Tomatillo – 24 Top Recipes For This Tomato Dish

You might not have heard about tomatillo, but they are one of the most delicious fruits (or vegetables, depending on your outlook) that you can find.

Not only are they tasty and tangy, but they are versatile and can be made into a wide range of condiments and sauces.

You can add this to many types of meats and vegetables.

Tomatillo - 24 Top Recipes For This Tomato Dish

For example, they make a great addition to hot dogs, complementing the rich meat with some brightness and lightness that you will return to again and again.

So recipes are out there for tomatillo? How can you bets prepare them for your family function or event? How many people will they serve?

Well, if you want to expand your tomatillo horizons, then you should definitely keep reading.

24 Great Tomatillo Recipes

1. Celery Root Steaks With Tomatillo Salsa Verde

This first recipe is one of the best when it comes to flavor, featuring salt, pepper, chile, garlic, solantro and onion.

This also requires not that many ingredients, although this meal could be considered to be around intermediate-level cooking.

All you need to do is throw some celery sticks into a skillet and wait until they are tender and brown. This will only take around 10 minutes, leaving you with a delicious and tender celery meal.

2. Avocado Tomatillo Salsa Verde

We all know how temperamental avocados can be, so why not blend them into a paste with your tomatillos to create this wonderful tomatillo salsa verde?

You can make this dish and keep it in the fridge for a few days. This is delicious if you are looking for something to spread on your ciabatta or rye bread.

This comes with heaps of herbs and spices, which will give you a very sumptuous meal that will sting the roof of your mouth with flavor.

3. Oven Roasted Tomatillos

This is a great method of preparing tomatillos, giving you everything that you need for a quality dish. You can also use these kinds of tomatillo for soups, salsas and plenty of other dishes.

All we would recommend for these tomatillos is to give them a sprinkle of olive oil before you put them on your grill. This will give them that extra gold and crispy texture.

You can also use these with salad dressings, as they are very tart and will give your summer salad that tangy tomato flavor.

We would certainly suggest that you sprinkle these with salt before you start baking.

4. Roasted Tomatillo Chicken Soup

We all know that chicken soup is very good for the soul, but what about chicken that is infused with some delicious roasted tomatillo.

This comes with jalapenos that you can be certain will give you that extra boost for your palette.

You’ll definitely not leave any of this soup once you have tasted it.

This is great for the winter or the fall when you need some soup to help both warm you up and give you some delicious flavors.

5. Pan Con Tomatillo

Next up, we have a tomatillo recipe that will give you both salt and sugar flavorings. This comes with ciabatta, which is a very crispy bread that you can be sure will infuse with a sumptuous amount of flavor.

However, there are a bunch of other flavors that you can add to the mix including onions and garlic. This serves 8 people and is really perfect for your dinner party.

You can also make your tomatillo recipe one day ahead of your meal. This is great if you are looking for something that you can cook quickly and easily. This also makes a great pre-work snack.

6. Cucumber Gazpacho With Tomatillos

Next up, we have a sumptuous and tasty meal that you can be sure will give you everything that you need to make your tastebuds jump for joy.

If you are feeling warm in the summer and you are hungry but want something to cool you down, then you can’t go far wrong with this meal.

This comes with jalapeno and avocado, which will give you gazpacho some volume as well as a little bit of zest.

7. Chilaquiles With Blistered Tomatillo Salsa And Eggs

If you are a fan of camping, then this is the perfect meal that you can make over the stove. However, you can also cook this one in the kitchen.

This is a great natural protein boost, coming with eggs and salsa that will add some zest to your meal.

This meal is hearty and very easy to cook. This is definitely one for people who prefer to throw all their ingredients into a frying pan to see what’ll happen.

8. Crab Cakes With Roasted Tomatillo Mayo

Next up, we have a light and airy meal that gives you a real taste of the ocean. All you need is one pound of pure crab meat that you can grill quickly and easily.

The tomatillo mayonnaise is rich and delicious, giving you an almost fruity and certainly spicy accompaniment to your crab cakes (see also our favorite side dishes for crab) .

When it comes to textures and flavors, this meal simply cannot be beaten. Make sure that you put the crab cakes in for long enough to get that rich, golden brown texture.

9. Tomato And Tomatillo Salad

This next dish is certainly one for people who enjoy the taste of tomatoes. This comes laden with fresh tomato goddess, as well as being a healthy option for everyone.

This comes with a mixture of lime-cilantro dressing and chunky tomato, this is the perfect summer pick-me-up.

Not only is it very rich in goodness and nutrients, but it is also very easy to make. Just throw a few vegetables in the pan and add a little of your own dressing.

10. Fried Whole Fish And Tomatillo Sauce

When it comes to a meal that is packed full of wonderful protein, essential oils and good fats, then you can’t beat a good fish dish (see also ‘12 Best Perch Recipes Including Baked And Fried‘).

When you combine this fish with tomatillo sauce, then it will really pop with both flavor and texture.

If you want this fish to cook super quickly, then one of the best methods of doing this is to slit it down the side. This will ensure that the steam has a chance to escape and warm it right the way through.

11. Black-Eyed Pea Chili Verdi

If you are a fan of high-quality grilled meat, then we would certainly recommend that you try your hand at making this chili verde recipe.

This meat is then shredded thoroughly before being mixed in with your black-eyed pea chili verdi. If you are looking for that sumptuous taste, then we would certainly recommend this one.

This one could be considered an intermediate dish, so if you fancy a bit more of a challenge, then certainly get stuck into this Chili Verdi.

