17 Tasty Guacamole Pairings (That Aren’t A Tortilla)

Guacamole served in a tortilla with some rice, black beans, corn, and meat does taste great and even though there’s nothing like a ‘classic,’ we have 17 tasty guacamole pairings for you to try when you want something different!

1. Eggs On Toast

Toasted Bread with some fried or poached eggs on top is a perfect pairing to some guacamole.

You can either add some on top of the bread before adding the egg on top or simply add some as you go on with every bite.

However, if you like your eggs scrambled or boiled and then sliced on top of the toast, go ahead with that too. Either way, it will taste great!

2. Chicken Melts

Fried chicken cutlets are usually enjoyed with some ketchup, brown sauce, or BBQ sauce, but when you pair them with some guacamole and add some cheese on top, that’s a much better combo.

To enjoy the melted cheese, once you’ve cooked the chicken, lower the heat, add the guacamole on top of each cutlet, sprinkle with cheese, and serve once it has melted.

3. Veggie Sticks

What easier option to enjoy guacamole than to cut some veggies like carrots, red capsicum, celery, and cucumber into sticks, add some corn chips on the side, and start dipping them in the sauce?

Quick, healthy, and filling too, this is a great summer snack idea or the perfect accompaniment to a large glass of white wine.

4. Roasted Veggies

Just because you are used to being served guacamole in small dipping bowls and together with other dipping sauces that doesn’t mean you can turn it into a creamy dressing for a veggie salad.

This roasted vegetable guacamole is proof of what great pairing vegetables are with guacamole and it is also a salad that can be enjoyed as a light dinner meal alone or with some bread on the side.

5. French Fries

These crispy herb and garlic French fries bring some extra flavors to your plate and are another fantastic way to enjoy your guacamole.

Made with russet potatoes, and the right seasonings, and then served double or triple-cooked, they are the tastiest fries you’ve ever had, and when you dip them in some guac you get an umami taste you’ll be craving for a long time.

6. Potato Skins

Potato skins are used as shells and are filled with all kinds of stuff. So, in the case of guacamole, you can add it to the potato skins and serve it on a party buffet.

Easy to eat and an eye-catching snack, these guacamole ‘boats’ can also be served with some mashed potato on the side if you are serving them on a plate, just so you won’t let all that potato flesh go to waste!

7. Sweet Potatoes

a Mexican-inspired stuffed sweet potato can be served just with some guacamole in it, but if you want to go all the way, add some black beans and corn too.

Wholesome and made with nothing but the freshest of ingredients, this pairing is vegan-friendly, stomach-friendly, and delicious!

8. Fried Plantains

Anyone who’s ever tried plantains knows they taste amazing. To pair them with some guacamole sauce, the best method of cooking them is frying them after peeling and cutting them into 1-inch pieces.

The plantain’s sweetness matches perfectly with the creaminess of guacamole and the avocado taste and becomes an unexpectedly tasty pairing you will make more than once.

9. Mushrooms

While potato skins, plantains, and fries all sound great, when you are on a low-carb diet you have to say ‘no’ to them.

However, avocado is one of the most keto-friendly sauces, and mushrooms are very low in carbs. You do get where this is going, right?

Guacamole-stuffed mushrooms are a fantastic way to enjoy a low-carb snack or light meal with your favorite green dip.

Ready in less than 20 minutes, you only have to clean and remove the stems from the mushrooms before filling them with the guac and baking them for 10-12 minutes.

10. Bruschetta

You can always buy some bruschetta from the supermarket but making some homemade is so easy that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

Baking some baguette slices brushed with olive oil will yield some delicious bruschetta slices that you can then spread some guacamole on.

If you want, fold some sour cream in the guacamole for some extra creaminess and a different taste.

11. Crackers

For a light and healthy snack, add an array of crackers on a plate and spread the guacamole on top.

To add some extra flavor to this already tasty pairing, you can add some sliced bell peppers on top as well as some minced green onion.

12. Pan-Seared Salmon

A salmon fillet doesn’t need long to cook, especially when it is pan-seared, and once it is cooked you can add some guacamole on top and serve it while still hot.

This fish and guac pairing are another one of those unexpected ones on this list but trust us when we say that it is also one of the best.

13. Shrimp

If you buy some fresh shrimp then pan-fry it, but if you buy some pre-cooked then you can just add it to your guacamole bowl, grab a spoon and enjoy!

Shrimp is a low-calorie and high-protein ingredient that is an amazingly good pairing to guacamole which is rich in good fat.

14. Sushi Rolls

There are multitudes of sushi recipes that include avocado chunks in their ingredients list, but you won’t find guacamole served as a side dip in sushi restaurants.

But since avocado goes so great in sushi, why not pair a maki roll with some guacamole sauce? Or why not try a salmon Alaska roll dipped in guacamole?

15. Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese sandwich is a classic in so many countries around the world and a grilled sandwich reminds many people of home.

While we would normally say not to mess with such a classic, adding guacamole to it makes total sense as you will be essentially mixing two guacamole pairings – melted cheese and toasted bread – in one meal!

16. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are one of those who love the smell and taste of it then bake some and then spread freshly made guacamole on it.

The pairing of guac and garlic is almost too good to be true and when you get that on a warm slice of garlicky bread it’s hard to find anything better.

17. Cauliflower Bites

Even though this is a recipe for cauliflower bites you can dip in an avocado dip, replace this dip with some guacamole and you will get a much better pairing.

The Bottom Line

Try any of these 17 tasty guacamole pairings and you will forget all about the tortillas!

Frequently Asked Question

What Do Mexicans Eat Guacamole With?

The classic Mexican pairing to guacamole is a tortilla wrap filled with rice, meat, black beans corn, and some sour cream on top.

However, there are tons of variations to that, and most Mexican restaurants are offering innovative and extraordinary serving options.

17 Tasty Guacamole Pairings (That Aren’t A Tortilla)

17 Tasty Guacamole Pairings (That Aren’t A Tortilla)

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If you are tired of people suggesting you pair your guacamole spread with a tortilla or tortilla chips, here are 17 tasty guacamole pairings that aren’t that!

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