18 Delicious, Local Dishes From Ukraine

Ukrainian cuisine is rich and varied, with a wide range of dishes and a long history. For the most authentic and traditional meals, check out the recipes in this Ukrainian dish guide.

18 Delicious, Local Dishes From Ukraine

This roundup of the best of Ukrainian home cooking will make you want to visit the beautiful country because it gives you a small taste of what it’s like. 

This guide will cover some of the simplest homemade, authentic recipes made in Ukraine which will be ideal for making in your own home.

1. Paska

  • This is a very popular dish in Ukraine and is an Easter special for most. People love this local and traditional recipe because it is ideal for greeting your guests. 
  • This is also a religious tradition which is why it is popular and is sold in the markets on festive days. 
  • These are quite simple to make because they only use a few ingredients and the traditional way to make them is when making the dough, the cook must whisper positive thoughts to achieve the best result for their guests. 

2. Varenyky 

  • Vareniki (Ukrainian stuffed dumplings) are a type of dumpling that are filled with a variety of fillings and are traditionally served with a sauce of sour cream and/or butter.
  • The great part about the dish is that you are able to make it into a dessert or a main dish depending on their fillings. Some people use meat and some people will use fruit. 
  • They are simple but effective and can be very effective for small appetizers. 

3. Deruni

  • If you’re someone who eats meat free, this is a great option to  make something traditional and delicious from a Ukrainian recipe. 
  • These are basically potato pancakes and are very simple to make and take no time at all. They require very few ingredients and even if you are new to the kitchen, you will master this! 
  • You just have to be prepared and ready to start peeling those potatoes for this recipe. 

4. Olivier Potato Salad 

  • Olivier potato salad is a classic side dish that is versatile and adaptable. You can serve it as a side with chicken or fish, or as a salad. If you have leftover roasted vegetables, you can add them to this recipe.
  • This potato salad recipe is the perfect recipe for spring picnics and barbecues.
  • This is Olivier potato salad, a very simple and delicious salad that goes well with burgers, roast chicken, and other grilled meats as well! 

5. Nalesniki

  • Nalesniki are traditional Ukrainian crepes. They’re made of rye flour and they’re usually filled with cream, jam or even chocolate. This recipe is a traditional one, but made with buckwheat flour.
  • It can also be filled with cottage cheese, spices, and sour cream. You want them baking until they are golden brown, and then you know they will be absolutely perfect. 

6. Holubtsi 

  • Holubtsi is a Ukrainian dish consisting of shredded cabbage, carrots, onions and potatoes. It is cooked by boiling in salted water, then adding flour and oil, and finally baking.
  • A traditional dish made of marinated beef or pork that is boiled, then baked or roasted in the oven. You need to make sure the meat is cooked to perfection because it is the star of the dish if you wish to have it. 
  • You do not need to add meat if you are vegetarian. This isn’t the quickest meal to make but it is a great one to try.  

7. Borscht 

  • Ukrainian borscht is a traditional Ukrainian food, it is a meat broth with beets and kvass. 
  • Ukrainian borscht is a hearty, warming soup that is perfect for cold wine days or if you wanted to try something new that wasn’t too high on the difficulty scale. 

8. Kholodets 

  • This is a mixture of different meat which might not sound too nice such as: Hock, pigs feet and beef chuck. However, it all works really well together. 
  • It is a very comforting and light meal despite the different meats added! 

9. Chicken Kiev 

  • Many people know about the chicken Kiev across the world because they are now made as processed meals in the frozen sections. 
  • When making these from scratch, you are looking for a lovely, juicy inside and a crunch to the exterior. 
  • You are able to eat these on their own, but they are usually served with peas and mash to make it a full meal. 

10. Kutia 

  • This is the type of dish you would be serving at Christmas time (see also ‘28 Festive Christmas Salad Recipes‘). The fruit and nuts give a sweet and crunchy texture whilst extra sweetness comes from the honey. 
  • In Ukraine, they would usually have this at any point of the day, with day, as breakfast, it really doesn’t matter! 

11. Salo 

  • This is something that only the locals in Ukraine eat. This dish is all about the pork. Therefore, if you’re a bacon lover, this will be the perfect vision of heaven. 
  • Garlic and paprika will be your main seasoning to spice up the dish and you are able to eat this dish in two different ways. You can either eat it in a sandwich or in a bowl of borscht.

