34 Amazing Instant Pot Soup Recipes You’re Going To Love

Soup makes such an excellent meal. It is incredibly versatile, and that is why we love it so much.

No matter whether you want a nice bowl of soup to warm your insides when it is cold and rainy out, or if you want a nice bowl of soup to make you feel better when you’re under the weather, there will be a recipe out there for you. 

34 Amazing Instant Pot Soup Recipes You’re Going To Love

Making soup the traditional way can be rather time consuming. Preparing the ingredients can be tricky, and getting the actual cooking part right isn’t the easiest of tasks. Thankfully, if you own an Instant Pot, the process will be a lot easier. 

In this guide, we are taking a look at 34 amazing Instant Pot recipes that are low effort to make, but taste absolutely delicious. So, if you want to find out more, keep on reading!

1. Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

First up, we have this classic vegetable soup recipe (see also ‘23 Best Soup Recipes From Weight Watchers‘). When it comes to chunky soup, nothing will ever fully live up to vegetable soup. With the perfect combination of root flavors, vegetable soup is guaranteed to warm you up and fill you up too! 

We love this recipe because it is super easy to prepare, and it will be ready to eat in just 20 minutes. So if you have some old vegetables in your pantry that need using up, check out this delicious recipe. 

2. Instant Pot Chicken Soup

When you are feeling under the weather, you might find yourself reaching for a bowl of soup.

It is the go-to “get better” meal, and it is one that most people love. When it comes to flavors of soup that will make you feel better, none will ever live up to chicken soup. 

This tender chicken soup uses shredded chicken alongside a variety of vegetables to create a heart-warming soup. It is the perfect dish to make if you are caring for somebody who is unwell, and it takes just 60 minutes to cook too! 

3. Instant Pot Summer Soup

Most people associate soup with the winter months, and that is understandable. However, there are a wide range of delicious soups out there that are perfect for the summer months too. These include this Instant Pot summer soup recipe (see also ‘23 Delicious And Refreshing Soup Recipes For The Summer‘).

Summer soup is aptly named this because it is refreshing and light to eat. When it is hot outside, the last thing that you want to eat is a heavy meal, and this recipe recognizes that.

So, if it is sunny out, but you still fancy a bowl of soup, get your Instant Pot out and start making this recipe.

4. Instant Pot Creamy Mushroom Soup

But most people love soup because it is a real comfort food. Soup is one of very few meals that taste exactly how a warm hug feels, and this is the main reason why people enjoy it when they are ill.

No matter whether you are feeling unwell, or if you are simply having a bad day, you will love this recipe.

It is packed with flavor, and it will be ready to eat in no time. You really cannot go wrong with this recipe. 

5. Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Speaking of comfort food, another classic recipe for when you are feeling unwell is chicken noodle soup.

Most people will have had this delicious soup prepared for them by a loved one when they have been sick in the past. But, if you are taking care of yourself while you are sick, this recipe is perfect. 

The Instant Pot is great for making soup because it reduces the cooking time and makes the preparation process quicker too. So, if you want a quick chicken noodle soup recipe, check this out for a meal that will be ready in under an hour. 

6. Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Soup

Everybody knows that the best soup recipes (see also ‘23 Delicious Low-Sodium Soup Recipes‘) are ones that combine meaty flavors with vegetables. That is why we love this vegetable beef soup recipe.

There is something special about beef that is prepared in the Instant Pot because it goes incredibly soft and tender. This texture perfectly complements the vegetables in this soup. 

Beef often takes a long time to cook, but this recipe is an exception. So if you fancy a beef soup, but don’t want to wait too long to enjoy it, check out this recipe.

7. Instant Pot Tortilla Soup

This recipe definitely isn’t a classic one. It is new and innovative, and that is what makes it so delicious. But what makes us love it so much is how easy it is to prepare. 

If you are looking for a soup recipe that you can easily throw together in a rush, look no further than this Instant Pot tortilla soup recipe. It is packed with flavor from its totally unique ingredients. You are guaranteed to love it! 

8. Instant Pot Lentil Soup

If you are somebody who doesn’t eat meat, then you will probably be familiar with lentils. Lentils are often used to replace meat in recipes, but in this soup, the lentils themselves are front and center. 

This recipe is one of the easiest to prepare in this guide, and one of the quickest too. Simply dump your ingredients in the Instant Pot, set it to cook for 18 minutes, and voilà – your delicious lentil soup will be ready to enjoy!

