14 Pizza Hut Crusts For You To Try

When it comes to Pizza fast-food chains, there probably isn’t a name more famous out there than Pizza Hut and its iconic red trapezoid-shaped roofs.

Pretty much everyone will have their reason for why they love going to Pizza Hut. For some, it is their unlimited salad bars that come with a surprising variety of fresh ingredients, (especially for a fast-food chain).

For others, it is their desserts, and their variety of options for their soft-served ice cream toppings (which, we should also add, are also usually unlimited).

14 Pizza Hut Crusts For You To Try

However, for many people, the reason that they fell in love with Pizza Hut is their massive selection of different pizzas.

From the meatiest of meat feasts to the most vegan-friendly pizzas out there. From the classic tomato sauce base to a good hot BBQ instead.

There is such a variety when it comes to Pizza Hut’s classic line-up, that there’s pretty much a pizza for everyone.

However, one of the most important things that set a Pizza Hut pizza apart from other chains, is its crusts, as well as the sheer number of crusts as well.

This, combined with their toppings, give customers a massive amount of customization when compared to pretty much any other pizza chain.

What are those crusts, you may ask?

Well, that’s what we’re here to show you in this guide!

We’re going to show you some of Pizza Hut’s most popular types of crusts that you can order for yourself!

1. Original Pan Crust

Starting off our list with probably one of the most popular types of crust that you’ll find under the iconic red roof, we have Pizza Hut’s iconic pan crust style!

This is a recipe that has been with the restaurant since the chain opened in the 1960s, and it’s not hard to see why it has stood the test of time.

From its inviting golden-brown color when it is properly cooked, to the way it tears as you bite into it, to the fluffy and slightly cheesy flavor as you get to taste it, there’s plenty to love with this original style of pizza.

If you have ever had a pizza from Pizza Hut before, and haven’t had to specify the kind of crust that you want for your pizza, chances are that it has been a pan-crust pizza.

Many people might point to this kind of crust as being basic, especially when compared to some of the more out-there bases on this list, and, supposedly, a little boring as a result.

However, being basic isn’t bad, it just means that you’re the old reliable option to fall back on.

After all, it became the basic, and by extension, the most popular, option for a reason!

2. Original Stuffed Crust

Right next to the pan crust pizza, we have what many people would consider the go-to type of pizza crust for people after the pan crust pizza, Pizza Hut’s iconic stuffed crust pizza dough.

This is the pizza crust that is the favorite of many cheese lovers across the country and beyond.

You’ll have seen it many a time that someone has ordered pizza for takeout.

While the center is oozing with cheesy goodness and is scoffed up in the blink of an eye, there always seems to be a pile of hard and empty crusts left behind in the box after everything else is polished clean.

And sure, it’s only a little part of the pizza, but that’s still precious pizza going to waste!

The answer? To make the crust as much a focus as the toppings, by stuffing it with a delicious cheese filling.

Not only is it now packed full of tasty ingredients, but the extra filling means that the edges are no longer likely to crisp up and burn first, giving you a texture that is soft and delicious to chew through.

Since it was introduced in the 1990s, the stuffed crust has quickly gone on to be one of Pizza Hut’s most iconic crusts out there.

And for us, it’s not hard to see why!

3. Cheesy Bites Crust

Now, time for our first seasonal crust on this list!

The cheesy bite crust variety at Pizza Hut is the pizza chain’s answer to the question, ‘What if we made our stuffed crust pizzas even more appetizing to eat?’

Their solution speaks for itself.

The cheesy bite crust is very similar to stuffed crust in many ways, as it is packed with a delicious cheese filling that is fragrant to smell, and delicious to bite into.

Only here, the muffin pan pizza dough is shaped into a small roll or ball shape that is segmented across the outside of the pizza.

The result is a crust that has a little extra crispiness to the outside, combined with an edge that can be torn away from the pizza and enjoyed as a bite-sized snack!

This is an ideal pizza for families and friends that love to share a good pizza, especially one that comes with its appetizer!

