13 Of The Best Vermouth Cocktails

Vermouths are a type of fortified wine that is flavored with different spices, herbs, and fruits. They can be dry, semi-sweet, and sweet.

They can be served as a beautiful aperitif, mixed with tonic water, or included in the most amazing cocktails.

13 Of The Best Vermouth Cocktails

In fact, when it comes to cocktails, vermouth is a seriously underrated ingredient.

Vermouth’s versatility makes it a fantastic ingredient that adds plenty of flavors, an alcoholic boost, and a divine sweetness.

Ranging from floral, to spicy, to fruity, vermouth is an excellent supportive ingredient for bolder spirits too.

As a result, you can easily impress your friends by making the best vermouth cocktails. Today, we’ll show you the very best. In this post, you’ll find 13 of the best vermouth cocktails.

If you want to make the best vermouth cocktails possible and impress your friends, make sure you keep reading!

1. Apple Manhattan

We’ll kick start this list with a classic apple Manhattan recipe. This traditional cocktail is a cocktail staple that you have to add to your repertoire.

However, this particular recipe shakes things up a bit with a neat twist. This recipe adds apple cider into the mix to give the cocktail a more fruity flavor.

The apple cider alongside the sweet vermouth and bitters creates a harmonious blend of flavors that will warm your soul. 

This is the perfect cocktail to enjoy sitting by the fire.

2. Boulevardier

If you want something a little bit bolder, give this boulevardier cocktail recipe a try. Boulevardier is often considered the autumn cousin of the famous Negroni.

Whilst the two drinks have a similar flavor and appearance, the boulevardier is actually made using bourbon instead of gin. 

This gives the cocktail a richer flavor. The vermouth helps balance out the strong flavors of the bourbon to ensure this cocktail isn’t too overpowering.

Other ingredients include Campari and an orange twist.

3. Negroni

Seeing as though we’ve mentioned Negroni, we may as well give you a solid Negroni recipe too. Negroni is a classic cocktail that was first made in the 1920s.

Invented by Count Camillo Negroni, this cocktail offered a classic twist on the Americano.

The Negroni is made using Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin. These ingredients help create an elegant and complex cocktail with a rich color and strong, slightly bitter flavor.

Despite being a complex cocktail, remembering how to make the Negroni is extremely easy. 

4. Lime Basil Vermouth Cocktail

The next cocktail on our list is the first that really makes the vermouth stand out. Light, refreshing, tart, and sweet, this cocktail lets vermouth take center stage. 

This cocktail is a great choice if you want to make a drink with a lower alcohol content. This makes it perfect for an early brunch with friends or a summer afternoon by the pool.

In terms of flavors, this cocktail is incredibly aromatic. The sweet and citrusy flavors are divine. 

All you have to do to make this cocktail is mix vermouth with basil and lime. 

5. Sweet Vermouth Martini

Next up, we have a gorgeous sweet martini recipe. Let’s face it, no cocktail list is complete without at least one legendary martini recipe. This recipe fits the bill perfectly. 

This isn’t your average martini. To give this martini a more unique flavor, sweet vermouth is used instead of dry vermouth. This gives the martini a sweeter twist that you’ll love. 

Pair this sweetness with vodka or gin and a couple of drops of orange bitters and you’re on to a winner.

6. Bitter Giuseppe

The bitter Giuseppe cocktail sounds like something made for the Italian mob. However, it is actually a very classy cocktail with an interesting flavor. 

As the name would suggest, this cocktail has a bitter taste. We have the bitterness of the Cynar to thank for that. Don’t worry though, the sweetness of the sweet vermouth helps balance out the Cynar nicely.

For an extra zing, serve this cocktail with orange peel. 

7. Cocchi Jasmine Tea Spritz

If you want to make a refreshing cocktail for your family and friends, impress them with this sweet Cocchi jasmine tea spritz recipe. 

Made with Cocchi Americano, jasmine tea, vodka, peach puree, and FeverTree Mediterranean tonic, this cocktail is easy to make and very tasty.

The delicate, floral flavors of the jasmine tea and peach puree go beautifully with the vermouth to create a refreshing summer cocktail. 

8. Breakfast In Bed

Why not start your weekend with this boozy breakfast in bed cocktail? After all, nothing beats starting the weekend with breakfast in bed.

To make this boozy cocktail, you need to mix vermouth with orange marmalade, syrup, Branca Menta, and lemon juice. 

It is the lemon and orange juice that gives this cocktail bold tart flavors, whilst the syrup and sugar help make the drink sweeter.

The vermouth gives the cocktail a subtle floral flavor. The Branca Menta finishes the cocktail off with a slightly minty flavor.

9. Americano

The next cocktail recipe on our list shows you how to make the best Americano. This classic cocktail consists of Campari, vermouth, and club soda.

These are the only ingredients you need to make an Americano, making it one of the easiest cocktails to make.

In terms of flavors, this cocktail is sweet, light, and refreshing. It offers plenty of bubbles thanks to the club soda. 

10. Blood & Sand

Okay, so we get that this next cocktail might not sound like the most inviting drink, but trust us, it’s absolutely awesome. 

