23 Best Monthly Snack Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have taken off in the last 10 years.

No longer is a subscription simply a magazine or newspaper that you get through your letterbox every week or month. Subscriptions can be for anything these days!

From video game passes, to cat food, to an animal bone subscription box (yes, that last one is real), there is virtually nothing that hasn’t or won’t be put in a box and delivered to your doorstep.

Monthly Snack Subscription Boxes

However, one of the most popular forms of subscription boxes out there right now is subscription services for foods.

More specifically, they are subscriptions for snacks.

This is especially popular for people who love good food but cannot decide on a single kind for themselves, as well as people that love eating foods from the international market.

So, with that in mind, we’re going to show you some of the best snack food subscription services that you can buy for yourself, or perhaps as a gift to a friend or family member, right now!

1. MunchPak

Starting off the list with one of the best-regarded snack subscription services on the market right now, we have MunchPak, a classic example and one of the most popular snack subscriptions around right now.

With this subscription service, you will be given a massive selection of tasty treats from around the world, with a snack from pretty much every corner of the globe that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Whilst there are several different tiers for this service, you can get anywhere from 5 to 20 different snacks in a single monthly box.

If you’re at all interested in what snack box subscriptions can offer, this is a great starting point for you to try.

Cost: Currently $9.95 per month

2. Universal Yums Snack Box

Staying with the theme of the international market, Universal Yums is another highly regarded snack box subscription that delivers snacks from around the world.

However, what sets this subscription apart is the deliberate theming of each box.

For example, you could receive a french-themed snack box, with treats and consumables from France, while the next month, you could be getting a box filled with edible goodies from South Korea.

This theming helps set this subscription apart from others, whilst still delivering delicious snacks for you every month!

Cost: Currently $15 per month

3. Bokksu

When it comes to snacks, Japan is known for its more… shall we say, out-there concepts. After all, curry-flavored lemonade might seem completely at home among the Japanese archipelago, but further afield, it’s certainly something that many people don’t expect.

This is why there are many subscription services, including this one from Bokksu, that share these unique gifts with the world.

In Bokksu’s case, you will receive between 20 and 24 different pieces of authentic Japanese treats and snacks for you to try, from Aomori apple caramel Yakkoi Sable to Edamame Senbei.

If you enjoy the taste of high-quality snacks from this corner of the world, then this is a subscription box that you should consider for yourself.

Cost: Currently starts from $49.95

4. Worldwide Treats

Like with many of the most in-demand subscription services, the international market is probably one of the best places to find the tastiest treats to sell in your subscription box.

This is the line of thinking that Worldwide Treats has followed, with their selection covering a wide range of countries with their snacks, as well as a massive range of types of snacks.

You have your classic snacks here, candy, your chips, and your cookies (see also ‘30 Scrumptious Cookie Subscription Boxes‘).

However, you get region-exclusives drinks here too, alongside a ton of other treats that are found nowhere else in the world.

Except, that is, in a subscription box like this!

Cost: Currently $28 per month

5. Mouth

Of course, when we are discussing the massive variety of snacks found around the world, there are more than just the standard candy bars, cookies, and soda pops.

The beauty of snacks is that they can be anything, including many savory foods that millions of people enjoy.

If this sounds like you, and you don’t have the same sweet tooth for treats that maybe you had as a kid, then this subscription box by Mouth is the box for you.

While this subscription does still cater a little with a few sweet flavors in here, what sets this subscription apart from the others that we have covered so far, how different these snacks are.

Many of these treats, from the granola bar to the dried nuts and fruits selection, to the pickles, to even the popcorn, are all a snack that is a little chewier, a little saltier, and like to stick in your mouth just a little bit longer than their sugar-filled counterparts.

These treats will stay in your mouth longer, and you’ll be able to taste and enjoy them just a little bit longer too!

Cost: Currently $60 per month

6. Thrive Market

When it comes to snack, or indeed any, food subscription boxes, what many people are signing up for is variety. They want some snacks that they know that they’ll love, alongside many that they haven’t seen before, and may find something they also come to love among them.

For those people, they want a subscription box that has plenty of variety with each box.

Something like Thrive Market.

When it comes to variety, they cannot be beaten, with over 6000 different snack options that can be put into your subscription box.

With so many options available, not only will you find different flavors in each box that you receive, but you can even cater your boxes to your dietary needs.

Are you on a paleo diet? There are snacks for that lifestyle!

Trying to stay keto, and don’t want any unnecessary carbs? Thrive Market has you covered there too!

Plus, this snack box is also committed to helping social and environmental causes too, so you know that your money is going to support people at the same time!

Cost: Currently $5 per month, billed annually

7. Urthbox

Snacks don’t have to be just piles of unhealthy empty carbs thrown into a candy bar.

