28 Delicious Recipes With Turkey Kielbasa

In this article, we have for you 28 delicious recipes made with turkey kielbasa.

Some are easy, others more elaborate, they are all worthy of trying and will reward you with their taste, so keep reading below to check them out!

1. Turkey Kielbasa And Potato

An easy meal you can make in no more than 30 minutes, the turkey kielbasa and potato sheet pan meal are perfect for a family lunch or dinner.

Made with only 7 ingredients – turkey kielbasa, baby potatoes, avocado oil, bell peppers, thyme, paprika, and salt – this is an oven-baked meal the kids will love.

2. Turkey Kielbasa And Cheesy Pasta

Mac ’n’ cheese is the holy grail of pasta food for many people, but have you tried adding some turkey kielbasa to it?

This meaty addition, along with some broccoli if you’d like, can make this classic cheesy pasta dish burst with more flavor and color with only two extra ingredients!

3. Turkey Kielbasa With Potatoes And Green Beans

Another simple sheet pan meal with turkey kielbasa is this one which includes Yukon gold potatoes, green peas, canola oil, and spices.

It is a very flavorful dish that can be made ready in 1 hour and needs nothing but some chopping and tossing from you. Then, leave the rest in the oven!

Note: this recipe originally calls for chicken sausage, but you can easily replace it with a turkey one.

4. Confetti Kielbasa Skillet

A confetti kielbasa skillet is so easy to make, and you will only need your skillet to cook all the ingredients.

With kielbasa, black beans, corn, mushrooms, sweet red peppers, and rice, this Mexican-inspired dish is one you cannot go wrong with.

5. Turkey Kielbasa And Peppers

A linguine pasta dish can taste amazing with nothing but some parmesan cheese on top and some chopped or cherry tomatoes.

However, when you add some green, red, and yellow peppers to it and some turkey kielbasa, you have all the colors, flavors, and macronutrients you need to call it a complete meal.

6. Glazed Turkey Kielbasa

If you add 1-inch chunks of turkey kielbasa in your slow cooker with half a cup of brown sugar and thrice the amount of ginger ale, what you will get are the tastiest glazed kielbasa bites you’ve ever had in your life.

7. Hawaiian Crock Pot Turkey Kielbasa

Even though you might or might not agree with people saying that pineapple doesn’t go on a pizza, we can tell you that it certainly goes great with turkey kielbasa and any other kielbasa you choose.

Pineapple chunks sitting on kielbasa pieces and coated with BBQ sauce will make your palate go crazy!

8. Hawaiian Turkey Kielbasa Sandwiches

With pineapple chunks, chili sauce, and brown sugar, the sweet and spicy taste is hugged by a soft hoagie bun (or any bun of your choice) for you to enjoy!

9. Turkey Kielbasa With Baked Beans

Baked beans are a staple component of English breakfast and so are sausages. But when you want to skip the rest of the ingredients that go in that dish, why not go with a simple turkey kielbasa and beans recipe?

Serve with bread or biscuits and enjoy!

10. Roasted Turkey Kielbasa Vegetable Bake

15 minutes of prep and 1 hour of cooking will yield the tastiest and healthiest turkey kielbasa dish you could make.

With vegetables like Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and potatoes, this vegetable bake is made with lean turkey kielbasa for high protein, low calories, and lots of flavors!

11. Turkey Kielbasa Skillet Stew

Bacon, kielbasa, beans, and vegetables are all cooked in a rich herby tomato sauce that oozes with flavor.

Low in saturated fat, this balanced meal is an antioxidant-rich option for your weekly meal plan!

12. Apricot Turkey Kielbasa Slices

If you add some kielbasa slices in a skillet and cook till brown, then all you need to do is add some apricot reserve, lemon juice, Dijon, and ginger and cook until ready.

This sweetened kielbasa is perfect to serve with some rice or bread or even add to a sandwich with some green leaf salad.

13. Turkey Kielbasa Pasta

A spaghetti dish with turkey kielbasa is certainly one of the easiest meals you can make when you have little time to cook or are very hungry.

This recipe includes some squash, mushrooms, and pepper to add more flavor and variety to an already delicious meal.

14. Turkey Kielbasa Pasta Salad

Pasta salads are a summer staple meal but sometimes they get too repetitive and boring.

And even though you shouldn’t skip any of the fresh and light veggies included in them, adding some turkey kielbasa can help you introduce a new flavor to it that is not another vegetable!

15. Turkey Kielbasa Cabbage Skillet

Cooked cabbage in red wine vinegar brings a sour-sweet taste that goes perfectly with the turkey kielbasa.

