10 Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes

There might not be a more popular choice of gift to give someone than a box of good chocolates.

Doesn’t matter what the occasion is, or even how important it is. It could be a birthday, it could be a new job. Heck, it could even just be a nice day, and you’re feeling generous today!

The point we’re making is that chocolate is a universal food that pretty much everyone enjoys.

And, as such, it is always a safe bet to get someone a box as a gift.

However, the tricky part comes when you have to pick the box of chocolates that they will like the most.

Do they prefer dark, milk, or white? Do they like extra ingredients in their confectionary of choice, an orange or strawberry flavoring? What if they prefer simple blocks of chocolates, or do they enjoy special varieties such as truffles?

Chocolate Subscription Boxes

Heck, do they have any food allergies? Are they nut or dairy-intolerant?

It can be quite difficult to nail down a single option for your loved one.

However, subscription boxes for chocolates (see also ‘9 Best Dessert Subscription Boxes‘) help circumvent some of these issues. After all, with all the varieties available in a box, they’re bound to like or love at least a few of them.

Plus, they may find that they like the new flavors that they haven’t tried before!

However, this is an ideal that many companies have been playing around with for the last few years if the sheer scope of the number of subscription services out there is anything to go by.

Fortunately, we are here to help clear things up a little!

In this guide, we are going to show you some of the best and most popular chocolate subscriptions that you can choose from today, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else!

1. Vosges

Starting off our list with one of the most renowned subscription services on this list, we have the brainchild of Katrina Markoff, a world-famous chocolatier, and her company, Vosges, to take a look at. When it comes to classy confectionaries, this is a tough service to beat!

As the founder and brains behind this subscription imply, there is plenty of well-honed experience backing up this subscription service, so you can tell that your subscription box will be in safe hands here.

There are two basic options available for you or whoever you are gifting this subscription with. The first option is an amazing combination of both bonbons and candy bars that you can pick and choose to create your custom box for.

This particular service has plenty of flavor options, from banana coconut bars to black salt caramel exotics. This is a great option to try out new flavors, as well as new spins on old classics.

But wait, there’s more!

The second option for this subscription is being a part of the Vosges Chocolate club, where you will receive delightful and exclusive chocolates unlike any other.

What’s more, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to payment. You can choose to have them delivered every 3, 6, or 12 months. Plus, Vosges delivers to both the United States, and Canada!

2. Kekao

If you’re looking for a chocolate subscription that isn’t going to break your bank account, you can sometimes be left with very little to work with.

However, Kekao offers a service that is both delicious, and affordable at the same time!

The chocolate seekers and curators over at Kekao painstakingly research and gather chocolate bars and other treats from smaller and independent-run businesses from across the United States, giving you the best of the tasty best.

Every month, you’ll be treated to a new variety of chocolate bars to try out for yourself, including some of the best dark chocolate recipes in the country.

This also means that, by subscribing to this subscription box, you’ll also be supporting the many small businesses that contributed to your monthly box too, as well as trying something new out for yourself.

Plus, the monthly subscription can be swapped out for a 3 or 6 months subscription too, meaning that there are plenty of price brackets and commitment levels for each customer.

The only thing that we would note is that this is a subscription service that focuses on dark chocolate bars and not much else. So, if you like a variety of chocolate treats in your subscription service, you may want to look elsewhere.

However, if you love your dark chocolate more than any other candy, this is absolutely the chocolate subscription for you!

3. Mystery Chocolate Box

Of course, one of the main appeals of food subscription services, including chocolate subscriptions, is that they’re a chance to try something new.

Along those lines, there’s an element of mystery and anticipation with them too. You never know what exactly you may like from one month’s box or the following month’s box.

The Mystery chocolate box takes advantage of that apprehension, by delivering a selection of chocolaty treats that are a mystery to you when you receive them!

In each box, you will receive 3 unlabeled chocolate bars, allowing you to guess the flavors you have been delivered for yourself.

However, don’t think that Mystery Chocolate just delivers any old chocolate to you and calls it a day. The chocolates that have been chosen are carefully selected from the best chocolate makers around, meaning that, whatever you get, they will be of the highest quality.

Not only that, but the company will also donate two meals to charity for every box that is purchased. So you can eat well, knowing that others in need will be eating well too!

If you love blind taste-testing as much as we do, then this is absolutely the subscription box for you!

4. Compartes

Mystery is a fun aspect of some of these subscription services.

However, another thing that the best chocolate subscriptions will offer you is variety too. After all, chocolate bars are great, but you want a little variety in your palette too, right?

Well, this is where subscriptions such as Compartes come in, providing you with a massive variety of chocolaty treats for you to sample.

As many chocolate connoisseurs will tell you, there is more to chocolate than simply having it in a bar (as tasty as that is). There are bonbons, truffles, and plenty of other treats out there to try.

That is something that Compartes understands well, as it will send a recipient a massive variety of delectable and unique treats for you to try, all filled with the highest quality chocolate you can find.

What’s more, each monthly box has a specific them attached to it, including any holidays that land within each month, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas.