Plus, there is a massive variety of toppings that can be included with this particular crust.

However, this crust is not available all year round, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for it when your local Pizza Hut announces its return!

4. Thin & Crispy Crust

So, we’ve had two of the three staple crusts of Pizza Hut.

Now it is time to bring out the last of this tasty trio of tantalizing, top-quality dough bases!

Alongside the stuffed and pan crust pizzas, thin & crispy is probably one of the most popular Pizza Hut crusts out there.

This style is made for palettes and people that love the toppings and taste combos of Pizza Hut but aren’t exactly the biggest fans of the chewy, bread-like pan crust, or even the overly filling and busy flavors of a big stuffed crust.

This type of dough tries to keep itself as thin as possible, creating a wafer-like texture around the edges, while also firming up the base of the pizza at the same time.

Don’t worry, however, as there is still plenty of soft melty goodness towards the center of this pizza.

There’s a great variety of texture here, and it is one of the things that has made it so popular.

Thin and crispy Pizza Hut Pizza keeps the dough nice and thin, making sure that you get to enjoy the toppings as much as you do the crust and marinara sauce.

5. Hand-Tossed Crust

So, you love Pizza Hut pizza, but you want to taste something that feels a little more… authentic when it comes to pizzas.

Cooking it in a pan is great for some, but what about that age-old tradition of hand-tossing a good pizza dough?

Well, if that sound like you, then this is the crust for you!

As the name suggests, rather than being rolled out or stretched across a panning plate, this dough is softened up and tossed into the air, giving it its round shape from spinning, just like a classic Italian pizza.

The result is a pizza crust that rests somewhere between the soft thickness of a pan crust, and the crispy thinness of the thin crust.

This is for customers that want a more classic Italian base pizza, combined with the many toppings and flavors that Pizza Hut has to offer.

6. Gluten-Free Crust

The crusts that we have talked about so far are enjoyed by virtually everyone.

Everyone, that is, except for people with gluten intolerance.

This dietary restriction often means that people with celiac disease cannot enjoy many of the standard favorite meals that the rest of us take for granted.

At least, not without a range of frustrating and even painful side effects.

Fortunately, with the spreading awareness of this issue, many restaurants are coming up with incredible recipes that are free of this particular pesky protein.

Pizza Hut’s answer to gluten intolerance is this, their gluten-free crust is made with plenty of gluten-free flour alternatives, such as brown rice flour, tapioca starch, canola oil, and egg whites, making it great for everyone to eat, including gluten intolerant customers.

However, this particular crust is only available in around a third of all Pizza Hut restaurants around the country, so keep that in mind when picking your establishment of choice.

7. Neapolitan Pizza Crust

Next up on this list, we have a pizza crust that is a centuries-old favorite, the Neapolitan-style pizza crust.

Very similar in many ways to the hand-tossed pizza crust that we mentioned earlier, this variety is a thin and crispy base that I packed to the brim with flavor, especially when paired with the right toppings (olives and anchovies are very popular with this variety).

While this type of pizza has been popular across the world since the 18th century, especially in Europe, it has only become popular in the United States since the 1990s, and that is in part due to Pizza Hut making this a popular option at its restaurants at the time.

If your recipe is so good that it kicks off a renewed appreciation in a worldwide classic, then you have to be doing something right with this pizza crust!

8. Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Crust

So, you’ve heard of the thin and crispy crust, but what about its spicier counterpart?

This particular variety of thin crust combines the crispy texture of the thin crust that you love so much with the meaty goodness of a great pepperoni flavor in there too.

Plus, you’ll be able to double up on pepperoni flavors with this as your base, and even more pepperonis for toppings!

9. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust

So, we’ve gushed on more than one occasion in this article about how great stuffed crusts and their related bases are. They help add a little extra flavor to a part of a pizza that often gets tossed aside.

So, what if, instead of cheese, you stuffed it with a weenie instead?

With this crust type, you can get even more meals out of your pizza edge with a good hot dog.

