13 Best Starbucks Iced Drinks For Summer

Nothing quite beats an iced drink in summer. As soon as summer hits, your social media feeds are bound to be filled with pictures of seasonal iced drinks.

This is because not only are iced drinks great for cooling you down, but they also taste delicious and don’t typically last throughout the year. 

13 Best Starbucks Iced Drinks For Summer

Starbucks (see also ‘18 Divine Frappuccino’s To Enjoy At Starbucks‘) is one of the leading chains in the world, and for good reason. The menu is constantly changing according to the season and latest trends, and there are countless iced drinks available both on and off the menu. 

If you’re a lover of iced drinks and want to expand your knowledge of the best drinks Starbucks has to offer in summer, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 13 best Starbucks iced drinks for summer (see also ‘14 Starbucks Orders That Are Perfect For Kids‘)!

1. Iced Latte 

You can’t really go wrong with a classic iced latte, especially one from Starbucks. Starbucks can make an iced latte in whatever way you wish – with a range of sweeteners and flavorings, different milks, or even just as it comes. 

Some of the most popular ways to drink an iced latte are an iced latte with oat milk and vanilla syrup, almond milk with hazelnut syrup, coconut milk, pumpkin spice syrup, white chocolate syrup, cinnamon syrup, and chai syrup. 

The best part about an iced latte is that it actually contains more caffeine than a regular latte. This is because the combination of ice and milk helps to reduce the overall caffeine content, so you don’t miss out on the wakening benefits.

So, an iced latte can both keep you cool and awake during summer!

2. The Pink Drink 

The Strawberry Açaí Refresher, more affectionately known as the Pink Drink, is arguably one of the most popular summer iced drinks served at Starbucks.

Customers are known to visit a local Starbucks in summer purely to get a taste of this yummy drink, which is partly because of its Instagrammable appearance. 

The clue is in the name with this iced drink – it’s a gorgeous light pink color with strawberries and ice. Unlike some iced drinks that look better than they taste, the Pink Drink is sufficiently sweet and fruity, and is said to taste like a pink Starburst. 

The Pink Drink itself is made of a Strawberry Açaí Refresher, except with coconut milk instead of water.

It is topped off with freeze-dried strawberries and the smallest amount of green coffee extract, meaning this is a slightly caffeinated drink. 

3. The Violet Drink 

Officially known as the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher, the Violet Drink is basically the Pink Drink’s cousin.

The mixture of coconut milk and the Very Berry Hibiscus flavors makes for a creamy, sweet, light, and slightly tart drink that is perfect for keeping you refreshed during summer. 

As the name suggests, the Violet Drink is an aptly purple drink thanks to the combination of berries and coconut milk.

Despite being an official menu item that you can buy from any Starbucks, it is often seen as the least popular drink compared to the Pink Drink. 

The Violet Drink is made of the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher, which is another permanent item on the menu. However, instead of using water, the drink uses coconut milk to turn it into a creamy liquid. 

4. Iced Green Tea Lemonade

If you’re not in the mood for anything too milky or creamy, you have to try the Iced Green Tea Lemonade. Nothing gets more refreshing than this drink, making it a perfect option for those super warm days.

Plus, it’s free from caffeine, so it’s ideal for those who don’t want to or cannot consume caffeine!

The Iced Green Tea Lemonade is suitably zesty and satisfyingly sour, which is mostly due to the inclusion of green tea.

There used to be a peach flavor of this drink, which has unfortunately been discontinued, but you can always add syrups for sweetness if you desire. Plus, you can also ask for a variety of fruits to infuse the liquid. 

The clue is in the name of this drink, as it consists of brewed green tea which is mixed with still lemonade and ice. 

5. Cold Foam Cappuccino 

Sometimes when it’s summer, the last thing you want is a boiling mug of steaming coffee in the extreme heat. So, if you need your caffeine fix without overheating, you should try the Cold Foam Cappuccino. 

As the name suggests, the Cold Foam Cappuccino is basically Starbucks’ version of an iced cappuccino, except with the infamous foamy milk, which often can’t be achieved in an iced drink.

It’s important to note that this drink can only be made with semi-skimmed milk, as non-dairy alternatives don’t perform as well when they are foamed. 

The single shot of coffee (most typically Starbucks Blonde coffee for a sweeter kick) is mixed with ice, topped with milk, and then finished with foamy milk to make a cool version of the drink. 

6. Iced Matcha Latte 

Matcha is one of those drinks that you either love or hate. For those who love Matcha green tea, you’ll really enjoy Starbucks’ Iced Matcha Latte.

This is an infamously light green drink that contains a significantly lower amount of caffeine compared to coffee and black tea, allowing you to slowly wake up without negative side effects. 

Matcha green tea is often brewed with hot water and nothing else, but this version of the green is slightly different.

Instead, the Matcha is brewed and combined with a milk of your choice and ice to make for a creamy and smooth drink. 

For those who can’t get on board with the earthy bitterness of Matcha, you can always add syrups to sweeten the overall flavor. Maple syrup is a popular addition to an Iced Matcha Latte. 

