33 Of The Best Dark Chocolate Desserts

Everybody loves chocolate, but some people prefer it when it’s rich and more intense. Dark chocolate definitely tick those boxes, and because it’s so rich, usually you don’t need to much of it in one sitting. 

Like milk chocolate, dark chocolate is incredibilty versatile and can be used to make plenty of delicious desserts!

33 Of The Best Dark Chocolate Desserts

If you prefer bitterness over sweetness and you want something a bit more intense, dark chocolate is a great ingredient for you to utilize. 

If you like the idea of indulging in a dark chocolate dessert but you don’t know where to look, then we’ve got you covered! We have put together a list of 33 of the best dark chocolate desserts out there that you simply have to try!  

From seriously rich dark chocolate cakes, all the way to delightful dark chocolate tarts, there are so many desserts you can try.

There is something for everyone on this list and when you make these recipes for yourself, you wont be disappointed! 

One of the best things about dark chocolate is that it’s actually healthier than milk chocolate, so you can enjoy these desserts without feeling as much guilt as you would with milk chocolate! 

1. Rich Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Two things that really go together well are chocolate and peanut butter, and dark chocolate works just as well! 

This peanut butter cake actually has a delicious hint of mocha, and the flavors are rich and intense. This is the perfect dark chocolate recipe to try if you love rich and strong flavors. 

As long as you follow the recipe, this is quite an easy cake to make and you can have it ready to serve in just over an hour! 

2. Salted Caramel–Chocolate Tart

Caramel is nice, but salted caramel is even better! When you combine it with dark chocolate you have a seriously amazing fusion on your hands! 

This salted caramel chocolate tart is absolutely bursting with flavor. You will be making a dark chocolate tart shell and then filling it with a delicious salted caramel filling. You simply wont be able to get enough of this tart once you try it for the first time. 

The recipe is really straightforward and you wont have any issues in following it. 

3. Fudgy Dark Chocolate Brownies

If you have a lot of chocolate and you fancy baking something, a classic choice is always brownies. They are thick, they are gooey, and they are just so darn delicious! 

These dark chocolate brownies are absolutely no exception to that rule. Because you will be using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, they are way richer and the dark chocolate actually stops the sweetness from being too overpowering. 

This recipe is super easy to follow as well. You will find yourself making these brownies again and again! 

4. French Hot Chocolate

If you love hot chocolate then this recipe is going to change your life! Most hot chocolate is quite thin and watery, but this hot chocolate is anything but!

It’s super thick and creamy, and because it’s made with dark chocolate, the flavor is intense and delicious! 

Once you try this French hot chocolate recipe, you’ll never want to buy instant store-bought hot chocolate again! It’s super easy to make and the results are just too amazing. Super comforting, this is a recipe you will want to hold on to. 

5. Chocolate Mint Truffle Tart

Dark chocolate is really just as versatile as milk chocolate, and it goes with practically all the same things. If you are a fan of mint, then you absolutely need to try this chocolate mint truffle tart!

The mint offers a cool and refreshing tastes that compliments the intensity and richness of the dark chocolate. This is one of those desserts you wont be able to get enough of and it’s perfect to make for dinner parties. 

6. Chocolate Blackout Cookies

Another classic treat you can bake is ofcourse cookies! This particular recipe will have you using dark chocolate to create some intense whoopie-pie-type cookies, and the results are absolutely fantastic! 

You will need to keep an eye on the recipe and make sure you are following it exactly to make sure that they come out right, so this recipe can be considered a little harder to make.

The extra effort to get them right is totally worth it though, because you wont taste anything like these chocolate blackout cookies anywhere else! 

7. Chocolate Lover’s Pizza

Sweet pizzas are great because they are basically pies! This chocolate lover’s pizza is a great recipe to make if you are hosting a dinner party or you want to make something fun for the kids. 

You will be using a graham cracker crust for this recipe and you’ll be topping it with some delicious dark chocolate and pecans. It’s simple in it’s ingredient choices, but sometimes simple is the most effective way! 

You can have this dessert ready in about 20 to 30 minutes as well, so it’s a great recipe to make if you dont have a great deal of time. 

8. Shortbread Hearts

If presentation is just as important as the taste for you, then these shortbread hearts will be perfect for you to make. 

The shortbread itself is extremely flaky and delicious and half of the cookie will be dipped in beautiful dark chocolate. You’ll be cutting them into heart shapes, which just makes the way these cookies look even more beautiful. 

You can have these shortbread hearts ready in about 35 minutes too, so this is another great dark chocolate dessert to make if you dont have much time to play with. 

9. Big Fat Double Dark Chocolate Cookies

Here’s another cookie recipe you absolutely need to try! These cookies are thick and gooey and they are made with double the amount of chocolate, so you will be able to indulge until your hearts content! 

This is a seriously filling dessert though, so you wont need to eat many of these cookies to feel satisfied! This is a great option to make if you’re having friends over or you need to make some snacks for a party.

Everyone will love these double dark chocolate cookies and don’t be surprised if people start asking you for the recipe! 

10. Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffles

Ganache is basically heaven in dessert form and when you pair it with dark chocolate, you cant really go wrong! These dark chocolate ganache truffles are really simple to make, but make sure that you buy good quality chocolate.

The cheaper the chocolate you use, the harder they will be to set and you will taste the difference! 

This is a great recipe to make if you are looking for a gift for someone too. They have quite a good shelf life and they taste so darn good! 

11. Salted Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes are another great choice for dessert if you have some dark chocolate you want to use up. This recipe is especially good because it is incredibly rich and perfect for you and your friends to enjoy. 

What makes this recipe even better is the inclusion of sea salt which you will sprinkle on top of the cupcakes. It gives the whole recipe a fantastic depth of flavor that makes the cupcakes perfect.

This is another one of those recipes that you will find yourself making again and again! 

12. Dark-Chocolate Mousse

Mousse is a great dessert because its super simple to make and it tastes absolutely delicious. Usually, mousse is made with milk chocolate, but this recipe will have you using dark chocolate instead and the difference is amazing! 

Dark chocolate makes this moose incredibly rich, but you don’t loose any of the creaminess of milk chocolate because what’s a mousse without being creamy? 

This is a great recipe to have on standby if you just want something quick and easy to make that tastes delicious. 

13. Homemade Caramels With Dark Chocolate

These homemade caramels are absolutely fantastic. Caramel is already really sweet by itself, and if you find that sweetness a bit intense, then the dark chocolate will tone it down to a more tolerable level. 

Each of these caramels are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and you’ll definitely want more than one at a time!

This is one of those recipes you’ll have to set aside a lot of time for and make them well in advance, but for the end result, it’s totally worth it! 

14. Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Everybody loves banana bread but this recipe takes it to a whole new level! Once you try this dark chocolate banana bread, you wont make it any other way again. 

This recipe is incredibly moist and rich and satisfying with every single bite. It also comes with a set of instructions to make it vegan, so it’s great to make for people with lots of different dietary needs. 

Dark chocolate pairs incredibly well with banana and you’ll find this dessert incredibly comforting. 

15. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Cake

Dark chocolate and raspberry goes super well together, but if you want to take it to the next level, add in some coffee! That’s exactly what this dark chocolate raspberry coffee cake does, and the results are absolutely amazing. 

The tartness of the raspberries really stands out against the richness of the dark chocolate. It gives the whole cake a unique flavor profile that you simply wont be able to get enough of. 

You’ll have to set aside about an hour and 30 minutes of your time to make this cake, but it’s definitely worth it! 

16. 5-Minute Chocolate Cinnamon Sugar Toast

There are plenty of beautiful sanwhiches out there, but have you ever tried a hot gooey, chocolatey one? 

If you havent, then you are going to absolutely love this chocolate treat! This recipe is super easy to make as well, and as the name suggests, you can have it ready in 5 minutes! 

The combination of toasted bread with dark chocolate and cinnamon is absolutely divine. You wont be able to get enough of this recipe once you try it! 

17. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark

This is another peanut butter recipe that you will absolutely love! Chocolate bark in general is one of those desserts that is incredibly versitile and a great way to use up chocolate in a fun and simple way. 

When you throw the peanut butter in there, it makes the whole thing taste creamier with a lovely nutty aftertaste. This recipe is really easy to follow and you will have this dark chocolate bark ready in absolutely no time at all! 

18. Caramel Brownies

Brownies are great because you can make them with practically any ingredients, and these brownies are made with delicious dark chocolate and sweet caramel. 

They are incredibly gooey brownies and the caramel and dark chocolate pair beautifully together. They are incredibly rich in flavor, but they can be quite filling, so you wont need many to feel satisfied. 

This is a super simple recipe to follow and once you’ve made them the first time, you will find yourself making them again and again. 

19. Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake

Bundt cakes are incredibly moist and they don’t actually have any frosting, so if you’re not a frosting fan, this could be just the recipe for you! 

Along with dark chocolate you will also be using sour cream in the sponge, which really gives the whole dessert a unique flavor that you wont be able to get enough of. 

The recipe itself is super easy to follow and you will have this bundt cake ready in no time at all! 

20. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

If you want something a bit different to banana bread, then you definitely need to try this chocolate chip pumpkin bread! The pumpkin loaf is filled with delicious warm spices and it is incredibly tender, making it perfect for the Fall months. 

When you pair the pumpkin bread with delicious dark chocolate chips you wont be able to get enough of this dessert! You will want to use pumpkin puree rather than pumpkin pie filling for the best results! 

21. Dark Chocolate Dipped Figs

These dark chocolate figs are something tasty and different that you can enjoy! When figs are ripe they are the perfect blend of tart and sweet and when you pair them with dark chocolate, they taste even better!

The figs are also really juicy, so there’s absolutely nothing dry about this dessert! What’s great about this dessert is that it not only tastes amazing, but it’s really easy to make as well, so you wont get stressed while you’re following the recipe. 

22. Rocky Road Fudge

Rocky road is usually reserved for the holidays, but you will want to eat this rocky road fudge all year round! 

You will of course be using dark chocolate as the main ingredient, but you’ll only need an extra two ingredients to make this treat!

