14 Juicy And Delicious Menu Items From Checkers And Rally’s

Checkers & Rally’s, also known simply as Checkers are a fast food chain whose goal is to make the fast food that we would consider fairly average and normal as delicious and vibrant as possible.

With a Checkers and Rally’s being dotted around nearly every street corner in 28 different states, they are not only incredibly popular having been in the food business for a few decades now, they also have some of the best variety of primarily meat based products you can find along with some side dishes that are just downright delicious. 

14 Juicy And Delicious Menu Items From Checkers And Rally’s

Rather than staring at the menu and struggling to decide what you would like to snack on next time you visit a Checkers and Rally’s, take a look at some of the very best products this long standing fast food chain offer below so that you can make an informed decision next time you get that craving for scrumptious and fulfilling food.

What type of food does Checkers and Rally’s offer?

Checkers and Rally’s are especially known for their burgers, however these aren’t the typical ones we are all so used to with a simple patty and some cheese resting between two soft buns, Checkers instead really go all out including some incredibly unique ingredients and additions to make each and every burger and sandwich as satisfying as possible and guaranteed to leave you satisfied so you won’t need to worry about a single product not being enough. 

While the majority of their menu is made up of a selection of juicy and scrumptious burgers and sandwiches, there are a few other side dishes which are just as tasty along with some other meat based items such as their signature fan favorite hot dogs.

With such a wide selection on offer however it can be hard to choose just one as part of a meal, here are some of the very best products Checkers and Rally’s currently have to offer that you should definitely consider picking up next time you give them a visit.

1. B.L.T

The combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato is certainly nothing new and has become a popular serving in many fast food chains for quite some time now, however due to the perfectly cooked and seasoned ingredients Checkers use in their own B.L.T it enhances the flavor and the smokiness of the meat so much that it really does stand out from the rest of its competition. 

At just 280 calories, this healthy and hearty sandwich uses slim streaks of smokey bacon that rest on top of the thick and crunchy lettuce with a few slices of tomato laying on top to finish the sandwich off.

Healthy, light and refreshing all in one, if you don’t have the appetite to dig into some of the much bigger and bulkier burgers that Checkers has to offer, the signature Checkers B.L.T is still an incredibly tasty and cheap option.

2. Checkerburger 

The Checkerburger really is the closest the Checkers menu gets to your standard traditional burger, however this is not to suggest that this popular menu option is not packed to the brim with flavor. The burger features a host of ingredients including a beef patty topped with some crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions which is then smothered with the delightful combo of mayo, ketchup and mustard to add a familiar sensation to this scrumptious burger. 

At just 320 calories, this burger is also fairly healthy despite how many ingredients it is packed with, making it a tasty and filling option both on its own, but also perfect as an affordable meal when paired with some of Checkers signature fires and a milkshake.

3. Baconzilla Burger 

There are a few reasons why the Baconzilla Burger is the most popular burger that many customers will buy from Checkers, and the primary one is just how much meaty goodness is packed in between two fairly average sized buns. 

With the Baconzilla, you will be biting into two thick and delicious beef patties, two slices of delicate and creamy American cheese, a decent amount of long crispy bacon strips to add a little bit of crunch, and of course the buns themselves which are flour-dusted to make the entire eating experience even more delightful. 

With a ketchup and mayonnaise combo to finish the burger off, if you are a big lover of the rich and crunchy texture of bacon or if you just want a burger bursting with that familiar meaty flavor that we all know and love, you can’t go wrong with the Baconzilla. 

4. Boneless Wings

While Checkers are well known for their thick and juicy burgers and sandwiches, it is unfortunate that their wings will often go under the radar, especially considering how downright delicious they are even without the bones. 

Part of the beauty of Checkers Boneless Wings is not only that you can buy them in bulk and take them home to snack on while watching a movie or just hanging out with some friends and family, but also that you get a great choice of additional sauces to be spread over the wings to make them even more delightful.