7. S’mores Frappuccino 

Nothing quite beats S’mores. S’mores are a true campfire classic, so what better way to consume your love of these sweet treats than in an iced cold drink?

The S’mores Frappuccino is pretty sickly sweet and perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 

This Starbucks classic consists of a shot of brewed coffee, milk (of your choice), vanilla syrup, and ice.

It is then topped with a marshmallow-flavored whipped cream and mint chocolate sauce, complete with a sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs. The best part is that you don’t even need to be by a campfire to enjoy this drink!

The only issue with the S’mores Frappuccino is that it is incredibly sweet. Don’t go ordering this drink if you’re on a strict weight loss diet, that’s for sure. 

8. Iced Chai Tea Latte 

Chai lattes are a popular choice for those who want a comforting and caffeine-free drink to keep them warm in fall and winter.

However, if you’re craving the comforting flavors without the heat of the steamed milk, you can always opt for an Iced Chai Tea Latte. 

Starbucks’ Iced Chai Tea Latte consists of a brewed black tea, which is infused in the warming flavors of cinnamon, cardamon, star anise, and black pepper.

The tea is then mixed with a milk of your choice and ice to make for a creamy and cooling beverage. Despite being called a latte, this is a tea-based drink with zero caffeine!

Not only is this an ideal iced drink for people who don’t want to or cannot have caffeine, but it’s also great for those who don’t enjoy the taste of coffee.

However, you can add a shot of espresso to turn it into a Dirty Iced Chai Tea Latte. 

9. Cloud Caramel Macchiato 

You’ve heard of the beloved Caramel Macchiato, but now’s time for the Cloud Caramel Macchiato to shine.

While the original drink consists of espresso, steamed milk, vanilla syrup, and caramel drizzle, the Cloud Caramel Macchiato is essentially the iced version, making it ideal for summer. 

As the name suggests, everything about this drink is airy and light. This beverage consists of freshly foamed cold milk, espresso, and a drizzle of caramel served over ice.

The flavors blend together beautifully, allowing the bitterness of the coffee to be infused with the sweetness of the caramel and the foamy, light milk. 

The only downside to this drink is that it’s not easy to order without dairy milk, as dairy milk is the easiest to turn into a cloud-like foam. 

10. Iced White Chocolate Mocha 

A Mocha is another popular drink served at Starbucks, consisting of a mixture of hot chocolate and espresso. It provides the perfect mixture of caffeine and chocolate, which is ideal for chocolate lovers who need their caffeine fix.

However, did you know that you can get an iced version of this drink to keep you cool and caffeinated in summer? 

Starbucks’ Iced White Chocolate Mocha is a beautiful blend of sweetness and bitterness. This drink consists of espresso, milk of your choice, and white chocolate syrup poured over ice and topped with whipped cream.

It’s creamy and light with a kick of bitter coffee, which is great for those with a slight sweet tooth. 

The best part is that this drink uses Starbucks’ signature espresso, which includes a blend of white and dark chocolate. So, the syrup actually works to complement the espresso. 

11. Java Chip Frappuccino 

A true staple in the Starbucks iced drink section is the humble Java Chip Frappuccino.

If you’re a lover of chocolate and coffee, but you want something a bit more impactful than an Iced White Chocolate Mocha, you have to try the Java Chip Frappuccino. 

This iced drink consists of Frappuccino chips blended with mocha sauce, espresso, and milk of your choice poured over ice.

The drink is then topped with whipped cream and more mocha drizzle on top. It’s basically a richer version of the aforementioned drink, except focusing on milk and dark chocolate flavors instead of white. 

Plus, the key difference between this drink and an Iced Mocha is that the Java has crushed chocolate chips sprinkled throughout the drink, making for a nice chocolate surprise!

12. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew 

If you need a serious pick-me-up, you can’t go wrong with a classic Starbucks Cold Brew. Problem is, if you’re a lover of strong and sweet coffee, you might struggle with the intensity and bitterness of a regular Cold Brew.

That’s where the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew comes in. 

This iced drink consists of espresso (and quite a lot of it), vanilla simple syrup, and fresh milk of your choice poured over ice.

What differentiates this drink from an Iced Vanilla Latte is that the milk is not frothed or heated beforehand, there is more espresso, and the inclusion of cream makes for a distinctly creamer drink. 

13. Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino 

Strawberry funnel cake is a popular dessert consisting of batter and strawberry sauce, but did you know you can get a drink version of this dessert?

Starbucks serves a Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino, which is a creamy iced drink that is perfect for soothing sweet cravings in summer. 

This drink consists of espresso shots, whipped cream, and a special funnel cake-flavored syrup. It is then topped with sprinkles of powdered sugar cake pieces, or just powdered sugar if nothing else is available.

It’s not the most common drink found on the Starbucks menu, but certainly one for those who love the dessert. 


So, there you have it! Starbucks is renowned for its impressive and ever-changing menu that contains a range of iced drinks. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find a new go-to drink for summer. 

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