Offering the most amazing tropical vibes, this cocktail features a combination of orange juice, scotch, vermouth, and cherry liqueur.

In many ways, it offers all the flavors we’d expect from a Scotch Old Fashioned with the added fruity kick.

Perfect for summer vacation, this cocktail is an auto choice as a camping cocktail. It’s also one of the more boozy cocktails on this list so sip it slowly.

11. Christmas Spiced Negroni

If you’re throwing a Christmas party and you want to impress your friends with a festive cocktail, look no further than this Christmas spiced Negroni.

The base of this Negroni cocktail is the same as any other Negroni. The only difference is that this recipe also includes some ingredients that offer those festive vibes. 

The main ingredients that help make this cocktail festive are cinnamon, orange, star anise, and cardamom. These ingredients give the Negroni a spicy kick of flavor that screams Christmas.

12. Hanky Panky

You can add this next cocktail to your list of intriguingly named cocktails. We’re not too sure how your friends would react when you offer them a hanky panky but there you go.

The hanky panky cocktail consists of sweet vermouth, Fernet-Branca, and gin. This creates an interesting flavor that’s quite hard to explain. We would probably say this cocktail is quite experimental. 

The Fernet-Branca gives the drink a strong bitterness, whilst the sweet vermouth balances things out. The combination of the two is smooth and somewhat sophisticated so give it a try.

13. Bijou

The final vermouth cocktail on our list is bijou. For those that don’t know, bijou translates to jewel. As the name would imply, bijou is an elegant and sophisticated cocktail. 

To make this divine cocktail, mix sweet vermouth with gin and green Chartreuse liqueur. The Chartreuse gives this cocktail a herbal flavor, whilst yet again, the vermouth offers a subtle sweetness.

This one-of-a-kind concoction is a great cocktail to serve at the end of a dinner or during an evening sat by the fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Goes Well With Vermouth?

Vermouth is a versatile cocktail ingredient that goes well with most spirits. However, dry and sweet vermouth both go better with different things.
Generally speaking, sweet vermouth goes better with bourbon, dark rum, and scotch.
On the other hand, dry vermouth goes well with gin, tequila, and vodka.

How Long Does Vermouth Last?

Once opened, you can expect your bottle of vermouth to last for 2 months. After that, you should consider throwing it out. During the two months after you open the bottle, keep the vermouth in a refrigerator.

Can You Drink Vermouth Straight?

Yes, you can drink vermouth straight. In fact, drinking vermouth straight is actually quite common. Having said that, most people prefer to add a splash of soda too. Vermouth on the rocks is also very popular.

Are there any birthday cocktails that can be made using vermouth?

Are there any birthday celebration cocktails that can be made using vermouth? Vermouth is a versatile ingredient that can be used to craft a variety of delightful cocktails for a birthday celebration. Try mixing vermouth with gin, sweet liqueurs, or fresh fruit juices to create unique and flavorful drinks that will surely impress your guests.

Are There any Japanese Cocktails that Incorporate Vermouth?

Japanese cocktails are known for their unique flavors and meticulous craftsmanship. When it comes to incorporating vermouth, there are indeed options that showcase the fusion of Japanese and Western influences. Classic cocktails like the Martinez and Negroni can be prepared with this aromatic fortified wine, adding an intriguing twist and a touch of elegance to these beloved drinks. Experience the harmonious blend of flavors with Japanese cocktails that incorporate vermouth.

Can I Make Spanish Cocktails with Vermouth?

Absolutely! Vermouth is frequently used in Spanish cocktail recipes like the classic Vermut con Sifón or the refreshing Rebujito. Get creative, explore traditional flavors, and enjoy the delightful journey of mixing vermouth into your Spanish cocktail creations.

Are there any brunch cocktails that include vermouth as an ingredient?

Yes, there are indeed brunch cocktail recipes that include vermouth as an ingredient. Vermouth can be a wonderful addition to classic brunch cocktails like the Martini or the Manhattan. It adds a unique depth of flavor and complexity to these drinks, making them perfect for a leisurely brunch gathering. Whether you prefer a dry or sweet vermouth, there are numerous creative ways to incorporate it into your brunch cocktail repertoire.

Are There any Brazilian Cocktails that Include Vermouth?

Brazilian cocktail recipes are known for their unique flavors and combinations. When it comes to vermouth, there is a popular Brazilian cocktail called Tinto vermouth. This delightful blend mixes red vermouth with Brazilian cachaça, providing a refreshing twist. Explore the world of Brazilian cocktails and discover the perfect mix for your palate.

Final Thoughts

That concludes this list looking at the best vermouth cocktails. As you can see from our list, there is a wide range of cocktail recipes that benefit from the addition of vermouth.

Whether it be a supportive ingredient used to add sweetness, or the main event, vermouth has the ability to transform your drink.

No matter what type of vermouth cocktail you came here looking for, you should find something you love on our list.

We’ve covered old classics, unique concoctions, and intriguing flavor combinations. All you have to do now is grab your cocktail gear and start experimenting.

13 Of The Best Vermouth Cocktails

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