13 Amazing Brazilian Cocktails

If we’re talking about tropical locales, few can come close to matching Brazil, both in the natural landscape, as well as its gorgeous culture.

And where there is culture and party to be had, there are also going to be some amazing cocktails nearby!

13 Amazing Brazilian Cocktails

Indeed, Brazil is home to an amazing range of flavors to mix and try, both on its home soil, as well as its vibrant neighbors who bring their drinks to a classic Brazilian party!

So, if you’re looking for a perfectly-themed cocktail for your next get-together, then you should take some notes from this, list of some of the best and most popular cocktails that you come from and around Brazil!

1. Caipirinha

Starting us off with a classic drink of many Brazilian-themed parties, we have this amazing cocktail recipe for a true Brazilian beverage, caipirinha!

While the origins of this national delight are wrapped in a mystery, with accounts ranging from a drink given to Spanish flue patients in the early 20th century, to it being based on the Portuguese staple Poncha, there can be no denying both the cultural impact this drink has for Brazil, as well as the amazing, yet simple flavors packed into it.

That simplicity is a must-note, as this drink only has 3 necessary ingredients, making it easy for pretty much anyone to try and make for themselves.

Try this recipe out, and see if you become of some classic Brazilian flavors too!

2. Leite De Onça

Moving from perhaps Brazil’s best-known cocktail to one that maybe isn’t quite as prolific, but is just as packed with sweet flavors as our last entry!

Leite de once is an interesting drink, as it translates into ‘jaguar’s milk’ in Brazilian Portuguese.

And it gets its name from the fact that this drink looks innocent on the surface. Just a glass of milk in a fancy cocktail flute.

However, once you have had a taste of its flavor, you’ll understand just how strong it really is, much like the big cat that this drink takes its name from!

With some cocoa liqueur, condensed cream, and an extra cream for flavor, you’ll find that this particular cocktail has, unsurprisingly, a very creamy richness to it, separating it from many of the other drinks that you’ll find in Brazil!

3. Classic Caipirinha

How could we leave this list with just one caipirinha recipe? It’s the national cocktail of Brazil, for crying out loud!

Caipirinha is derived from any kind of sugarcane liqueur, so you can choose pretty much any kind of rum that you want as the base for this drink. Do you want a light and bright-looking cocktail, or something a little darker and stronger?

That’s the beauty of cocktails! The choice is all yours!

Plus, with a recipe that takes five minutes at most to whip up, it can be made and drunk quickly as a flash too!

4. Kiwi Caipiroska

Kiwi is an interesting flavor of choice for this particular Brazilian cocktail (given that they mainly come from China and New Zealand), but it yields incredible results all the same!

Thanks to the amazing blend of ingredients that you’ll find in this drink, there’s a distinct combination of both sweet flavors and tart aftertaste, making this a very popular drink to make for yourself or others at a Brazilian-theme party!

5. Batida De Coco

Do you remember how we mentioned that Leite de onca was unique for its creamy texture, among Brazilian cocktails?

Well, we are right about that, but it also has some company with this other very creamy and delicious cocktail recipe!

The ingredients for this particular cocktail are all mixed and shaken together for several minutes, hence the ‘Batida’ part of its name, which translate pretty much perfectly into /shaken’.

Try mixing this cocktail up with a few different flavored vodkas if you find the base drink isn’t to your tastes!

6. Quentão

The quentão is the perfect drink for pretty much any situation that you might want to make a cocktail for, whether it’s for a big party night outside, or a chill, pleasant evening at home or round at a friend’s.

You’ll find that the citrus flavors of this drink help this beverage stand out, especially once they are mixed with cinnamon as this recipe instructs!

7. Brazilian Buck Cocktail

Brazilian Buck might be a little contentious for some people, as far as the ‘best’ cocktails in Brazil go. The aromatic bitters, ginger beer, and novo fogo chameleon cachaca is a three-part combination that might not be to everyone’s taste.

However, we urge you to try this distinct cocktail at least once. For some people, it’s the best that Brazil has to offer!

8. Caipirinha Coffee

Mixing caipirinha with coffee? How exactly does that work out?

