13 Best And Easiest Savory Side Dishes To Serve With Pierogies

The latest go-to meal that goes with practically everything you eat is pierogies.

Unleavened dough is wrapped around a savory or sweet filling and boiled in boiling water to make pierogies, which are then often pan-fried before being delivered to customers. 

This food can be consumed as a starter, a main dish, or even a dessert. The contents for pierogies frequently include cheese, potatoes, ground beef, mushrooms, or fruits.

13 Best And Easiest Savory Side Dishes To Serve With Pierogies

You can consume this kind of meal at any time of day. This dish’s original home is in Eastern European nations.

The greatest side dishes to serve with pierogies is a common query that people frequently ask themselves. The best part of reading this post is that it will answer your ongoing query about quick side dishes to eat with pierogies.

The fact that you are able to eat pierogies with nearly any side dish and enjoy them with numerous different appetizers is one of its best qualities. So let’s check out the top side dishes for perogies!

The article has picked the top 10 sides that can be eaten with pierogies out of the countless alternatives of sides that can go with them.

1. Leafy Green Salad

Do you care about your health and want to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle?

Green salads are the ideal side dish to serve with pierogies. Onion, lettuce, greens, avocado, and many other nutritious items can be found in green salads.

What is better than giving your green salads a subtle flavor? Simply pair a salad with a pierogi to experience the health advantages of being green as well as a delicious serving of your preferred pierogi filling.

Even though it’s straightforward, the texture and flavor are both excellent. Add avocado for richness and creaminess, Parmesan cheese for taste that is nutty and salty, and toasted almonds with tamari for crunch. 

Pour on a go-to lemon vinaigrette to finish it off. It adds zing, brightness, and oh-so-much versatility to this salad.

2. Fried Bacon

Fried bacon is delicious, tender, and crispy.

Therefore, adding fried bacon to your pierogi enriches the overall flavor and adds a special combination of cheese-filled tasty pierogi with a light crispness of fried bacon.

3. Caramelized Onion

Finely chopped onion pieces are fried until they are the ideal shade of golden brown, which is known as caramelized onions. 

These caramelized onions have a fantastic flavor and are really beneficial. It’s best to pair this side dish with a flavorful pierogi so that they work well together.

Simple things like onions can be given a taste boost by being patiently cooked in a drizzle of olive oil till they are deeply caramelized.

Onions are naturally sweet, and since caramel is made by simply boiling sugar, when onions are cooked gently for a long time, their natural sugars caramelize, giving the dish a rich and exquisite flavor.

4. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

You make this side dish by roasting cherry-sized tomatoes with seasonings and garlic. One of the nicest sides to serve with your handmade pierogies is this simple-to-make recipe.

5. Creamy Spinach With Parmesan

Making spinach with creamy parmesan is worthwhile. Even though it takes a while to prepare, you’ll be glad you did. This makes eating pierogi on earth feel like heaven.

You won’t be able to quit drooling over the flavor and pairing that this duo creates.

Simply leave out the cheese if you intend to keep the delicious parmesan spinach in your fridge. When you are ready to consume it, simply add your preferred quantity of cheese, and your favorite side dish will be ready.

This creamy spinach dish comes together quickly thanks to frozen spinach. Thanks to the straightforward white sauce, which is seasoned using Parmesan cheese, a tiny bit of garlic, and a smidge of nutmeg, it has a silky, velvety texture. 

When offering baked fish, grilled steak, or roasted chicken for supper on a hectic night, this recipe, which only takes around 20 minutes to make, is the ideal side dish. 

Another fantastic method to make sure you and the family consume some nutritious and delectable greens is to make creamed spinach.

6. Potato Pancakes

All your life, pancakes have been mentioned. However, there are different ways to prepare this dish besides as a morning item. potato crepes You did hear correctly.

This recipe for shredded potatoes will become your new go-to side dish.

Will potato pancakes pair well with pierogies?

The answer is definitely yes! The pierogi-potato pancake combo is the perfect light appetizer to sate your cravings if you’re searching for a mid-afternoon snack that shouldn’t be too weighty on your stomach.

7. KielBasa 

Grilled sausages, which are luscious and plump, are a part of this delectable dish. This recipe calls for the addition of onions, bell peppers, olive oil, and common spices to the sausage.

