Can You Freeze Tortillas?

Tortillas are an absolute pantry staple, particularly if you’re someone who loves Mexican food or perhaps you’re just trying to cut out the bread from your diet.

Either way, tortillas are delicious and so versatile, which is why so many people love them.

However, we all know that storing tortillas once you’ve opened the packaging can be a massive pain and that quite often leftover tortillas will go stale extremely quickly, which can be heartbreaking to find when it comes to getting ready for taco night!

Can You Freeze Tortillas?

So, it’s important to find the best storage solution possible for your tortillas, which is why so many people ponder the question of whether or not you can freeze your leftover tortillas.

In this guide, we’ll discuss whether you can freeze tortillas or not, and how to best store them! 

Can I Refrigerate My Tortillas? 

When people initially look for the best way to store their tortillas, it isn’t uncommon to find out that people have tried to refrigerate them in order to keep them fresh.

However, this is unfortunately not a great way of keeping your tortillas fresh, so if you happen to try this in the hope that they’ll be ready for the next time taco Tuesday rolls around, you might be slightly disappointed. 

Food waste is a massive problem, and aside from the environmental stuff, no one likes to see their money thrown away in the form of uneaten food like that! This is why learning the best ways to store your food is so important. 

Thankfully, for those looking for the best way to store your tortillas, we have the solution! After a bit of research, we discovered that you can in fact store your tortillas in your freezer.

This is great news for those who often find that they have a couple of tortillas leftover at the end of every Mexican buffet they have, or for those who live by themselves and won’t manage to get through such a large portion of tortillas in such a short amount of time. 

What’s even better is that tortillas take to freezing really well, so you can actually store them in your freezer for up to 6 months!

So if you’re someone who only uses tortillas sporadically, then this is a great way of preventing any waste, as well as being extremely cost effective too. 

If you’re craving some delicious chipotle orders, you can explore various options to satisfy your taste buds and if you’re wondering what the best way to preserve your tortillas in the freezer is, then read on as we’ll teach you how to store your tortillas in the freezer properly! 

The Best Way To Freeze Your Tortillas

The Best Way To Freeze Your Tortillas

Freezing your tortillas is so incredibly simple, all you have to do is place your tortillas in their packaging in the freezer!

If you’ve previously opened your tortillas’ packaging then this is no problem, all you have to do is reseal it and pop it in the freezer. 

Of course, not all tortilla packaging features an option to re-seal it, in which case, you should move your tortillas from their packaging into a sealable ziploc bag, ensuring that you get rid of any air from the bag before you seal it and place it into the freezer. 

Whilst tortillas can survive a long time in the freezer, it’s important to remember that they will unfortunately lose some of their quality the longer the spend inside the freezer, so if you think that your tortillas might spend quite a bit of time in the freezer before you use them again, we have some tips to ensure that your tortillas stay delicious! 

Keeping Your Tortillas Tasty

There are two really neat ways that will help you to ensure that your tortillas will remain as tasty as the day you froze them.

They’re fairly simple, and don’t require much effort or work at all, which means everyone should be able to follow these tips to keep those tortillas delicious! 

  • Wrap each of your tortillas in a layer of tinfoil before you place them inside the ziplock bag, this will keep each tortilla separate from one another, which prevents you from damaging them when you take them out to eat!
  • You should also try to avoid freezing your tortillas if they’re at room temperature, as warm tortillas contain a lot of moisture, which means that they will be much more likely to have ice crystals form on them when they’re frozen. So you should place your foil wrapped tortillas in an airtight ziploc bag and into the refrigerator for a couple of minutes before you freeze them. 

How To Thaw Your Tortillas

Thawing your tortillas can be a more difficult process than you would initially think, and this is because when you do thaw your tortillas, they’re likely to have ice crystals on their surface, which when defrosted the wrong way, will leave you with wet, soggy tortillas that won’t be able to hold any filling!

Thankfully, there is an easy way to combat this, so if you want to ensure that your tortillas aren’t wet, then read on!

In order to prevent your tortillas from defrosting improperly and becoming wet, then all you need to do is transfer your frozen tortillas still in their foil and Ziploc packaging, and place them into the refrigerator 24 hours before you need to use them.

Then, when you plan to use them, take them out of the refrigerator, and place them on the worktop to rest at room temperature for around 30 minutes before serving. 

There are some things to avoid however. For example, you shouldn’t move your frozen tortillas straight to the countertop though, as you will still end up with very wet tortillas.

You also shouldn’t try to microwave your tortillas in order to speed up the defrosting process either, as this will cause your tortillas to stick to one another, which will become a pain when it comes to serving them up! 

Final Tips

One of the key things about freezing tortillas is space, you should ensure that you have enough room to lay your tortillas flat when it comes to freezing them, as this will ensure they keep their proper shape. 

You should also only freeze your tortillas once, as the quality will decrease each time you freeze them! 

So, we hope you’ve found this guide useful, and that you can now keep your tortillas fresh for as long as possible, enjoy!

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