Served with crusty bread or rolls for a complete meal, there’s nothing else you need for a healthy and filling meal.

16. Smoked Turkey Kielbasa With Rice

If you replace the smoked kielbasa in this recipe with some turkey kielbasa you will get the perfect meat and rice combo in a light but still wholesome version!

17. Turkey Kielbasa Biscuit Pizza

Turkey kielbasa looks just like pepperoni and when you add it to some buttermilk biscuits with some red sauce, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, peppers, and mushrooms it tastes like pizza…on a biscuit!

18. Slow Cooker Turkey Kielbasa Cabbage Stew

A cabbage skillet with turkey kielbasa might be perfect as a quick meal option, but if you have some time, add some red potatoes, carrots, celery and herbs, and spices to it and use your slow cooker for a more wholesome result.

19. Turkey Kielbasa With Cabbage And Sweet Potatoes

If cabbage with kielbasa sounds too simple for you, just add some dark-orange sweet potatoes, pepper, and marjoram leaves cooked in a chicken broth just like in this recipe!

20. Turkey Kielbasa, Cabbage, And Potato Soup

Potatoes, carrots, and cabbage are commonly used in soup recipes, and sometimes they go with beef or pork too.

In this recipe, turkey kielbasa pieces are the meat used and it tastes amazing!

21. Turkey Kielbasa, White Bean, And Kale Soup

This is a combination that you don’t easily come up with, but if you ever try it you will wonder how people go on with their lives before tasting this soup.

Beans, kale, and kielbasa mixed in a brothy soup served with some parmesan cheese. Simply delicious!

22. One Pot Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta With Turkey Kielbasa

Another pasta dish that is unbelievably easy to make, this one-pot meal contains turkey kielbasa cooked with onion and garlic, canned and sun-dried tomatoes, pasta, and cream.

Served with garlic bread, it is a 20-minute meal you can batch-cook and eat for days!

23. Turkey Kielbasa In Vegetable Soup

carrots, green beans, cannellini beans, sun-dried tomatoes, kale, turkey kielbasa, and thin spaghetti are all included in a rich brothy soup that is the perfect comfort food for a cold winter evening.

24. Turkey Kielbasa And Chicken Gumbo

This crock pot dish brings Mexico to your table with the addition of pieces of turkey kielbasa.

Cooked for 6-8 hours, the mix of black beans, corn, brown rice, tomato, kielbasa, and chicken breast is ‘adorned’ with the unique taste of Cajun seasoning and will make you savor every bite.

25. Turkey Kielbasa And Mushroom Quinoa Skillet

Another 20-minute meal on this list, this turkey kielbasa skillet has quinoa, onions, mushrooms, sage, and portobello mushrooms.

Each ingredient adds its unique taste to this skillet making it one of our favorites, especially when we add some lemon juice on top.

26. Turkey Kielbasa BBQ Macaroni Salad

Hot and spicy, this BBQ macaroni salad recipe has all the right spices and sauces to make this meal a creamy ‘devilish’ treat.

Of course, you can reduce the amount of hot sauce you’ll add or skip the chili powder and cayenne pepper if you want something milder.

27. One Pan Tortellini And Turkey Kielbasa

One pan meal is the perfect way to cook a tasty meal with no fuss, and this tortellini dish is the perfect way to cook it in no time.

Ready in only 10 minutes, the cheese tortellini are cooked in a creamy tomato sauce together with the turkey kielbasa slices that replace the sausage used in this recipe (for more healthy turkey sausage recipes, read here). Easy, cheesy, creamy, and tasty!

28. Turkey Kielbasa Alfredo

We all love an Alfredo recipe that we can play with, and this one uses the classic and adds some kielbasa and broccoli to it.

Together with some chopped tomatoes, the creaminess of the sauce, and the lemon juice added, this is an alfredo you will make more than once!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Turkey Kielbasa Heart Healthy?

Low in saturated fat, turkey kielbasa is a great substitute for other kielbasa or sausage options and a heart-healthy option.

In comparison to the 9.2 grams in pork sausage, for example, turkey sausage comes with only 2.3 grams of saturated fat per serving!

The Bottom Line

Add these 28 recipes with turkey kielbasa to your cooking list and surprise your family and friends this weekend!

28 Delicious Recipes With Turkey Kielbasa

28 Delicious Recipes With Turkey Kielbasa

Recipe by Jenna

Turkey kielbasa is a light and healthier option than other kielbasa types, and these 28 delicious recipes will make you savor every single bite of your meal!

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