Whether you go for the angry or medium buffalo sauce which provides a nice kick to the overall taste for those spice fans, or if you choose the garlic parmesan or even the classic sweet and smoky barbeque, each sauce has a very distinct taste which stops the wings from ever getting dry, making for both a delightful appetizer and an excellent side dish. 

5. Deep-Sea Double Fish Sandwich 

While Checker and Rally’s do specialize in their meat based products, they still do have a few seafood options which are just as tasty, especially when the fish is doubled up as it is in this sandwich. 

The Deep-Sea Double Fish Sandwich really doesn’t need that many ingredients to make it delicious using just two crispy fish filets stacked on top of each other with some American cheese to add a little bit of creaminess to the overall texture and a touch of lettuce to add some extra crunch while also providing some nutritional benefits to the overall product. 

Finally, we can’t forget the tartar sauce which helps to bring all the ingredients together while giving a slight tang to the overall taste that goes so well with the perfect flaky fish filets, an excellent change of pace when you want a bit of a break from some meaty burgers. 

6. Chili Dog

While Checkers do sell a standard hot dog that makes for a light and easy treat to snack on when you don’t have too much of an appetite, their Chili Dog really ramps things up by taking the flavor to another level thanks to the inclusion of diced red onions and meaty chili which is mixed with a little ketchup and mustard splattered over the all-beef dog to make it as flavorful as can be. 

A real big bonus to Checkers own Chili Dog is how it can be enjoyed in just about any situation, whether you’re in a rush and just need a quick supplement of meat based goodness to keep you going in the day, or if you’re taking a break and want to relax with a delightful hot dog with a side of fries, the Chili Dog really can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.

7. Monsterella Stix

These aren’t just your regular mozzarella sticks that can be bought from pretty much any and every fast food restaurant, these stix are made from the combination of stringy cheese, pepperoni and a little bit of bacon to give them a much richer taste that you wouldn’t normally expect from these popular side options.

When you order some of these chewy sticks they also come served with a side of ranch dressing and Checkers Famous Seasoned Fries which turns what was originally a side option, into a main meal with the Monsterella Stix being right at the center of it all.

Perfect as a light snack or even as a filling meal, mozzarella sticks really have never been made with as much love and care as they are from Checkers. 

8. Triple Baconzilla Burger 

While the regular Baconzilla Burger is a little more on the lighter side while still having a lot of flavor packed into it, the Triple Baconzilla is really for those who feel they have the appetite to consume a tremendous amount of delicious flavors all at once. 

As the name suggests, this burger triples everything that makes the Baconzilla so great including three thick and juicy beef patties, three slices of melted American cheese and a whole lot more bacon topped off with some ketchup and mayo to prevent the meat from ever getting dry.

While you can buy this burger as part of a meal, if it’s your first time testing it out then we would definitely recommend trying it on it’s own first as while it can make us feel hungry when staring at it on the menu, it’s packed with so much content that it really will fill you up incredibly quickly

9. Cheesecake Sundae

With so many savory foods on Checkers menu that can leave us feeling full and satisfied once we finish gobbling it down, nothing hits the spot quite like a sweet treat to keep us feeling light and refreshed right after and while cheesecake is a popular dessert option for many of us, Checkers gives you the perfect opportunity to try a cheesecake as part of a creamy sundae, which is definitely an opportunity you won’t want to miss. 

With an entire cup full of cheesecake and the strawberries nestled in with a little bit of whipped cream on top sprinkled with some flaky and crunchy nuts, while there are a few options to choose from when it comes to Checkers Sundays there are none that help to cut through the lingering meaty taste than their deliciously creamy Cheesecake Sunday.

10. Funnel Cake Fries 

While funnel cake is usually something we would associate with the local fair which can bring back a lot of nostalgic memories just from hearing the name alone, Checkers has made it so you won’t need to leave that familiar taste in the past. 

