23 Best White Chocolate Desserts

Chocolate is simply a classic when it comes to making a tasty dessert. But what if you want to create a dessert with a twist?

23 Best White Chocolate Desserts

Then just use white chocolate. It gives you the sweetness of traditional milk chocolate but still blends nicely with sweet liquors and sharp fruits.

In this article, we put together the 23 best white chocolate desserts that make all the difference to your meal.

1. White Chocolate And Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate, fruit and ice cream together in a cake? It sounds like a wild mix but the combination of sweet chocolate and fresh strawberry whipped cream is just irresistible.

This layer cake is not just delicious but it’s also a real showstopper. This makes it perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries or any other special occasion.

Just add a few fresh fruit or some white chocolate decorations on top, and you made a truly unique cake.

2. White Chocolate, Raspberry And Passionfruit Trifle

White chocolate pairs incredibly well with tangy fruit like passionfruit and raspberries. That makes this tasty trifle the perfect pudding to please all chocolate lovers.

Plus, the fruitiness in this special white chocolate recipe makes it the right choice for a summer garden party.

White chocolate custard with whipped cream, raspberry soaked sponge fingers and passion fruit come together in a rich, fruity and creamy dessert.

If you feel like you need more chocolate, then simply sprinkle a few white chocolate shavings on top.

3. White Chocolate Mousse With Crushed Mini Eggs

Don’t be mistaken. This white chocolate mousse recipe isn’t just the perfect Easter treat. You can make this fluffy white chocolate mousse with almost any type of chocolate.

Then top it off with crushed mini chocolate eggs, dark chocolate chips or milk chocolate pieces.

You can even give the mousse a small Christmas twist and add it some cinnamon, ginger and other Christmas spices.

Decorate it with a cinnamon stick and serve it cool after your Christmas dinner.

4. Key Lime Pie With Coconut And White Chocolate

There’s no doubt. Lime and coconut are a perfect pair when you want to create a delicious dessert.

When you add some white chocolate, you’ll create a creamier texture and the tropical flavors come out stronger.

The sweet white chocolate and coconut flavor are a wonderful match for the tart lime juice.

This key lime pie recipe only calls for ten ingredients, and it doesn’t take hours to make it.

5. White Chocolate And Raspberry Slices

Raspberry is just one of these fruits that always works with any type of chocolate. When you add raspberries to white chocolate, you’ll create a sweet and slightly sour dessert.

If you want to feed a larger group of people, then creating a tray bake is ideal. You can just make a larger batch to match with the number of your guests.

The fresh raspberries stand out from the creaminess of the white chocolate. This makes it a beautifully light snack for all occasions.

6. White Chocolate Mud Cake

Tender and soft white chocolate mousse turned into a cake that is ideal for your next celebration.

This recipe has two layers of white chocolate cake, together with a thick white chocolate buttercream covering on the outside.

You can decorate your cake with milk chocolate mousse or just add some chocolate pieces from your favorite chocolate bar.

What makes this white chocolate cake recipe so unusual is that it doesn’t take long to make. Plus, you can make it a few days ahead of time and keep it in the fridge.

7. Strawberry Tiramisu With White Chocolate

Tiramisu isn’t traditionally make with fruit but the strawberries in this recipe add a surprising twist to with traditional Italian dessert.

What makes this white chocolate and fruit recipe such a great success is the shot of Cointreau liqueur.

It brings the smooth white chocolate together with the tangy strawberries. While the alcohol means this dessert isn’t suitable for children, it’s still a super tasty treat.

8. White Chocolate And Banana Mud Cake

This is a great recipe to use up all your overripe bananas. 

While bananas aren’t always recommended in a white chocolate dessert, this tasty treat proves that the combination works surprisingly well.

With a subtle flavor, the creamy texture of the white chocolate pairs perfectly with the richness of banana. 

And the best is that this mud cake recipe only requires nine basic ingredients.

9. White Chocolate Blondies

Grab a handful of basic ingredients, including white chocolate, sugar and vanilla extract, to make 18 squares of these deliciously fudgy blondies.

They have a super soft texture thanks to the vanilla extract and the soft sugar. 

If you want to make these white chocolate squares vegan, then you can use some vegetable oil instead of the eggs and replace the white chocolate with dairy-free chocolate.

10. Raspberry And White Chocolate Muffins

Muffins are just the perfect dessert for any occasion. From a garden party to a weekday dinner, muffins are super quick and easy to make before.

Similar to the white chocolate and raspberry slices, this muffin recipe only has a few ingredients that you whisk together.

The soft and tender muffins are so light and fluffy that you can even have them as a sweet snack on the side.

Whether you love fruit desserts or you are a chocolate fan, these muffins bring together the best of both worlds.

11. Ginger, Caramel And White Chocolate Slice

When you think of white chocolate, then you think of a light dessert that’s only suitable for summer.

However, there are some truly warming white chocolate desserts that are perfect for fall and winter.

The ginger in this ginger slice recipe blends in wonderfully with the rich white chocolate and the smooth caramel.

Plus, you can just make a larger batch to ensure that everyone gets a slice of this delicious treat.

12. White Chocolate Truffles

Truffles aren’t always just for special occasions. You can make these boozy chocolate treats for lunch, dinner or even as a snack on the side.

This white chocolate truffles recipe brings together the sweetness of white chocolate with creamy Baileys.

