14 Of The Best Ukrainian Restaurants Across America

If you’re looking for a place to dine for lunch or dinner, check out these 11 of the best Ukrainian restaurants in the US. It is always important to try new places and different types of food because it might surprise you. 

This guide will help you find some of the best Ukrainian restaurants in the US that are very highly rated in different areas of the business.

14 Of The Best Ukrainian Restaurants Across America

These will be some of the best options for different reasons, so make sure you’re checking out every option because you don’t want to miss something great! 

1. Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen – Chicago, IL

Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen is a new restaurant concept offering authentic Ukrainian cuisine that is free of the traditional heavy dressings and sauces that are often associated with Eastern European food.

Tryzub is a traditional Ukrainian dish of dumplings made from buckwheat and wheat flour. Tryzub can be served as a side dish or main dish and there are countless other options to pick from. 

Tryzub – a meal in a jar (Ukrainian bread & butter, sliced red peppers, and mayonnaise) with optional ingredients (potato, tomato, and green beans) – is a great way to eat a healthy, traditional Ukrainian meal which is also available! 

This is also very popular in the community because there is a very modernized feel to the restaurant but it still carries an authentic vibe too, and that can be difficult to pull off.

They also love to infuse their dishes with lots of color and get creative with the traditional dishes. Who doesn’t love a twist? 

2. Veselka – New York City, NY

Veselka is a restaurant chain that started out in the 1920s, and has been serving up delicious, authentic Eastern European food for over 90 years.

Veselka Restaurant is a New York  classic that has been serving up delicious dishes since 1952. The restaurant is located in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Enjoy delicious home-cooked food and traditional Ukrainian delicacies at Veselka.

An old-timey Russian/Ukrainian delicacy, this is the kind of food you’d want to bring to a potluck. It’s a baked, cheesy potato pancake that’s topped with sour cream, chopped dill, and a sprinkle of paprika.

A New York-style deli serving authentic Ukrainian and Russian dishes, Veselka is the perfect place for a quick meal in the city or a nice relaxed meal if you wish. 

Veselka wins 2nd Place in the National Restaurant menu awards which is something that should be very appealing. It is good knowing that when you’re visiting a restaurant, the menu is going to be interesting and you will have options. 

It is also open every day of the week and at all times. They really make the most of every customer throughout the whole day! 

Passage Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA

3. Passage Restaurant – Philadelphia, PA

The Passage Restaurant is a unique eatery in Philadelphia, PA, with a menu that features locally sourced ingredients and classics from around the world but especially Ukrainian Food. 

Passage Restaurant – Philadelphia, a fine dining restaurant located in Center City Philadelphia, PA, has been serving diners since 2003.

Passage Restaurant is a beautifully renovated former bank in the heart of Philly’s historic district. The dining room is accented with warm wood, natural light and a contemporary design.

This restaurant strives for success and wants their customers to have an overall good experience. This includes both the entertainment and the food and to feel comfortable.

Their quality is also something they are very well known for above anything else! 

4. Ukrainian East Village Restaurant

Ukrainian east village restaurant, a very popular NYC eatery, is known for its authentic Ukrainian dishes. This is one of the best Ukrainian restaurants you will find because it has culture, divine food and the best service. 

Ukrainian east village restaurant offers authentic Ukrainian food in the heart of Manhattan and in one of the best locations for a lovely, romantic dinner. 

The Ukrainian East Village is a cheap and friendly Ukrainian restaurant located in New York City. Check out the menu!

Ukrainian east village restaurant,a family-owned business in the East Village,provides authentic Ukrainian food and a warm atmosphere if that is the vibe you’re looking for! 

Some of the favorites are and specialties include Kotleti (ground schnitzel, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes); Bigos (a stew of sauerkraut, kielbasa, and pork); and Holubtsi (stuffed cabbage with a choice of beef, pork, or mushroom).

5. Traktir

Traktir is a new restaurant in Odessa, Ukraine, established in 2017. The restaurant specializes in Ukrainian and Russian cuisine.

Traktir is a restaurant chain that specializes in gourmet kebabs.

Traktir restaurant  – a story about the passion of two young entrepreneurs who believe that food and culture are the best way to bring people together which is something special. 

