13 Spanish Cocktails You’ll Love

If you’ve ever been to Spain you’ll know that the Spanish get it spot on when it comes to making cocktails. Loaded with booze, fruity, fresh, and unique, Spanish cocktails get the party started effortlessly. 

Spanish Cocktails

In fact, if you’re hosting a party and don’t know what to serve, making your guests a variety of Spanish cocktails is a surefire way to impress. Having said that, if you’ve never made Spanish cocktails before, how on Earth do you know where to start?

Luckily for you, that’s where we come in. To give you a taste of what Spanish cocktails have to offer, we’ve listed 13 of our favorites. Whether you want something exotic and fruity, or seriously strong, we’ve got a cocktail for you.

If you want to make extraordinary cocktails for your guests at your next party, make sure you stick around!

1. Red Sangria

There’s no better place to start than with a solid sangria recipe. This red sangria recipe is perfect. Slightly sweet and not overly alcoholic, this fruity cocktail is the best cocktail you can make for barbecue party guests.

It requires few ingredients, is quick to make, and can be made in bulk easily. The best way to serve sangria is in a large jug or pitcher. Your guests can then help themselves to a refill.

The main alcohol in sangria is merlot and white rum. These two types of alcohol are then mixed with soda and various sweet fruits.

2. Kalimotxo

Another stunning Spanish cocktail made using red wine is kalimotxo. Commonly referred to as calimocho, this cocktail is an interesting blend of coke and red wine.

Whilst these two beverages don’t sound like they should work together, they actually go together brilliantly. 

All you have to do to make a kalimotxo is mix equal parts red wine and coke and throw in a lemon wedge. This is a fantastic cocktail to memorize if you want to quickly whip up a cocktail for your guests. 

3. Tea Thyme Cocktail

Next up, we have the tea thyme cocktail. The flavors in this beverage aren’t to be messed around with. Strongly flavored, this cocktail has a sweet, tangy, and almost tart flavor that goes down a treat any time of day.

The earthiness of the tea, tartness of the lemon, and sweetness of the honey create a taste sensation that your tastebuds will love.

You’re first hit by the tanginess of the lemon before a powerful sweetness pushes through. Finally, the tea finishes things off nicely.

4. Mojito

During the summer, you’re going to want a super refreshing cocktail that not only tastes great but also quenches your thirst. The classic mojito is perfect for that.

Light, sweet, sharp, and minty, this cocktail is elegant and sophisticated. Despite being a sophisticated beverage, the mojito can be easily made using just five ingredients.

Those ingredients are white rum, mint leaves, granulated sugar, lime, and soda. We personally love how the lime gives the cocktail a subtle tang.

5. Coquito

Coquito is a seasonal cocktail primarily made during the holidays. Giving Christmas cocktails a dash of tropical flair, this cocktail is slightly different from the other cocktails on our list so far. 

Traditionally a Puerto Rican cocktail, it is much creamier. It also features a coconut flavor.

The creaminess in this cocktail comes from the blend of condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cream of coconut. To give the cocktail extra flavor rum, spice, and egg yolks are added. 

6. Lemon Shandy

The next cocktail on our list is probably the easiest Spanish cocktail you can make. In fact, a lot of people would argue that it isn’t a cocktail at all. However, if you need a quick cocktail with no fuss, it’s ideal.

Lemon shandy is made from, yep, you guessed it, lemon and beer. You can use any lager you like to make this shandy. As for the lemon, the easiest way to make the beverage is to use lemonade. Store-bought lemonade is fine.

7. Pineapple Tepache

If you’re looking for a light, refreshing cocktail that will go nicely with your dinner, this pineapple tepache recipe from Live Eat Learn could be perfect. Pineapple tepache is light, vibrant, and loaded with sweet flavors.

It goes well with barbecue food, fish tacos, and beach snacks. It also doesn’t contain any alcohol, therefore, you can drink it by the gallon and still drive later. In many ways, this is a more enjoyable beverage to eat a meal with than a boring soda.