They can also be healthier snacks, that still pack in plenty of good flavors.

If foods like nuts, dairy-free chocolates (see also ‘10 Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes‘), and other less carb-heavy items are more your style of snacking, then this is the subscription box for you!

Urthbox, as we have alluded to, doesn’t just contain healthy snacks, but also a variety of other excellent treats that are suitable for people with many different allergens.

Whether you are dairy-intolerant, have nut allergies, or can’t even look at a gluten-filled food item, there are snacks in here for you.

Best of all, they are counted as separate subscriptions, so you can know what you are getting when you sign up!

Cost: Currently costing from $9 to $49 a month

8. Carnivore Snack Box

When it comes to snack boxes, few people tend to remember that, with the right preparation, meat is also a very popular snack for many people across the world. Dried meat is the king of savory snacks (see also ‘28 Savory Snack Recipes That Are Hard To Resist‘), after all!

So, if you consider yourself a little bit of a carnivore when it comes to your snacks, then perhaps you would like to join an appropriately named club, where you get those snacks once a month, delivered to your door.

The Carnivore Snack box is the perfect answer to this question.

Not only do they have classic beef jerky in here for you to chew and snack on, but there are turkey jerk and venison sticks too, depending on what options you pick!

Cost: Currently $34.99 per box, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly

9. SnackCrate

Moving away from the more niche snack boxes out there, and back to the classic grab-bag, Snack Crate is a great way to try new flavors for yourself from across the world, as well as other goodies too!

Not only do you get foods from all over the globe, but you’ll get fun games and informational pieces with these boxes too.

What’s more, there are even several different tiers for you to pick from. So, if you have the cash, and you love a wide selection of different treats, you can pick whichever one will satisfy your taste buds best!

Cost: Currently starting from $17.99 per month

10. Bojerky Beef Jerky Subscription Box

Back to the beef, we know with this next subscription.

Dried beef jerky has certainly come a long way from its roots as a cheap way for people constantly on the move to snack, beef jerky has become a popular foodstuff in its own right.

So, if you love getting a taste of the highest quality beef jerky out there, you’ll love Bojerky Beef Jerky.

For one, the jerky here is taken from the highest premium cut beef steak in the United States, with either 2 or 4 packets of jerky being sent to you every month.

Make sure that you’re quick, though, as orders must be made before the end of the month to get them next time delivery rolls around for this service!

Cost: Currently from $21 per month

11. Murray’s Cheese

Next to meat and beef jerky, cheese is one of the most popular savory snack foods out there, with many of us enjoying blocks of cheddar or other varieties to carry us over between mealtimes.

If you’re someone that is a fan of a little edan (see also ‘7 Best Cheese Subscription Boxes‘) to keep you going before the lunch break, then this subscription box by Murray’s Cheese is for you!

With a selection of the highest quality cheeses from New York City’s iconic cheese producer, Murray’s.

Each cheese has been perfectly ripened to perfection, meaning that you’ll be getting your snacks at the perfect time to enjoy them at their best!

Cost: Currently $75 per month

12. Cratejoy

While some people do love being surprised by what a subscription box has in store for them, many people also want to be able to tailor their subscription service to exactly how they love to eat their food.

This is where subscriptions like Cratejoy come into the picture.

The amount of different types of subscription boxes that are available for purchase with them is incredible, with more than 3000 different boxes for you to choose from, covering a massive variety of tastes that pretty much anyone could have.

Do you love popcorn? Cratejoy has a box for that.

Have more of a spicy palette? Cratejoy has you covered there too.

Do you want to stay on your Keto diet, but still want to enjoy the occasional snack? Cratejoy has options open for you here too!

This means that there is plenty of option for people who may otherwise struggle to find a subscription box that covers their needs, such as gluten or dairy intolerance.

Cost: Price varies depending on Your Chosen Subscription

13. Vegancuts Snack Box

We have covered a lot of different kinds of subscription boxes in this guide so far, from confectionaries to cheeses to beef jerky.

However, many of these snack subscriptions do not come with vegan-friendly alternative options for subscribers to purchase.

So, it is always a pleasure to see a subscription service rise to meet this kind of problem, such as with Vegancuts.

Like many other vegan-friendly subscriptions, there are a variety of different nuts that the subscription box can get you. However, there are also plenty of classic snacks available here, but with a vegan-friendly twist.

Plus, the shipping is free too!

If you love vegan cheese, or just want to try something a little different, this is the perfect box for you to subscribe to.

Cost: Currently from $27.95 per month

14. TokyoTreat

Back in Japan, we go for our next subscription box.

When it comes to people not living in the Japanese archipelago, there seems to be a sort of fascination with Japanese food culture, especially the day-to-day snacks.