Popular dishes include a traditional Ukrainian borscht, made with beets, cabbage, beef, potato, sour cream and dill in a beef base. The one that everyone loves the most is definitely the beef stroganoff.

It also has some traditions in the restaurant where there are different types of vodka to choose from to do shots before the meal.

You will then smell the black bread and eat pickled cucumber. These sorts of things are always fun to try and properly take advantage of learning more about other cultures and traditions. 

6. Magic Jug

Ukrainian Magic Jug Restaurant is a fun and delicious restaurant in the heart of Soho. The menu is based on Ukrainian and international food and wine.

Ukrainian magic jug restaurant is a wonderful place for both people who want to taste the very best of Ukrainian food and those who want to learn about it.

Ukrainian magic jug restaurant  is a venue with a difference, the owners use their experience of life in Russia (see also ‘17 Russian Desserts For A Taste Of Russia‘) to bring the dishes back to their roots.

Dishes are prepared with traditional recipes and are made with fresh ingredients.

It is the ideal place to share some of the tasty cabbage rolls or the pork roast. The beet salads and basically anything with meat is usually a hit with your friends and family.

It is the perfect place to just have a nice time and enjoy yourself. Most guests recommend trying good crepes and tasty Compote because they are to die for.

It is rated very highly by most of the customers who have been there before and it mainly points out how nice the actual restaurant is. The decor is cozy and sweet and is a lovely place to feel right at home. 

Rondel Ukrainian Restaurant

7. Rondel Ukrainian Restaurant

Ukrainian cuisine is rich in flavors and traditions. This restaurant serves an eclectic menu, featuring classics and some more unusual dishes.

Rondel is a family-owned Ukrainian restaurant in the Bricktown area of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The restaurant offers traditional favorites with a modern twist. The menu includes soups, salads, entrees, sandwiches, and more.

Great for a quick lunch or dinner, or for a special occasion. A variety of hot and cold foods are available.

This restaurant not only offers delicious, traditional recipes but also great, themed entertainment. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to sit in a quiet restaurant, this could be the perfect palace for you. 

St. Andrew's Ukrainian Kitchen

8. St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Kitchen

St. Andrew’s Ukrainian kitchen is a collection of recipes that combine the traditional flavors and techniques of Ukraine with a bit of modern imagination and some flair.

St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Kitchen also has a blog dedicated to sharing simple, delicious Ukrainian recipes.

This is also a great restaurant for ethnic cuisine, trying something new and most likely enjoying it. 

This particular restaurant is known for its affordable prices which people love and their food is always very fresh when served which we all look for. 

9. Cafe Dacha

This is not the most casual cafe you will go to but it is something you need to try! 

It is a very intimate cafe which provides some lovely dishes and has only been open since 2019. It is a very modern cafe which some people absolutely love! 

Their main aim for this restaurant is to make sure the service is excellent and their dishes are well seasoned, moist and tender. 

People love the  holubtsi, varenyky, and the borscht in particular because these recipes are the most authentic.

People also loved the atmosphere they created in this restaurant and they loved celebrating the Ukrainian independence day there! 

10. Kozak

Kozak is a family owned Ukrainian restaurant in New Westminster, offering a wide variety of traditional dishes. Kozak is the perfect place to visit during a trip.

kozak ukrainian restaurant is a ukrainian restaurant that serves ukrainian and russian dishes in the most authentic way.

They want their customers to feel like they are experiencing something amazing and new, something from their own culture. 

11. U Cuisine

This is a Ukrainian restaurant located in Austin.

The restaurant serves a variety of dishes from Ukrainian culture, including; pierogies, borshch, dumplings, stuffed cabbage, pelmeni, stroganoff, beef stroganoff, and shash.

U Cuisine is a restaurant and catering company that specializes in Ukrainian and Russian dishes and also offers services straight to your door if you don’t feel like going out! 

Ukrainian U Cuisine is a restaurant originally owned by Ukrainian immigrants in the United States of America. We provide the best service and food in the industry using only the finest ingredients.

12. All Pierogi

The Ukrainian food was named in honor of the monks. It is made of dough, white and yellow. The main ingredient is the  borscht .

