The Top 14 Best Fast Food Restaurants That Are Open 24/7!

Fast food restaurants are extremely popular because of their sheer convenience, nothing beats being able to turn up to a fast food restaurant at any time of the day and being able to order and receive some delicious food in such a short amount of time.

However, in recent years many of these restaurants have slowly been cutting back on the hours they are open, which is a shame, because part of what made them so great was the fact that they were open 24/7! 

The Top 14 Best Fast Food Restaurants That Are Open 24/7!

Fear not however, as we’ve compiled a list of the 14 best restaurants that are open 24/7, so no matter what food you’re craving, there’s somewhere open to eat! 

The Best Fast Food Places Open 24/7


The first restaurant on this list is IHop, and for good reason, because no matter where you find yourself in the U.S, you can be sure that the local IHop is going to be open 24/7!

This is a great choice if you’re craving breakfast no matter the time of the day, or maybe you’re specifically craving some of their delicious pancakes!

Either way, for the most part, you can always really on the local IHop to be open when you need it most. 

Waffle House

Another great fast food restaurant that you can always rely on being open in your hour of need is Waffle House, no matter the weather or occasion, you can be sure that these stores are open no matter what.

So, if you find yourself waking up at 2AM craving some super delicious waffles with all of the toppings you can imagine, then you should definitely find your way on down to your local Waffle House for some good food! 

White Castle

Before we start, not all White Castle stores are open all times of the day, so it might be worth double checking whether or not your local White Castle is actually open 24/7 before you decide to randomly turn up to their doors at 3:30am demanding a burger!

What’s great about White Castle is that if your local White Castle is in fact open all day every day, then you can be sure that you have full access to their menu no matter what hour it is! 


When Denny’s say that they do an all day breakfast, they really mean that they do an all day breakfast!

So no matter if you decide that you want your breakfast at 4am or 4pm, you can always rely on your local Denny’s chain to be open ready and waiting for you.

Their variety of options on their menu is what makes Denny’s such a great place to find yourself if you happen to be craving something delicious overnight. 

Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box (see also ‘20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try‘) is a similar situation to White Castle, in that not ALL of their stores are open 24/7.

In fact, only a select few of their stores are actually open all day everyday, which means you should definitely do some research on Google to see whether your local chain is 24/7.

If it is open though, it means that you can treat yourself to some of their delicious cooking whenever you want to, just make sure you save us a chicken fajita pita! 


Of course it was going to make the list, McDonald’s is perhaps the store most famous for being open 24/7, however, unfortunately a lot of McDonald’s restaurants are actually beginning to scale back their hours, which means that there is no quarter pounders to be had come 3AM! 

So, as long as you check whether or not your local McDonald’s restaurant is open 24/7, then you could quite happily be eating your Big Mac the next time you have those midnight cravings! 

Burger King

Where there’s McDonald’s, there’s Burger King, and whilst it might not necessarily be the first fast food restaurant chain (see also ‘America’s 50 Best Fast Food Chains‘) that you think of when it comes to finding somewhere for your late night snacking, their menu’s variety makes them an excellent choice for you to satisfy those midnight feast desires. 

So with great options such as their signature Whoppers, or even their delicious Chicken Royales, there’s something for everyone no matter what time of the day you find yourself there! 

Steak ‘N Shake

There’s a good chance that Steak ‘N Shake is likely not your go to fast food restaurant. However, one of the best things about their chains is that they are mostly open 24/7!

So although they might not be what you initial crave at whatever time of day you want it, you can always rely on the fact that your local Steak ‘N Shake is going to be open when you need it most! 

It is worth noting though that they serve their main menu starting from 10AM all the way through to midnight, but after that they revert to their breakfast menu, so you might find your options are limited slightly if you happen to find yourself there at a strange time of the night. 


Did you know that a whopping 808 of the Whataburger chains across the US (see also ‘17 Of The Best Menu Items To Order From Whataburger‘).S are open 24/7? It’s a welcome surprise, and what makes it even better is that their full menu is available to you at all hours of the day too.

It is worth noting however that their ultra special breakfast menu is unfortunately not available all day, so you have between 11PM to 11AM to get your fill of their delicious breakfast items, even if you’re there all by yourself!


If you’re not looking for a full blown meal at an unsociable hour, and instead just want to treat yourself to some delicious donuts and maybe an iced coffee, then you should definitely consider making a trip to your local Dunkin’ (see also ‘18 Amazing Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffees To Try‘)!

Of course, not all Dunkin’ stores are open 24/7 so you should definitely keep this in mind, and do some research on whether or not any of your local Dunkin’ stores are open all day, but if so, you’re in luck!

The best bit about Dunkin’ is that most of their stores have a drive thru, so you don’t even have to sit inside if you don’t want to! 


With more than 400 different franchises located all across the U.S and Canada, you’ll be glad to know that if you happen to find yourself near a Perkins and you’re craving food at any hour of the day, then you should have no issue worrying about whether or not they’re open or not!

Each Perkins franchise is given a choice on whether or not they want to be a 24/7 franchise, and most of them opt to do so!

Taco Cabana

Whilst not quite as widespread as some of the other fast food restaurants we’ve added to this list, Taco Cabanas are plentiful across New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, with nearly 160 stores in total, so if you find yourself awake and craving some delicious tex-mex food at some point in the night, then you know just the place to go!

Taco Cabana is great because a lot of its items on their menu are made daily, so you never have to worry about eating food that isn’t fresh.

So, for the ultimate drunk feast, you definitely need to find yourself at a Taco Cabana for their wide range of spicy treats! 

Del Taco

Want some delicious Mexican food but you’re not near a Taco Cabana? Then you need to try and locate your nearest Del Taco instead!

They’re known for their delicious Mexican food, but also happen to sell traditional fast food items such as fries and burgers too, which is why it’s one of the ultimate one stop locations for a feast, no mater what time of day it is! 

Del Taco has over 600 locations across the country, but it is definitely worth checking whether or not your local Del Taco is actually open 24 hours a day or not before you go! 


Okay we know this isn’t a fast food restaurant as such, however, there is no denying the sheer convenience of your local 7/11 being open 24/7, and with such a wide range of food and drink options inside, including a large range of hot food, then we still consider 7/11 to be one of the greats when talking about 24/7 chains! 


There are a whole host of different options available to you if you begin craving food at an unsociable hour, then you know just where to go!

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