It’s probably the reason why so many Japanese snack box subscriptions have come and gone in the last couple of years.

However, when it comes to delivering a good variety of snacks for you to sample and try, few come close to TokyoTreat.

They make sure that there is plenty of variety in each box that is sent to you every month. This means that you can either enjoy your subscription for yourself or even with your friends!

Cost: Currently from $38 per month

15. Love With Food

You can never have too many healthy options when it comes to snacks.

If you’re looking for foods that are all-natural when you snack on them after lunch, then this is the box for you.

With Nora Seaweed snacks, ginger chews, and even Moon cheese (no, not THAT moon, as fun as it would be), plenty of the snacks here are often favorites of older generations but have since fallen a little out of fashion.

Love With Food gives these older favorites a new lease of life, by introducing a freshly prepared and packaged version of these products to a whole new generation.

Love With Food is another excellent example of what food snack subscription boxes are great at. Providing a wide variety of foods for you to discover your favorites for yourself!

Cost: Currently from $10 per month

16. Pizza Of The Month Club

Okay, we may be pushing the definition of a snack a little bit further than other people might intend.

However, if you’re sharing with plenty of friends, there arguably isn’t a greater snack in the world than a slice of pizza!

And if you want to find the best pizzas that can be delivered to your doorstep (yes, even better than that one pizza place that is just two blocks away), then you can’t go wrong with the Pizza of the Month club!

This subscription gets you three different deep-dish Chicago-style pizzas per box, all packed to the brim with unique toppings and flavorings that you won’t find in a store aisle or local takeout.

Cost: Currently starting from $55.78 per month, paid bi-monthly

17. Daily Harvest

If you love the simple treats and snacks in life as much as we do, then this is the subscription service that you should take a look at.

Daily harvest prides itself on beverage drinks and snacks, from classic soup dishes to incredibly fruity berry smoothies (see also ‘10 Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes‘), all of which can be prepared within minutes of opening the box.

With a nice balance of both savory and sweet food in this box, this is a very nicely balanced subscription that gives pretty much any palette something that they’ll like.

Cost: Currently starting from $5.99 per item purchased

18. Good Food Brands

Of course, while plenty of big companies love the easy promotion of sending their candy or other snacks in subscription boxes, this model is also great for promoting smaller businesses too.

This is the stated goal of Good Food Brand, which sells its subscription box on the number of amazing food items you can get from small businesses, that only need a little promotion to get the attention they deserve.

Plus, the companies that are included in this subscription box are all socially and environmentally conscious too, so you know that your support ethical business practices too!

Cost: Currently starting from $30 per month

19. Japan Candy Box

We just can’t get enough of some quickie and interesting Japanese candy!

This is another box that brings you the best of Japanese treats for you in a box, delivered straight to your front door.

With 10 different treats for you to pick from, this is a nice, decently sized selection that you can try for yourself.

Plus, the shipping to your home is free too!

(so no need to worry about racking up a massive delivery charge!)

Cost: Currently starting from $24.90 per month

20. Munch Addict Snack Box

Of course, whilst many of these snack services are incredible, many of them also tend to be quite… pricey, for many of us.

Fortunately, there are at least a few that are much more reasonably priced, such as the Munch Addict Snack box.

All for a relatively modest amount, you will have access to a revolving selection of 5 amazing treats for you to choose from.

Plus, if you subscribe to the biannually or annually services, you can get even cheaper options overall, saving you a little extra cash per box

Cost: Currently from $14.10 per month, bought annually

21. Candy Club

Sometimes, if you’ve been watching your diet, and managing your food money, you just want to enjoy a delicious selection of candy.

If you’re looking for the perfect sugar rush (or an occasional treat, if you have the patience to pace yourself with this one), then Candy club is the place to go!

Pretty much any candy flavor you can imagine can be covered in your box, whether it is sour, sweet, or everything in between!

You can even choose between a 6-cup box, or a massive 13-cup box of your choosing, depending on which tier you pay for.

Cost: Currently from $29.99 per month

22. Olive A’ Sudden

(Let it be known that we neither condemn nor condone the pun that is the name of this subscription box.)

Pun aside, the idea of giving you cooking ingredients instead of straight-up treats might seem like a downgrade to some.

However, once you get good luck at some of these high-class dressings, you’ll start to understand how great this subscription service is!

Cost: Currently from $45 per month

23. Piquant Post

On the subject of cooking ingredients, this subscription box is perfect for people who are looking to add a little extra spice into their lives, quite literally!

With four unique spice blends, these packs are great to throw straight in your saucepan!

Cost: Currently from $11.99 per month

Final Thoughts

The only problem you’ll have now is just picking the one subscription service!

23 Best Monthly Snack Subscription Boxes

23 Best Monthly Snack Subscription Boxes

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