21 Fantastic Moroccan Tagines For Tasty Midweek Meals

When you keep eating the same boring meals all the time, it can get a bit repetitive. Nobody wants to be stuck eating the same two or three meals every single week!

So why not branch out and try some tasty food from around the world? This is an excellent way to try something new from a different country, as well as broaden your culinary horizons at the same time.

21 Fantastic Moroccan Tagines For Tasty Midweek Meals

The classic Moroccan tagine is an excellent place to start.

Synonymous with the clay tagine cookware that it is made in, a traditional Moroccan tagine tends to resemble a casserole or stew, and can be made to suit your preferences.

Prefer a meatier tagine? Or want something more vegetable based? This dish has you covered.

We’ve put together a list of the tastiest tagine recipes around to get you started!

No matter what you’re looking for exactly with a tagine, one of the excellent recipes that we cover in more detail below will be perfect for the job.

So let’s take a look at these 21 fantastic Moroccan tagines for a tasty midweek meal!

1. Moroccan Chicken Tagine

First up is this traditional Moroccan chicken tagine! Featuring chicken as the main star of this dish, there’s lots of garlic, spices, as well as a range of tasty vegetables to keep you reaching for more.

Serve alongside couscous for a hearty meal for all the family.

2. Easy Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

Want a super simple dish that’s packed full of yummy vegetables?

Then this easy Moroccan vegetable tagine is just the thing you need! It can be made within 40 minutes, and makes the ideal veggie dish to serve up midweek.

3. Moroccan Chicken, Apricot, And Almond Tagine

It really doesn’t get better than this classic Moroccan chicken, apricot, and almond tagine! There are lots of classic flavors in here, with a fruity hit from the slow cooked apricots.

This is the ideal tagine recipe to opt for if you want to savor the best that Morocco has to offer.

4. Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Looking for something other than chicken to star as the main ingredient in your tagine? Then this Moroccan lamb tagine is the perfect thing for you to try.

It features lamb as the main ingredient, which becomes beautifully succulent from all that slow cooking.

5. Apricot, Chickpea, And Chicken Tagine

We simply had to include this apricot, chickpea, and chicken tagine on our list of the best tagines.

This features some classic flavors and ingredients, with lots of chickpeas and apricots to complement the chicken. Perfect with a side of Moroccan flatbreads and couscous.

6. Chicken Tagine With Olives And Preserved Lemons

Another classic tagine recipe that we just had to include on this list of the best tagines is this chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemons.

The lemons give this dish a refreshing boost, with the olives and chicken starring as main ingredients.

7. Stovetop Moroccan Tagine

Don’t have the time to be making tagine in your oven?

Then this stovetop Moroccan tagine is just the thing for you! You can easily whip up a batch using your stovetop, so that it will be ready in no time at all.

You can also adjust the tagine into a vegetarian option by leaving out the chicken.

8. Easy Moroccan Chickpea Tagine

Fed up with more traditional tagine recipes asking you to slow cook your food for at least an hour and a half? Then this easy Moroccan chickpeas tagine will be perfect for you and your family.

It features a range of simple ingredients and can be cooked in around half an hour at the most!

9. Cinnamon Scented Vegetarian Crock Pot Moroccan Tagine

What really makes tagine dishes shine is the addition of delightful spices. Which is why we absolutely had to include this cinnamon scented vegetarian crock pot Moroccan tagine recipe (see also ‘Easy Summer Crock Pot Recipes‘)!

Your tagine doesn’t have to have meat to taste amazing – this vegetarian recipe shines perfectly well on its own.

10. Moroccan Tagine With Prunes

Fruit is a wonderful addition to tagine recipes, giving you a much sweeter taste than some spicier dishes.

So seeing prunes added to this Moroccan tagine with prunes recipe makes for an interesting alternative to apricots! Why not give this tasty tagine a try for your next fruity hit?

11. Moroccan Vegetable & Garbanzo Tagine

What better way to celebrate simplicity than with this tasty Moroccan vegetable and garbanzo tagine?

Garbanzo is simply another word for chickpeas, and they help to add a heartiness to this meal which is simply satisfying.

12. Moroccan Meatball Tagine

Looking for something a little more unusual than just a chicken stew based recipe? Then this Moroccan meatball tagine recipe has you covered!

Tasty meatballs feature as the star of this dish, giving you a tempting alternative to some more traditional dishes.

13. Moroccan Lamb Tagine With Melting Tomatoes And Onions

One of the best ways to get the most out of your meat is to slow cook it. Which is why we had to include this Moroccan lamb tagine with melting tomatoes and onions recipe!

Cooking your lamb for just under 3 hours ensures that it falls apart beautifully on the fork.

14. Spicy Moroccan Meatball Tagine

We really couldn’t get enough of the concept of tagine meatballs, so we simply had to include this spicy Moroccan meatball tagine recipe, too! It features lots of tasty spices to give your dish more of a kick.

Serve alongside couscous for a hearty meal.

15. Mary Berry’s Lamb Tagine

Don’t want to have to wash up lots and lots of dishes once you’ve finished enjoying your tagine? Then Mary Berry’s lamb tagine recipe is just the recipe you need!