12. Pampushky 

  • Pampushky is a traditional Ukrainian sweet bread. Originally, it was made with stale bread. Nowadays, it is made with a mixture of rye and wheat flour.
  • If you’re a lover of garlic bread then this is one you need to make at home. 
  • They are nothing like you’ve had before, soft and plump and just pull apart effortlessly. 
  • The star of the show in this recipe is definitely the garlic dressing on top which is filled with flavor and makes the top of the bread shine. 

13. Kiev Cake 

  • Despite the same which might lead you to other thoughts of what this is, it is a delicious Ukrainian sponge cake. 
  • It has all of the works, the sponge cake, buttercream frosting, meringue and jam! What more could you ask for in a dessert? 
  • This is not the easiest and most straightforward recipe to make for the first time but it is definitely worth the hard work and time. 

14. Kapusta

  • Kapusta is a local dish that is quick and easy but has some great flavors infused which is why it is so popular. 
  • This is a cabbage soup but people also love to include bacon and kielbasa for that extra wow (find more delicious kielbasa recipes here). 
  • This is the type of soup you have on a cold evening with a nice bread roll beside it! 

15. Pierogies 

  • Ukrainian pierogies are little hand pies filled with delicious cheese and potatoes. They’re a traditional treat of the Polish countryside, and you can easily make them at home (see also ‘23 Easy Polish Recipes‘).
  • This dish can be compared to dishes like ravioli. This is a very traditional recipe in Ukraine and they only use the simplest ingredients. They fill the ravioli with potato and cheese for that heavy finish and are ideal to make in big batches. 
  • These are also freezable, so when you have made big batches you do not need to waste them as they can go straight in the freezer. 
  • They are very easy to make in your own home and could be made for appetizers at a guest meal. 

16. Halushki 

  • Haluski are small meat dumplings popular in Ukraine. They are often served with sour cream and/or dill. This recipe is easy and delicious.
  • Halushki, also known as Ukrainian dumplings or Ukrainian borscht, is a dish that is traditionally made with ground meat and a cabbage, onion, and/or beetroot mixture.
  • These are relatively simple to make in your own home and they are great paired with other aspects of your meals. 

17. Okroshka 

  • This is the ideal, traditional soup to make for you and your family in the summertime. It is lovely and light but also has quite a lot of texture to it as well. This recipe intends to have veggies in larger amounts to have that crunchy texture to the soup so it is not just liquified. 
  • You can also make lots of it and it is inexpensive to create as well which is why it is perfect for large families on a nice hot day. 

18. Syrniki

  • Are you a lover of breakfast and especially something sweet in the morning? This is a great recipe that will fill that spot early in the morning. 
  • It uses very basic ingredients like most recipes but the outcome is still something mouthwatering. 
  • You can add your own toppings but most tend to add jam on top or on the side or sour cream. It might seem like an odd combination with the rest of the recipe but trust the process. 
  • One thing to be aware of is the proportions you are using. It is important to follow the recipe as it could go a bit wrong if you don’t and you won’t have the desired effect. 


Overall, there are many different local and popular dishes to choose from here.

Ukraine has a variety of different meals that would suit many people’s tastes and it is also good to try new food and experience their mixes of flavors in comparison to where you live.

Food is different across the world and it is always interesting to try the local food and try and make it yourself because it tends to be more traditional and made with love. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you add some new recipes to your weekly schedule to try. There is a mix of breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner on here, so you won’t be going without.

Most of the recipes do not include a whole long list of ingredients like some other recipes and should be easy to make.

There are some more difficult recipes but they require a bit more tenacity and just to make sure you’re following the recipe properly. 

Try something new here and enjoy the traditional, popular cuisine in Ukraine and it might surprise you and your family! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types Of Ukrainian Salad?

Ukrainian salads usually consist of fresh or salty cucumbers and sauerkraut with onions and oil. The Olivier potato salad is one of the most popular Ukrainian salad dishes and is found at any party or gathering.

This dish can also be found in Russia, though the ingredients will differ depending on the home or restaurant.

Where Does Ukrainian Cuisine Rank In The World’s Top 10 Cuisine?

In 2016 according to Yonderbound, one of the largest travel communities in the world, Ukrainian cuisine hit the top 10 in the world, finding itself in 8th place, between Japan and China.

Tourists from all over the world participated in the voting.

18 Delicious, Local Dishes From Ukraine

18 Delicious, Local Dishes From Ukraine

Recipe by Jenna

We are pleased to present 18 dishes from Ukraine. If you are in Ukraine, come and try or just make them at home because they are also quite simple!

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