The meat, surrounded by fluffy pizza crust, is perhaps one of the best things that you can add to a stuffed crust pizza, in our eyes at least!

10. Crustless Edge Pizza

Of course, you may not even be big fans of the crust of a pizza.

If that is the case, then Pizza Hut’s edgeless crust might be just what you are looking for.

With next to no rise that you would normally expect of a pizza to speak of, this is a great alternative for people who do not want to waste the crusts of their pizza, while also not being the biggest fans of stuffed crust pizzas.

Plus, with plenty of topping options, you’re not missing out on your favorite pizza meals with this kind of crust.

11. Hawaiian Style Pizza Crust

So, we have come to the most controversial of flavors when it comes to pizzas.

Pineapple on pizza has always been a contentious topic amongst pizza lovers, so having it as part of a pizza base might be a sore spot for some.

However, if you’re looking for a flavor-packed combination of sweet and savory, this is an excellent pizza base to go with!

12. Cone Pizza Crust

So, if a pineapple is in your pizza crust and the base was controversial, wait until you get a load of this pizza!

Conceptually, this pizza crust is very similar to other cheese-filled crusts we’ve looked at, such as stuffed crust and cheesy bites.

However, in this crust’s case, the dough around the edge of a pizza crust is shaped into little hollow cone shapes, that are then filled with several different fillings.

You can get your classic cheese, or you can get a Philly Cream cheese instead, honey mustard chicken, or even chicken and cheese,

Now, if you’re a lover of classic crusts, this may not be for you.

However, if you love trying your pizza a little differently, this is absolutely one you should try!

13. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Crust

So, bacon cheeseburger, and pizza in one dish!

Someone’s hungry!

However, they’re not out of luck, as this pizza dough, along with many of the typical ingredients that we have come to expect of Pizza Hut, also has miniature burger patties dotted around the edge, giving it an almost floral appearance!

Plus, with the option to top your pizza with plenty of extra sauces, this is a pizza crust that is sure to be hit with meat lovers!

14. Four Cheese Gourmet Crust

Finally, on this list, we have the four cheese pizza crust, a Pizza Hut takes on a classic pizza recipe that lives up to its legacy.

When combined with the cheesy bites, there isn’t a cheese pizza that can compete with this dish!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Crusts Are There At Pizza Hut?

While we have discussed a massive variety of different kinds of pizza crusts here, this also has the effect of potentially confusing newer customers to wrap their heads around.

Fortunately, there are easier ways of helping to choose which exact type of pizza crust you think is your favorite, and that is by separating them into three broad groups:

  • Thin crusts, the type that is often very thin both at the edge and under the base, less than an inch thick at most. They also tend to be noticeably crispier than other crusts.
  • Pan crusts, tend to be cooked in a deep pan that rises as it is baked. As a result, it tends to have a slightly breadier texture than thin crusts and is noticeably thicker.
  • Hand Tossed, which, as it suggests, are pizzas that have been made a little softer, and are molded into shape by tossing it into the air, where the spinning help gives it its rounded shape. These pizzas tend to be somewhere in between the other two in terms of thickness, although the crust is usually softer to chew and eat than the others.

What Is The Most Popular Base At Pizza Hut?

When it comes to the various styles of pizza that everyone loves from Pizza Hut, a lot of thought goes into the question ‘of which of these is the most popular?

Now, the numbers will be slightly different depending on who you ask.

However, generally speaking, the most popular pizza crusts at Pizza Hut tend to be one of the original pizza bases that Pizza Hut has always sold, either thin crust, pan crust, or stuffed crust.

Perhaps it’s just because they’ve been around long enough to get that following. Maybe it is because they’re a solid choice to fall back on when you can’t decide on a single option.

Whatever the reason, there’s no beating the classic crusts for the time being at Pizza Hut!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it.

While some of these pizza crusts might not be to everyone’s tastes, we can guarantee that there is a crust for pretty much everyone at pizza hut!

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