13 Fruits That Start With Z

Fruits that start with Z are unique. This is not just because Z is the last letter in the alphabet but they vary in taste, color and shape.

A lot of fruit beginning with the letter Z are more exotic or you may have never heard of them before.

13 Fruits That Start With Z

That’s why, here is a list of our best 13 fruits that start with Z.

1. Zwetschge

A zwetschge is a popular European plum variety. It’s smaller than most traditional plums.

It’s slightly tart but very sweet taste makes this tasty plum ideal for plum pie, tarts, preserves or other delicious plum desserts.

This being said, you can also just eat zwetgsche plum raw. Just pluck it from the plum tree and enjoy the juicy flesh.

In addition, zwetschge are also very healthy. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and phytochemicals.

All these elements help to improve your gut health and relieve constipation.

However, zwetschge plums also contain a lot of sugar, so it’s best to eat only a couple of them per day.

Zante Currants

2. Zante Currants

Zante currants are a type of small raisins which are cultivated from Black Corinth. These raisins are one of the oldest raisin variety in the world.

Zante raisins taste similar to other raisins and dried grapes. You can add them to all your tasty baked goods, including cookies, bread, ice cream, yogurt, cereal and even desserts. 

Zante currants are full of polyphenols and antioxidants that can help protect your cells from diseases, and boost your immunity.

3. Zalzalak

Zalzalak fruit come originally from Iran. The name of this Z-fruit translates into “hawthorn”, and that’s exactly what the fruit looks like.

It resembles a small hawthorn berry in appearance but it’s similar to a red persimmon in size.

Zalzalak fruits have a very unusual flavor. They taste both sour and sweet which makes them perfect for a wide variety of dishes.

As these fruit starting with the letter Z also contain a lot of antioxidants, zalzalaks are also said to prevent heart disease.

4. Zhe Fruit

Zhe fruit has a variety of names, including Mandarin melon berry, cudrang and che fruit.

The zhe fruit looks similar to a raspberry but its small segments are more geometrical which makes the fruit look a little wonky.

Fully ripe zhe fruit are bright red, and you can eat them straight from the tree or make them into preserves, like jam or jelly.

Zinfandel Grapes

5. Zinfandel Grapes

Zinfandel grapes are famous for their delicious taste in Zinfandel wine. Saying this, you can also eat these grapes raw directly from the vine.

Zinfandel grapes grow in heavy, large clusters on vines. This black grape variety is much smaller than the grapes in your local grocery store.

6. Zucchini

You may be surprised to find zucchini on this fruit list but they are officially classified as a fruit, and not a vegetable.

While zucchini taste and cook like veggies, they don’t belong to the same plant family as eggplant, quash or cucumber.

7. Zabergau Reinette Apples

While this apple variety is better known in its native country of Germany, Zabergau Reinette apples are beautifully large apples with a green and brownish color.

These apples taste delicious when you allow them to ripen in cold storage for a few months. However, you can also eat them raw.

But they will taste sharp, and they can be difficult to chew.

8. Zig Zag Vine Fruit

As zig zag fruit isn’t readily available in grocery stores, many people haven’t heard of it before.

Zig zag fruits originate from Australia where they are a popular fruit. These small berries have a vibrant orange color but they resemble blueberries in size.

Zig zag berries are edible, and they taste like spicy orange sherbert. If you don’t want to eat them raw, then you can also cook the berries or turn them into the famous Australian sweet liqueur.

9. Zebra Fruit

Zebra fruit look like a cross between a watermelon and a tomato. It has the size of a large tomato with green and yellow stripes.

Green zebra fruit is more tart than other tomato variety. This makes them the perfect addition to your salsa, salad or just as a delicious snack on the side.

However, as these tomato fruits have a tart flavor, they aren’t naturally suitable for tomato sauce.

10. Ziziphus Fruit

Commonly known as jujube fruit, Ziziphus fruit isn’t very popular in Europe or North America. This being said, it’s a staple food in many Asian countries.

Ziziphus fruit come in three different varieties which are all edible. They ripen very quickly, and once they are ripe, they taste very dry.

A fully ripe jujube fruit has a better flavor when you dry it and then eat the dried fruit.

However, this fruit is also a popular Chinese medicine which is said to soothe the nerves and calm the mind.


11. Zarzamora 

Zarzarmora is Spanish for “blackberry” which is exactly what this fruit looks and tastes like. Zarzamora berries are super juicy, sweet and tart.

You can find them all over the world. The plant grows quite rapidly, so many gardeners find themselves fighting against these spiky shrubs.

However, the berries are perfect for making jelly, jam and other preservatives. You can even add them into your fruit salad.

12. Zawngtah

Zawntagh fruit has a variety of names, including zongchak and yongchak. It is a kind of legume grown in Manipur.

It is an unusual fruit because it is the shape of long and flat beans. That’s also the reason why it is commonly known as stink bean or bitter bean.

Despite the unpleasant name, the small seeds inside the bean pods taste similar to almonds. This makes them ideal for cooking savory dishes.

While you can eat them raw, they taste better in a dish with spices or fresh ingredients.

Zill Mango

13. Zill Mango

The name of this mango variety has quite an interesting history. It was originally grown in Flordia in early 1940, and later named after its creator Lawrence Zill.

Zill mango used to be a very popular fruit in the United States but it doesn’t store very well, so it isn’t commercially grown in the US anymore.

However, you can still grow Zill mango trees in warmer climates in the US, and harvest fresh mangos.

This mango variety has a yellow and green color with red dots. Just like other mangos, this type has a yellow flesh which tastes sweet and mild.

Some people say that Zill mango smells a bit like pineapple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jujubes Toxic?

The flesh of the Ziziphus fruit is not toxic to people, dogs, cats or other animals. However, the pits and seeds contain some mild toxins.

This means that you should only eat the flesh of the jujube fruit and remove any of the seeds and pits.

This does not just prevent any allergic reactions but it can also prevent choking. 

What Grapes Are Used In Zinfandel?

Zinfandel wine contains Zinfandel grapes. These dark-skinned grapes are ideal for making wine, like the classic dark red Zinfandel and also light pink wines.

Is Zucchini The Same As Cucumber?

While cucumber and zucchini may look like the same, they are not part of the same plant family. 

Zucchini belongs to the Cucurbita family, while cucumbers are a member of the gourd family.

They also have a slightly different taste. Cucumber is much more watery, thanks to its high water content.

Is Green Zebra A Cherry Tomato?

Green zebra fruit aren’t the same as cherry tomatoes. They may be similar in size and green color, but they aren’t as sweet as popular cherry tomato varieties.

Final Thoughts

From zebra fruit to zucchini, there is a large range of fruits that start with Z. Some of them are widely available in grocery stores, while others are only local delicacies.

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