What Is Superman Ice Cream?

Superman ice cream is a tasty treat made up of three different colors.

As you can imagine, it is made up of the classic colors of the hero: red, blue, and yellow.

Every child and child at heart must give this colorful combo a try!

But how does it taste? Is the ice cream only colored vanilla (see also ‘16 Most Delicious Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Flavors‘)? Or does each color signify a certain flavor?

What Is Superman Ice Cream?

Many people find nostalgia in Superman ice cream, but not everyone is familiar with this vibrant flavor because, unless you’re from the Midwest, it’s likely that you’ve never even heard of it!

We’re here to talk about that today. We’ll give you the lowdown on this outstanding ice cream, including its background, flavor profile, and where to get it.

The History

While everyone is aware of Superman’s origins, the same cannot be said about this vibrant ice cream.

The one thing we can be certain of is that Michigan is where it all began. The rest of its history, though, is a little vague.

Many people think that the Detroit, Michigan-based Stroh Brewing Company is where the famous flavor first appeared.

You might ask what ice cream has to do with brewing beer. Well, this was during the 1920s, and beer production had just been outlawed due to Prohibition.

If Julius Stroh, the owner, intended to keep the company afloat, he had to grow it.

He changed the name of his business to Stroh Products Company and began selling ice cream, soft drinks, malt products, and birch beer.

Many historians think that its subsidiary, the Stroh Ice Cream Company, was responsible for developing this distinctive flavor.

Although, given that the taste was created in the 1920s, it was undoubtedly not known as Superman ice cream back then. 

It was in 1938 when the first Superman comic book was published.

And as the flavor was created in the 1920s, it was around much earlier than the publication of the first Superman comic.

The company returned to making beer after Prohibition was over, but the ice cream taste was still well-liked throughout the Midwest.

This red, blue, and yellow ice cream quickly became associated with Superman as he gained popularity, and the nickname stuck.

Despite the ice cream’s superhero namesake’s fame, neither Stroh’s nor any other company has permission from DC Comics to use the name, so unfortunately it does not have DC’s stamp of approval.

Alternatively, it is known as “Scooperman,” “SuperScoop,” and “Superhero” ice cream, among many other titles.

The Taste

The flavor of Superman ice cream varies. Depending on where you get it, you could experience a completely different taste from one ice cream store to the next!

This is because the colors can represent an array of different flavors. The most common flavor combinations are as follows:

  • Blue – The blue ice cream is usually Blue Moon flavor. This ice cream flavor is known throughout the upper Midwest and is famous for its bright, Smurf-like color. Some find the flavor difficult to describe, but the general consensus is that it tastes like marshmallow or bubblegum.
  • Red – Cherry, Red Pop (a cherry and strawberry cream soda), black cherry, strawberry, or raspberry.
  • Yellow – Lemon, vanilla, or banana.

No matter where you get a scoop of Superman ice cream, there is always one dominant flavor: super sweet!

While some stores use lemon to balance the sweetness out with sourness, more often than not it will be completely sugary sweet. 

Where To Get It?

What Is Superman Ice Cream?

Thankfully, you don’t need to head to Smallville or Metropolis for a scoop of this delicious ice cream! If you want to give it a try, you can find it in many places throughout the Midwest.

It is readily available, mostly in stores and ice cream parlors in Wisconsin and Michigan, including:

  • Stroh’s – Called Super Rainbow, it’s made with Red Pop, Blue Moon, and lemon ice cream.
  • House of Flavors – Blue Moon, Cherry, Lemon.
  • Meijer’s Store – Called Scooperman, it’s made with Blue Moon, black cherry, and vanilla ice cream.
  • Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company – Cherry, Blue Moon, and vanilla.
  • Hudsonville Creamery & Ice Cream Company – Called SuperScoop, it’s made with Blue Moon, black cherry, and vanilla ice cream.
  • Moomers Homemade Ice Cream – Called Super Moo and comes in flavors that may vary.
  • Pinkie’s Ice Cream and Desserts – Called Supercow with Blue Moon, cherry, and lemon flavors.
  • The Blue Moon Ice Cream Shop – Made with some of the best Blue Moon ice cream you can get.

How To Make Your Own Superman Ice Cream?

You’re welcome to go out and find Superman ice cream in a store or ice cream shop, but you can also make it yourself at home!

This recipe teaches you how to make Superman ice cream completely from scratch, so you can give it a try without having to travel across the country.


  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 14 ounces sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Blue food coloring
  • Red food coloring
  • Yellow food coloring
  • 1 tbsp berry blue Jell-O mix
  • 1 tbsp cherry Jell-O mix
  • 1 tbsp lemon Jell-O mix


  1. Add the heavy whipping cream to a large bowl.
  2. Use a hand mixer or a stand mixer to whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks form. This should only take a few minutes. 
  3. In another large bowl, add the sweetened condensed milk and the vanilla extract. Whisk until combined. 
  4. Carefully fold the whipped cream into the sweetened condensed milk mixture. Try to keep the mixture light and fluffy. 
  5. Divide into three medium bowls. Add blue food coloring and berry blue Jell-O mix to one bowl. Add red food coloring and cherry Jell-O mix to the second bowl. Add yellow food coloring and lemon Jell-O mix to the last bowl.
  6. Stir until blended. Add more food coloring if necessary to achieve your desired colors.
  7. Dollop the colors into a shallow freezer-safe dish, alternating colors. Be sure not to stir them together for the best results.
  8. Freeze for 5-6 hours, until firm. Scoop and serve.

Recipe Notes

  • It is possible to substitute flavor extracts for Jell-O powder. Try the cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry flavors.
  • Use natural flavor extracts in place of Jell-O powder and natural food coloring to make this recipe dye-free.
  • Depending on the type and brand you choose, a different amount of food coloring and flavor extracts will be needed.
  • For up to a month, homemade ice cream can be kept in the freezer. To prevent ice crystals from forming, store it in an airtight container with a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper pressed to the ice cream’s surface.
  • If you are wondering whether does ice cream go bad or not, it doesn’t, not for at least 2 weeks.
  • Take homemade ice cream out of the freezer and allow it to soften for five minutes at room temperature, it should be easy to scoop.


  • When making homemade ice cream, it’s important to use quality ingredients for the best flavor.
  • Start with chilled ingredients.
  • Use high-fat milk and cream. But can you freeze heavy cream? Yes, you can and it’s best freeze it 2 hours before using it. This is an essential part of making your own ice cream, as low-fat ingredients can lead to ice cream that’s too icy and inconsistent in texture.
  • Be careful not to overmix. If you whip the cream after it has developed stiff peaks, it will start to curdle.
  • Don’t hold back on the sugar. It helps to create a creamy texture, not just add to the sweetness of your ice cream (see also ‘The 16 Best Ice Cream Flavors You Can Get At Cold Stone Creamery‘).
  • Don’t add extra Jell-O. If you add any more than advised, it will change the texture of your ice cream.

Final Thoughts

Superman ice cream is a childhood favorite for many across the Midwest. If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend that you do!

Whether you go out and find it yourself or make it at home, you’re sure to find your next favorite ice cream flavor.

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