28 Best Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes

Chicken is naturally full of protein, and also naturally much lower in fat than many other popular types of meat on the market.

Best of all, it can also easily be mixed into countless recipes to create meals and snacks that are easy to make and consume, and completely guilt-free.

25 Best Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes

Are you on the Weight Watchers diet, and want to know some of the best and tastiest chicken recipes that will help you to stick to it?

Then make sure to check out the following 28 amazing recipes, because we have found some truly amazing recipes that you will totally love! Read on below to get this list going!

1. Chicken And Lettuce Wraps

Ever find yourself craving some exciting textures and flavors while on your Weight Watchers diet?

Want to experience the taste sensations of a fresh wrap without having to worry about the calories from tortillas?

Then try these lettuce wraps that are full of spices, herbs, and so much explosive flavor. 

We adored chowing down on these wraps, and they also made for perfect appetizers for larger meals!

2. White Chicken Enchiladas

Want to eat enchiladas while sticking to your diet and also not compromising on flavor?

Then you have to try making these delightful white chicken enchiladas that are easy to make, and just as easy to eat. 

And you can also pile plenty of cheese onto the enchiladas without worry, making this an indulgent treat that won’t have you feeling guilty!

3. Skinny Cobb Salad

Cobb salad is one of the most popular salads in the world, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

Cobb salads pile on plenty of flavors and are perfect if you ever want a meal that is easy to eat and yet is still full of flavor.

However, no two cobb salads are ever truly equal, so how can you ensure that you can enjoy a cobb salad on a Weight Watchers diet?

Try this recipe! It’s full of everything you expect, as well as a few extra surprises!

4. Chicken Fried Rice

It’s a simple recipe, but it is fully deserving of its position amongst the other options on this list!

This is a perfect savory dish to enjoy if you ever need a recipe that is easy to make and costs very little to purchase the ingredients. 

The vegetables chosen for this dish also perfectly complement the flavor and texture of the chicken that fills the rice with flavor!

5. Dill Pickle Chicken Salad

This easy-to-make salad is perfect if you want an awesome side dish to accompany a main dish, or if you want a nice and simple dip into which you can shove some crunchy tortilla chips!

The tart flavor of the dill pickles contrasts against the creamy sauce, to make every bite interesting and flavorsome.

6. Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parmesan is totally delicious, but the major problem with it is that it can take some considerable effort to make!

That is, until now! Thanks to this recipe you can make an awesome chicken parmesan all within your air fryer! 

This will allow you to save loads of time, while also sticking to your diet!

7. Baked Sweet And Sour Chicken

That’s right! You don’t have to resort to take-out just to enjoy the delightful sensations of sweet and sour chicken!

With just a little bit of baking, you can easily make a delicious Chinese-inspired dish that family and friends will love! 

Even though this is a low-calorie recipe, you would never otherwise suspect so, thanks to how delicious it tastes!

8. Copycat Chick-Fil-A Nuggets

Missing the sheer decadence of chicken nuggets?

Then you will love these copycat chicken nuggets that taste exactly like they have been freshly cooked up at your local Chick-Fil-A restaurant!

Crispy yet tender, and full of spices, we just know you’ll get a kick out of these!

9. Chicken Ranch Pasta

Bacon, ranch, cheddar, and a large helping of chicken help to make this recipe truly take off. We’ve only made it a few times and it has already become one of our all-time favorites! 

And when it comes to making this pasta dish, it was surprisingly easy, and took minimal difficulty at all to put together!

To make this recipe even cooler, it is also perfect for those that aren’t on the Weight Watchers diet, as it is full of delightful flavors and ingredients!

10. Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

Love tacos, but don’t love the pounds that they can pack on? Then we are here to show you a recipe that will totally change your life for good!

Layered with tender chicken that is cooked to flavorful perfection, as well as plenty of guacamole, salsa, and sour cream, you’d be surprised at how healthy these tacos can prove to be!

11. Single-Skillet Chicken And Broccoli

Chicken is naturally full of protein, making it incredibly healthy to indulge in. But what if you could take advantage of that high concentration of protein?

