Why Go To P.F. Changs? – 16 Of Their Best Menu Items

When it comes to high street Asian food, there’s only one place that you’ll want to go in all of the USA – P.F. Changs.

This place has such a wide range of Asian food, it is a great starting point for anyone who does not have a clue about Asian food.

Why Go To P.F. Changs? - 16 Of Their Best Menu Items

But where exactly do you start? If you are going right from a beginner standpoint, then you’ll definitely want to know what is the most popular things on the menu. If something comes highly recommended, then you’ll be more likely to try it.

So what are the best foods you can get from P.F. Changs? If you have a sweet tooth, what is the best dish to have? What if I prefer fish to beef?

Well, whatever tickles your fancy, you can do no better than reading our guide to the 16 best foods you can buy at P.F. Changs.

16 Best Foods At P.F. Changs

1. Mongolian beef

Now, most people will associate Asia with beef and you can’t go far wrong with this succulent beef dish drenched in soy sauce and all sorts of delicious flavors.

This comes in the form of a sumptuous flank steak with garlic and onions. When it comes to flavor, this one will really kick you in the teeth.

This comes with a sweet sauce that really brings the dish up to the next level. It is a very chewy steak, which is great if you are a fan of steaks that are well done.

Some people have described this dish as being a little too fatty for their liking, but if you like a decent chunk of beef, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

This is also an amazing source of protein, so if you are bulking or even trying to lose weight by not snacking in between main meals, then this is a great one to have.

We would recommend that you get this one as a starter for your main meal. It comes with shredded lettuce, which means that you will really hit your nutrient quota for the day.

2. Miso Glazed Salmon

If you are a fish fan, then having the glazed salmon will certainly appeal to you. This is a fresh fish with a crisp texture that certainly creates a wonderful contrast.

This comes served with some Asian mushrooms as well as cabbage and a little sprinkle of onions. When it comes to Asian cuisine, this might not be the most authentic, but it will certainly be an effective entry-level dish.

This is a very hot dish, coming straight off the pan. This will certainly appeal to anyone who is looking for a decent meal to have for dinner before they need to rush back to the office.

3. Crispy Honey Chicken

Now we have another meat that is everyone’s favorite dish. Mixing sweet with savory, you won’t go far wrong with a delicious crispy honey chicken.

In terms of cooking, it is hard to spot any flaws with this dish. It is crunchy and will melt in the mouth after a few chews.

For anyone who is not used to having this particular style of Asian dish, you could compare it to a steak that has been cooked in a sweet barbeque sauce. This dish is topped with green onion which really gives it that extra kick.

4. Crispy Green Beans

Now we have a dish that is suitable for vegetarians but does not taste like your ordinary bland boiled vegetables. These are battered and fried much like tempura.

These vegetables crunch just like shrimp or the honey crispy chicken that we have mentioned above. It will almost taste sweet owing to the sauce they have been fried in.

These come in a sauce that is not entirely unlike mayonnaise. You can be sure that you’ll have everything you want in these beans for a delicious starter.

This would also make a great side for a meaty dish. We would certainly recommend pairing this one with beef or fish.

However, if you are strictly non-meat eating, then you can always double up with one of P.F. Changs other signature vegetable dishes.

5. Beef With Broccoli

There are plenty of people out there who like to mix their meat with that dose of healthy vegetables. This comes with steamed broccoli that is very aromatic and will definitely give you those authentic Asian textures and flavors.

This is another dish topped with green onions, and you can expect a lot of that from P.F. Changs. This will create that extra bit of crunch that a lot of people associate with this kind of cuisine.

Again, as with the other beef dishes offered by P.F. Changs, this flank of meat is juicy and chewy. It is a great source of protein and will give you everything you need to keep you full until your next meal hours later.

6. Egg Drop Soup

Next up, we have a soup that is perfect for anyone who wants to lose those extra calories by changing their diet to something heavy.

Despite having not that much more than egg and a few vegetables, you can be sure that your nutritionist will give this meal the double thumbs up.

This comes with spring onions, cabbage and obviously egg, making a dish that is rich in vitamins in minerals as well as featuring a hefty dose of protein. You can have only one cup of it, flavorful fluid is what leaves you feeling full.

You could even have a few bowls of this if you like, it will still not lead you to put on any significant amount of weight. However, we would pair this with a heftier meat dish for you to have a good spread of both micros and macros.

7. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce

Next up, we have a dish that is very healthy and definitely a must-have for those fish lovers. This is stir-fried, but you can request to have it steamed if you want to keep it uber-healthy.

This comes very calorie light, only really having 370 calories per portion. This also contains a high level of sodium, which will be great for energy levels, even if it won’t be good for the cholesterol in the long term.

This is stewed in its own juices and comes with a fairly generous amount of veggies. You can be sure this will tick the protein box and you won’t be asking for another meal for a few hours after eating it.

8. Crab Wontons

Next up, we have some crispy treats that are made from crab and will taste quite unlike anything you will ever have eaten before.

This comes with a creamy sauce that you can be sure will dissolve nicely on the tongue. This comes with some crunchy vegetables as well. It all comes drenched in a plum sauce that will give you both sweet and spicy notes.

When it comes to having a delicious side snack with your meal, then you can’t go wrong with these wontons. There are quite a few on a plate, so if you don’t finish them then we would suggest that you ask for them in a bag to go.

9. The Buddha’s Feast

Next up, we have a dish that perfectly straddles the balance between carbs, fats and proteins, giving you everything that you need to keep you on that health kick.

This comes with a fried or steamed option, with many people choosing the latter for the considerable health benefits such as lowering the number of calories that it contains. This is great if you want to shed a few pounds before the holidays.

