30 Zazzy Foods That Start With The Letter ‘Z’

Do you need a complete list of foods that start with the letter Z? It could be challenging to name a cuisine category that begins with this letter off the top of your head.

A lot of folks would require assistance with this subject.


This post is just what you require if that is the reason you are here!

We’ve compiled a lengthy list of meals, including fruits, vegetables, meat, and desserts, that begin with the letter Z. 

Whether you’re compiling a cookbook, a research project or report, or you’re simply curious, here is our list of meals along with some helpful definitions to help you.

Below, we have listed 30 different types of food that start with the letter ‘Z’.

So, let’s get started.

1. Za’atar

A culinary herb or family of herbs is za’atar. It is also the name of a spice blend that combines the plant with other spices, roasted sesame seeds, and dry sumac.

It is frequently strewn over hummus, put into salads, sprinkled onto meat, and toasted into flatbread.

2. Zander

Freshwater whitefish called zanders are most frequently found in European waterways.

Although they can also be grilled or fried, most people prefer to eat these whitefish baked. They contain minimal bones, and hold a light, clean flavor. Some say that its flavor is somewhat akin to perch.

3. Zabagilione

One of the most traditional old Italian desserts, zabagilione is served in tiny cups with biscuits like Savoiardi, or with abundant fresh fruit. On chilly winter evenings, it makes a delicious dessert or a wholesome snack.

Egg yolks, granulated sugar, and wine are the only three components required to make the genuine Italian Zabaglione.

4. Zagnut

The candy bar Zagnut is made and distributed in the US. The D. L. Clark Company of western Pennsylvania, which also produced the Clark bar, introduced it in 1930.

Over 70 years after its initial debut, the distinctive blend of crunchy peanut butter wrapped in creamy toasted coconut remains a classic.

5. Zalzalak

A Zalzalak is an odd, tiny fruit with a delicious flavor. The great enjoyment of your taste buds is brought on by the slight sweetness and sourness of it. The name is ‘hawthorn’ in English.

The fruit primarily grows in Iran’s northwestern regions, where it is eaten for all of its health advantages.

6. Zampone

A traditional sausage from Modena, an old town in the Italian province of Emilia-Romagna, is called zampone.

It is made up of a mixture of pig rind and meat that is packed within the animal’s hind leg.

7. Zanzibar Sesame Bread

This delicious form of flatbread is known as the Zanzibar sesame bread. Although it loosely resembles Indian Naan, this yeast bread is enhanced with coconut milk and sesame seeds, giving it a distinctive flavor.

Zanzibar sesame bread works great as part of a meal or as a snack because it is compact and freezes nicely.

8. Zapiekanka

Zapiekanka, often known as ‘Polish pizza’, is more comparable to a toasted sandwich than a pizza, despite sharing many of the same ingredients with the latter, such as cheese, mushrooms, and some sort of meat.

Ketchup is typically poured over top, and it is typically served blistering hot. It’s a preferred choice for Polish food cart owners.

9. Zapples

The best North Carolina apples are used to make Zapples Gourmet Apple Chips, which are thinly sliced, seasoned, and baked until golden.

They are a portable, small-sized snack that you can take with you wherever.

The distinctive spice mixture complements the rich apple taste that gives Zapples chips their distinctive flavour.

10. Zebra Cake

Little Debbie created the first Zebra Cakes, which were hexagonal-shaped cakes with a spread of vanilla creme sandwiched between two pieces of white cake.

Making your own zebra cake at home is simple. Just combine white and chocolate cake mixes, swirl the batter, then top it with vanilla and chocolate icing once it bakes.

11. Zeppoli

Zeppoli, the collective noun of zeppole, are Italy’s equivalent of donuts in the United States, and other countries around the world.

They are fritter-like deep-fried dough balls with a variety of toppings and fillings. Some come with chocolate, icing, custard, or whipped cream as toppings, amongst several other sweet fillings.

12. Zereshk Polo

Barberry rice and saffron chicken are the main ingredients in the traditional Persian meal, known as zereshk polo. Zereshk is the Persian term for barberries.

This meal is beautiful and features many different hues, including red, yellow, gold, orange, and white. It has a zesty and fruity flavour, is organically gluten-free, and has a lot of protein, fiber and good fats.

13. Zest

Citrus zest is frequently used to flavor dishes, but it is seldom consumed on its own as a snack.

Oranges, lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits may all have their zest removed by simply scraping off the rind using a fine grater. Typically, the zest is richer than the juice of the actual citrus fruits.

14. Zhe

This seedless fruit, also known as a che fruit or a mandarin melon berry, is a modestly potent tiny fruit that is simple to cultivate and pleasant to consume.

Many people claim that the sweet flavour of this little, juicy fruit is similar to the flavour of a watermelon.

15. Zig-Zag Vine

The edible orange zig-zag fruit is a berry typically found in Australian rainforests. This fruit is frequently utilized in cooking or the creation of liqueurs.

People frequently describe the flavor of a zig-zag vine fruit as being sour, citrusy, and sherbet-like.

16. Zimtsterne

Zimtsterne, popularly known as ‘German cinnamon stars’, are renowned cinnamon-flavored stars that are popular in Germany.

Although they can be consumed and enjoyed all year round, people typically make these cookies during the festive season. Additionally, they are naturally gluten-free.