Instead, try out some of their incredible Funnel Cake Fries which still contain that familiar warm and fluffy texture, but infused with a hint of extra crispiness thanks to the slightly salted dough exterior and the hefty dusting of powdered sugar that will not only take you back to those youthful days at the carnival, but also helps gives these delicious side options an incredible blend of flavors which unfortunately often goes under the radar compared to Checkers bigger and more meatier options, even though they are a sheer delight especially with 10 Fries coming in each pack. 

11. Fully Loaded Fries

Another side option you just cannot go wrong choosing, if you have never tried the regular fries at Checkers then there’s no better way to be introduced to them than trying them smothered in some melted sticky cheese, delightful ranch dressing and some bacon bits added in for good measure. 

The fries themself are crispy, crunchy and a pure joy to bite into so you won’t need to worry about them being hollow, soft or overcooked.

With such a delightful mixture of ingredients, you really cannot go wrong with picking up some loaded fries as the tasty side dish to a main meal, or if you are just in the mood for some of the best loaded fries out there, consider buying these on their own as they still pack a tremendous amount of favor into one serving.

12. Smoky BBQ Bacon Buford Burger

Checkers and Rally’s are most well known for their wide selection of burgers, and if you’re looking for one of the biggest, bulkiest and most fulfilling burgers that they offer, look no further than the Smoky BBQ Bacon Buford Burger, a burger so big that you will want to make sure you have a few napkins around since things will get messy very quickly.

With two towering 100% beef patties making up the bulk of the burger, you also get a delicious serving of smooth and creamy Swiss cheese that drips down the sides, two strips of bacon to add an even crispier sensation to the overall taste, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and then another layer of crispy bacon crumbles, as if there wasn’t enough meat already. 

With a delicious mixture of smokey BBQ and smokey mayo sauces to compliment the rest of the ingredients, if you’re looking for a burger packed full of as much flavor as possible that you can be sure won’t let you down, the BBQ Bacon Buford Burger is a must try. 

13. Crispy Chicken Filet Sandwich 

A sandwich that creates the perfect balance of being healthy while still being a delight to snack on, Checkers very own Chicken Fillets are what really make this sandwich stand out so much being incredibly juicy and tender but with a crispy coating that provides just a little bit of crunchiness that goes so nicely between two buttery buns. 

Of course we can’t forget to mention the sticky, sweet and downright delicious honey mustard sauce which rests just under the chicken, allowing each and every inch of flavor to become even more apparent with every bite you take.

With some crunchy lettuce and tomatoes mixed in for a good amount of nutritional value, while this sandwich may look fairly standard from its appearance, it is still definitely considered one of the very best sandwiches you can get if you’re a big lover of some juicy and tender chicken.

14. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

There’s no denying how crunchy and delicious the Crispy Chicken Filet Sandwich  is, however if you thought that Checkers might have left out any spicy chicken from appearing on their menu, luckily this is far from the case as their Spicy Chicken Sandwich still has that tender and juicy chicken texture, but includes a few spices and seasonings to give it a much more noticable kick that is a must try for all those spice lovers. 

If you think you can handle the base heat however and think it’s time to kick the spice and overall taste up a few notches, try adding some ranch dressing, jalapenos and jack cheese to add as much spice as possible and really take this sandwich to the next level while allowing it to stand out from the rest of its competitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Healthiest Option On The Checkers And Rally’s Menu?

This really comes down to the size of the food and how many ingredients are packed into the overall product, however the healthiest option you can choose from the Checkers and Rally’s menu is the Checkerburger, purely for how little ingredients it actually uses, however the Chicken Filet Sandwich and the selection of Fish Sandwiches are also low in calories while still containing a good amount of nutrients.

You can also choose the regular fries rather than the loaded ones for a much healthier alternative, and it’s best to avoid the bacon-stacked burgers if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake as they can contain far more than most other items on the menu. 


Next time you visit a Checkers and Rally’s, try out a few of these incredibly juicy and delicious menu options either on their own, or as part of a big and fulfilling meal, who knows, one could just become your new favorite go-to option in the near future. 

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