With care and attention like this, it is no wonder that this is also a chocolate subscription choice of many celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow!

Plus, you even get a discount for subscriptions that last longer than the normal monthly box, too!

Whilst there is little to no customization in this subscription box, which is unfortunate, the sheer effort in each box helps make up for that deficiency.

However, it should be noted that there is no guarantee for a dairy-free alternative in a month because of this setup.

That issue aside, this is an excellent subscription service with plenty to offer!

5. Gourmet Chocolate Of The Month Club

I mean, with a name like this, how could you not want to know more about this service?

This is a service that manages to balance both the quality of the chocolates you get every month and the quantity!

With over 25 years of experience delivering this service, you can rest easy knowing that this is a subscription box that has been around for a hot minute, and knows what they’re doing when it comes to subscription chocolate.

And know their business, they certainly do!

Their award-winning artisan chocolates, chosen and picked from around the world, this is truly a world-class collection of chocolates for you to try.

And quite the collection you get indeed! Every month, you receive up to a pound of chocolate ion weight delivered to your doorstep. I guess with the world as your culinary playground, it would get difficult to pick just one or two!

So, this means that you have a truly huge amount of chocolate to pick and choose from. There are bound to be some flavors in there that you’ll love!

And with those that are maybe a little less appetizing for you, they will also make excellent gifts!

6. Raaka Chocolate

When it comes to subscription services, many people often want to feel like they’re part of an exclusive club. After all, they’re the ones receiving exclusive goods, so why should they feel like that?

This is a vibe that Raaka gets, as they often involve many of the most loyal customers in their limited edition runs of particular chocolate. The exclusivity is off the charts with some for these limited runs!

As part of your subscription box, you will receive two bars of chocolate that are from a limited edition run. Called first nibs, these chocolate are also made with allergies in mind, as they are vegan, soy, and gluten-free. This makes this service perfect for those with allergies that don’t want to be left out of a flavorful surprise!

Plus, the beans that are sourced for the chocolates in these subscription boxes are from cacao farmers, making the entire process fair and transparent for all to see. Not just from maker to seller, but from farmer to maker too!

Plus, it is not an expensive subscription to buy! What more could you want?

7. Jackie’s Chocolates

Sometimes, you want the most extravagant and exclusive treats that money can buy in your chocolate subscription.

And sometimes, you just want half a pound of good chocolate to enjoy, either for yourself or with others.

The latter is the itch that Jackie’s Chocolate subscription service hopes to scratch!

With 15 pieces of chocolate in every box (at least), and coming in a variety of forms, from chocolate bars to truffles, to bonbons, and even chewy caramel to boot!

Plus, you’ll even get exclusive treats around the big holiday seasons, such as around Christmas. These sweet delights won’t be found anywhere else, so you’ll be part of that exclusive club after all!

8. Fine Chocolate Club

While the home of cacao beans, and by extension chocolate, was first located in Central and South America, Europe has been the historical home for some of the world’s most famous chocolate recipes, with almost 500 years of practice with this ingredient.

So, you can imagine that there are a few recipes from the continent that are firmly a part of that ‘exclusive chocolates’ club, something that Fine Chocolate Club wants to solve.

Fine Chocolate Club gives you the choice of getting between 2 and 6 bars of rare European-inspired chocolate (depending on your subscription plan), with techniques and ingredients being drawn from around the world to create the finest chocolates or the finest chocolate subscription.

Plus, there are even online materials that the subscription provides, showing you more information on your favorite chocolates from experts around the world.

Not only that, but this online service also opens up a massive community of fellow chocolate lovers that you can talk to and discuss.

9. Jessie’s Nutty Cups

When it comes to flavors that go well with chocolate, few can touch the incredible combo of peanut butter with high-quality chocolate. Just look at the success of Reese’s, for example.

So, having a subscription service that is dedicated to this amazing combination, you have a recipe for success!

And plenty of peanut butter chocolates too!

This subscription box isn’t some random store-bought peanut butter chocolate box, of course. The peanuts used in these different flavors are roasted in-house, fresh from the farm in Virginia, before benign ground up to make the buttery-smooth and creamy peanut butter filling.

There is plenty of variety to be found in this subscription box too. You can choose (yes, choose) between dark or milk chocolate recipes, with 8 or 15 treats for you to snack on at your leisure.

With plenty of extra flavors, from pretzel to chocolate hazelnut, to sea salt in this box too, there’s plenty of variety to go around!

10. Bar & Cocoa

Finally, on this list, we have a subscription service that is dedicated to showing the world the beauty of dark chocolate, we have Bar and Cocoa.

This is a service that is under no pretension of using or needing to use white or even milk chocolate. This service knows what it is here to deliver, and that is incredible, difficult-to-source dark chocolate bar treats for you to try for yourself.

So, if you prefer white chocolate or even milk, you have been warned!

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, when it comes to chocolate subscriptions, there are plenty of options that are available to chocolate lovers of all kinds, from darker palettes to milkier tastes, from bar lovers to truffle lovers.

Now all you have to do is pick one!

10 Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes

10 Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes

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