 

Grand Traverse Pie Company offers seasonally flavored fruit pies throughout the year, with pies being baked freshly for you and shipped right away. You’ll only get the freshest pies with this subscription, and they’re delicious too! 


  • You can choose the flavor of pies you want each month.
  • Lots of choices!
  • Each pie is freshly baked before shipping.


  • Expensive shipping costs.
  • Fruit pies are all that’s on offer currently. 

9. Jackie’s

Best Chocolate Subscription Box

Jackie’s is a simple business that thrives in five-star reviews, without telling you anything about the business itself. Jackie – if that is their real name – does not offer stories of why, how, or when the business started but focuses more on delivering amazing chocolates to their customers each month. 

Instead, you’ll be able to find all of their reviews on their website, with hundreds of people showing off their chocolate subscription boxes each month. 

Adding to the mystery of Jackie’s, each month’s box is a complete surprise for the customer – you never know what you’re going to get. Dark, milk, white, nuts, fruit, marshmallow – it’s all a fun guessing game until you take a bite to reveal the flavor. 

The subscription box can be paid for in 1, 3, 6, or 12-month increments. The monthly cost is $29.95, while the three-month subscription price is $99.95. Paying for six months requires $199, and 12 months is $395. Shipping on all orders is free and Jackie’s will often run certain deals on prices, so look out! 

Why It’s The Best 

Every month Jackie’s will deliver you a cute box of delicious chocolates – need we say more?


  • Tried and tested with plenty of happy customer reviews
  • Jackie’s offers free shipping.


  • You cannot customize your order’s flavors for the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Gluten-Free Dessert Subscription Boxes?

Yes, some dessert subscription boxes are gluten-free, such as Not Pie. If you are sensitive to gluten then it is always important to read the notes from each business to determine if their products are gluten-free or not. 

You should also look for whether they state they are sharing utensils with products containing gluten, as this can contaminate the gluten-free desserts. If in doubt, email the company asking about these practices. 

Can I Change The Flavors In My Dessert Subscription Box?

Most of the time, dessert subscription services do not allow you to customize your subscription on their website. This is because it can be too much work for them if every single person wanted a customized order. 

However, a few companies will allow you to customize your subscription order, such as the Grand Traverse Pie Company. Others will show you which desserts are being sent for the month so that you have enough time to skip or cancel your subscription if you don’t want it. 

Others like to keep the mystery alive. It’s always worth emailing the company if you want your subscription delivery changed slightly, but there are no guarantees that they will accept and make the changes for you. 

Can I Gift a Dessert Subscription Box?

Yes! Most dessert subscription boxes will allow you to gift a box to someone. However, if this is not an option on the website, email the company to see if they can set it up as a gift for you. 


And there we have it! Nine of the best dessert subscription boxes on the market in 2022. If you or someone you know has a sweet tooth, then this is the perfect treat. The hardest decision will be picking which dessert you want to be delivered each month! 

We picked Harry & David as our favorite dessert subscription box overall because they offer a perfect blend of different desserts and flavors. Instead of choosing a subscription box that only focuses on pies or chocolates, Harry & David does it all! 

9 Best Dessert Subscription Boxes

9 Best Dessert Subscription Boxes

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