All Pierogi is a Ukrainian restaurant located in Mesa, serving authentic Ukrainian recipes including pierogi, meat buns, blini, Ukrainian salad and more.

All pierogi is a traditional dish in Ukraine, as well as in the rest of the former Soviet Union. The dish consists of a dough made out of wheat, rye, or barley flour, along with boiled potatoes.

13. Kramarczuk Sausage Company

Kramarczuk is a small family business. They  believe that good food should be enjoyed with family and friends. At Kramarczuk, they are committed to making the finest sausages and snacks that we can make.

With an amazing story dated back sixty years, a couple who moved over all those years ago are still making a difference and serving people some of the best European cuisine there is to offer.

Hearty and fresh food which can also be taken out or eaten in. 

14. Streecha

Ukrainian streecha restaurant is a restaurant in the US. It serves traditional Ukrainian dishes, in particular the famous khinkali in the original traditional way.

If you’re looking for some authentic Ukrainian steakhouses (see also ‘11 Best Chain Steakhouses In America‘), look no further. Here, you’ll find one of the most authentic steakhouses in the United States. 

Ukrainian streecha is a traditional Ukrainian dish. This is a Ukranian recipe of streecha. Streecha is meat stew with vegetables and potatoes. This recipe is from Ukraine and is very traditional. 

Why Ukrainian Food? 

Ukrainian food is one of the most delicious cuisines of the world. The history of Ukrainian cuisine dates back to ancient times.

Ukrainian cuisine is generally known as Ukrainian cuisine and is a part of the cuisine of Eastern Europe (see also ‘23 Foods To Try In Romania‘). Ukrainian cuisine is a very spicy cuisine.

It is very rich in meat and vegetables. Ukrainian cuisine is divided into the Eastern and Western cuisines of Ukraine. 

You will love this simple, yet delicious recipe for Ukrainian Rice and Chicken with Cream Sauce. It’s easy to prepare, budget friendly and so delicious.

The Ukrainian cookbook is a collection of appetizers and main courses from the country’s cultural cuisine that are easy to make and delicious to eat.

It is a great way to introduce Ukrainian food to your friends and family before eating it out in restaurants. 

Ukrainian food is a very popular cuisine in the USA. Ukrainian food is very popular and is very tasty one. Ukrainian food is very tasty, tasty and is very popular because it is something that is a bit different. 

Where Is The Largest Ukrainian Community In The US?

If you’re looking for a great deal of Ukrainian food while you’re in the US or if you live there, New York City is the place to be.

They have quite a large Ukrainian community in New York which includes their restaurants and street food.

A few of the restaurants on this list are included in the best restaurants and are in New York such as the East Village restaurant. 

It is quite well known that these types of restaurants (see also ‘Explaining The 18 Types Of Restaurants‘) will attract quite a large cross on the weekdays for their food because they are just so popular.

People want something warm and delightful on their break or if they are going out for lunch/dinner. They work well because of the atmosphere that is created within these restaurants which people love to be around. 


Ukrainian recipes are the most popular dishes in the world. Try them for yourself, and discover why Ukrainians are the most wanted guests at Western parties.

It can be delicate or hearty and uses different techniques for cooking. 

It is not always for everyone but it is definitely something eye-catching and beautiful. The array of colors and mixes of flavors will just blow your mind.

It is also the best when fresh which is why eating it out is all that much better. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you find a good few Ukrainian restaurants to try around the US if you are visiting. They are all very spread out and you will definitely be able to find one wherever you go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Ukrainian Cuisine So Popular?

Ukrainian cuisine is very popular in the United States and is also gaining popularity worldwide. Below you can find out which are the most popular and interesting dishes.

Ukraine is warm and welcoming and full of welcoming people. Their cuisine is delicious and easy to cook as well. People want to try something different when they visit foreign restaurant to see what they have to offer. 

What Is The Cross Rating Of The Best Ukrainian Restaurant?

The Cross rating is a method for rating restaurants. It aims to evaluate the quality of restaurants on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the worst and 5 is the best.

It is determined by different factors in the restaurant and what they have to offer. 

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