Then why not try out this amazing chicken and broccoli recipe that you won’t soon forget? (see also ‘28 Amazing Chicken Recipes That Even The Kids Will Love‘)

The inclusion of onion, celery, chicken broth, and pepper help to make this an incredibly satisfying meal that is full of everything you could possibly need in terms of nutrients and pure flavor!

12. Chicken Marsala

The rich and creamy sauce that coats this particular marsala recipe is totally incredible, and it blends perfectly with the rich and slightly meaty taste of the large mushrooms that are scattered throughout.

This recipe also shows you how to perfectly cook the chicken so that it remains incredibly moist, but also has a unique sense of texture and flavor that makes it worth every single bite you take!

13. BBQ Chicken Skewers With Pineapple

Chicken skewers are a great option if you want something full of smokey barbecue flavor!

This particular recipe is also perfect if you want a Summer recipe that is perfect for any outdoor gatherings that you may have with family and friends. 

The smoky flavor of the meat directly contrasts with the sweet and slightly tangy taste of the pineapple sections dotted along the skewers.

This treat won’t cause you to pack on the pounds, but will allow you to enjoy delightful flavors that are perfect for enjoying outdoors!

14. Bubble Up Chicken Pot Pie

This chicken pot pie recipe is perfect for the whole family, as it is incredibly easy to share out and enjoy together.

The biscuits that lie atop the top of the recipe become delightfully soft, but also partly crunchy, giving them a great sense of texture that will quickly have you going back for more. 

The biscuits are also perfect for dipping into the creamy sauce that is full of savory flavor.

15. Thai Chicken Wrap

If you want a little taste of Asia while sticking to your Weight Watchers diet, then grab some low-fat tortillas, and prepare to stuff them with this incredibly rich, flavorsome, and vibrant filling that will satisfy all of your senses in no time.

These wraps smell just as good as they taste, so you will be salivating in no time at all!

16. Smothered Chicken And Gravy

Catering during the colder months presents its own set of unique challenges, and this recipe is ready to rise to all of them.

The warming taste of this recipe is sure to have you feeling deeply satisfied, and warm you up in no time at all. 

We loved the combination of spices and herbs that make up the sauce of this recipe, as well as the slight sweetness of the caramelized onions that help to bring a bit of unique texture to every bite.

The chicken is also cooked to become incredibly tender and melt away on your tongue in no time!

17. Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken Breasts

The simple elegance of prosciutto is what makes this recipe quite as magical as it is.

The prosciutto is lightly wrapped around the chicken, and then the two are cooked simultaneously, allowing each to swap and mingle their flavors to create taste sensations you’ve never experienced before.

The cooking process also causes the prosciutto to become slightly crispy, which contrasts with the soft texture of the chicken.

And don’t forget to add plenty of cheese to make it all just a little richer!

18. Chicken Satay Pasta Salad

Chicken satay is a traditional way of serving chicken in Thailand which involves cooking the chicken in a rich, savory, and slightly tangy sauce that is made from peanuts!

This recipe will show you how to combine this unique flavor with the Italian flavors of pasta to create a cultural fusion that is almost totally unprecedented!

With this simple recipe, you can create a dish that is totally unique and totally packed full of flavor.

19. Skinny Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken

Japanese flavor becomes incredibly accessible thanks to this fabulous recipe that utilizes the power of the slow cooker to create a dish that is sure to satisfy diners of all tastes.

Hosting a dinner party soon? Then we strongly recommend this as a main dish that will keep everyone happy, and then you can also show off just how healthy it is!

20. Sesame Chicken

Low on calories, but high on sesame flavor, this chicken recipe will very quickly become a new favorite in your household because of its subtle but savory flavors that also have a slight creaminess, thanks to the sesame seeds!

The inclusion of sesame seeds also makes the chicken interesting to eat, as they provide a slight crunchiness to every bite.

Serve this dish up on a bed of noodles or rice to really complete the recipe!