This particular tagine recipe is a one pot meal that doesn’t require lots and lots of pans. Plus it’s super tasty to boot!

16. Moroccan Summer Vegetable Tagine

Make the most of all of your summer veggies with this Moroccan summer vegetable tagine! This particular tagine features lots of tasty veggies so as to really make the most of your allotment haul.

Zucchini and carrots star as the main ingredients, but you can easily adjust the recipe to use what you have to hand.

17. Moroccan Tagine With Fish And Rice

Prefer your dishes to have fish as the main ingredient of choice?

Then this Moroccan tagine with fish and rice is the perfect choice! This particular recipe calls for white fish as the main ingredient, but you can easily substitute this with your favorite filet of fish.

18. Tangerine Chicken Tagine

Are you looking for a tagine recipe that’s packed full of flavor?

Then this tangerine chicken tagine is just the thing you’re looking for! As well as chicken being the main feature of the dish, there’s also lots of tasty tangerines to give it a fruity hit.

19. Beef Tagine

So we’ve had chicken, lamb, and fish tagines, but what about beef?

This beef tagine is the perfect dish to get you started into your foray with tagines if beef is your favorite meat. There are also lots of savory and sweet flavors packed in here to make a truly unforgettable meal.

20. Moroccan Vegetable Tagine With Greens

Looking for a veggie tagine that will be just as soothing as it is tasty?

Then this Moroccan vegetable tagine with greens is just the thing you’re after. There are lots of tasty veggies in here to fill you up and satisfy your cravings.

21. Moroccan Fish Tagine

Last but not least is this tasty Moroccan fish tagine!

Tasty fish filets are slow cooked in a delicious tomato based sauce. Plus there are lots of light spices in here to make a tasty dish you won’t forget in a hurry!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Tagine In Morocco?

A tagine is the name for a piece of clay cookware that originates from Morocco.

This features a clay bowl, with a clay lid shaped like a chimney.

The lid allows steam to build up within the cookware, and effectively bastes the meal sealed within. It is typically cooked in an oven, and can be made of ceramic that is either glazed or unglazed.

The name tagine is also synonymous with the dish that is traditionally cooked inside the tagine cookware, which is similar to a stew or casserole.

If you don’t have a traditional tagine to hand, you can always use a Dutch oven as an excellent substitute.

What Is Special About A Tagine?

Thanks to the special cone shape of a traditional tagine dish, this helps to create a deliciously moist environment for your food, and works to further cook the food sealed within.

The base of traditional tagine cookware is flat, wide, and also has shallow sides. The tall cone shaped lid fits within these sides, and creates that hot, humid environment needed to cook your food.

As your food cooks, the steam rises from the stew, condenses on the sides of the lid, and slowly drips back down into the meal. This prevents it from drying out at any point.

What Do You Cook In A Moroccan Tagine?

The most common dish to be cooked in a Moroccan tagine is of course tagine! It may get confusing, but the meal also gets its name from the piece of cookware used to make it.

This tends to be a stew or casserole that features lots of tasty spices, vegetables, and usually one form of meat. 

What Does Moroccan Tagine Taste Like?

The taste of your Moroccan tagine will differ depending on the spices used to craft it.

There is a beautiful mix of savory and sweet flavors, and the meat is normally cooked to perfection.

It will be best to choose between spicy or more mild flavors if this is what you prefer, and opt for the vegetable or meat tagine recipe that best takes your fancy.

What Is Traditionally Served With Tagine?

There are a whole range of traditional dishes that can be served alongside your tasty tagine. Some of the most popular side dishes include Moroccan flatbreads, couscous, buttered saffron rice, and mint tea.

You can also serve your tagine alongside dishes of roasted vegetables such as peppers or sweet potatoes, or even alongside a light, refreshing salad.

Does a Tagine Go In The Oven?

Yes, a tagine would traditionally be used in the oven.

However, it can also be used to cook a dish on the stovetop if you would prefer this. It would be best to gently heat up the cookware as you heat up your stovetop so as to prevent it from going into thermal shock.

Remember that your clay pot will be very sensitive to extreme changes in temperature.

In Summary

So there you have it! You now have a whole range of tasty tagine recipes to get you started.

There are lots of different recipes above to tempt your taste buds, no matter whether you prefer a vegetarian lifestyle or have a preferred meat to use in your meals.

We’ve made sure to include a good range of recipes so that you’ll find something for everyone above.

Are there any recipes in particular that take your fancy? Why not opt for a classic chicken tagine, or perhaps branch out into something a little more unusual with lamb, beef, or fish as the star of the main dish?

Or perhaps you prefer a vegetable based meal that will give you all the healthy, hearty sustenance that you need.

No matter which ingredients you prefer in your main meals, you’re sure to find something that everyone will love in our list of the best tagine recipes.

21 Fantastic Moroccan Tagines For Tasty Midweek Meals

21 Fantastic Moroccan Tagines For Tasty Midweek Meals

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Looking for some tasty Moroccan tagine recipes to spice up your midweek meals? Check out these fantastic Moroccan tagines to get you started plus some FAQs!

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