If you want to increase your calorie intake, then we would recommend serving this with a side of brown rice so that you can get that extra bit of fiber that is necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system.

10. Lobster Avocado Roll

We’ve all seen these rice parcels in the form of sushi, so it is no surprise that P.F. Changs has branched out into this type of Asian cuisine too.

This comes with delicious lobster, which is what gives this dish its primary flavor. This is rolled by hand, giving that authentic Japanese touch.

The avocado is a good course of fat and will give this dish its added creaminess. It also comes with aioli, which will give this recipe a little bit of added spice. In terms of the diversity of flavors and textures, this is a hard one to beat.

11. Signature Lo Mein

If you like noodles and mushrooms, then this next dish is for you. Heaped with delicious vegetables, this dish will give you everything that you need for a full stomach and keep you going from lunchtime to dinner.

This comes with broccoli, bean sprouts, cabbage, celery, onion and snap peas. You can be sure that you will get more than your daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals with this meal.

If you like protein, then this is a great dish to have also. It contains lots of eggs in the noodles, which are great if you are searching for something to boost your muscle-building materials.

12. Asian Caesar Salad

Next up, we have a caesar salad variation that is loaded with fish and will give you a decent dose of protein and omega oils. This is ideal for brain and joint health, as well as helping you build muscle.

You can add a little bit of onion or shrimp with this salad if you really want to boost your health properties. This salad is made from fresh salad leaves and vegetables, making it a super crunchy dish.

This comes with 520 calories, which is great if you are looking for something that will fill you up nicely until your next meal. The fish itself is cooked to perfection, practically sliding off your fork as you cut it up.

13. Ginger Chicken With Broccoli

Next up, we have another dish that is heavy on protein as well as flavor, coming in chicken that is flavored with the strongest root vegetable of them all – ginger.

This comes with a pile of broccoli that will give you plenty of iron and is a soift contrast to the creamy chicken. This whole dish is easy to eat, making it perfect for any young person who is trying Asian food for the first time.

This is seasoned well with garlic and a few other herbs and spices. This is a very low-calorie dish, making it ideal for anyone looking to lose weight.

14. Vegetable Spring Rolls

Now we have something that even people who are wholly unfamiliar with Asian cuisine might have already tasted. These spring rolls are some of the best that you will find in an outdoor eatery.

These are crunchy and stuffed with vegetables. These are very savory with a soft center, which is ideal if you are looking for an interesting combination of flavors.

This comes with an egg-based shell which is perfectly fragile and will give you everything that you need to hold the insides together.

We would recommend getting them with a soy sauce dip that will soften the shell and add a potent flavor.

15. Hot And Sour Soup

This soup is simply wonderful if you prefer a little flavor to the content of your food. This is very delicious and is served piping hot, which is exactly what you need during the winter seasons.

This comes very low in calories and high ins odium, which will be great for giving you that extra boost of energy.

This comes with chicken that is sliced into thin strips. This will boost the protein levels and give the soup that body you need to keep you filled up through the day. Add to that some delicious hot sauce and you have a taste sensation.

16. Gluten-Free Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

If you are wanting a delicious sandwich, but you don’t want the calories that come with it, then we would certainly recommend switching out bread for lettuce.

But that doesn’t mean that this meal is not substantial. It comes loaded with chicken that has been cooked to perfection. This whole meal is around 490 calories, which will definitely keep you going until dinnertime.

This is also a gluten-free dish, so this is ideal for anyone who suffers from any intolerances. When it comes to cuisine that straddles American and Asian food, then this dish is the perfect one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gluten-Free Meals Can I Get At P.F. Changs?

There are plenty of dishes that you can get at P.F. Changs that are completely gluten-free. Here is a list of just a few of them:

  • Egg drop soup – this delicious soup is very flavorful, containing eggs and lots of vegetables.
  • Chang’s spicy chicken – this is just plain chicken with spices, free of gluten but loaded with flavor.
  • Mongolian beef – this is a tasty and rich beef dish that comes with vegetables.
  • Fried rice – the classic of a lot of Asian dishes, you can use this as a base ingredient to which you can add meat or vegetables.
  • Singapore Street Noodles – this combination of rice noodles, chicken, shrimp onion and light curry sauce is exactly what you need to fill you up.
  • Chicken pad thai – this is another one that heavily features rice noodles, along with tofu, crushed peanuts and green onions.

What Desserts Do They Serve At P.F. Changs?

There are plenty of desserts that you can get at this restaurant, some of them are traditional, whereas others are slightly more westernized. Here is a list of just a few of them:

  • Chang’s apple crunch – this is a sumptuous apple pie that is crunchy and topped with cinnamon.
  • Chocolate souffle – this is an extremely rich chocolate dessert, definitely one for anyone who likes a lot of chocolate after they’ve eaten their main meal.
  • Bananas spring rolls – this is a conventionally Asian dish, with bananas wrapped in a crispy roll. This comes with pineapple caramel ice cream.
  • The great wall of chocolate – if you’re ready, then be ready to scale this wall of chocolate cake, frosting and chocolate chips.

Does P.F. Changs Cater To Vegetarians?

A: Yes, there are plenty of vegetarian options, as there always are with a lot of Asian restaurants. You can also get plenty of vegan dishes too, as a lot of these will only contain vegetables drenched in a standard soy sauce.


We hope that our guide to some of the best dishes that P.F. Changs has to offer has given you everything that you need to get started at this restaurant. 

You can often be overwhelmed as P.F. Changs comes with a lot of choices, but once you pick a few ingredients that you like, then it will make choosing the right dish that much easier.

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