12. Cucumber-Tomatillo Gazpacho

This is a great gazpacho, made with authentic gazpacho that you can be sure will give you that cool and refreshing taste when you are basking out on a hot summer’s day.

All you’ll need to do is blend your cucumbers together until you have a smooth paste. This comes with plenty of peppers, salt and pepper, so be prepared for some flavor.

This will serve aroound 4 people and we would certainly rceommend it for when you are at the beach. You can even add ice to this and pack it in your thermos.

13. Tomatillo Rice

Next up, we have a very simple dish which is perfect to make even if you don’t know your way around the kitchen.

This comes with only 4 ingredients, so you could probably even make it with some leftover ingredients that you have lying around your house – although we understand that tomatillos is not one of the more common foodstuffs.

All you have to do is throw everything into an instant pot and wait for it to cook. And you shouldn’t be waiting for that long, resulting in a great dish in under minutes.

14. Charred Romaine With Tomatillo Dressing

Next up, we have a crispy salad – that’s right, you heard, a salad that is crispy – that is just perfect for both the summer and the winter.

This comes with white onion and tomatillo, which combine for a really delicious number of flavors. You can be sure that this romaine will leave you full after you have wolfed it down.

You’ll need to make sure that the romaine is roasted completely, putting your avocado in a blender to make sure that it is completely smooth and ready to serve as the base of your romaine.

15. Pasole Verde With Chicken

Next up, we have a boiled chicken dish that you can be sure will give you everything that you need for a heavy flavor that is guaranteed to make your tastebuds pop.

Simmer your chicken until it is warmed right the way through to the core. The chicken broth can then be used for a whole host of dishes, you can even leave it in the fridge overnight.

One of the main drawbacks of this recipe is that it will take over an hour to prepare. But if you are patient and diligent, then you should have no issue getting this one nice and warm.

16. Grilled Vegetable Salad With Raw Green Mole

If you are looking to elevate your salad game to the next level, then why not try making this delicious vegetable salad recipe?

This comes with a rich range of herbs along with some mole, which news to be uncooked, getting most of the heat from a handful of jalapenos.

This can be served with a dip of your choosing, so why not choose garlic, mayonnaise or rich salsa for your vegetable salad?

17. Salsa Verde Shrimp

This next salsa meal is just perfect, giving you everything that you want for a spicy fish dish that will leave you full for hours after eating.

This salsa is made from plenty of tortillos, which will add that unique twist. This is perfect for anyone who really can’t be bothered wo make a big meal.

This is a one-pot meal, so stir in the rice and your veggies and anjoy a quick meal after you come home from work.

18. Tomatillo Salsa Verde

All you have to do for this meal is to get rid of the husk of the tomatillo, crushing it up tomake your delicious salsa.

This is another quick and easy meal, greta if you had a long and tiring day at the office but you still want to try something tasty and adventurous.

This comes with a garlic clove that you have to crush and mix in, which will definitely add that extra piquancy to your meal.

19. Tomatillos Huevos Rancheros

Next up, we have a meal that is so simple that you can whipe up a few for yourself or even invite a few friends around to impress them with your culinary expertise.

This is packed with a sweet and sour flavor, giving you something that will blend nicely with your palette.

This comes with eggs that have been cooked on the skillet, which is great for anyone who wants that amazing protein boost before a workout.

20. Chicken Tamales Verdes

When it comes to having something with amazing texture and flavor, then you can’t really go wrong with this chicken tamales recipe.

This comes with tomatillo puree that you can be sure will give you everything that you need for a zesty and rich flavor.

This comes with jalapeno peppers, which will certainly give this chicken tamales that extra kick that you are looking for.

21. Green Gazpacho

If you are looking for something that will cool you down in the baking heat, then you really can’t go wrong with a dollop of green gazpacho.

You can whip this one up and them put it in the fridge. This is great if you like batch cooking and want to have something that you can take straight out of the fridge and eat.

This only takes a few steps to eat, which is simply amazing if you are new to cooking or you don’t consider yourself a confident chef.

22. Roasted Tomatillo Guacamole

This smoky guacamole is simply great, packaged as that traditional guacamole texture but with added ounch of the roasted tomatillo.

This goes great with a whole number of breads, chips and rye breads. You can even spread this on your bun before you put in the beefburger and the hot dog.

This will really make a party in your mouth, which is why it is so good to make and offer your guests at your next party.

23. Toasted Chile De Árbol And Tomatillo Salsa

This next tomatillo meal is another very easy one to make and only requires a handful of ingredients. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a punch.

This also comes with garlic cloves that are smashed and mixed up with the salsa. This gives you something different than your average salsa meal.

24. Mexican Corn Salad With Tomatillos

Finally, we have something that will really get the tasebuds flapping. This is a great tomatillo recipe that comes with heaps of tangy onion and tangy lemon relish.

This is a great brunch meal, it will not leave you too full, but it will adequately tide you over until lunchtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tomatillo?

This is a type of nightshade that is small and comes in the shape of a small, green fruit. These fruits originate from Mexico and certainly have that classic Mexican tomato flavor.

What Can I Use Tomatillo In?

As you can see from the list above, you can use tomatillos in a wide range of salsa, as tomato is usually the base food. But you can also fry tomatillos or eat them raw.


We hope that our list of some of the best tomatillo recipes on the internet has helped you decide which one that you want to try.

Tomatillo - 24 Top Recipes For This Tomato Dish

Tomatillo – 24 Top Recipes For This Tomato Dish

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