9 Items To Try On Wawa’s Secret Menu

As many of our readers will already know, Wawa is a popular convenience store with many locations currently open in the Northeast of the United States.

Wawa started out in 1902 with a single milk processing plant, opened by George Wood in the Pannsylvanian town of Wawa.

By the 1960s, however, the increase in milk production saw many more Wawa stores open across America, and there are now more than 900 of these convenience stores in operation.

9 Items To Try On Wawa’s Secret Menu

Not only did Wawa expand as a business, but the services it provided expanded, too. Now, Wawa stores have hot bars serving an extensive and delicious menu.

While the most popular Wawa menu item continues to be the customizable hoagie, there’s also a secret menu consisting of yearly specials.

If you’re wondering what you should order from the Wawa secret menu, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll be recommending our top 9 Wawa secret menu items in this article and answering some key questions about Wawa, so stay tuned!

The 9 Best Items On Wawa’s Secret Menu

1. Summertime Sips

By far one of the most popular drink options on Wawa’s secret menu is the range of Summertime Sips – although you might know these as Wawa’s colorful lemonades!

Wawa lemonade is known for being an absolutely delicious, ice cold treat for the summer months. It’s the perfect balance of tangy and sweet.

However, there’s just something even more irresistible about the lemonade on Wawa’s secret menu, which comes in a variety of beautiful colors.

You can order your lemonade in either orange, violet, or green, and the ingredients are slightly different to the original lemonade, including water, lemon juice, cane sugar, and food coloring and flavoring.

We highly recommend ordering one of Wawa’s Summertime Sips next time you’re in need of a cold refreshment!

2. Rainbow Bagels

Possibly the most talked-about item on the Wawa secret menu, Wawa’s rainbow bagels are truly a special addition to an already incredible selection of treats.

Wawa’s Rainbow Bagels have been part of the secret menu for over five years now, and they’re still popping up on the social media accounts of delighted customers (see also ‘40+ Beloved Foods That Start With The Letter ‘B’‘).

Not only are the Rainbow Bagels on Wawa’s secret menu stunningly decorated with an artistic blend of rainbow colors, but they also represent something very special: Wawa’s anniversary!

They were first introduced to the secret menu to mark the anniversary of the store’s opening, so when you order one of these sweet treats, you’re helping to celebrate the journey of one of Northeast America’s most popular stores.

3. Reserve Coffee

Wawa coffee is delicious, but we think the Reserve Coffee on the secret menu is even better, so be sure to order yourself a cup while you can!

If you’re wondering what makes the Reserve Coffee different from the regular coffee you can order from Wawa, it all comes down to ingredient sourcing and roasting.

Wawa’s Reserve Coffee range is certified Fair Trade, and the coffee beans used to make it are organic, so you know this coffee is both ethically-sourced and good for you.

Not only that, but once the coffee has been sourced, the beans are roasted to perfection by experts.

You can taste and smell the difference between Reserve Coffee and regular coffee at Wawa.

The Reserve Coffee has a beautiful, aromatic scent of dark chocolate, jasmine, honey, and orange blossom.

4. Custom Sourdough Melts

Most Wawa customers know that the hoagies on Wawa’s regular menu are customizable, which is partly what makes Wawa’s hot bar such a popular choice for breakfast and lunch.

However, you may not know that you can also get custom Sourdough Melts if you order from the secret menu, and these are a taste experience you won’t want to miss out on!

Not only can you order one of Wawa’s signature sourdough melts from the menu (the range includes classic combinations grilled cheese and roast chicken, spicy cheesesteak, and spicy Italian), but you can also ask for basically any combination of available ingredients you want.

We love that Wawa’s secret menu gives customers the freedom to get creative with their orders, and we have more customizable menu items to recommend later on…

5. Graveyard Smash

If you get as excited for Halloween as we do, you’ll be pleased to know that during the month of October, Wawa releases a Halloween-themed secret menu with plenty of spooky treats to choose from.

While there are so many delicious secret menu items around Halloween at Wawa, our ultimate favorite has to be the Graveyard Smash.

It’s a chocolate-cookie-and-cream-flavored smoothie with gummy worms on top.

If you’ve never tried a chocolate smoothie as opposed to a milkshake, you absolutely need to because it’s incredible.

With that being said, even if chocolate isn’t your thing, Wawa has plenty of other Halloween options on the secret menu during the Fall, such as the Mystical Mango, Spellbinding Strawberry, and Blueberry Pom Reader smoothes, so you should still check out the Halloween version of the Wawa secret menu when you get the chance.

6. Siptopia

Siptopia technically isn’t a secret menu item, but rather a yearly event linked to Wawa’s secret menu.

The Siptopia campaign was such a huge success the first year it ran that it has become a recurring feature on the secret menu.