8. Tinto De Verano

Next, we have a classic Spanish cocktail loaded with powerful flavors. In English, this cocktail stands for “summer red wine”. This is a very fitting name for a vivacious beverage. 

It’s actually quite similar to sangria, however, it is a lot lighter and not as boozy. This could make it a solid choice for those that don’t like strong alcohol.

To make this Spanish classic, combine red wine, a medium-bodied bottle is possible, with 7-Up, and an array of fruit. 

You can use any fruits you like but this particular recipe calls for lime, grapefruit, lemons, and oranges.

9. Agua De Valencia

Agua de Valencia is essentially the Spanish equivalent of a mimosa. It is typically served with a Spanish brunch. Unlike tinto de verano, this cocktail does include alcohol. In fact, it is actually quite boozy.

The recipe calls for a sparkling white wine, otherwise known as cava. The beauty of using white wine is that it gives the cocktail more sweetness.

This sweetness is then enhanced with the addition of orange juice. Finally, an extra boozy dash of vodka and gin is added to make this cocktail extra good.

It’s a good job siesta time comes after brunch.

10. Carajillo

The next Spanish cocktail we have for you is carajillo. Spanish carajillo is a great cocktail to make if you want to impress your guests. This is because it seems to offer a complex and complicated flavor despite being surprisingly simple to make.

This recipe calls for liquor and espresso. This combination helps produce a boozy, yet refreshing cocktail that can be served both cold and hot. You can also add a splash of cream if you like. 

The sweetness of the liquor combined with the bitterness of the espresso is what makes this cocktail so special. 

11. Rebujito

Rebujito is an Adalusian cocktail typically drunk during festivals. The awesome flavors certainly give us reason to celebrate. This cocktail has a base of sherry. Lemon and lime soda is then added before the beverage is topped with a mint garnish. 

Not only does this cocktail take very little time to make but it is also low in carbs. Best served as a pitcher, your guests will find this cocktail light, sweet, and refreshing. In Spain, this cocktail is also commonly served with gazpacho.

12. Spanish Gin And Tonic

You’re probably asking yourself how does a classic gin and tonic become Spanish? The answer is pretty simple, by adding a variety of different garnishes.

Aside from the garnishes, this cocktail can be made just like any other gin and tonic. However, we strongly recommend using the Spanish garnishes as they take the beverage to the next level.

The garnishes used to give this cocktail a more unique flavor include lemon, rosemary, and peppercorns. The key is making sure these flavors are well-balanced. Following the recipe perfectly will ensure you get it right.

13. Asiatico

We’ll finish our list with Asiatico. This is a Spanish cocktail that takes strong espresso and turns it into a relaxing cocktail. Ideal for after dinner, this cocktail consists of a number of different layers that require patience to get right.

You’ll start with Licor 43, condensed milk, and brandy. You’ll then top the beverage with evaporated milk and espresso. A pinch of cinnamon gives the cocktail a great spicy flavor.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of Spanish cocktails. We’re sure our list has given you all you need to make the most amazing cocktails at your next party.

Whether you’re looking for something fruity and sweet, strong and boozy, or light and refreshing, there’s an array of excellent options on our list for you.

You should now be party ready with a collection of new cocktails to add to your repertoire. The beauty of cocktails is that they can be made easily and quickly. As a result, you could quite easily make a number of the cocktails on our list in one evening.              

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Popular Cocktail In Spain?

The most popular cocktail in Spain is Sangria. Aside from its divine sweet fruity flavors, this cocktail is popular because it is easy to make, versatile, full of alcohol, and makes the perfect party pitcher.

What Cocktail Is The Oldest?

The oldest cocktail in the world is believed to be the sazerac. This cocktail was invented in 1838 by Antoine Peychaud who lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Do They Drink Rum And Coke In Spain?

Yes, rum and coke are drunk in Spain. However, it is known by the name Cuba libre instead.

13 Spanish Cocktails You’ll Love

13 Spanish Cocktails You’ll Love

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Are you hosting a party but don’t know what drinks to serve? You’re in luck! In this post, we show you 13 of the best Spanish cocktails that make an impact.

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