Well here, it works out into an amazing, tropical equivalent of a classic whiskey coffee, packing in a creamy feel, with some delightfully sweet rum and citrus flavors for good measure!

9. Caipifruta

Now, if you’re looking for tons of fruit in your new favorite cocktail, then you can’t go wrong with a caipifruta!

As the name suggests, this particular cocktail is full of so many fruity flavors that you’ll wonder if it counts towards your recommended portion of fruit per day!

(We checked, and it doesn’t unfortunately. But it certainly helps!)

This is the perfect refreshing drink after a hot day out in the sun!

10. Brazilian Sunrise

A sunrise is a popular drink in pretty much any cocktail bar that you go to around the world, so we’d be interested to see what a Brazilian take on this classic Mexican cocktail looks like.

And as it turns out, the Brazilian sunrise turns out pretty damn great, switching out the tequila that the classic version asks for in favor of cachaca!

This gives the drink a slightly sweeter rum flavor to it, which might be to your tastes more than tequila!

11. Brazilian Red Wine Cocktail

We very rarely find cocktails that seem to use red wine in their ingredients list, so we’re interested to see how exactly this cocktail uses it.

In short, with its fruity flavor and condensed milk for good measure, you get something that is thick and creamy, yet surprisingly tart once drunk.

It’s certainly got our seal of approval, and is worth a try for yourself!

12. Colada Brazil

Piña coladas might be popular across the rest of the world, but in Brazil… yeah, it’s popular here too. But the colada Brazil is also a favorite drink around these parts!

Once again, like the Brazilian sunrise from before, this recipe uses cachaca alongside the other ingredients that you recognize in a piña colada.

The results speak for themselves, with this sweeter variation the classic drink being able to cure any sweet tooth cravings you may have, and in style too!

13. 5-Minute Brazilian Mojito

Well, Cuba is only a short flight away from Brazil, so it’s no surprise that the mojito is popular here too!

Like with the other drink we’ve covered, this mojito gets its Brazilian twist by using cachaca, giving this mojito a slightly more earthy flavor to it.

Plus, with only 5 minutes needed, this is a get-drink quick recipe that you’ll love to make instantly1

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Popular Cocktail In Brazil?

With so many popular cocktails benign on offer in Brazil, many people may be curious to find out which cocktail, in particular, is considered the most popular overall.

And, while there may be some discrepancy depending on where and who you ask, it is widely accepted that the caipirinha is the most popular cocktail in Brazil.

I mean, we have covered quite a few different variations on this particular cocktail on this list, so it probably shouldn’t be too surprising that a lot of the country loves the bold and sweet flavors of this tropical tipple.

And given the fact that the caipirinha is a drink that was invented in Brazil, perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s pretty popular on its home turf!

How Long Can A Cocktail Last Before Spoiling?

This is an interesting question that anyone who doesn’t want to give up their exquisite sangria or piña colada will probably want the answer to!

Plus, it can be helpful for people preparing cocktails to know how long a cocktail is good to drink for so that one can be prepared in advance.

With their high alcohol content, many people would assume that cocktails are generally quite safe to drink for a long time after they are made, especially when contained in an airtight vessel properly, and there is some truth to that.

However, cocktails that have perishable ingredients in them such as fruit, egg whites, or even herbs like mint, can run the risk of spoiling very quickly when not properly kept.

And given that, with a few exceptions, pretty much all the drinks we have covered use tropical fruits in some amount, which doesn’t exactly bode well for a long shelf life!

Generally speaking, any cocktail that contains citrus as a significant ingredient will likely last around 2 days, maybe three at a push, if it is used in small quantities.

Cocktails that use egg whites should not be made in advance, as they will spoil within a few hours of making and at room temperature.

Drinks with an alcohol content of at least 145 can usually be stored for around a week, so make sure that you measure out your ingredients to see if they meet this basic requirement.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

Brazil is home to so many vibrant colors and flavors, that it is no surprise that there’d be so many great cocktails from this tropical corner of the world!

13 Amazing Brazilian Cocktails

13 Amazing Brazilian Cocktails

Recipe by Jenna

Brazil might not be the most famous country for its cocktail drinks, but they still have some phenomenal recipes up their sleeves, that’s for sure!

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