9. Instant Pot Broccoli Cheese Soup

Another great recipe to prepare if you are tight on time is this Instant Pot broccoli cheese soup recipe.

You do have to do a little more preparation with the ingredients than some of the other recipes we have looked at. However, once that is done, this recipe will cook really quickly. 

Cheese in soup might seem like a strange choice. But, if you are somebody who loves cheese, you will love this delicious recipe. 

10. Instant Pot Split Pea Soup

Alternatively, this split pea soup recipe is also super simple to make. Even though the split peas are the main flavor in this soup, you can easily add ham (see also ‘36 Delicious Side Dishes That Pair Well With Ham‘) or bacon to it to complement the flavor. 

Pea and ham soup is a total classic, and it is one that is enjoyed all over the world. So why not put your own spin on it with this Instant Pot split pea soup recipe. 

11. Instant Pot Minestrone

Or, if you want to put your own healthy twist on an ultimate classic, check out this minestrone recipe. There is no denying that Minestrone is one of the most traditional soup flavors out there, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t great.

This Instant Pot recipe allows you to enjoy your Minestrone soup in no time. It is one you have to try. 

12. Instant Pot Lasagna Soup

Some people like to play it safe. Some don’t. If you are the latter, you should check out this lasagna soup recipe. It isn’t for everybody, but if you want to try something new, this is a good place to look.

13. Instant Pot Healthy Potato Soup

If healthier recipes are your preference, then you will love this healthy potato soup recipe. It is quick and easy to prepare, and your body will thank you for it when you’ve finished eating. 

14. Instant Pot Pho

Pho is a classic Vietnamese dish, but you can actually prepare it in your Instant Pot. Don’t believe us? Just check out this yummy recipe – you won’t be disappointed. 

15. Instant Pot Winter Vegetable Soup

We spoke about summer soup earlier. If you loved that, then you will adore this Instant Pot winter vegetable soup.

Just as the summer soup utilizes summer vegetables to create the soup’s flavor, this recipe uses winter vegetables. So, if you have a bunch of winter veg in your pantry, this recipe is perfect. 

16. Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup

Speaking of soups that are perfect for the Fall and Winter, this butternut squash soup is incredible.

This is the perfect soup to serve around Halloween (see also ‘25 Spooky Halloween Appetizers‘), and its orange color will match the theme too. Butternut squash has a real, hearty flavor, and this recipe is simple to make too. You’re going to love it! 

17. Instant Pot Carrot Soup

Another orange colored soup which we’re sure you will adore is this Instant Pot carrot soup. If you want a soup that is quick and simple to make, this is the one for you.

This Instant Pot carrot soup recipe (see also ‘55 Soup Recipes You Have To Try‘) contains just a few ingredients, and has a simple yet delicious flavor. It is the perfect choice for any fussy eaters in your family.

18. Instant Pot Sausage And White Bean Soup

We know, sausage soup might sound a little odd, but don’t knock it till you try it. This sausage and white bean soup is incredibly flavorful, and for some strange reason, it works.

The rich flavor of the sausages is perfectly offset by the white beans, giving you a meal that is full of delicious flavor.

19. Instant Pot Potato Corn Chowder

Chowder is a real comfort food, and this potato corn chowder is totally unique. With a huge variety of different flavors all mixed into one, you will be surprised just how easy this Instant Pot potato corn chowder is to make.

20. Instant Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup

We spoke about lasagna soup earlier, if you liked that weird but wonderful flavor, you will love this chicken enchilada soup. If you are a big fan of Mexican food, you have to give this recipe a try. 

21. Instant Pot Hamburger Soup

Likewise, if you are a fan of hamburgers, you will adore this soup. We know this is a strange recipe, but it actually tastes amazing. It is another one that you will love! 

22. Instant Pot Beef And Barley Soup

If the hamburger soup wasn’t for you, but you loved the beef flavor in your soup, check out this beef and barley soup. This recipe contains minimal ingredients and is insanely easy to prepare, perfect for when you’re in a rush! 

23. Instant Pot Loaded Potato Soup

We’ve taken a look at a couple of different potato flavored soups so far. If none of them are the exact flavor that you are searching for, then check out this loaded potato soup, it is the perfect choice for those who love a chunky soup.

24. Instant Pot Gnocchi Soup

Or, if you love Italian gnocchi, you will love this soup. It is rich and packed with flavor from a variety of ingredients. It isn’t the easiest to prepare, but it is definitely worth the fuss. 

25. Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff Soup

Creamy soups have been fairly common on this list, and that is because a lot of people love creamy soups.

When you think of beef stroganoff soup, you might not expect it to be creamy, but this recipe manages to achieve that, creating a soup that is the best of both worlds. 

26. Instant Pot Sweet Potato Soup

Orange colored soups are very popular, and so is this sweet potato soup. It doesn’t contain many ingredients, so it is nice and easy to prepare, and it cooks in just 20 minutes. So it is the perfect choice for a quick snack. 

27. Instant Pot French Onion Soup

You might not imagine that you could prepare French onion soup in the Instant Pot, but you can. You might expect the flavor of this soup to drop because of the use of the Instant Pot (see also ‘34 Amazing Instant Pot Beef Recipes‘), but this isn’t the case. Just try it out if you don’t believe us. 

28. Instant Pot Black Bean Soup

White beans have featured in quite a lot of our recipes. If you have enjoyed them, you will love this black bean soup. It is simple to make and will be ready to eat in minutes, another great choice if you are in a hurry. 

29. Instant Pot Mediterranean Lentil Soup

If you enjoyed the lentil soup that we looked at earlier, but found that it was lacking something, this Mediterranean lentil soup is probably the one for you. It contains a ton of flavors and will be ready to eat in less than half an hour. 

30. Instant Pot Smoky Black Bean Soup

Speaking of recipes lacking flavor, if you thought that the black bean soup could do with an extra kick, check out this smoky black bean soup. The smokiness totally transforms the soup into something completely different. 

31. Instant Pot Broccoli, Cheddar And Zucchini Soup

The broccoli cheese soup that we looked at earlier truly is delicious, but this recipe takes it one step further by adding zucchini to the mix.

It is packed with flavor and incredibly healthy too, the perfect soup if you want something that tastes delicious that you don’t have to feel guilty eating.

32. Instant Pot Taco Soup

We’ve looked at a couple of weird yet wonderful recipes in this guide, and this is the final one. This Instant Pot taco soup tastes exactly like a taco. You probably don’t believe us, do you? Just give it a try and you will see that we’re right!

33. Instant Pot Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

There is no flavor quite like the citrus tang of lemon. Lemon works perfectly when paired with chicken, and it tastes great in soup too.

This lemon chicken orzo soup is light and nutritious, and unlike any other recipe we have looked at. It isn’t for everybody, but if you love lemon, you will love this.

34. Instant Pot Turkey Meatball And Ditalini Soup

Finally, let’s wrap this up with this turkey meatball and ditalini soup. This soup is packed with flavors that are guaranteed to warm you up. Another great recipe for a cold winter’s day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is The Soup Cycle On Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot is a game changer when it comes to preparing meals. Not only does it create less mess, it is incredibly efficient too. So, preparing food is simple.

However, it usually isn’t quick. When it comes to preparing soup, your Instant Pot will usually require a cycle of between 20 minutes to an hour to cook your soup thoroughly.

The exact length which it requires will depend on the ingredients that are used in the soup.

How Do You Make Soup With Instant Pot?

Making soup in your Instant Pot is simple. All you need is a recipe (and we have given you plenty of great recipes above), and your Instant Pot.

Most Instant Pot models will come with a “soup” function which will start a 30-minute cycle in your Instant Pot.

However, if your soup recipe requires more than that, you can easily press the “soup” button twice, and this will allow you to adjust the length of the cycle. Adjust it in line with the recipe that you are following for the best results. 

Do You Seal The Instant Pot When Making Soup?

Yes, you should seal your Instant Pot when making soup. In fact, you should seal your Instant Pot when preparing most meals. Sealing is an important step as it locks all the moisture into your Instant Pot.

Thankfully, it is an easy step too. Simply turn the steam valve, and your Instant Pot will remain sealed while it is cooking. 


In short, there are lots of different soups that you can make in your Instant Pot. So, no matter whether you want a nice hearty soup to fill you up on a cold winter’s day, or a soup to serve as an appetizer at a dinner party, you are in the right place. 

Check out the guide above for 34 amazing Instant Pot soup recipes that you’re sure to love!

34 Amazing Instant Pot Soup Recipes You’re Going To Love

34 Amazing Instant Pot Soup Recipes You’re Going To Love

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The Instant Pot is excellent for quickly preparing all sorts of food. Check out this guide for 34 amazing Instant Pot soup recipes you’re going to love.

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