17. Zinger Burger

The ideal fried chicken sandwich with an extra oomph for fans of a little extra spice is the KFC Zinger Burger.

Crispy yet spicy chicken burgers are topped with lettuce, a creamy burger sauce, and toasty brioche buns.

18. Zingers

Zingers are strawberry flavored cakes wrapped in coconut, and stuffed with cream, and resemble Twinkies in size and texture.  The variations are found in the hue, taste, and addition of coconut flakes.

Zingers are incredibly sweet, slightly gooey, and wonderful, with all aspects combined into one bite-sized package.

19. Ziti

Ziti are little pasta noodles in the form of tubes that have their origins in Campania.

The noodles also give the Italian meal ‘baked ziti’, which is similar to lasagna but made using ziti noodles rather than lasagne sheets, its moniker.

20. Zoodles

Zoodles are a great alternative to spaghetti if you love pasta but are trying to reduce your carbohydrate consumption. To prepare these, all you’ll require is a spiralizer, and some zucchini (if you want to find more fruits that start with Z, read here).

They possess a very light texture and soft flavor, much like spaghetti, and they absorb the flavor of any pasta sauce that it is mixed with.

21. Zopf

The golden-brown woven bread known as zopf is a favorite in areas of Europe, including Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. It is created using eggs, milk, butter, flour, and yeast.

Since it’s typically consumed on Sunday mornings, it’s known as ‘Sunday bread’ in Switzerland.

22. Zucchini

Zucchini is a dark green squash that typically grows in the summer (see also ‘23+ Best Summer Squash Recipes That Are Easy To Make‘). It is incredibly rich in vitamin C and manganese.

The vast majority of individuals perceive zucchini to be a vegetable, and handle it that way. Despite this, it is, technically, a fruit.

23. Zucchini Bread

Baked zucchini bread has a flavor that resembles a cross between banana bread and raisin bread.

This fragrant, rich, cinnamon-flavored bread is typically prepared with walnuts, though some people prefer to use pecans instead. Seeds can be incorporated into the mixture for an additional crunch.

24. Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini fritters are low in carbohydrates and calories alike, and are incredibly healthful as they are typically cooked with zucchini, Parmesan cheese, eggs, and a lot of seasonings.

They resemble pancakes in that they are shallow, tasty cakes, but they are more savory than sugary. They are delicious as breakfast fare, as an appetizer, or as a snack.

25. Zuccotto

This rounded dessert from Florence is typically formed with sweet ingredients such as cake, ice cream, liquor, and chocolate.

The zuccotto is usually served chilled, or frozen slightly before serving.

26. Zuppa Toscana

Chefs in Tuscany frequently serve Zuppa Toscana, or Tuscan soup, which is made with zucchini, kale, tomato purée, bacon, carrots, celery, potatoes, and onions.

Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana is a well-liked dish that is typically served with bread.

27. Zrazy

Zrazy, or Polish roulade, is a traditional main dish that dates back to the aristocracy of the fourteenth century.

There are numerous types with an equal number of filling options, such as mushrooms, kraut, seasonings, and breadcrumbs flavoured with horseradish. It can be prepared on a stovetop, or even in the slow cooker.

28. Zwetschkenknödel

Zwetschkenknödel, sometimes known as ‘plum dumplings’, are a popular delicacy in Germany and Austria.

You can make the dough for dumplings with semolina, potatoes, curd, or yeast, and the interior is made with tangy, delicious plums.

29. Zwieback

The term ‘zwieback’ has multiple, various conceptions. Many tend to associate it with a crisp food that resembles toast that was manufactured by Nabisco.

Some people associate zwieback with the delicious, double-baked bread called rusk, whereas others associate it with the double-layered buns their grandparents used to bake at home.

30. Zwiebelrostbraten

This fantastic Austrian popular dish features meat and caramelized onions smothered in warmed, creamy sauce.

It is typically served with a side salad, and roasted or fried potatoes. For meat aficionados, there is nothing better than Zwiebelrostbraten, a robust dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fruit Starts With A Z?

The most popular fruit that start with the letter ‘Z’ is, probably, the zucchini. Some people think of this item to be a vegetable, but, in fact, it is a fruit.

Another fruit that starts with the letter ‘Z’ is the zhe, a small, pinkish-red fruit that tastes mild and sweet, comparable to a watermelon.

What Vegetable Starts With A Z?

When you think of vegetables that start with the letter ‘Z’, you may think of the zucchini. However, zucchinis are actually fruits, not vegetables.

An example of a vegetable that starts with the letter ‘Z’ is the zebra eggplant, which is a type of eggplant with a white stripey pattern.

Is Zucchini A Fruit Or A Vegetable?

Although most people consider zucchini to be a vegetable, it actually belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family of plants, along with other well-known fruits like cucumber and gourd.

Despite this, the zucchini is often thought of as being a vegetable, being used in several savory dishes alongside other vegetables.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it! Those were 30 different types of food that start with the letter ‘Z’. 

While you may have heard of some of these items, such as zucchinis and Zinger Burgers, we have no doubt that there are, at least, a handful of food items on this list that you have never heard before.

You should take this as an opportunity to broaden your food-tasting abilities, and give them all a try!

We hope you found this article helpful.

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