21. Air Fryer Chicken Breast

If you ever find yourself craving the tastes and sensations of fried chicken breasts, then with this recipe you can easily get exactly what you want in a guilt-free package that needs no oil whatsoever!

This recipe will show you how to put your air fryer to perfect use to create crispy chicken breasts that delight your palate and are perfect for dipping in your favorite sauces and sharing out at parties!

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22. Kung Pao Chicken

At only 300 calories, we were totally blown away by how enriching this recipe proved to be despite its limited calorie count! 

With an incredible combination of ingredients that we had never considered before, as well as a bed of soft and fluffy rice, we’re sure that your guests will easily love these bowls of goodness. 

This recipe is also easy to implement as part of a meal planning regimen, as it is so easy to make!

23. BBQ Chicken And Beans Bake

Simply bake up this medley of ingredients in a single pan, and soon you will have a meal that serves many, and satisfies all!

The way this dish smells as it bakes is sure to get everyone’s mouths watering, and they’ll love the taste so much that they’ll quickly be going back for extra helpings!

24. Butter Chicken

The name of this recipe alone would usually strike fear in the hearts of many on the Weight Watchers program, but we were just as surprised as you to learn that you can easily make a butter chicken recipe that was incredibly rich and creamy, and yet is friendly to your diet! 

This is one of our favorite recipes on this list and proved to be a big surprise to everyone we served it to!

25. Grilled Maple And Cranberry Chicken

Maple and cranberry combine together in such an effortless way in this recipe that you just may have a hard time believing that it is suitable for the Weight Watchers diet, but trust us when we say that it absolutely is! 

Rich, sweet, and also slightly savory, this warming recipe is incredibly unique, yet makes use of classic flavors!

26. Chicken Taco Soup

In just one pot, you can easily cook up this taco soup that will let you enjoy the beauty of tacos without needing to actually indulge in any tortillas! 

The deep and complex flavors of the soup will make you feel like you are indulging in tacos yourself while sticking strictly to your diet and budget!

27. White Chicken Chili

This recipe will not only teach you how to make a chili that is friendly to Weight Watchers diet plans but is also totally unique and unlike any chili, you will have tasted before!

It is a little lighter, but it has an incredibly creamy taste that quickly spreads across your palette, and is easily absorbed by the chicken pieces that soak into the chili.

Make sure to serve this recipe with a helping of sour cream, to make it even more creamy and decadent, and enjoy it hot for a recipe that is perfect during the winter months.

28. Chicken Dorito Casserole

With some crushed Doritos, plenty of cheese, and some fresh chicken, you can easily create a casserole that is totally unique, and totally out of this world!

We simply adored how incredible this recipe turned out to be, and how well the seemingly disparate recipes seemed to come together. 

Doritos make for a perfect casserole topping, as they are full of flavor and give the dish a great sense of crunchy texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Weight Watchers Points Is A Chicken Breast?

Luckily, chicken breasts are actually worth zero food points, so you can easily cook them up in an incredibly varied number of ways to achieve different flavors and experiences while still adhering to the diet.

This is great news for those on Weight Watchers diets, as it allows them to easily use one of the world’s favorite ingredients!

Can You Eat As Much Chicken As You Want On Weight Watchers?

Although chicken breasts are worth no points on the Weight Watchers diet, it is recommended to not eat anything more than six ounces of chicken per day.

What Happens If You Only Eat Zero-Point Foods On Weight Watchers?

If you were to only eat 0-point foods on the Weight Watchers diet, then you may begin to quickly see an improvement in your health and fitness, and you may more quickly begin to see the benefits!

Are any of the Weight Watchers Crock Pot recipes chicken-based?

Yes, many of the scrumptious weight watchers slow cooker dishes are chicken-based. With a variety of flavorful options, you can enjoy dishes like chicken tortilla soup, honey garlic chicken, or buffalo chicken dip, all while staying within your weight loss goals. These chicken-focused recipes make meal prep easy and delicious.

25 Best Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes

25 Best Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes

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Chicken is one of the best meats to indulge in while on the Weight Watchers diet, but are there any more interesting ways to cook it? Let’s find out!

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