The other two ingredients you will be using are marshmallows and peanut butter, which combines fantastically with the dark chocolate. 

On top of this, you can make this dessert in no more than 10 minutes! 

23. Fantasy Fudge

This fudge isn’t just any old fudge. It is filled with amazingly gooey marshmallows that really make it stand out from any other fudge recipe you will find. 

This fantasy fudge is nutty, chocolatey, and incredibly delicious. You wont be able to get enough of it once you make it for the first time.

You will need to follow the recipe exactly for it to come out right, but as long as you do, it wont cause you any stress while you’re making it! 

24. Chocolate-Tahini Linzer Cookies

For this recipe you will be melting tahini with dark chocolate to create some seriously tasty cookies. You can make them in whatever shape you like, so don’t be afraid to get creative with this recipe! 

You’ll also be using shortbread for these cookies which is nice and flaky and a bit creamy. This is a great dessert to make if you just want a comforting and tasty snack! 

25. Dark Chocolate S’mores With Fresh Berries

This recipe was intended to be made for adults to enjoy, but the recipe’s creator actually found that even the kids loved the rich dark chocolate flavor! 

This is a great recipe to make during the summer months and you can make them in advance to enjoy around a comforting bonfire. 

They take everything you love about S’mores and make them even better! The inclusion of fresh berries really gives this recipe it’s own unique edge. 

26. Double Dark Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Zucchini might sound like a strange choice for a dessert, but once you’ve tried it for the first time, you wont be able to get enough of it! 

The use of zucchini in this recipe actually makes it a bit more moist, which is exactly what you want when you are making sweet bread. Throw in the dark chocolate and you’re on to a winner!

As long as you follow the recipe, it’s a super easy dessert to make and you will be enjoying it in no time at all. 

27. Homemade Dark Chocolate

It might seem a bit complicated to make your own chocolate at home, but this recipe makes it super easy! All you need to make dark chocolate is cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey, vanilla, and sea salt, and the results are absolutely amazing. 

You will need to keep these chocolates in the fridge so they keep their shape, but they are so delicious that you wont be able to get enough of them! The recipe is super easy to follow and you’ll find yourself making it again and again! 

28. Hershey’s Chocolate Cake

You’ll be using Hershey’s own brand of cocoa powder for this recipe and the results are absolutely fantastic. This is one of the very best dark chocolate cake recipes out there, and it’s incredibly tender and full of flavor. 

There are quite a lot of ingredients involved in this recipe, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out for yourself. It’s actually a lot easier to make than it looks! 

29. Giant Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

If you love peanut butter cups, then this recipe is going to blow your mind! It is quite literally a giant peanut butter cup! 

The shell is made out of rich and delicious dark chocolate, with the filling being made completely out of creamy peanut butter. Cut a big slice for yourself when you are done and see just how amazing it actually is! 

30. Chocolate-Raspberry Soufflé

This chocolate-raspberry souffle is absolutely to die for! This is a great recipe that is a little different to your standard chocolate desserts and it’s not to hard to make! 

You will be stirring in some delicious raspberry jam into the base of this souffle which really brings out even more flavor. On top of tasting delicious, these souffles are incredibly pretty as well! 

31. Chocolate-Filled Croissants (Pains au Chocolat)

Pains au Chocolat is a classic pastry that everyone loves. This recipe uses dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate and it pairs beautifully with the pastry. 

This recipe is really easy to follow as well, as long as you follow the instructions you will be enjoying your very own Pains au Chocolat in no time at all! 

32. Hot Chocolate Baked French Toast

French toast is already great as it is, but this recipe will have you using dark cocoa powder to create a chocolatey twist on the classic recipe. You will love everything about this version of French toast and breakfast will never be the same! 

33. Chocolate And Passionfruit Layer Cake

And finally, we have this delicious dark chocolate and passionfruit layer cake. The passionfruit is incredibly fruity and zesty and paired together with the dark chocolate, it is super rich. You will enjoy every single bite of this beautiful layer cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dark Chocolate A Healthy Dessert?

Surprisingly, dark chocolate is quite a healthy dessert option. Dark chocolate actually contains quite a lot of nutrients and it has less flour or refined sugar than most alternatives.

Dark chocolate also contains about 3 to 5 grams of fiber, about the same amount as a 6-ounce apple.

What Goes Well With Dark Chocolate?

There are plenty of things that go really well with dark chocolate. Some of the most popular options include pretzels, fruits of all kinds, pumpkin, mint, orange, certain soft cheeses, and peanuts. 

What Is The Healthiest Way To Eat Dark Chocolate?

The healthiest way to eat dark chocolate is to eat it is by choosing non-dairy versions or trying cacao nibs, which are roasted cacao beans. 

What Can I Add To Dark Chocolate To Make It Sweet?

The best way to make dark chocolate sweeter is to sweeten melted chocolate by adding sugar, honey, condensed milk, or syrup.


Give some of these recipes a try today and see which one is your favorite! You will find yourself making these recipes again and again because they are so delicious!

33 Of The Best Dark Chocolate Desserts

33 Of The Best Dark Chocolate Desserts

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