There is also a surprisingly crunchy almond coatings that is guaranteed to satisfy every discerning chocolate lover.

13. Homemade White Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a simple must-have on a cold winter day. But it doesn’t have to be the simple milk chocolate with some whipped cream on top.

If you want to mix up your hot chocolate cravings, then this white hot chocolate recipe offers everything you need.

The sweet and creamy texture just gives you this warm and fuzzy feeling that’s perfect for putting up your feet by the fire.

14. Watermelon, Berry And White Chocolate Pavlova

Here is a summer dessert that you don’t see very often. Watermelon paired with sweet berries and smooth white chocolate.

In addition, this recipe also adds some Greek yogurt to give the pavlova an even creamier texture.

But what makes this white chocolate and berry pavlova really special is the large amount of mixed berries on top.

You can use any type of berries or just make it with raspberries or blueberries. This tasty dessert is your chance to use up your ripe berries.

15. Pumpkin White Chocolate Mousse Pie

This is the right recipe to change your traditional pumpkin pie. The sweet white chocolate is a perfect balance for the slight tartness of the pumpkin.

You can serve this special white chocolate pumpkin pie with white chocolate sauce or just some whipped cream.

If you want to give your pumpkin dessert an extra twist, then mix some white chocolate flakes with grated coconut and sprinkle it over your pie.

16. Iced Berries With Hot Chocolate Sauce

Another delicious berry recipe but not quite as you expect. Just use some frozen berries and serve it with a beautifully rich white chocolate sauce.

This dessert recipe is not just quick and simple to make but it also looks stunning. A perfect addition to any summer cocktail party.

17. Two Ingredient White Chocolate Mousse

It cannot get any easier. You only need two simple ingredients for this basic white chocolate mousse recipe.

Use some white chocolate to make the mousse and top it either with white chocolate pieces or whipped cream.

If you want to prefer to add a slight sour flavor to this recipe, then just top the mousse off with raspberries or some passionfruit.

18. White Chocolate Marshmallow Popcorn Treats

Popcorn is an all-time favorite with kids and adults alike. But have you ever tried dipping your popcorn into white chocolate?

With this white chocolate popcorn recipe, you don’t need to do any dipping. Just whisk together the marshmallow and white chocolate sauce, dunk your popcorn in and let it dry.

These pieces are ideal for everyone to share and you can make more in a matter of minutes.

19. White Chocolate Buttermint Ice Cream

White chocolate ice cream is a must-have on our list. After all, chocolate ice cream is one of the most popular ice cream flavors in the world.

But this frozen dessert isn’t just ice cream. It’s a super creamy treat that whisks together sweet white chocolate with smooth butter cream. All topped off with a subtle mint flavor.

20. White Chocolate, Orange And Ginger Profiteroles

Profiteroles are a classic from the 1970s, and they are amazingly versatile. 

You can drizzle almost any kind of sauce on these profiteroles filled with ginger and orange cream. But we believe that they simply work best with white chocolate.

This could be a special Christmas dinner dessert or just as a snack on the side. Thanks to the smaller size, profiteroles are also a perfect party snack.

21. Matcha White Chocolate Roulade

Roulades are a classic dessert but this one is a bit more unusual. It combines green tea flavors with sweet white chocolate.

This creamy dessert is surprisingly light with just 350 calories per slice. Plus, matcha is said to be good for your health.

22. White Chocolate And Peanut Buttercups

When you look at these sweet buttercups, you would think that they are super light. 

However, once you take a mouthful of these sweet snacks, you will know that the peanut and white chocolate are incredibly rich.

If you are after a beautifully sweet dessert that’s simple to make at home, then these buttercups are your go-to recipe.

23. Lemon And White Chocolate Cake

White chocolate and lemon are simply a classic combination in a dessert, especially when they appear together in the shape of a cake.

The white chocolate filling in this homemade lemon cake tastes almost like sweet chocolate truffles.

But this cake is still fluffy and moist, making it an idea birthday recipe cake for any time of year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is White Chocolate?

White chocolate is a mix of cocoa butter, vanilla, sugar, different milk products and lecithin.

Despite its name, white chocolate isn’t actually a chocolate in the traditional sense because it doesn’t contain any chocolate solids.

What Goes Best With White Chocolate?

White chocolate pairs well with tangy fruit that balance out the creaminess of the chocolate. 

Saying this, you can also serve your savory dishes with white chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings or white chocolate chips on the side.

What Are The Common Uses Of White Chocolate?

White chocolate is typically used for a variety of cuisines. You can add it to cookies and other baked items to create a rich texture.

In addition, bakers and chefs also use white chocolate to decorate desserts and dishes as it creates a greater contrast than darker chocolate

What Fruit Is Good With White Chocolate?

White chocolate has a creamy and rich flavor that goes well with acidic fruit, such as cherries, berries as well as all citrus fruits, like lime and lemons.

This being said, you can also combine white chocolate with sweet fruit, like peaches or melons.

Final Thoughts

White chocolate has so much to offer in a dessert. It creates a creamy, rich texture but allows other ingredients to come out beautifully in white chocolate desserts.

23 Best White Chocolate Desserts

23 Best White Chocolate Desserts

Recipe by Jenna

Chocolate is simply a classic when it comes to making a tasty dessert. Here are our 23 best white chocolate desserts that make all the difference.

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