During Siptopia season, any of Wawa’s made-to-order drinks can be purchased for just $1.99.

That’s a significant discount, and the best part is that you don’t have to order a specific type of drink to get the deal!

Whether you get an iced beverage, a milkshake, or a hot drink, you can get it for the discounted price as long as it’s made-to-order and as long as you order it from the secret menu using either the in-store kiosk or the Wawa app, which you can download to your smartphone in seconds.

Just some of the delicious drinks you can get for a reduced price during Siptopia include the Mocha Mint Frozen Cappuccino, the Iced Chai Tea, the Berry Passion Fruit Refresher, the Bananas Foster Cream Smoothie, and the Blueberry Pomegranate Mango Smoothie.

7. Custom Quesadillas

We’ve already mentioned that you can get custom sourdough melts on the secret menu at Wawa’s, but as we also hinted, that’s not the only customizable menu item you should look for while pursuing the secret menu.

One of our favorite things to order from the Wawa secret menu are the customizable quesadillas.

When you access the secret menu either at the kiosk or through the app, you can get built-to-order quesadillas including any of the quesadilla-compatible ingredients available at Wawa.

For example, you could get a classic combination like chicken, avocado and cheese, or you could order a less traditional quesadilla filling like barbecue chicken with your choice of additional ingredients.

The possibilities are almost endless, and that’s what makes this secret menu item so exciting!

8. Birthday Cake Smoothies And Milkshakes

As we discussed earlier, there are many smoothies and milkshakes included on the Wawa secret menu, including during the Siptopia campaign and on the Halloween menu.

However, a specific theme of milkshakes and smoothies that keeps Wawa customers flocking back to the secret menu again and again is the range of Birthday Cake smoothies and milkshakes.

The Birthday Cake beverages on Wawa’s secret menu are made to taste just like vanilla-flavored cookies, and the whipped cream topping is completed with rainbow sprinkles, so your drink both looks and tastes like real birthday cake!

As you might have guessed from the theme, the Birthday Cake drinks on the secret menu at Wawa were originally launched to celebrate the store’s anniversary (birthday) on the 12th of April, and they have been brought back out at around the same time each year, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this delicious addition to the menu!

9. Create-Your-Own Flatbread

The final item we think you should look out for on Wawa’s secret menu is the flatbreads, which are totally customizable like the quesadillas and sourdough melts that feature on the secret menu at different points in the year.

On the regular Wawa menu, you’ll find three variations of the flatbread: Santa Fe Chicken, Tuscan Turkey, and Chick Club.

What many Wawa customers don’t realize, however, is that you can actually design your own Wawa flatbread made up of any of the ingredients that feature on the menu.

Not only that, but the flatbreads have parmesan cheese baked directly into the dough! If that doesn’t convince you to try the secret menu flatbread sandwich, we don’t know what will.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order From Wawa’s Secret Menu?

Wawa’s secret menu wouldn’t be a secret if it were displayed alongside the regular menu items, but don’t worry, it’s not difficult to find! 

All you need to do to get access to the secret menu at Wawa is approach one of the touchscreen kiosks in store and press the goose icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This will open the secret menu and you can select your favorite items from there!

How Many States Have A Wawa?

Wawa stores are distributed across northeast America, meaning that not all states within the US have a Wawa.

The states in which you can find Wawa stores include the original state of Pennsylvania as well as Mayland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, and Washington D.C. Sadly, these are the only states with open Wawa stores.

Which State Has The Most Wawas?

You might expect Pennsylvania to be the US state with the most Wawa stores since it’s where the store originated, but actually, New Jersey takes the title for the most Wawa locations.

There are a total of 276 Wawa stores in New Jersey, accounting for no less than 28% of all the Wawas in the US. 

Where Does The Name Wawa Come From?

Wawa is a location in Pennsylvania. Specifically, it’s part of Ridley Township in Delaware County. This is where the first Wawa store originated, hence the name.

However, Wawa isn’t just the name of a place. It’s actually the Native American word for the animal commonly known as the Canada Goose.

This goose was spotted over a century ago in Delaware Valley, and that’s why the logo for Wawa features a goose.

Final Thoughts 

Wawa’s regular menu is delicious enough, but the secret menu is just phenomenal.

From birthday cake-flavored smoothies to rainbow bagels and custom quesadillas, the range of choice is amazing and the amount of fresh, fair-trade ingredients make the options even more impressive. 

Whether you have a sweet tooth, can’t go without your coffee, or love an unusual savory flavor combination, Wawa’s secret menu has something to offer, so go ahead and check it out next time you’re at your local store!

9 Items To Try On Wawa’s Secret Menu

9 Items To Try On Wawa’s Secret Menu

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We all love the regular menu at Wawa, but there’s even more to discover on the secret menu! Here are 9 secret menu items at Wawa you should try today.

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