Kielbasa complements your flavor-packed dumplings well (find more delicious kielbasa recipes here).

8. Nachos

Everyone has heard of this snack. Nachos are your constant movie-going buddies when you visit a theater.

What helps make nachos even more delicious than they are? is the question that pops into one’s head. Pierogi with cheese inside is the solution. This pairing is a fantastic way to enjoy pierogies and watch movies at the same time.

By quickly baking the nachos before adding cheese, seasoned meat, beans, salsa, and guacamole, you may prevent them from getting soggy. They make a delicious snack, party starter, or even a light midweek supper.

9. Pan-Fried Asparagus

This dish for asparagus is simple to prepare and absolutely lovely to eat. You may have your favorite pierogies and skillet asparagus in less than ten minutes. When ingested, this side dish has a number of health advantages.

This stove asparagus recipe just calls for a small amount of ingredients and spices, providing a quick side dish to prepare and eat in a matter of minutes.

10. Creamed Corn

A few minutes and a few ingredients are needed for this dish. It has a rich, flavorful texture. Think of this as among the best sides to enjoy while eating pierogies.

You just can’t stop at one bite of this simple creamed corn because the sweet and spicy flavors are so well-balanced. The nicest thing about this dish is that it takes less than 15 minutes to prepare from beginning to end.

After preparing this, we guarantee you won’t want tinned creamed corn again—it’s that tasty!

11. Roast Broccoli

Vegetable aficionados have a plethora of alternatives for topping their pierogies. Broccoli that has been baked is one such dish. This recipe is straightforward and simple to make, and it goes great with pierogies.

The greatest oven-roasted broccoli dish is this one. In just 15 minutes, you can prepare this simple roasted broccoli with only 6 ingredients! It has the ideal seasoning and is crispy and tender.

A nutritious side dish that goes well with everything is baked broccoli.

12. Balsamic Mushrooms And Spinach

Everybody who is concerned about their health can enjoy this quick and simple dish. This meal pairs well with any variety of pierogies you have.

This side dish is amazingly quick, simple, and healthful. This recipe for Balsamic Spinach and Mushrooms, which only takes 20 minutes to prepare, will become a family favourite.

13. Roasted Carrots With Cumin And Turmeric

This recipe is simple to make and is tender, warm, and spicy. It is a delicious side dish to enjoy with your pierogi and is quite simple to prepare.

These were inspired by the turmeric-seasoned root vegetables in Suzanne Goin’s great new cookbook, “The A.O.C. Cookbook.” 

It follows her instructions for baking the carrots and utilizes the same seasonings, but you should use a little less butter and olive oil to prepare the meal. 

With Greek yogurt flavored with Makrut lime zest and mint chutney, Suzanne offers a mixture of carrots, turnips, parsnips, and rutabagas. Additionally, they taste great on their own as well as with pierogies.

How Are Pierogies Served?

The delicacy known as pierogi has its roots in Eastern European nations. Numerous additions have transformed the cooking industry. Your favorite dishes, including pierogies, can now be served with a limitless variety of toppings.

How, though, are pierogies typically served? Cooked onions, lardons, heated butter, sour cream, and pork rinds are typical toppings for pierogies. 

However, conventional spices and herbs like chives, parsley, and rosemary can frequently take the place of these garnishes.

The emergence of never-ending sides opened up new opportunities for pierogi consumption.

Final Thoughts

You should always have pierogies by your side. It is a versatile dish that may easily be served as an appetizer, a main course, or even dessert. 

It is a fantastic dish that you must try. It is among the most adaptable recipes in the world due to the variety of contents available.

Including cheese, fruits, vegetables, meat, and other ingredients in the filling. This dish offers a number of advantages and enables you to eat a variety of foods together.

Due to their propensity to pair well with nearly every dish, pierogies aid in maintaining a healthy diet.

13 Best And Easiest Savory Side Dishes To Serve With Pierogies

13 Best And Easiest Savory Side Dishes To Serve With Pierogies

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Are you looking for the most delicious and simple side dishes to go with pierogies? Look no further, this article has the 10 best side dishes for perogies.

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